ID WORLD confirms its unrivalled position
as global thought-leadership symposium
on automatic identification

With 56 CEO...
ThingMagic), Anant Agrawal (President & CEO – Verayo) and Norbert Dawalibi
(President & CEO – Sirit) in the plenary sessio...
Comments on ID WORLD 2008:

Norbert Dawalibi (President & CEO – Sirit, Canada)
“I was extremely impressed with the ID WOR...
Hisham Qattan (General Manager – HQ Establishment, Jordan)
“I would like to thank you for the invitation to your outstandi...
Rainer Rettig (President – Are Con, Germany)
“Wise Media again has managed to gather together the key people of the ID Ind...
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  1. 1. ID WORLD confirms its unrivalled position as global thought-leadership symposium on automatic identification With 56 CEOs speaking at the 2008 Conference and attendees from 75 countries on all continents, the ID WORLD International Congress maintains the record size achieved last year while further increasing the quality of the contents and prestige of its participants Milan, December 3, 2008 Now in its seventh year, the ID WORLD International Congress confirms again its unique position as the global summit on automatic identification. Enthusiastic feedback from ID WORLD 2008 participants highlights how this year’s symposium has been rated the world’s leading event in terms of quality of audience, quality of contents and level of organization. ID WORLD Conference This year’s ID WORLD Conference, held in Milan from November 18 to 20, was characterized by the outstanding caliber of both speakers and audience. 56 Presidents and CEOs took the stage at the event, presenting their vision and offering thought-leadership to the international ID community. The pre-congress day on November 18 saw the outstanding success of the newly launched ID WORLD Investors Forum, an initiative for CEOs and investors only, running alongside the established Secure ID and Wireless ID conferences of the ID WORLD Academy and two round tables on hot vertical markets. 467 high-caliber conference attendees participated in ID WORLD, which featured, in all, fourteen conferences. The heart of the event, represented by the plenary sessions in “The Future of Identification” on November 19, was opened by the traditional panel of four chief executives of the ID Revolution community acting as advocates of the individual technologies. This year’s panelists – Dr. William Colleran (Impinj), Scott Moody (AuthenTec), Philippe Geyres, (Oberthur Technologies) and Roberto Tunioli (Datalogic) – asserted that the adoption of automatic identification applications will experience an acceleration, driving the most attractive projects both in the area of global security and tracking. The thesis of the year, “ID Revolution = Towards Self-Service & Ubiquitous Intelligence”, was then discussed by Richard Bravman (Chairman, President, CEO – Intelleflex), Tom Grant (Chairman & CEO –
  2. 2. ThingMagic), Anant Agrawal (President & CEO – Verayo) and Norbert Dawalibi (President & CEO – Sirit) in the plenary session chaired by Tom Miller (former CEO – Intermec and Partner – The Sage Group). Beyond the Forums on Asset Tracking, Border Control and Transportation Security, new conferences were launched on the topics of Critical Infrastructure Management and Livestock Identification. The round tables on Ticketing and Privacy were among the most successful moments of interaction. 145 speakers actively contributed to this year’s ID WORLD conference, including government representatives from the EU Commission, USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Ukraine, Pakistan and Bangladesh, key players from leading logistics companies and many more internationally renowned experts of the automatic ID industry. “It’s wonderful to see that even after doubling in size in 2007, we were able to consolidate our numbers this year while increasing the quality of the participants and of the contents,” comments Sophie B. de la Giroday, President of Wise Media. “The ID Revolution is big and ID WORLD is now a large event, much larger than what we initially thought of creating. However it still has the same warmth, engagement and attention to detail that tend to be found only at smaller events, such as our vertical forums organized throughout the year. We will work to ensure that future ID WORLD events continue to retain this community spirit.” QUID Conference The ID WORLD International Congress hosted this year the second edition of QUID, a separate initiative dedicated to the Italian market. With an agenda of dedicated conferences (on the topics of Point of Sale, Mobility & Transportation, and Payment Systems), it boosted its attendance this year to 188 delegates (+46% with respect to 2007). ID WORLD Exhibition After filling the doubled floor space in 2007, ID WORLD confirmed its size this year with 104 exhibitors dedicated to automatic identification. ID WORLD is one of the few global events where visitors can find the full range of advanced automatic ID technologies, including RFID, biometrics, smart cards and AIDC – data capture, under one roof. With 2,347 individual visitors, the two-day ID WORLD 2008 Exhibition proved to be an ideal meeting place for vendors looking to establish high level business contacts and end-users and system integrators looking for the right auto ID technologies and applications. *******
  3. 3. Comments on ID WORLD 2008: Norbert Dawalibi (President & CEO – Sirit, Canada) “I was extremely impressed with the ID WORLD event. The quality and level of speakers was outstanding. The event was very well organized and there were lots of good opportunities to network. I am planning to come back next year and I would highly recommend it to everyone in the industry.” H. Sprague Ackley (Staff Technologist – Intermec, USA) “One of the most professionally run events that I have ever attended.” Dr. Joseph Atick (Exec. VP & Chief Strategic Officer – L-1 Identity Solutions, USA) “It was great to participate in ID WORLD. I was pleased with the whole event. You have put together a first rate forum. Congratulations!” Richard Bravman (Chairman, President & CEO – Intelleflex Corporation, former President – Symbol Technologies, USA) "Once again, the ID WORLD International Congress offered a unique and very successful combination of elements: a global perspective, focus on sectors such as government applications that are not covered well elsewhere, strong involvement by executive management... all presented in an engaging event format delivering solid value to all participants." Vittorio Bertocci (Architect Evangelist – Microsoft, USA) "You can always count on ID WORLD if you want a truly holistic view of authentication. Where else can you find topics as diverse as physical security, biometrics and identity for cloud computing all in a single session?" Gerhard Schedler (President & CEO – Identec Solutions, Austria) “I have to admit that this was one of the best organized shows – and for sure the one with the friendliest staff – that I ever have attended. Thank you very much for this.” Frank Steigberger (Managing Director – Arygon, Switzerland) "Excellently organized event. ID WORLD repeatedly manages to attract exceptional speakers and audience covering the most important RFID markets. Congratulations." Werner Blessing (President & CEO –, Switzerland) “It was a great pleasure for me to participate in ID WORLD 2008 in Milan. Perfect venue, perfect organization, perfect presentations, perfect contacts. As its name suggests: it is the world‟s event to meet people and see the latest technologies in Identity Management. BRAVO and many thanks.” Abdullah A. Ferdous (Senior Consultant – Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, Bangladesh) “It was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience I just had during ID WORLD 2008 in Milan. Once again, please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation. I am grateful to Wise Media for the initiative.” Dr. Andreas Wolf (Vice President & Senior Technology Strategist – Cross Match Technologies, Germany) “ID WORLD 2008 again was a place to meet and discuss with colleagues and to become familiar with new trends in the ID industry. Thanks to Sophie and her team for preparing and running this high quality event.”
  4. 4. Hisham Qattan (General Manager – HQ Establishment, Jordan) “I would like to thank you for the invitation to your outstanding event, the ID WORLD International Congress. It was so rich in ideas, information and networking opportunities with the top people in this field. Again, I am really grateful for being with you all, staff, esteemed speakers and delegates.” Kai-Uwe Sprenger (Legislative Veterinary Officer – European Commission, Belgium) “ID WORLD gives an excellent overview what's on in the scene. Its very professional organization guarantees efficient information exchange.” Gert-Jan Scheers (Marketing – WCC Services - Smart Search & Match, The Netherlands) “First I would like to thank the Wise Media team for the excellent way that you have supported us in attending the ID WORLD Exhibition and Conference. We were very very happy with the way we could profile ourselves. You have done a wonderful job. The whole event answered to all our objectives!” Victor M. Lee (Senior Consultant - International Biometric Group, USA) “ID WORLD was, above all, very professionally managed. ID WORLD provided for a comfortable and friendly environment whose "business-intimate" aspects encouraged closer interaction amongst delegates and speakers than tends to be the case at larger, less- selective conferences. ID WORLD is also particularly notable for its European and Middle East flavor, while at the same time encouraging a diversity of opinions from around the world.” Romualdo Gobbo (CEO – Newlog Consulting, Italy) “I would like to thank you for the outstanding ID WORLD Exhibition which we exploited beyond our expectations, with more visitors interested in our integration solutions than we had ever hoped for. We had unexpectedly good end-user contacts, even from beyond Europe and from as far away as Thailand! As well as good meetings with clients we are already working with.” Antti Korhonen (President & CEO – Ekahau, Finland) “I consider ID WORLD one of the leading RFID and Identification forums in Europe. Due to its international scope, it is clearly the place to be if you want to know the status of the Identification and RFID markets worldwide." Humberto Moran (CEO – Open Source Innovation, United Kingdom) "ID WORLD is a leader in bringing together market opportunities and technology innovations in the field of identification. It is the ideal venue for end-users to come close to innovations that have the potential to transform their businesses and multiply their profits." Patrick J. Sweeney II (CEO – Odin Technologies, USA) “ID WORLD 2008 brought together a unique blend of global industry leaders. My time was used very efficiently with other CEOs of leading RFID companies in one-on-one meetings. The event helped propel forward key partnerships for Odin, and will positively impact our 2009 strategic planning.” Dr. Detlef Houdeau (Senior Director BD, Market Segment Identification – Infineon Technologies, Germany) “Exchanging of information on new programs, applications and technologies for eID in the Public Sector worldwide is very helpful."
  5. 5. Rainer Rettig (President – Are Con, Germany) “Wise Media again has managed to gather together the key people of the ID Industry. I really enjoyed being in a place where, unlike in the big fairs, people take their time to exchange ideas and for personal talks in a relaxed atmosphere. This is the place to generate those networks that we all need to succeed in this challenging market. For me personally, it was one of the two most important events of 2008 and I am already looking forward to next year's conference.” Tom Grant (Chairman & CEO – ThingMagic, USA) “I believe that Wise Media is sincerely trying to offer the market a different and improved way of coming together to advance the industry.” Vincent Nicola Santacroce (ICT Director of Mail Division – Poste Italiane, Italy) “I would like to thank you for many things. The organization, reliability, smile, professionalism and warmth you gave to this event is for me something new and unique. I want to congratulate you and let you know that I really enjoyed it. The touch you gave to the event was an extremely positive surprise for me. Well done!” Heinrich Oehlmann (V.P. Technology – Eurodata Council, Germany) “I was more than surprised by the quality of both speakers and delegates but also by the quality of the exhibitors in the show rooms. I used this unique occasion to meet experts I never had the chance to meet before. Thanks to the overwhelming professionalism and friendliness of the organizers, I told my people at home after returning: „Yes, I attended a true ID WORLD and met a substantially growing ID WORLD family. Lets go back again‟.” Peter Kronegger (General Manager – Kronegger, Germany) “Congratulations for this successful event – you have my admiration. ID WORLD is a great and unique gathering of the drivers and players of the ID industry.” Alessandra Girardo (Mktg Dir. Continental Europe, ESI, Mktg & Comm. – Unisys, Italy) “Just a quick note to thank you for the great support and availability you showed to us and the incredible professionalism which always characterizes your events. This year‟s ID WORLD was very rich in contents and, as always, perfectly organized.” Arnim von Schwedler (Member of the Advisory Board – MaskTech, Germany) “Given the global market of conferences, ID WORLD is and will continue to be a MUST.” About ID WORLD International Congress The ID WORLD International Congress is the world’s leading thought-leadership symposium on automatic identification. Endorsed by the European Commission, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Interior of Italy, ID WORLD is the most comprehensive event on the evolving world of RFID, biometrics, smart cards, data collection, identity management and identification technologies and applications in general. It is the only international event that looks at the world of automatic identification as a whole, rather than focusing on a specific technology or vertical market sector. ID WORLD boasts an incredibly successful track record: founded as a round table on the topic of automatic identification in 2002, today the annual event attracts the most important players of the ID community at the industry, end-user and government levels worldwide. For further information on the eighth ID WORLD International Congress (Milan, Nov 3-5, 2009), please visit Media Contact: Event Director: Pier Costa Federico Faleschini