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  1. 1. • RFID CONDUCTIVE INKS XZ250 – Thermal Flexible Conductive Silver PTF for High Speed Printing XZ250 is flexible conductive silver PTF (Polymer Thick Film). Developed for application by flat bed screen but also compatible rotary screen (with field trials on gravure on-Going). The ink is thermally dried to give a tough, highly-conductive film. The cured film also has excellent flex Characteristics. Typical surface resistivity at a dry film print thickness of 25µm is ≤0.012 Ω/sq *It should be noted that by altering the print thickness of the ink the resistance value can be changed. XZ250 can additionally be mixed with conductive carbon ink 26-8203 to produce intermediate resistance values and additionally reduce cost. In addition to printing trace/circuitry this ink can also be used for printing large blocks areas for applications such as RF shielding layers. XZ250 is suitable for use on most common flexible and rigid substrates. SunChemical conductive silver inks dry to produce a tough, resistant flexible deposit. Conductive silver inks are available in 1kg packs; XZ250 Thermoplastic Conductive Silver Ink 1KG CHSN8013 T039 *No viscosity adjustment should be necessary for conventional screen. XZ42 may be required for high speed print applications, please contact Coates for details. Further Information please refer to TIL T039 Typical flexible circuit on polyester substrate. Note the silver circuit is overprinted with green dielectric and carbon inks. (Photograph is taken from the under side through clear substrate). SunChemical Circuit Products supply a full range of conductive inks. This range includes a novel UV cure silver conductive. This range also includes several PTF silver and carbon based conductive inks for both flexible and rigid substrates. For further information please contact us or your local sales representative.
  2. 2. XZ352 - F LEXO GRAPHITE CONDUCTIVE INK FOR RFID XZ352 has been specially formulated for application by the flexographic printing process, suitable for use with normal rubber and photopolymer stereos. It is an aqueous based graphite conductive ink for the economic production of RFID antennas. It is suitable for high-speed flexo printing on a wide range of substrates giving excellent adhesion and flexibility on treated polyester and paper. This ink is a single component system for ease of use, no mixing of a hardener component is required. The ink has a long shelf life & good working life during the printing process. Conductive component is carbon graphite - to offer good conductivity at a lower price than silver (or other metal) based conductive inks. SHEET RESISTIVITY < 40.0 Ω / sq. at 10microns dry film thickness SOLIDS CONTENT 47-51.0% VISCOSITY 25-30 poise at 25oC DRYING < 1 minute @ 100 oC 40 ohms/sq. can be achieved on a non-absorbent polyester substrate at dry film thickness of 10 microns. A higher figure is likely on absorbent substrate and therefore two workings may be required to meet a particular specification. If lower graphite content is required then this can be achieved with addition of Water Based Flexo Medium (Please contact Coates for details). XZ352 Flexo Graphite Conductive for RFID 5KG CRSN2352 TIL NUMBER Pack TBC TBC Flexo Graphite Thinner (used for thinning to TBC TBC TBC application viscosity -660203). TBC Water Based Flexo Medium (used to lower TBC TBC TBC graphite content -66877). *An addition of 10-20% of Flexo Graphite Thinner is recommended for optimum press stability and print quality. Although straight de-ionized water may also be used. Further Information please refer to TIL (number TBC)
  3. 3. New products are constantly under development and current testing work includes customized Parmod silver inks for certain other substrates such as polycarbonate, glass, ceramic, photovoltaic cells. We can always consider customizing formulations to meet a need or application not covered here. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. For more information on these or any of SunChemical Circuit products, please contact us or your local sales agent