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  1. 1. RFID Solutions in LifeSciences Industry Cognizant Technology Solutions Experts in IT consulting. Innovators in RFID solutions.
  2. 2. RFID Solutions in LifeSciences Industry "Cognizant Technologies - A perfect partner for your RFID initiatives" The Life Sciences Industry is currently characterized by the factors of reduced Block Busters, increased Life Sciences Value Chain lead time in bringing new products to market, increasing regulatory norms and pressure to operate Manufacturing/ Sales & R&D Marketing Distribution Hospitals with reduced margins. The next growth driver in the Operations industry is attributed to the Operational excellence in Drug Discovery Forecasting Opportunity and Distribution Hospital Inventory manufacturing and distribution activities. The current Campaign Requirements Planning Management Life Sciences supply chains face challenges of poor Pre-Clinical Process Production Planning Management Asset Management Patient Care forecasting accuracy, low effectiveness and Clinical Trials Shop Floor Control Sales Force responsiveness, high inventory, high returns Management Administration Logistics Management Samples Management processing cost and the presence of counterfeit Quality Control and Pharmacovigliance Feedback Contract Management Reverse Logistics and products in their value chain. The Key solution for Claims Management And Charge backs these problems is to improve operational efficiency of Regulatory Inventory Management Submissions Customer Relationship the Supply chain and to provide better visibility in to Management Inventory movement channels. The current track and trace technologies, normally enabled by Bar-coding technologies do not alleviate the problem to a greater HIGH RFID IMPACT extent due to its inherent limitations. Radio frequency Identification ( RFID) technologies latest in this aspect promises to be a panacea for all the ‘track and Typical Problems in the RFID IMPACT Life science value chain trace’ problems in the life sciences supply chain at all phases – Inbound, manufacturing and Outbound. Low Forecasting Accuracy Aids better information flow along multiple channels improving forecasting accuracy Cognizant has been pioneering RFID solutions High Inventory Enables Better Inventory Management specific to life sciences industry and have modeled solutions for various scenarios in the pharmaceutical Counterfeit products Effective 'Track and Trace ' technology with Unique Product code at the item and medical products value chain. This Brochure level reducing the flow of counterfeit products discusses Cognizant's RFID solution in the life sciences Space, the methodology and the Low Supply chain response time Improves flexibility of the value chain through real time information sharing technology that will be adopted in a typical engagement. Actuates Better mapping of demand and Supply scenarios, leading to effective Low capacity utilization RFID Usage and it's impact on Business Process in Life Sciences Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Medical Devices Hospitals / Patient Care Clinical trials supplies Medical Devices Life Patient identification management cycle Management and care Item level visibility in MRP and CRP Samples to pharmacies planning Management Expiration Distribution Planning Drug administration management Warehouse Medical Supplies Production planning Management tracking Demand and Product tracking and Physician tracking distribution planning Reporting Medical waste Channel Response Management PILOTS EXECUTED BY COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGIES* MEDICAL DEVICE WAREHOUSE Distribution LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT PATIENT SAFETY MANAGEMENT Management BUSINESS PROCESS MAPPED BUSINESS PROCESS MAPPED BUSINESS PROCESS MAPPED BUSINESS PROCESS MAPPED Medical device Inventory Patient Identification Product Release from QA Trailer management Management Unit-of-dose Tracking Product Receiving Primary Distribution Asset Management Lab samples management Put-away Track and Trace Process Medical device tracking Hospital Items management Moves/Replenishments Repacking Complaint Handling and CAPA Picking Reverse Logistics Medical Device Reporting Loading/shipping *The scenarios were executed in Cognizant RFID Lab. Execution & ROI details will be provided on request
  3. 3. RFID Solutions in LifeSciences Industry Cognizant's RFID approach: Customized solution to derive maximum benefits from RFID technologies RfAnalyser - RFID Applicability easy integration at each layer to any third party product. Provides RFID Unit Controller to Analysis: Involves detection, analysis, objective configure, synchronize and monitor arrays of evaluation and selection of RFID application areas readers and other middleware components locally in organizational business process. The business as well as remotely across the network and is processes are analyzed from the perspectives of highly scalable and suitable for broadbase benefits, change management, infrastructure implementation. costs, system integration and implementation challenges. RfSIM - RFID Data Simulator: Cognizant’s RfModeler - Scenario Generates EPC (Electronic Product Code) data to RFID consulting Modeling: Models business specific ontologies, simulate real time events captured by RFID readers from tags. This data can be fed to RFID and implementation process orchestration and choreographies to visually represent RFID application scenarios and middleware for functional, scalability & performance testing with minimal hardware and solutions help you can be extended to include organization specific reducing total time and cost of development. It adaptations. Key enabler to architecting RFID get Rfeady. based processes, ROI calculation and impact / supports multi vendor and diverse hardware characteristics, simulates diverse business feasibilitystudies. Creates base middleware scenarios, aids ergonomic planning, predictive template for a RFID application. modeling and piloting for implementation planning. R f WARE - Cognizant's Middleware Rf Audit: Solution: Technology-auditing solution to measure, validate Vendor and platform independent middleware, and improve performance and scalability at the layered to separate device level requirements staging phase from business process requirements and supports Solution Accelerators Rf Analyzer Rf Modeler Rf ware Rf SIM Rf Audit Cognizant Delivers Experts in IT consulting. Innovators in RFID solutions.
  4. 4. RFID Solutions in LifeSciences Industry WHY CHOOSE COGNIZANT AS YOUR RFID PARTNER? Cognizant’s Diffentiators Cognizant's RFID Services Cognizant's Life Sciences Practice Platform and vendor independent RFID Consulting Services Dedicated team of more than 2000 end-to-end solution Cognizant's consulting services include applicability analysis, professionals in Healthcare & Life scenario modeling, technology and vendor evaluation, ROI Sciences Verticals Deep expertise in integrating validation, RFID roadmap, RFID Auditing. Solutions across the value chain: barcode scanners and RF based RFID Implementation Services Pre-Clinical, Clinical, Research, handheld equipment with WMS Cognizant's implementation services focus on Application Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing development, middleware development and deployment, Industry memberships like NRF, and Regulatory Compliance performance and scalability tuning and system integration ARTS, UCCNet and Supply Chain Pedigree - 10 year history of Council providing solutions to Life Sciences Cognizant's tiered approach for RFID specifically in project based End to End solutions from planning adoption : methodology & forecasting to assortment Technology Adoption: Cognizant's Healthcare and Life planning and price management Identification of suitable RFID technology to be Sciences practice has a market implemented, choice and deployment of RFID hardware, share of 17% of software exports Dedicated Life Sciences Practice software and system integration. from India in Healthcare and strong Manufacturing - Strategic Adoption: Focuses on the business application of RFID. The Successfully audited multiple times Distribution Domain Expertise organization can leverage its upfront investment in RFID in our development centers for CSV Extensive supply chain solutions by proliferating to other business areas through strategic compliance by leading Pharma / planning and foresight. Biotech / CROs including Novartis, portfolio and point solutions Abbott and Quintiles Extensive experience in regulatory Cognizant believes in working very closely with its Life Quality processes conforming to assessment and remediation science clients, especially on issues of strategic importance. GxPs and FDA validation The RFID implementation methodology for a business Capability to execute large and guidelines depends on a number of factors like the complexity of internal complex projects thorough systems, mandates from customers or vendors, regulatory Computer Systems Validation and Advanced solutions Group. compliance and finally, a cost-benefit analysis to determine 21CFR Part 11 compliance the amount of investment warranted. Cognizant's Rfeady expertise strengthened by provides an EASY approach to achieve continuous value addition from RFID readiness. Regulatory Affairs Certified (RAC) consultants Cognizant's RFID Solution Highlights RFID Solution Framework tailored to address business and regulatory needs of Life Sciences customers Flexible technology - Vendor agnostic Middleware Framework to test your reader assembly, controller requirements and solution integration Business Process Modelling and ROI tools for applicability assessment and scenario modeling Performance and Scalability Engineering with profilers & load testers Seamless integration with existing Enterprise and Legacy Applications Strategics Partnership with Hardware vendors/Software vendor to provide end-to-end implementation Telephone : 201-801-0233 Cognizant Technology Solutions Fax : 201-801-0243 500 Glenpointe Centre West Toll Free : 1-888-937-3277 Teaneck, NJ 07666 Email :