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Presentation 06

  1. 1. TOPIC The Enhancements of RFID in Logistics Management
  2. 2. Learning Objectives  What is RFID?  Components of RFID  Diagram of RFID system  RFID History and Utilization  RFID Enhancements  RFID Disadvantages The Future of RFID
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION RFID, also known as Radio frequency identification is an evolving identification technology that uses radio waves to classify objects. Because RFID technology is beginning to surpass the use of barcodes, more companies are installing and depending on this advanced technology to provide them with the service they need in order to function in this electronic age. This PowerPoint presentation will explore RFID and show how its enhancement in logistics management has made a strong impression on our society.
  4. 4. Components of RFID  RFID Parts and Tags - Scanning antenna - Transceiver - Transponder - RFID tag - Active RFID tags - Passive RFID tags - Semi-passive RFID tags
  5. 5. Diagram of a RFID System
  6. 6. RFID History & Utilization  RFID History - Discovery of Radio waves in 1887 - Utilization of Radar waves in 1922 - RFID Technology Utilized in mid 1900s  Uses of RFID - Payment transactions - Tracking - Inventory management - Security
  7. 7. RFID Enhancements  Increase in Productivity - Faster checkout process - Increase service to consumers - Inventory tracking  Reduce Costs - Warehouse costs - Labor costs  Reduce point-of-sale labor costs - Quick cart scan
  8. 8. RFID Enhancements  Improve Forecasting and Planning  Reduce Theft  Effective Management  Inventory Tracking
  9. 9. RFID Disadvantages  High Costs - Inconvenience for small businesses - Stiff business competition  Technical Difficulties - Radio waves interrupted - Signal collisions  Privacy and Ethnical Issues - Invade customer’s privacy - Collect and store client’s personal information
  10. 10. The Future of RFID  Developments - Reader Development Implement advanced readers that process and collect data for businesses - Standards Development Enforce regulations that identification numbers, process transactions, and resolve supply chain problems - Tag Development Increase tag volume and constantly improve tag technology
  11. 11. CONCLUSION We can conclude that Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has proven to bring many benefits and enhancements to today’s logistics challenges. Companies can gain cost savings, security and better customer service by implementing RFID technology. Whatever oppositions RFID may have to face, many believe RFID is a significant breakthrough in technology.
  12. 12. QUESTIONS? Thank You