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  1. 1. MEDIA TIP SHEET – EXHIBITOR ANNOUNCEMENTS Company/Booth Announcement Active RFID Systems Active RFID Systems, Inc. (ARS), a leading provider of battery- powered radio frequency and infrared supply chain management systems for total asset tracking, in-transit visibility, security, and data Booth #1132 networking over all mobile devices., and Broadcom, Inc., a global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications have announced their collaboration in the development and sales of a WiFi (802.11.b/g)-enabled radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that will be used to track assets directly in a WiFi Network Enterprise System. The new tag offers 1-2 years of battery life and is interoperable with any existing WiFi network. Under the terms of the agreement, ARS will incorporate the Broadcom chipset into this WiFi tag and will manufacture and support the finished tag product. Broadcom will support the hardware, firmware and software activities. ADC ADC will showcase its TrueNet® Midspan Power-over-Ethernet Controller at RFID World 2006 (Booth #1123). The award-winning PoE solution allows users to easily and cost-effectively upgrade their Booth #1123 network to power RFID readers. ADC’s TrueNet Midspan PoE Controller injects IEEE 802.3af compliant power onto any standard Ethernet cable, allowing users to utilize their entire existing infrastructure including Ethernet switches. As enterprise networks deploy RFID readers, delivering power to these devices can pose a challenge. The ADC TrueNet Midspan PoE Controller allows RFID readers to be strategically situated in locations throughout the enterprise that
  2. 2. optimize effectiveness, including ceilings. To learn more, visit Appleton Using direct thermal technology in warehouse, distribution and supply chain label applications, whether RFID-enabled or standard, eliminates multiple operational inefficiencies associated with traditional thermal Booth #118 transfer printing. Because direct thermal is ribbonless, it is much less prone to electrostatic discharges and therefore is an ideal method for printing RFID labels. It also produces pristine printed images because there is no ribbon scuffing or marking at the “chip bump.” Also, when exposed to high levels of industrial lighting, Appleton’s exclusive LightSafe™ Technology (patent pending) keeps direct thermal labels white for two or more years—long after thermal transfer labels have noticeably yellowed. Argent Group Argent Group is announcing the signing of a partnership agreement with VUE TECHNOLOGIES INC. which will allow the Argent companies to add Vue’s patented ‘smart shelf’ technology to their Booth #129 current range of asset tracking offerings, which are aimed at the manufacturing and medical sectors. Argent Group’s solutions utilize passive tags in the 915mghz and 2.45ghz frequencies, where they also have an agreement with RFSaw Inc to utilize their Global Saw Tag (surface acoustic wave technology). DEMO DESCRIPTION: Argent Group will be showing demonstrations of their ‘Open Crib’ and ‘AssetWhere?’ software on their stand, #129. This software enables tracking of assets and remote inventory management. They will also show metal components tagged with passive UHF devices. Avery Dennison – Retail Avery Dennison Retail Information Services, which recently entered an Information Services agreement with the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) 2
  3. 3. to provide high volume pricing for RFID labels to AAFA member companies, will introduce its new Gen 2 RFID Starter Kit at RFID Booth #1223 World. Persons purchasing the kit at RFID World will receive 1,000 Free RFID carton labels. The kit includes the AVERY DENNISON™ AP 5.4 RFID Printer, Windows®-compliant Label Management System (LMS) software and a starter roll of RFID carton/pallet labels. Price: $6,195. Also scheduled for exhibit and discussion: RFID tags and labels; RFID Ticket Express (services bureau). DEMO DESCRIPTION: Available on request. Avery Dennison – RFID Avery Dennison RFID, a business unit of Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE: AVY) and a leading provider of high-volume, high-quality RFID inlays, is showcasing the industry’s broadest portfolio of high Booth #933 performance Gen 2 RFID tags. Avery Dennison RFID’s Gen 2 portfolio includes products for carton/pallet applications, and item-level applications, and supports both EPC Gen 2, as well as ISO standard 18000-6C protocols. Avery Dennison’s robust product offering effectively addresses a variety of RF concerns like difficult carton contents, orientation and placement problems, high-density environments, and other application challenges. Applied Wireless Applied Wireless Identifications (AWID) is once again transforming the Identifications (AWID) market landscape by offering the highest quality UHF Class 1 Generation 2 finished labels at the lowest price and selling them via the Booth #610 Internet. AWID selected RD IDentics to provide 25 million finished labels for inventory. AWID sells all Gen 2 finished labels at cost - customers pay no markup; only a small handling fee. RF IDentics also provides a 100% good label guarantee for those customers using Printronix printers and AWID readers. CDO Technologies CDO Technologies, a leading provider of RFID solutions and hardware, will highlight the features of the mobile edition of its 3
  4. 4. (with RF Code, Inc.) configure-to-fit Asset Tracking Solution, ATLAS. Designed to meet fixed inventory, production management, supply chain, and asset Booth #1124 checkout and return requirements of the manufacturing, defense, and medical sectors, ATLAS allows users to track a wide variety of fixed and mobile assets. CDO Technologies’ integration, design, development, and support experience includes more than 2,700 active and passive RFID, linear and 2D bar code, mobile computing, biometrics, memory buttons, and smartcard projects. The company recently launched, a comprehensive RFID solutions and hardware site dedicated to helping clients integrate RFID technology and solutions, including RFID compliance solutions for DoD and Wal-Mart suppliers, asset management and tracking, consulting, and hardware solutions. Visit the updated site at Checkpoint Systems, Inc. Checkpoint Systems has dramatically expanded its current line of RF & RFID-based consumable products to now include a complete portfolio of ISO and EPC-compliant High Frequency (HF) and EPC Generation Booth #523 2 Ultra High Frequency (UHF) tags, labels, tickets, reusables and inlays. These new ranges of products are scheduled for shipment in early 2006. Checkpoint’s Performa® line of RFID consumable products are designed to meet the specific application, performance, pricing and fulfillment requirements of customers in various industries such as consumer package goods, retail, pharmaceutical, public transit & events and library markets. As a complement to Checkpoint’s RFID product family, the company also provides a comprehensive selection of RFID tagging, labeling and ticketing services. CIBER, Inc. CIBER, Inc. is a global IT consultancy that helps businesses, government entities, and non-profit organizations leverage technology 4
  5. 5. Booth #304 to deliver measurable business results. With more than 80 offices in 18 countries worldwide (including 60 U.S. offices), CIBER provides local technical and business expertise, supported by the breadth and depth of a globally diverse firm. Whether you are considering RFID technology for asset tracking, mandate compliance, logistics improvement, yard management or other processes, we can help you achieve the results your business demands. We are software agnostic, and focus on providing total business solutions to maximize your operation’s efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability. DEMO DESCRIPTION: Win prizes at booth #304! Along with our partners HighJump, Red Prairie, GlobeRanger, and Intermec, we will host “Jeopardy,” “Quiz Bowl,” and “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire”-style games to test your knowledge of supply chain, logistics, and RFID technology. Have fun! Win prizes! And learn about exciting new developments in RFID! Datacon Technology The price of an RFID tag is currently the essential benchmark for GmbH (member of BE acceptance of this technology. There is talk of the so-called "nickel Semiconductor Industries N.V.) tag", a fully operative, passive RFID transponder tag which will be available for 5 US cents in 2008. In order to get closer to this ambitious Booth #1231 cost objective, enablers must appear in all areas of the technology range. Datacon will make an ambitious contribution to this. Datacon started very successfully with its RFID technology and could require new customers in USA and Asia. The RFID production line can be used for HF and for UHF applications. DEMO DESCRIPTION: During the show, there will be a demo video at the booth showing the 5
  6. 6. complete inlay process of wide web printing — plating of RFID antennas (Meco) and Die bonding (Datacon). Data Systems The RFID Demonstration Center located at Data Systems International International’s world headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas now supports EPC UHF Gen 2. At this facility, companies can evaluate Booth #1117 RFID technology and view real-time integration of RFID tag data into enterprise software. The center demonstrates DSI’s data capture solution dcLINK®; capturing and integrating item, case, and pallet data into JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite in real-time. It is an EPC-compliant RFID demonstration of Pick/Pack/Ship outbound and inbound PO Receipt processes using UHF Gen 2 interrogators and integrated label/tags. To learn more or schedule a visit, please contact DSI at DEMO DESCRIPTION: At booth 1117, DSI will demonstrate wireless control of an RFID- enabled conveyor system. In this live RFID demonstration, dcLINK® data capture software supports a Pick/Pack/Ship outbound process and an inbound PO Receipt process using UHF Gen 2 interrogators and integrated label/tags. The automatic choice of bar code labels or integrated label/tags minimizes tag costs as companies increase RFID tag volumes. dcLINK expands the reach and value of enterprise systems by capturing accurate, real-time RFID data - in production, at the warehouse and in the field. Ekahau, Inc. Ekahau and Symbol Technologies will showcase a solution that helps organizations more efficiently track the location of inventory and assets with RFID. The first implementation of this new application will use 6
  7. 7. Booth #416 Symbol’s MC9000 mobile computing RFID reader, which incorporates Ekahau location-enabling software designed to find where RFID tags are being read. The RFID location-enabled Symbol mobile computers are aimed at the retail and supply chain markets and can be extended to pharmaceutical, healthcare, government and other industries where there is strong adoption for EPC RFID. A demonstration of the MC9000 will be available at Ekahau’s booth (416). DEMO DESCRIPTION: Ekahau (Booth 416) will demonstrate an RFID tag reader – the MC9000 – from Symbol Technologies that is equipped with Ekahau’s location-enabling software designed to track the location of any tagged item. GlobeRanger GlobeRanger will be announcing an OEM agreement with Ross Systems, Inc. Based on this relationship, Ross will reveal RFID2Go, built upon the iMotion platform, to control, manage and monitor a Booth #507 variety of devices, including RFID readers, RFID I/O controllers, light stacks, and photo eyes. GlobeRanger will also announce that IDentiTRAK Technologies, a single source provider of AIDC and EPC compliant RFID solutions will launch MASTERlink Edge, a suite of RFID solutions based on GlobeRanger’s iMotion platform for managing data, devices and processes at the edge of the enterprise. Additional announcements will include international EOM partnerships and customers implementations. DEMO DESCRIPTION: -Compliance & Shipping - See how compliance and shipping processes can be optimized with edge workflows that orchestrate the encoding of EPC values, printing of case/pallet labels and integration 7
  8. 8. with enterprise systems to reconcile actual shipment with the purchase order. -Receiving - An RFID-enabled portal that is optimized for the receiving process with multiple peripheral devices including a photo eye, camera, LED sign, speakers, light stack and a wireless hand held device. -Centralized Management and Monitoring – Comprehensive capabilities will be demonstrated for managing and controlling devices, data and processes for multi-site, production deployments. Hitachi High Hitachi High Technologies America (HTA) offers innovative RFID Technologies America, product solutions, covering the full frequency spectrum, through Inc partnerships with strategic material and manufacturing companies that utilize the world's most advanced technologies. Booth #130 HTA's product line ranges from discrete components such as printed and etched antennas, inlays, conductive chip bonding pastes, to complete finished solutions such as smart cards, paper tickets/labels, and extreme temperature resistant tags. HTA's superior quality, low- cost solutions match the time-sensitive needs of the RFID marketplace. Impinj, Inc. In response to demand from the global retail supply chain and other high-growth markets to begin tagging at the item-level for key applications including pharmaceuticals and high-value apparel, Impinj Booth #217 has spent significant effort to extend its case and pallet-level UHF system performance to support item-level tagging. Impinj’s GrandPrix solution, comprising Monza™ chips, freely licensed tag antennas, and the Speedway™ reader, allows retailers one common infrastructure simplifying RFID installations and reducing implementation costs without sacrificing system performance or functionality. DEMO DESCRIPTION: 8
  9. 9. Impinj will demonstrate its GrandPrix™ UHF Gen 2 solution for item- level tagging at booth #217. Utilizing the company’s Monza™ chips and Speedway™ readers, Impinj has developed a solution that provides ONE infrastructure for item-level to pallet tagging that can be used worldwide. Demonstrations will showcase robust performance, high read reliability, and adjustable read range for the following applications: -Pharma Point of Sale: a typical store tote basket filled with mixed items including liquids and metals. -Apparel Point of Sale: a large quantity of stacked garments with small form factor tags. -Pharmaceutical vials: 9 mm tags attached to vials in close proximity. Intermec Inc. It turns out that a forklift can be a powerful, mobile RFID tool. Intermec, Cascade, Cisco and Red Prairie have developed a concept for a “forklift of the future” that incorporates RFID technology into a forklift’s Booth #301 very infrastructure, replacing today’s cumbersome and inefficient bolt- on approach to data collection. This concept incorporates powerful dashboard computers, easy-to-reach RFID controls assimilated into the lift’s control mechanisms, wireless real-time location tracking and navigational LEDs for optimal routing, and easy-to-adjust RFID readers designed into the frame of forklift attachments for flexible and accurate use with a wide range of goods and supplies. DEMO DESCRIPTION: -RFID “Forklift of the Future” – Four-company collaboration on a concept for an RFID-enabled forklift enhances warehouse worker productivity and efficiency -RFID Forklift System Here Today – Intermec and its partners offer a complete RFID system available today -RFID Incentive Programs – Powerful incentives make the move to 9
  10. 10. Gen 2 easy and cost-effective -Tags, Media and Printers – Intermec’s full suite of Gen 2 equipment is available now International Paper International Paper’s Smart Packaging business has changed its name to ASURYS™ (ə’-shoor’-ǐs); Although the business has changed its name from Smart Packaging, customers will continue to receive Booth #823 experienced RFID consulting and integration services from the business. ASURYS will focus on maintaining its leadership position in the RFID industry as a trusted RFID partner with vision, experience and proven results. International Paper International Paper’s ASURYS business, formerly Smart Packaging, and OTA Training have partnered to offer vendor-neutral RFID+ certification training that teaches the knowledge and skills necessary Booth #823 for a new wave of evolving RFID technicians. This is the industry’s first RFID+ CompTIA approved certification training program. The first class was recently held at ASURYS’ Customer Solution Center (CSC) – a RFID testing, training and engineering development center – in Memphis, Tenn. Participants were trained for certification in the areas of RF physics, RFID tags and interrogation zone basics, site analysis, design selection, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of RFID hardware, as well as standards related to RFID systems. International Paper International Paper’s ASURYS business, formerly known as Smart Packaging, deployed an RFID warehouse tracking system at International Paper’s Texarkana, Texas paper mill in 2003 and has Booth #823 made significant contributions to the growing RFID space. ASURYS’ most recent RFID developments are in the area of RFID- enabled material handling equipment. In March of this year, the business introduced its RFID-enabled lift truck solution, which was the first RFID solution of this type, and in July ASURYS partnered with NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG) to offer an RFID-enabled 10
  11. 11. lift truck for commercial sale. ASURYS recently made further expansions to its RFID Warehouse Tracking System by partnering with AWID to offer rugged readers for the RFID-enabled inventory movement truck solutions. JDS Professional JDS Professional Services Inc., a world-leading provider of targeted Services Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) solutions, will demonstrate its (with RF Code, Inc.) flagship CALTS™ software suite, and showcase their award-winning solution for container tracking featuring time-space visualization. Using Booth #1124 a holistic approach in defining an asset, CALTS advances global asset management in a single, easy-to-use system, integrating seamlessly with existing tracking device technologies. JDS Professional Services is a solutions integrator and software developer dedicated to the delivery of enterprise-wide Real-Time Location Systems. Visit for more information. Loftware, Inc. Loftware debuts its Loftware Print Server 8.4 with RFID reader support for Alien, Symbol, ThingMagic, and AWID. Available immediately, it delivers RFID reader functionality that not only represents the next step Booth #310 in the Company’s history of innovation in marking technology, but also delivers a uniquely-positioned and timely solution for systems requiring a mixture of barcode and RFID technology, while remaining hardware agnostic. A proven brand leader for its ability to integrate from a centralized software platform both RFID ‘Smart Labels’ and bar code labeling, this release extends these capabilities by adding software support for fixed mount RFID reader technology. DEMO DESCRIPTION: Loftware will demonstrate a real-time pallet build and pallet receive implementation. In the pallet build test, cartons placed on a pallet and each carton’s SGTIN is read and compared to a list of expected values. The operator 11
  12. 12. then writes a pallet tag and attaches the tag to the ship-ready pallet. In the pallet receive demonstration, the pallet moves into the reader’s field. The field is compared to a list of expected ASNs. If the ASNs are successfully matched, the pallet is received. If pallet or carton tags do not match, the pallet is rejected for exception processing. Marnlen RFiD Marnlen RFiD, which designs, manufactures, and supplies standard and custom flexible RFiD labels, for use in even the harshest operating environments, announced today that its new high-speed RFID label Booth #1332 production equipment is in production, capable of inserting any size RFID inlay to label face stock. 100% end-of-line inspection ensures quality, accuracy and reliability – RFID labels and tags that perform. Marnlen RFiD is a division of Marnlen Management Limited, with North American state-of-the-art 250,000 square foot 6-Sigma facility, ISO9001:2000 certified & 25+ years global leadership. Contact 866-729-RFID(7343) or DEMO DESCRIPTION: Ask to see our ‘Clipped Tag’ Technology Demonstration for Consumer Privacy Disabling RFID Tags with Visible Confirmation Markem Corporation MARKEM, now providing solutions for RFID tagging on the production line, will be exhibiting the 800 Series high-speed RFID encoder/applicator. The 800 Series can apply up to 100 tags per Booth #901 minute and is available in two options for tagging cases on the production line: hi-speed blow applicator and on-pitch inlay application. The 800 Series is EPCglobal Gen 2 compliant and facilitates flexible tag placement options to meet positioning requirements for all types of 12
  13. 13. products and is built to integrate with existing software, systems and equipment. DEMO DESCRIPTION: MARKEM invites you to come and see how you can successfully implement RFID tagging in production. Demos will run every half hour. Meco Equipment Meco’s Additive Copper Process, for wide web production provides Engineers B.V. (member high-volume capacity with the lowest antenna production cost in the of BE Semiconductor Industries N.V.) industry. In the past months Meco upgraded its Meco FAP line to a web width from 430mm (17”) to 650mm which in creases the Booth #1231 throughput by 50%! Additionally, Meco offers a new feature (optional) on its Meco FAP portfolio (integrated punch-unit). DEMO DESCRIPTION: During the show, there will be a demo video at the booth showing the complete inlay process of wide web printing — plating of RFID antennas (Meco) and Die bonding (Datacon). Metroplex Technology The Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC) will host a press Business Council conference on Wednesday, March 1, at 11:00 a.m. in the Gaylord Texan to announce a new identity for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Booth #204 This new tag and logo will recognize the region’s global leadership in the RFID industry, as well as the depth and breadth of the existing RFID ecosystem in North Texas. Speakers will include Bill Sproull, MTBC president/CEO, and Rusty Cone, president of Alliance Systems. More details will be e-mailed to all media attending RFID World prior to March 1 and will be available in the media room. Miles Technology, Inc. Miles Technology and the RFID Benchmark LAB have announced CP Express™! A $2,995 multi-user compliance labeling software solution for meeting DoD and retail mandates (Wal-Mart®, Best Buy®, Target®, Booth #423 etc.) 13
  14. 14. Demonstrations will be at the Miles RFID World Booth #423. Sign up for Evaluation copies! CP Express™ installs in minutes, supports all the major hardware suppliers! Key features: • RFID label templates, • Automatic EPC & DoD number generation and tracking, • Tag verification • Easy routines for associating case to pallet labels • Export data to WMS/ERP or ASN/EDI transactions. • Upgradeable to Compliance Partner. See Booth #423 or DEMO DESCRIPTION: The Miles Technologies Booth (#423) will conduct demonstrations on both our fully automatic Compliance Partner vRFID software and CP Express™. You will see how each solution meets the mandates in a side by side, step by step demonstration. Compliance Partner vRFID is typically installed in larger companies requiring fully automated solutions for production processing of RFID tags. Miles has installations in Wal-Mart®, Best Buy®, Target® and DoD customers! CP Express™ is our customer installable solution and at $2,995 offers tremendous value and upgradeability. MOXA Technologies MOXA has been one of the top device networking manufacturers since 1987. With its cutting-edge product and “customer-first” attitude, MOXA provides “best value” products to several RFID system integrators. Booth #1209 MOXA Technologies is looking to strengthen brand awareness for its RFID application at this show. In addition, the company is interested in generating concrete leads that would take us into RFID networking market. The goal is to be considered as a preferred supplier, and the 14
  15. 15. leading RFID System device networking solution manufacturer. DEMO DESCRIPTION: Many RFID System integrators use their own hardware incorporated with their RFID middleware for collecting and analyzing data from their readers. While some of these methods are sophisticated, others can be as simple as using standard single board computer. MOXA focuses on creating data networking products that provide including Serial-to- Wireless, Serial-to-Ethernet, and Embedded Computing Solutions. Since the current trend is to use down-sized computers as front-end processors in the RFID industry, MOXA will exhibit our latest Serial-to- Wireless Ethernet Device Server and Embedded Computer in booth #1209 at the RFID World show. New Jersey Packaging New Jersey Packaging, a dedicated partner for pharmaceutical printing solutions, now offers a full range of printed and die-cut cGMP compliant labels incorporating RFID tags. Booth #105 These labels with 100% readable RFID tags are delivered ready to use for a wide range of applications including item-level products, as well as case and pallet lots. New Jersey Packaging can also provide support to help ensure that RFID implementation is successful. The RFID labels are part of New Jersey Packaging’s new RxTrackNSecure™ protective product line that make use of the latest technology in anti-diversion, anti-counterfeiting and anti-fraud printing methods to provide durable, easy-to-apply, and relatively affordable ways to guard against pharmaceutical product fraud and maintain consumer confidence and safety. Omron RFID OMRON RFID ( is announcing the availability of the OMRON RFID “One Day” Compliance Package supporting both EPC Class 1 and Gen 2 standards. Booth #117 The comprehensive compliance package creates a one-day-and-done 15
  16. 16. opportunity for suppliers to Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, the U.S. Department of Defense and other retail vendors to meet RFID tag mandates. All OMRON RFID customers who place an order for the compliance package on or before March 31, 2006, will receive 10,000 free RFID labels and a discount on future RFID certification training from the company. DEMO DESCRIPTION: Omron RFID will demonstrate its Gen 2 kit which has the ability to expand from two devices to any type or number of EPC RFID devices across a Wal-Mart or DoD suppliers’ entire enterprise. It includes an OMRON RFID reader/writer, antenna, all cables, tags, an optional computer, an RFID printer, an indicator “stack” light, a mounting stand for the antenna with all hardware and the software required for compliance. Also included are operator training, professional set-up services and system documentation. Users of OMRON RFID compliance packages will also benefit from a free one-year firmware support agreement for specification enhancements and performance improvements. Paxar Corp. 1. The Monarch turnkey RFID Shipping and Labeling Solution. Everything you need to implement a RFID case and pallet program, including the printer/ encoder, smart labels, readers and software. Booth #1101 2. Its latest partnership with Alien Technology to sell, install and service the full Alien line of readers. Paxar’s experienced systems integration team has been completely trained by Alien, and represents one of the largest trained integration forces in the industry. 3. New item-level RFID solutions, building on Paxar’s successful work for Marks & Spencer, providing item-level inventory control tags for the U.K. retailer’s item RFID trial. 16
  17. 17. DEMO DESCRIPTION: 1. Complete, turnkey Monarch RFID Shipping/Labeling System. 2. New Monarch item-level RFID solutions: see the Marks & Spencer inventory control tag successfully used in the U.K., and Paxar’s other item-level solutions for apparel and pharmaceuticals based on this successful program. 3. Monarch Smart Relay system, where the Monarch printer distinguishes among data streams, “relaying” the data stream containing EPC information to a Monarch RFID Printer/Encoder and printing regular bar code labels on a standard Monarch 9855 printer. 4. Monarch Smart Labels, twice tested in the factory, backed by our 110% Smart Label Performance Guarantee. Precision Dynamics Corp. Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC) will showcase RFID solutions for patron management and healthcare at RFID World. PDC Smart Band® RFID Wristbands, Smart Kiosk™ and PDC Smart® Booth #811 Readers, provide venues with an RFID cashless point-of-sale (POS) payment system. Smart Kiosk is a free-standing terminal with touch- screen that allows patrons to load money using cash, credit or debit cards onto RFID wristbands. Smart Kiosk works similar to an ATM machine, but instead, funds are transferred onto patrons’ RFID wristbands. The Smart Band Wristband System helps increase throughput at concession stands, reduce long admission lines, streamline overall operations, and more. DEMO DESCRIPTION: Demonstrations of Smart Band® RFID Wristbands used with the Smart Kiosk™ Cashless Payment System for patron management, and with the DR1000 Dual RFID/bar code Reader for Healthcare and Commercial Applications. RadiantWave RadiantWave provides innovative RFID-enabled solutions for mobile 17
  18. 18. (with RF Code, Inc.) resource management and security, enhanced with components for real-time process management and performance measurement. These Booth #1124 solutions are deployed through industry-specific vertical templates developed from industry best practices and our 25+ years of supply chain solutions experience. RadiantWave serves a diverse range of horizontal markets including transportation and logistics, discrete manufacturing, retail/wholesale, government, healthcare and services. Applications areas include supply chain visibility, WIP tracking, enterprise asset tracking, personnel security, asset and cargo security, and container and yard management. RadiantWave will highlight DLx Mobile Resource, a total solution integrating infrastructure middleware and mobile computing with an industry leading end-to-end application for optimized control of mobile resources. For more information, visit the company’s web site at RF Code, Inc. Expanding the global availability and Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) applications for its active tags, RF Code, Inc. is extending its Mantis II product line with the addition of its 433 MHz Mantis Asset Tag Booth #1124 and 433 MHz Mantis Reader. The 433 MHz frequency is widely allocated for use throughout the world allowing RF Code’s new asset tags and readers to be used in a broader number of countries. Enhanced signaling capabilities substantially improve the ability of Mantis to be used in Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) applications. The Mantis 433 MHz line now offers a low cost tag and the only 10+ year tag battery life for 433MHz products in the market. RF Code, Inc. RF Code, Inc. is showcasing its TAVIS™ data management platform 18
  19. 19. integrated with enterprise software solutions developed by partners, CDO Technologies, JDS Professional Services, RadiantWave and Booth #1124 SenseIQ, Inc. The partners demonstrated TAVIS-powered applications at RF Code’s booth in four core vertical markets: container tracking, defense, healthcare, and supply chain. RFID, Inc. GPS & Cellular communications from RFID Reader – RFID, Inc., in conjunction with its partner FedTrax, has added GPS & Cellular capabilities to its Extend-a-Read 433 MHz Active Tag product line. Booth #510 RFID, Inc., in conjunction with Two Technologies, is debuting a 125 KHz version of the JETT.RFID that operates with many standard 125 KHz chips. A next generation release will incorporate ISO 11784/5 interoperability. RightTag, Inc. RightTag, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive wireless and wireline RFID solutions, introduced the industry’s first 13.56 MHz wireless RFID scanner with Bluetooth. The new scanner, BT Booth #104 RIGHTReader, offers users greater flexibility by eliminating the need for cumbersome wires and transmitting data to devices up to ten meters away. RightTag also introduced the RIGHTScanner, a compact, inexpensive RFID scanner designed for companies looking to increase security and control and monitor access, or to better track product inventory. Both products perform well in harsh environments with no line of sight, making them effective in places where bar-coding is not an option. DEMO DESCRIPTION: RightTag will be demonstrating its new Bluetooth-enabled wireless RFID Scanner, BT RIGHTReader, and its new access control scanner, RIGHTScanner, along with its existing suite of comprehensive wireless and wireline RFID solutions. Visit RightTag at Booth # 104. SAVR Communications SAVR Communications announces the release of its FCC 19
  20. 20. approved Connect & Communicate product line, a completely modular Booth #1217 low-cost RFID reader platform that can be configured for nearly any RFID application. This versatile platform allows you to choose from a variety of communication, industrial control and radio frequency modules to adapt the functionality of the reader to suit specific requirements. The Windows-style interface allows users to setup specific programs and functionality (exclusive of a main control system) to handle data processing at the reader level, significantly reducing middleware and integration costs. The platform is software upgradeable to assure that you can always conform to the newest protocols and industry standards. The rugged modules are NEMA rated for use in industrial environments. Secura Key Secura Key announces the release of the newest product in the e*Tag® family of 13.56 MHz RFID readers. The ET8-WTD is designed to mount into a standard electrical box and use a Decora-style Booth #711 faceplate. Available in white and ivory, this reader meets the aesthetic requirements of many business applications. e*Tag® readers work with DES-encrypted cards and key tags from Secura Key, but can also read any ISO 15693 RFID tag. The industry-standard Wiegand output makes this reader compatible with most access control systems. SenseIQ, Inc. SenseIQ, Inc. is a leading provider of intelligent asset tracking software (with RF Code, Inc.) to enterprises and Managed Service Providers. The company’s hardware agnostic, flexible software architecture with dynamic user- Booth #1124 defined workflows, data aggregation capability from multiple sites empowers customers with tools to manage assets and unlock the value of best-of-breed RFID deployments. SenseIQ will demonstrate an asset tracking application for the healthcare industry. The company will show the ability to automatically track, trace and locate hospital assets, such as wheelchairs, stretchers and IV pumps across multiple sites and demonstrate the ability to 20
  21. 21. define workflow rules to trigger alerts and alarms. Using SenseIQ’s InSight Platform, enterprises in the healthcare, distribution, manufacturing and other industries can improve their asset tracking capability, streamline operations and increase asset visibility and control across the organization. For more information, visit the company’s web site at Siemens Energy & Siemens has more than 20 years of experience in the RFID field. Automation Siemens will unveil several new products for the RFID market, including end-to-end solutions for the UID mandate of the Department Booth #1301 of Defense, combining RFID and 2D-Data Matrix Code reading. The company will also introduce a RF identification system (13.56 MHz radio frequency) designed for use in assembly lines, production lines, and conveyor systems. SkyeTek, Inc. SkyeTek, Inc., a company focused exclusively on providing advanced RFID reader technology in multiple frequencies, will be making several customer and product announcements at the show, each Booth #313 demonstrating the SkyeTek vision for disaggregated reader technology (ReaderWare) and the vanishing RFID reader (where RFID becomes a standard feature of existing applications and processes). To find out more, please visit them in booth 313. Texas Instruments Texas Instruments and Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation (Nasdaq: SSCC), the industry’s leading integrated manufacturer of paperboard and paper-based packaging, are demonstrating the first Electronic Booth #701 Product Code™ (EPC) Generation 2 (Gen 2) RFID strap-on-box prototypes. Texas Instruments TI’s high-frequency ISO/IEC 14443 microprocessor-based payment card inlay has achieved certification from MasterCard International for use in its PayPass™ contactless payment program in North America. Booth #701 TI’s inlay is small enough to enable four-line embossing, while supporting the four centimeter read range requirements of PayPass. TrenStar On February 28, 2006 mobile asset management specialist, TrenStar 21
  22. 22. Inc., will announce the availability of a new research report by leading research firm Aberdeen Group called Empowered Asset Management: Booth #1026 Sharing and Tracking Logistics Assets to Improve ROI. Findings support the increasing importance of RFID as a way to better manage a company’s logistics assets. Beginning February 28th TrenStar will offer the full report to attendees at the RFID World tradeshow in Dallas, Tex. Visit the TrenStar booth #1026 to receive a copy. Additionally, the report will be available at UPM Raflatac UPM Raflatac announces new Rafsec RFID products at booth #723. These include new UHF Gen 2 tags and inlays called MemoryStick, Frog and Mini. These products offer excellent value, performance and Booth #723 memory features. UHF Gen 2 products are available as dry inlay, wet inlay and tag. In addition to the UHF products, UPM Raflatac showcases the Rafsec HF product family. Expanding the Rafsec product portfolio provides greater selection of fit- for-application products. With manufacturing capacity in USA and Europe and offices around the globe, UPM Raflatac is serving global RFID markets as the first truly global RFID tag supplier. DEMO DESCRIPTION: Gen2 demo. Reading and writing Rafsec Gen2 tags. Wise Media Technology Wise Media Technology (WMT) introduces the Finger & Grain Communication System (FGC). This new breakthrough RFID system dramatically advances the usage of RFID applications. While wireless Booth #1309 RFID tags are becoming ubiquitous, high costs and limited distances have hampered the use of passive and active tags in many applications. WMT has overcome this problem by developing a unique progressive communications method for using hybrid RFID tags called GRAIN. It uses no batteries, yet combines the features of both passive and active tags. This allows real time precision data collection. FGC 22
  23. 23. offers the industries first truly low-cost high quality RFID solution. Wise Media Technology Wise Media Technology (WMT) Tokyo, Japan and Media Vision GmbH (MVG) Siegen, Germany are announcing a joint venture. WMT is a creator of innovative leading edge RFID technologies and integrated Booth #1309 solutions. Media Vision GmbH a developer and integrator of media solutions for home and commercial use. The marriage of these two companies will allow WMT to provide integrated modular solutions leveraging RFID technologies with various media devices & visualization methods that will allow us to provide a complete range of industry leading solutions. This combination will take WMT into new untapped global markets by leveraging the engineering teams in Germany and Tokyo. DEMO DESCRIPTION: 1. Main Stage - Singapore Parking Lot Car Locator * One Solution for Multiple Applications * Real-Time RFID Tracking * Variable Distance Communication * Wireless Power Supply * Hybrid-Tag Technology 2. Selectable RFID Reader Technology 3. Hybrid Tag – New Generation 4. Tags - Various Tag Designs & Hybrid Tag 5. Antenna Designs and Features of WMT Antennas Zebra Technologies Zebra Technologies offers ultra-reliable products backed with more than 35 years of successfully developing supply chain printing solutions As a pioneer in RFID, supporting international development Booth #501 for nearly a decade, Zebra’s goal is to help companies achieve successful RFID implementations. Zebra now offers UHF RFID multi- protocol printer/encoders for sale in 39 countries on five continents 23
  24. 24. worldwide -- more than any other brand. With converting facilities in North America and Europe, Zebra also offers one-stop shopping for smart supplies, offering the broadest selection of EPC UHF Gen 2 tags/inlays, as well as label stocks, adhesives and ribbons at highly competitive prices. DEMO DESCRIPTION: -Multi-protocol UHF EPC-compliant printer/encoders that support both Gen 2 EPC and Gen 1 EPC protocols -RFID Gen 2 Supplies/Smart Media 24