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December 2008


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December 2008

  1. 1. 1 Cloverleaves December 2008 125 2279-B Del Oro Avenue, Oroville, CA 95965 (530) 538-7201 FAX: (530)538-7140 EMAIL: CLOVERLEAVES December 2008 Table of Contents Advisor’s Corner....................................1 Enrollment................................................2 Advisor’s Corner Up Coming Events..................................2 Emerging Technologies in Animal Identification FYI..............................................................3 Dr. Matthew Portillo, 4-H Youth Development Program Advisor All Star News..........................................5 Youth Leadership & Training................5 You are probably familiar with livestock identification methods used by fairs such as pictures, Leader Information.................................6 tattoos, ear tags, branding and nose prints. However, the marketplace is driving new emerging Horse Project Information....................6 management systems in animal identification based on technology. These new technologies Rabbit Project Information...................7 Club News...............................................7 include biometrics, radio frequency identification, and DNA identification analysis. Calendar...................................................8 Livestock Leadership Training Flyer Retinal Imaging (RI) is a biometric method much like finger printing. Animal science researchers have determined blood vessel patterns in the retina are fixed at birth, which remain throughout the animal’s lifetime. RI uses a digital camera to take a picture of the Matthew Portillo, Ph.D., 4-H YD Advisor animal’s blood vessel pattern on the retina. This technology can be combined with position, date, and time using a Global Positioning System (GPS). Some RI devices collect additional _______________________________ Nick Bertagna, 4-H YD Program data by interfacing with bar code readers, electronic scales, and radio transponders. Representative Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems use low frequency bandwidths integrated into The Butte County 4-H Council is your ear tags, microchip implants, and boluses. Because current types of RFID readers (handheld organization made up of 4-H leaders and older 4-H'ers. The council sets many county 4-H or stationary) limit the reading range, researchers are exploring higher frequencies RFID policies. It also helps organize, present and readers incorporated with cellular technology and GPS systems. evaluate the many events of Butte County 4-H. All leaders and 4-H'ers 14 years or older are invited to attend scheduled council meetings. DNA Identification Analysis is another biometric method that uses single nucleotide Cloverleaves 4-H newsletter is published ten polymorphism (SNP) fingerprinting. This method truly allows for animal identification from times yearly: September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, the “farm to fork.” Whereas other methods may stop at the harvest stage, DNA identification May-June, July-August. News articles are due analysis remains a stable identification method as the product goes to the consumer. to the 4-H office on the 10th of the preceding month. Persons with special needs wishing to Furthermore, DNA analysis provides parental identification of progeny based on inheritance attend a program should contact the makers of DNA. Cooperative Extension office in advance, 538-7201. Efforts will be made to accommodate your specific need. FAX: (530) University of California Cooperative Extension researchers (Evans & Van Eenennaam, 2005), 538-7140. After hours, call (530) 538-7202 and found potential applications of new emerging animal identification technologies to include the leave a message. University of California, and the United States following: Department of Agriculture, Cooperating with • “Determination of ownership and deter theft Butte County. To simplify information trade names of • Surveillance control and disease eradication products have been used. No endorsement of • Biosecurity on the nation’s livestock population Processes - SETis intended nor is criticism named products Abilities • Compliance with international requirements for export implied of similar products which are not mentioned. • Improvement of supply management, distribution, & inventory control Inquiries regarding the University’s nondiscrimination policies may be directed to • Facilitate value based & value added marketing the Affirmative Action/Staff Personnel Services • Isolation of problems with quality control & food safety Director, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources, 1111 Franklin, 6th Floor, • Reduction of product recalls & improve effectiveness of product recall management” Oakland, CA 94607-5200 (510)987-0096. (p. 5) References Evans, J. and Van Eenennaam, A. (2005, November). Emerging management systems in animal identification. Livestock Factsheet #5. University of California Cooperative Extension. Retrieved November 21, 2008. Available:
  2. 2. Enrollment Online Enrollment Process Members and leaders must re-enroll each year! If you have not already done so, a parent should call the 4-H Office between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm to receive your temporary password. The reason you need to call the office is to verify your correct email address. This new enrollment system automatically generates a reply email to provide information regarding your enrollment process. Once you have logged into the system, it will ask you to create a permanent password. Please record this and place in a safe place for future reference. To enroll, use Enrollment instructions are posted to the website at Up Coming Events 4-H Fun Night Silent Auction-at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds Commercial Building 4-H Fun Night Silent Auction-at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds Commercial Building on Saturday February 7th, 2009. Fun Night is our county’s largest fundraiser, a large part of it being the Silent Auction. This event is where we raise funds to support our other county events, send our members and leaders to conferences, and support program development. This event is how we keep our 4-H program funded. This is a time when we ask for help and contributions from our clubs and members. You can help us by contributing one item for the Silent Auction. The item can be donated by a business you frequent, a purchased donation from you, or if the donation is expensive by pooling together with other families to make the purchase. Manzanita 4-H Club is chairing the event this year, with advice and support from Jan Holman. We will be sending packets out to clubs in the coming month (If it has not already been sent prior to this being published.) containing information and donation receipts for members. In it we will include a letter of introduction for members to use on their visits to businesses with carbon copy receipts to give to businesses or individual donors for their tax purposes. We cannot stress how important Fun Night and the Silent Auction are for our 4-H program. We need your support. Donations can be dropped off at the fairgrounds the Friday night prior to Fun Night during set- up, or early in the morning that Saturday. Donation sheets (receipts) MUST accompany all items. Your 4-H Community leader or the 4-H office will have them. Thank-you for your dedication and hard work, and remember to tell everyone to attend Fun Night, even those who are not 4-H families. It is an inexpensive way for families to enjoy a night out together, with games, prizes, food, and the Silent Auction. Sincerely, Evalyn and Alison Jones Manzanita 4-H 4-H Shooting Sports Workshop Archery Discipline workshop will be held at Red Bluff, CA on Saturday, January 10, 2009 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Sunday, January 11, 2009 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be certified as archery volunteers and can instruct archery club projects and camp programs. Attendance at both days is required. Teens are invited. The course will be held at Wetter Hall, 1740 Walnut Street, Red Bluff. Indoor shooting will occur at the Tehama District Fairgrounds. Cost for the course will be $35 and includes morning refreshments, Saturday lunch and class materials. Dry camping is available in rural Red Bluff. In addition, on Saturday evening, we will meet for a no-host dinner and optional discussion. For more information, contact Leland George, State Archery Instructor, at 530-527-4200 or e-mail: Please send “Training Request and Registration Form” and fees to Leland George at 21075 Hwy 36 West, Red Bluff, CA 96080. Make checks payable to “Tehama County 4-H Council”. Pre- registration due date is January 2nd. For the “Training Request and Registration Form” go to the http://www/ web site or contact your county 4-H office. The Advanced Archery meeting that was scheduled for November 1st and 2nd has been cancelled due to lack of registrations.
  3. 3. 3 Cloverleaves December 2008 Presentation Days for 2008-2009 The two County Presentation Days are Saturday, January 17, 2009, and Saturday, February 21, 2009, at the Butte College Allied Health Public Services Building. Your Community Club Leader will have full details. You will be pre-registering with your Community Club Leader again this year. If you need additional information, contact the 4-H office. Community Club Leaders-remember the due dates for these completed forms to be in our 4-H office are: January presentation- January 7, 2009, by 5:00 pm and for February presentation due by February 11, 2009, by 5:00 pm. FYI 2008-2009 Fourth 4-H Council Meeting This is where all the decisions about your 4-H program are made and put into action. Your 4-H Club should have one adult 4-H leader and one youth 4-H member there to be your representatives at our Council Meetings. This is our fourth 4-H Council meeting. If you do not attend, others will be making decisions for you. The next Butte County 4-H Council Meeting is Thursday, December 18, 2008, at the Durham High School Library, 9455 Putney Rd., Durham, CA, at 7:00 pm. Every member, Jr. leader, and adult leader is invited. Come and let your voice be heard! See you there! Leadership: A Minimum of Two Adults (Section 815.2 CA 4-H Policy Handbook) Two appointed adult volunteers, or one appointed adult volunteer and another adult or 4-H YDP staff member (one of which must be at least 21 years of age), are required for all programs, events, activities. The adult in charge of the event must be an appointed 4-H Volunteer as established by the County Director. In general, no one-on-one interactions should occur in private. This includes between youth and adults or among youth. If personal discussions are needed, the discussions should be conducted in an area that is in view of other adults and youth. When transporting youth, if two adults cannot be present in the vehicle, the alternative minimum required is one adult and two or more youth members. An adult should not be alone with a youth (other than his/her own child) without the advance written permission of the youth’s parents. It is for the protection of our youth, but also protects adults. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our program safe. Is it a Community Service or Fundraising? With the greater emphasis on Community Service it is helpful to understand the difference between community service and fundraising. Community Service encompasses any humane act serving the common good; in the interest of the community without payment. These activities are to be publicized at club meetings. 4-H members beyond your project group may be invited with the discretion of the project leader. When money is given, whether requested or donated, it is considered a fundraiser. Project Loans Available FSA makes loans to individual rural youths to establish and operate income-producing projects of modest size in connection with their participation in 4-H clubs, Future Farmers of America, and similar organizations. Each project must be a part of an organized and supervised program of work. The project must be planned and operated with the help of the organization advisor, produce sufficient income to repay the loan, and provide the youth with practical business and educational experience. Further information and applications for the loan programs described are available at the local FSA county offices. These are usually listed in phone directories in the section set aside for governmental/public organizations under the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency. Your local FSA Office is located at 2 Sutter Street, Suite C, Red Bluff, CA 96080, or call 530-527-3013, Extension 108. We also have applications at the 4-H Office.
  4. 4. 4 Cloverleaves December 2008 Jr. Livestock Loans Available for the Silver Dollar Fair The Junior Livestock Loan Program was started by the Chico Chamber of Commerce Ag Council in 1995 and was adopted in 2004 by the local CWA, (California Women for Agriculture), chapter. Its purpose is to enable students to purchase an animal that may not otherwise be able to. All of us in the Northern Sacramento Valley CWA Chapter feel the raising and selling of an animal through either 4-H or FFA is an invaluable opportunity to learn responsibility and gain business knowledge. Applications for this program are available from your 4-H leader or the 4-H office and are due by January 15, 2009. After completing the application and a proposed budget you will participate in a selection interview. Each recipient is required to attend the Buyer’s BBQ in early May where you will introduce yourself and tell a little about your project. Loans are to be repaid within 30 days of the auction. American Humane Association Animal Emergency Services Training, February 14-15, 2009, Chico Fire Training Center NVADG has contracted with American Humane Association to bring this nationally credentialized training to Chico. This is an excellent chance to get information from a national source. It is not a required class for NVADG Volunteers, but would be great additional information. All registration and questions will be handled by Shelby at the American Humane Association. One thing is for sure, the class will fill up rapidly. We can only take the first 60 people. NVADG Volunteers will have priority. This will not substitute for NVADG's orientation for new Volunteers which we are still planning for March or April. For additional information or to register, please call Shelby at (303) 925-9461, visit or email 2009 Statewide 4-H Scholarships Application will be posted in January 2009 Deadline: Applications must be postmarked by April 30, 2009, and sent to the California State 4-H Office. All required information must be included with the application to be considered. The California State 4-H Office will notify recipients by June 1, 2009. Checks will be sent by August 1, 2009. Questions: Contact Steven Worker at or 530-754-8519. Eligibility: Candidates must be high school seniors or high school graduates between the ages of 16 and 25 as of April 30, 2009, who were in the California 4-H Youth Development Program at the time of their high school graduation. Applicants must be full-time students as defined by the applicant's institution. Some Scholarships that are available are: Dean Memorial Legacy Scholarship Mabel W. Jacks Scholarship American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA) Agricultural Scholarship Samarin Family Vocational Education Scholarship Frank Woods Memorial Scholarship David Steele Memorial Scholarship See website for more information: 2009 Sectional Presentation Day Just a heads-up notice that the 2009 Sectional Presentation Day for Butte, Plumas/Sierra, Placer, and Nevada counties has been scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 2009. Exact times and location will be announced later. Nevada County will be hosting. New Curriculum The office has new curriculum that can be checked out by project leaders. Beef in Brief: How America’s Cattle Serve the World; Things We Can Learn from a Cow and A Worm; Caretakers All, Fueled for Flight; Choose Well: My Pyramid Counts is a math and nutrition curriculum for grades 4-5; Celebrate America is a literacy-based social studies program for grades 4-5.
  5. 5. 5 Cloverleaves December 2008 All Star News On October 17th the All Star Team held a countywide Officer Training at Durham High School. Jordan Hofer ran the President and Vice President workshops, Jaclyn Van Buren-the Secretary’s, Kylie Deal-the Treasurer’s, Liz Shaw- the Historian’s, Ashley Van Buren-the Sergeant at Arms’ and Rebecca Sutton-the Games and Recreation’s. We hope that everyone who attended learned a lot about how to run a meeting, the responsibilities of their office and that they had fun. The All Stars also reflected on the performances of the 2008 Awards BBQ and began planning for a County Snow Day and a retreat trip for the team to bond and have some fun. They also worked on personal mission statements and setting dates for future county events. The year has gotten off to a great start and the team is excited about all the events that are soon to come up! Jaclyn Van Buren. Youth Leadership & Training Opportunities 2009 Camp Counselor Meeting For those who where selected to be our 2009 4-H Camp Teen Counselors, the next meeting is December 15th at 7:00 pm at Durham High School Library. If you have any questions, please call Kirsten Peters at 899-2817 or Bill Anderson at 894-2226. 2009 4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest 4-H members may enter the 2009 4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest. The 2009 essay topic is "The Dance Language of Bees." Essays are due February 13, 2009. More information is available at 2009-2010 4-H State Ambassador The 2009-2010 4-H State Ambassador applications are now available! Candidates need to be at least 16 years old by July 1, 2009, have leadership and event planning experience, and ability to represent the 4-H YDP. 4- H State Ambassadors plan the 4-H State Leadership Conference, represent the California 4-H YDP, and conduct team projects. Applications are due March 31, 2009 and available at Bring Home the World! Bring Home the World! Does your family enjoy the exposure to different cultures but you're not able to find the time to travel to other countries? Looking for a low-cost international experience in which the whole family can participate and grow? The California 4-H International Exchange Month-Long Hosting Program allows families to gain the benefits of international travel right here at home by hosting an exchange student from Costa Rica, Finland or Japan. Host family applications are being accepted now for the summer 2009 program in hopes that all placements are made by early May. In addition, 4-H members and leaders can participate in the Australia Outbound Program in 2009. More information is available at: Or contact Pat English at 530-754-8520 or BCAL, “Butte Citizenship and Leadership” BCAL, “Butte Citizenship and Leadership” is a new County Group open to 6th grade through high school age members. This group will promote 4-H in Butte County as well as promote Sectional, State, and National 4-H events within Butte County. These events include, Why Conference, California Focus, Washington Focus, Sectional Presentation Days, and State Field Day. For more information and to be added to our contact list call - Terry Cleland - 518-2684. The members listed below are contacts for information on the noted 4-H Events: Sara Smith for SLC at 343-2337, Callie McCarthy for State Horse Events at 342-8155, Ryan Cleland for Cal Focus at 345-1526, Camber Corron for WHY Conference at 896-0596, and Liz Shaw for Exchange Programs at 893-0628.
  6. 6. 6 Cloverleaves December 2008 National Center for Women & Information Technology Award The National Center for Women & Information Technology Award is being offered to young women at the high school level in recognition of their computing-related achievements. 4-H members working on GIS and GPS would be candidates as well. Applications are due by December 1, 2008. For an application and more information about the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing, visit: Leader Information 2009 Citizenship Focus Program Dates have been set for the 2009 Citizenship Focus Program. Come participate in hands-on programs that bring government and policy issues to life and help you understand how you can be more involved in your own community. The California Focus due date is January 16, 2009. BREAKING NEWS!! During California Focus, delegates will attend a professional production of Lion King at the Sacramento Community Center Theater. Financial assistance and merit-based scholarships are available for California Focus Program. California Focus is on June 26-30, 2009, information and forms available at citizenship/focus/ and are due January 7, 2009. More information is available from Pat English, 530-754-8520 or Looking for A Few Good Leaders Looking for A Few Good Leaders!! Applications are available for the District Leader position with the 2009 California Focus Program. Young adults ages 18-25 who have completed one year of work or college preparation are eligible to apply for this internship. Applications are on the web at: and are due January 5, 2009. This is a great opportunity to stretch your leadership skills by developing and carrying out this dynamic program. Come be a member of the California Focus team! More information is available from Pat English, 530-754-8520 or Junior Master Gardener Now is the time to register Junior Master Gardener groups for the 2008-09 year and maximize the benefit to youth in the program! It is FREE and without obligation. Benefits of being a registered JMG group: Youth eligible for certification and other recognition, free monthly newsletter, apply for state and national JMG awards and contests, eligible for winning monthly garden treat giveaways. To register, group leaders should complete the JMG registration packet and mail to: Susan Gloeckler, CA Coordinator, JMG Program, 669 County Square Drive, Suite 100, Ventura, CA 93003. JMG Registration Packets can be found on the JMG website: For additional information, contact Susan Gloeckler at (805) 662-6943. Horse Project Information Horse Identification Forms Due January 20, 2009, is the due date for Horse Identification Forms for members planning to enter the 4-H Horse Show at the Silver Dollar Fair. All first year members must complete a Horse Identification Form, with photo, describing the horse you are using in your horse project. Returning members must submit a new form if the horse you are showing is different from the horse you have on file in the 4-H Office or if you have a new lease on your horse. It is a State Fair requirement that a Horse Identification Form be on file 120 days prior to the show. If you have any questions, please check with the 4-H Office. Remember- All forms must be complete with signatures of the member, the parent, and the project leader and a color photo of the horse. The Horse ID Form is available on-line at
  7. 7. 7 Cloverleaves December 2008 Calendar for County 4-H Horse Programs The web site also provides a calendar for county 4-H horse programs to advertise their events open to surrounding counties or statewide. Please add these State 4-H Equine events dates to your calendar. visit the 4-H equine web site for more information at November 22, 2008 - State 4-H Equine Field Day, Cal Poly, Pomona, CA, March 28 & 29, 2009 - State 4-H Horse Classic - Educational Contests, Reedley College, Reedley, CA, June 25-28, 2009 - State 4-H Horse Classic - Championship Horse Show, Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, Watsonville, CA. Please also encourage new horse leaders and members to sign up for the state equine list serve. Go to and scroll to equine resources to sign up. State 4-H Equine Advisory Committee A teen member of the State 4-H Equine Advisory Committee has recently resigned. There is an opening for a teen representing the North Coast & Mountain Region (first priority) or any teen wishing to provide leadership to the state 4-H equine programs. Please apply using the state committee application at This vacancy will be filled when a suitable candidate applies. State 4-H Horse Classic The State 4-H Horse Classic, educational events for Spring 2009, and championship horse show in Summer 2009 are all currently being planned. The State 4-H Equine Advisory Committee is narrowing dates and confirming locations. Visit the web site regularly for updates The 2008 results are posted and winners from all years are also listed. The 2009 information will be posted in December. Rabbit Project Information At our last Butte County Rabbit Club Meeting, we elected new officers for the upcoming year. We introduced ourselves and discussed interesting facts about different rabbit breeds. We had a presentation by a German Angora Rabbit Breeder and talked about that unique type of breed. The next BCRC meetings are November 18th and December 16th, starting at 6:30 pm at the Farm Bureau Office. Hope to see you there! Club News Hello from Shasta 4-H! Our third meeting was held on November 3rd at Shasta Elementary School. Thank you to all who donated for the canned food drive. Some upcoming events are the Giving Tree at the Chico Mall on December 13th. Also, we have our own gift exchange at our next meeting, so we hope you bring a gift or some treats to show your holiday spirit. We also hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you at the next meeting. Shasta Reporters-Hailey Davey & Liz Picard Manzanita 4-H did a window display and won first place! They made a beautiful window display with the theme of “Keep it Green”. The committee used recycled and reused materials like crushed cans spray painted green. They also informed the community on the reasons why we should recycle and how what you can recycle. The Community Pride/Citizenship Group Trick-or-Treated for UNICEF which is an organization for kids in need all over the world. They helped hundreds of kids get food and clean water. The group also made a fall display at the Bidwell Mansion’s Fall Festival, many of the Pumpkins and Gourds were donated by Dick and Avis Onyett of Gridley, Thank-you. At the next Club meeting they will be talking about making a float for the Christmas Parade in Gridley. We are also the chair club for the Silent Auction for Fun Night in February. We are asking for donations. If you would like to do a donation please contact Brenda Donnahoe at 846-6325 or Alison Jones at 846-2171. Happy Holidays from Oroville Foothill 4-H. First of all, we would like to welcome Jennefer Gray-cooking, Jim Starick-goat assistant and Peggy Castaneda-sewing, as our new leaders. We are excited for our
  8. 8. 8 Cloverleaves December 2008 Christmas events that are coming up. They are Adopt-a-Family, caroling, marching in the Light Parade and bell-ringing. We wish you a wonderful month! Makenna Soudan-Reporter. Howdy from Pine Ridge. Our club helped the Paradise Recreation Department with the Halloween Carnival on October 25th. We decorated and ran the games in 6 booths. Members and parents dressed up in their Halloween costumes and had fun operating the games. After a hard night’s work, members earned lots of prizes and candy. Thank you to Mrs. Dewell for letting us borrow some wonderful games. We will be using the money we made for community service. We hope to sponsor some local Paradise kids from the Giving Tree for Christmas. Thank you to the 4-H’ers who worked at the Paradise Fire Victims store. We boxed and bagged all the clothing items. Everyone at the store really appreciated Pine Ridge's help. It was fun too! Also, as community service, some members are sewing and mending clothes for senior citizens. Leaders have started their projects and are providing record book and presentation training. Members are giving presentations at our Community meetings as examples for new members. Thank you Kylie Deal for your wonderful presentation at the November meeting. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hannah Foster – Club Reporter News from Lone Pine! Our last club meeting was Monday, November 3rd at the Chico Grange. Our WTC committee announced that the dinner would be a little different this year, but Lone Pine members are still going to be working. This month we had our Halloween Party. It turned out pretty well, even though it was raining, the ghouls and goblins made it. For new business, Bryce Corron gave his award wining presentation, as a reminder that presentation day is coming up. We also talked about our upcoming fundraiser, Christmas wreaths. If anyone is interested in buying a wreath, you can contact any Lone Pine member. Maren Duncan announced the recent winner for the pop tops is the Corron’s. One of Lone Pine’s members, Ryan Cleland, was selected to be on the National Conference Planning Committee. Only a few 4-H’ers get selected. Congratulations! You can also check us out at our website Our next meeting will be December 1st at the Grange in Chico at 7 pm. Camber Corron, Reporter Congratulations to Ryan Cleland, Lone Pine 4-H Club, in being selected to the 2009 National 4-H Conference Program Planning Committee. Last spring, Ryan attended the 2008 National 4-H Conference in Chevy Chase, Maryland as one of six California 4-H delegates. “Being a part of the Program Committee is the biggest honor I have achieved in my 4-H career so far. I would really like to give the youth at the conference, the same experience that I had. I want them to be able to meet youth from across our country and apply what they learn about the 4-H program back in their home states,” stated Ryan. Congratulations to Kylie Deal, Pine Ridge 4-H Club, in being selected as a California 4-H delegate to the 2009 National 4-H Conference in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Kylie’s agenda will include national training workshops, visiting California’s U.S. Representatives and Senators, touring Washington DC, and meeting Ed Schafer, USDA Secretary of Agriculture. TENTATIVE 2008-2009 4-H CALENDAR December 2008 Monday 15 Camp Meeting Durham High Library 7:00 pm Thursday 11 Council Officer Meeting 4-H Office 6:30 pm Monday 14 Final Deadline for 4-H Leaders Tuesday 16 Butte Co. Rabbit Club Meeting Farm Bureau 6:30 pm Thursday 18 Council Meeting Durham High Library 7:00 pm Thursday 25 Merry Christmas Office Closed January 2009 Thursday 1 Happy New Year Office Closed Wednesday 7 Deadline for January 4-H Office 5:00 pm Presentation Day Thursday 8 Council Officer Meeting 4-H Office 6:30 pm Tuesday TBA Camp Meeting Durham High Library 7:00 pm Tuesday 20 Deadline Horse Identification 4-H Office 5:00 pm Forms (Silver Dollar Fair) Tuesday 20 Butte Co. Rabbit Club Meeting Farm Bureau 6:30 pm
  9. 9. 9 Cloverleaves December 2008 st Saturday 17 1 Presentation Day C Butte College 8:30 am Saturday 17 UC Davis Goat Day UC Davis Thursday 22 Council Meeting Durham High Library 7:00 pm Saturday 24 Livestock Meeting CSU Farm Pavilion 8:30 am Saturday 31 Butte County 4-H Rabbit Show CSU Farm Pavilion 8:30 am February 2009 Saturday 7 Fun Night C Commercial Building Silver 4:00 pm Dollar Fair Grounds Wednesday 11 Deadline for February 4-H Office 5:00 pm Presentation Day Saturday TBA CSU Chico Swine Educa. Day C TBA TBA Saturday 21 2nd Final Presentation Day Butte College 8:30 am Thursday 12 Council Officer Meeting 4-H Office 6:30 pm Tuesday 17 Butte Co. Rabbit Club Meeting Farm Bureau 6:30 pm Thursday 26 Council Meeting Durham High Library 7:00 pm Saturday TBA CSU Chico Sheep Day C TBA March 2009 Saturday 7 Rainbow Craft Day C Durham Elementary 8:30 am Thursday 12 Council Officer Meeting 4-H Office 6:30 pm Tuesday 17 Butte Co. Rabbit Club Meeting Farm Bureau 6:30 pm Thursday 26 Council Meeting Durham High Library 7:00 pm Saturday 28 Foods Fiesta C Durham Elementary 8:00 am Saturday 28 2009 Sectional Presentation Day TBA TBA Saturday 29 Bowl-a-Thon Orchard Lanes April 2009 Thursday 9 Council Officer Meeting 4-H Office 6:30 pm Tuesday 21 Butte Co. Rabbit Club Meeting Farm Bureau 6:30 pm Thursday 23 Council Meeting Durham High Library 7:00 pm TBA Camp Meeting TBA TBA May 2009 Thursday 7 Council Officer Meeting 4-H Office 6:30 pm Thursday 14 Council Meeting Durham High Library 7:00 pm Tue-Mon 19-25 Silver Dollar Fair Chico June 2009 Thursday 11 Council Officer Meeting 4-H Office 6:30 pm Thursday 25 Council Meeting Farm Bureau Office 7:00 pm Fri -Tues 26-30 California Focus TBA Camp Meeting TBA TBA Monday 29 County Record Book Judging C Farm Bureau Office 5:00pm July 2009 Mon-Sun 6-12 4-H Camp Buck’s Lake C *****Please note: Calendar is Subject to change**** C= County Event R= Regional Event S= Sectional Event