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Datamax Corporation


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Datamax Corporation

  1. 1. Datamax Corporation RFID Solution Provider Program – Authorized Reseller Application General Business Information What is your exact Corporate or Company Name?       Address 1:       Address 2:       City:       State:       Zip:       Phone:       Fax:       E-Mail:       Company Website:       Please tell us a little bit about your company: What types of products do you sell?       # Sales Reps:       #Technical Support:       # Software Support:       Please allocate a percentage to represent each of the methods in which you currently sell Datamax products: Face to Face Internet Mail Order Telephone Other      %      %      %      %      % If other, please describe here:       Please indicate whether your company offers the following services to customers: HW = Hardware SW = Software Wireless = RF (802.11b/g) HW Application Development HW Sales HW Technical Support HW Integration/Installation Media Pre-Sale Support Media Conversion Media Sales SW Pre-Sale Application Development SW Sales SW Integration/Installation SW Technical Support Wireless Site Surveys Wireless Installations Other If other, please describe here:       Are you currently a Datamax Authorized Service Center? Are you interested in participating in training for RFID products? Have you had any experience with RFID system design/implementation? If so, please describe briefly:       Datamax Relationship From whom do you currently purchase Datamax products? Datamax via Contract ScanSource Blue Star Nimax Other Distributor Other      %      %      %      %      %      % If Other, please describe here:       Confidential Document Datamax Corporation • 4501 Parkway Commerce Boulevard • Orlando, Florida 32808 • (407) 578-8007 • Fax (407) 578-8377 (Rev. 70515A)
  2. 2. Authorized Reseller Policy Datamax Corporation requires that all Authorized Resellers must comply with all Authorized Reseller Policies as unilaterally issued from time to time by Datamax Corporation. All Authorized Resellers must: • Read and understand Datamax Corporation’s most current Minimum Advertised Price Policy • Act in the best interest of Datamax to preserve and promote the high quality reputation of Datamax and its RFID products • Train and maintain a fully qualified sales staff capable of selling and supporting Datamax RFID products • Make no Datamax RFID products available for sale via export (U.S. customers only) Datamax shall have the right to terminate resellers’ approval at any time, for any cause, or no cause whatsoever at any time with no obligation to reseller. Meeting and agreeing to terms above does not guarantee approval by Datamax. I certify that the information provided in this Datamax RFID Solution Provider Program Authorized Reseller Application is true and correct and I have read and understand the above Datamax Authorized Reseller Policy. Signed By:       Title:       Company:       Date:       This document can be completed electronically and submitted to Submission of this document implies that the applicant wishes to participate in the Datamax Authorized RFID Solution Provider Program. Any questions about this program should be directed to your Datamax Sales Manager, or to Chuck Hedge, who can be reached at or 407-578-8007 x5524. Datamax Sales Manager contact information is as follows: Sales Manager Territory Phone E-mail alias Tom Brahm Southeast 407-523-5561 TBrahm (FL, GA, AL, MS, SC, NC) Dave Brinza Midwest 763-577-0865 Brinza (Upper IL, IA, WI, MN, ND, SD, NE), Central Canada Larry Corrado West 949-643-3248 LCorrado (CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA, MT, WY, ID), British Columbia Michael Hilgert Southwest 817-498-4027 MHilgert (TX, NM, UT, CO, KS, OK, LA) Ron James Central Midwest 937-886-2558 RJames (AK, MO, Lower IL, OH, IN, KY, TN) Bruce McDowell Northeast 484-840-1735 BMcdowel (WV, VA, DE, MD, NJ, PA, NY, CT, MA, RI, NJ, VT, ME) Leon Tew Michigan and Eastern Canada 734-665-3357 LTew (Ontario and Quebec) E-mail aliases are used in front of to send e-mail to sales rep Confidential Document Datamax Corporation • 4501 Parkway Commerce Boulevard • Orlando, Florida 32808 • (407) 578-8007 • Fax (407) 578-8377 (Rev. 70515A)
  3. 3. Datamax Corporation – Authorized RFID Resellers Cooperative Advertising Program Effective May 15, 2007 1. Who is Eligible to Participate? All Authorized Datamax RFID Resellers of Datamax RFID products are eligible to participate with respect to authorized sales of Datamax RFID products. An Authorized Reseller is a Datamax Channel partner that has been approved by Datamax to purchase Datamax RFID products for resale to end user customers. 2. Which Products Qualify? Products that qualify for both the accrual of co-op advertising dollars and advertisement reimbursement under the Datamax Authorized RFID Reseller program include the following Datamax RFID products: Any Datamax printer with a factory installed HF or UHF RFID module. The Datamax Authorized RFID Reseller Co-op accrual does not replace Co-op funds accrued for non-RFID products, including the Datamax RFID Ready printer. Datamax Authorized RFID Resellers accrue co-op dollars on purchases of Datamax RFID products directly from Datamax or from authorized Datamax RFID Distributor Partners. Note: Products must be advertised in their original configuration as received from Datamax to be eligible for reimbursement. 3. How are Co-op Funds Accrued and Reimbursed? A. Accrual Resellers earn co-op advertising funds of .5% of their purchases of eligible Datamax RFID products as listed above. Co-op advertising funds are not transferable. B. Accrual and Eligible Advertising Period Co-op funds will be accrued on a quarterly basis during the period from March 1 through February 28. All funds must be used within three months from the end of the quarter in which they were accrued. Co-op funds accrued under this Program for the purchase of Datamax RFID products accrue as Datamax RFID co-op funds and may only be used to advertise qualifying Datamax RFID products identified above. C. Amount of Reimbursement Datamax shall reimburse its Resellers up to a maximum of 100% of the cost of eligible advertising, not to exceed the Reseller’s total co-op accrued during the quarter. Reimbursement will be provided for the cost of advertisement space and/or airtime only, and not for production charges, agency commissions or other costs. D. Embargo Date Compliance All advertising of qualifying products must comply with any advertising embargo dates established by Datamax from time to time. Any advertisement that does not honor embargo dates will be viewed as a violation of this Program and: 1) will automatically disqualify that advertisement for reimbursement; 2) will cause a cancellation of all accrual previously earned in the category of product depicted in the violating ad; and 3) may, at Datamax’ sole discretion, disqualify the reseller from receiving further supply of the product depicted in the violating ad. Confidential Document Datamax Corporation • 4501 Parkway Commerce Boulevard • Orlando, Florida 32808 • (407) 578-8007 • Fax (407) 578-8377 (Rev. 70515A)
  4. 4. E. Co-Op Advertising Statement Resellers will be provided with a co-op advertising statement showing the amount of all applicable co-op funds accrued during the accrual year, including any deductions made against the accrued funds. Datamax RFID co-op funds may only be used to advertise eligible Datamax RFID products. The co-op advertising statement reflects the qualifying purchases and co-op advertising funds only for the Reseller whose name appears on it. Co-op advertising funds are not transferable and must be used during the eligible advertising period indicated in Section 3. F. Deadline for Claim Submission All claims must have prior approval for reimbursement. All claims must be submitted for reimbursement within sixty (60) days of the date of the advertisement to qualify for reimbursement. All claims should be submitted to Datamax Co-op Administrator. G. Loss of Authorized Reseller Status If an Authorized Reseller loses its Authorized Reseller status for any reason, all unused co-op funds are cancelled and may not be used for any purpose. Only advertisements which ran during the period when a Reseller had authorized status are eligible for co-op reimbursement, provided all other requirements of this Program are fulfilled. 4. What are the Requirements for Datamax MAP? Datamax Corporation (“Datamax”) has unilaterally adopted the following Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“MAP Policy”) which shall apply to dealers (“Resellers”) located in the United States who resell Datamax RFID products to end users. This MAP Policy will apply to Datamax RFID products listed on the Datamax Advertised Price Listing (“MAP Listing”) attached hereto. The MAP Policy shall continue to be effective with respect to the most recent versions of any MAP Listing that Datamax may publish from time to time. Each subsequent MAP Listing shall state the date that it becomes effective. Datamax does not ask for, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance or agreement from its Resellers relating to any aspect of this Program. Nothing in the Program or the MAP Policy is intended to be, or shall be construed to be, an agreement as to the minimum prices at which you will advertise or resell Datamax products. You must determine in your sole discretion the price at which you sell Datamax products. How MAP Works While each reseller remains free to establish advertised and sale prices for Datamax RFID products, the MAP Listing will clearly show, for purposes of this MAP Policy, the ”minimum advertised price” for each listed Datamax product. If Datamax determines, to its sole satisfaction, that the reseller has advertised a Datamax RFID product at a price below the price set forth in the then-current MAP listing, Datamax will cancel all orders for the given product and refuse to accept new orders for that product, for so long as that product appears on the MAP listing. Any action taken by Datamax hereunder shall be without liability to Datamax. In many situations, determining the minimum advertised price of a product on the MAP Listing will require nothing more than a reference to the then-current MAP Listing itself. In certain circumstances, however, the determination of the minimum advertised price of product may be more complicated, such as in the case of advertised retail bundles, storewide promotions and Reseller rebates. To address these situations, Resellers should consult the “MAP Products – Applications” section of Datamax’ Advertising Policy effective May 1, 2004 to determine whether a given advertised price is above or below the minimum advertised price. If a particular Datamax product does not appear on the then-current MAP Listing, then there is no minimum advertised price for the product. Upon the introduction of any new Datamax product, Datamax will notify Confidential Document Datamax Corporation • 4501 Parkway Commerce Boulevard • Orlando, Florida 32808 • (407) 578-8007 • Fax (407) 578-8377 (Rev. 70515A)
  5. 5. Resellers of the minimum advertised price for the product, if any, and thereafter add the same to the next published MAP Listing. What Advertising is Subject to the Policy? For the purpose of this MAP Policy, all media, including print, television, radio, direct mail, catalogs and the Internet are considered “advertising”. Datamax views the Internet as any other medium for purposes of advertising Datamax RFID products. Additional Terms Each Datamax Reseller is free to independently decide whether or not to follow this MAP Policy in connection with its advertising. In addition, the MAP Policy does not apply to a Reseller’s actual sales prices. Datamax does not ask for, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance or agreement from a Reseller regarding the MAP Policy. Moreover, Datamax will not discuss any conditions of acceptance related to the MAP Policy. Nothing in this MAP Policy (or in any agreement between Reseller and Datamax) is intended to be, nor shall be construed to be, an agreement between Datamax and any Reseller as to the minimum prices at which the Reseller shall advertise or resell Datamax products. Datamax does not wish to receive any complaints about any other Reseller’s promotional or pricing practices and will disregard any such complaints, whether oral or written. The only Datamax representative authorized by Datamax to answer questions regarding this MAP Policy, to comment on it and to whom any questions regarding this MAP Policy must be addressed in writing is: MAP Policy Administrator Datamax Corporation 4501 Parkway Commerce Blvd. Orlando, FL 32808 USA No Datamax representative or employee has authority to modify or alter this MAP Policy, or to request that the advertised price or resale price of a Datamax product be at or above the price on the MAP Listing. Any comments to the contrary by a Datamax sales representative are expressly unauthorized and disclaimed by Datamax. The foregoing MAP Policy and any MAP Listing is subject to modification or discontinuance by Datamax, in its sole and absolute discretion, at any time. Note: All advertising on the Internet is subject to this MAP policy. Internet advertising means any product description at any level above the “shopping cart: on any website page (e.g. banner advertisements, broadcast emails, destination pages, third-party sites, CD-ROM). Note: Failure of the MAP product portion of a multi-product advertisement to adhere to the preceding requirements will result in disqualification of the entire ad. Confidential Document Datamax Corporation • 4501 Parkway Commerce Boulevard • Orlando, Florida 32808 • (407) 578-8007 • Fax (407) 578-8377 (Rev. 70515A)
  6. 6. Datamax Corporation Minimum Advertised Price Listing Effective May 15, 2007 Prices listed are for printers with RFID option and no other options. Other options added will increase the printer’s list price and should be noted on any advertisements. All Datamax Class RFID Printers The Minimum Advertised Price for all Datamax Class RFID printers (excluding A-Class) shall be no less than an 80 % of list price for that printer inclusive of any options. Datamax A-Class RFID Printers No Datamax A-Class RFID printers shall be advertised with any price associated. Confidential Document Datamax Corporation • 4501 Parkway Commerce Boulevard • Orlando, Florida 32808 • (407) 578-8007 • Fax (407) 578-8377 (Rev. 70515A)