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Orpin Buiatrics Johnes 2016


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Orpin Buiatrics Johnes 2016

  1. 1. Experiences with developing a commercial solution to Johne’s control in the UK Peter Orpin* 1, 2 , Richard J. Sibley3 1 Park Vet Group, Whetstone, Leicestershire, 2 Special Lecturer, Nottingham University, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 3 Westridge Veterinary Group, Witheridge, Tiverton
  2. 2. Rising incidence in UK 2000-2010 Risk of spread within and between herds increased with consolidation, expansion and intensification of herds
  3. 3. Increasing understanding of economic effects in preclinical phase Increasing cause of culling losses ( direct and indirect)
  4. 4. Pyramid of infection and shedding Myhealthyherd copyright08/08/2016 Clinical cows are the distraction! Economic losses appear here
  5. 5. Economic consequences of Johne’s Direct Indirect Consequential losses Premature culling, milk losses, treatments Increased risk of udder disease Retention of high risk cows with lower economic performance Increased risk of lower fertility, further emergency culling, udder disease and lameness
  6. 6. The economic effects of Johne’s disease Death or no value cull Milk production loss Slaughter value loss Disease associations Premature cull Treatment costs Emergency or forced cull Milk production loss Slaughter value loss Disease associations Premature cull Premature planned cull Milk production loss Disease associations Premature cull Cull cost £3406/ case Cull cost £2408/ case Cull cost £1304/ case
  7. 7. Drivers for the Johne’s Engagement Plan • Further improve Health and Welfare • Economic benefits to the producers • Provide framework for processors and farmers wishing to progress further with Johne’s control for trading purposes • Demonstrate to consumers that any potential zoonotic threat is being handled responsibly
  8. 8. Johne’s Action Group and Conferences • 2010 Dairy UK held an industry conference on Johne’s disease • Established Johne’s Action Group to help co-ordinate Johne’s control in GB Dairy herd • Key members- Vets, processors, milk recording organisations, farmers unions
  9. 9. 08/08/2016 Myhealthyherd copyright Long Term Objectives of the Johne’s Management Plan “To control and then reduce the incidence of Johne’s disease in dairy cattle with the long term objective of eliminating the disease if it becomes technically and economically feasible to do so”.
  10. 10. Johne’s Engagement Plan • Aim was to engage all dairy farmers in effective Johne’s management that suited their farm • Predict and Prevent Johne’s disease- protect the uninfected herds as well as manage the infected herds • Key priority- “Remove barriers to engagement and motivate vets and farmers to take positive action” Orpin.P.G, Sibley R.J.. Predict and Prevent vs Test and Treat.(2014) Veterinary Record 174: 403-405 doi: 10.1136/vr.g2749
  11. 11. Sorry to hear about the Johne’s diagnosis Not a problem, I’ve culled her already “Johne’s control is more than just a test and cull program”
  12. 12. The key objective : Breaking the Johne’s Cycle Cow infects calf through milk, faeces or in utero Calf becomes infected Heifer enters herd as apparently healthy animal and gradually develops disease Myhealthyherd copyright08/08/2016
  13. 13. UK Johne’s Engagement Program Education Surveillance Risk Assessment Strategic controls Myhealthyherd copyright08/08/2016
  14. 14. Regional Control Schemes • Two major funded regional JD control schemes 2011-2014 • Healthy Livestock ( South West) • North West Regional Development • Delivered using Myhealthyherd as central database
  15. 15. Johne’s Action Group- Key successes • Common use of IDEXX ELISA for all major milk recording organisations • Established acceptance of milk ELISA and use of the targeted 30 cow screen as a tool for initial surveillance • Promoted engagement between commercial partners/ processors
  16. 16. Johne’s Action Group- Key successes • Retained focus on engaging farmers rather than surveillance • Avoided classification of herds by status as likely to disengage infected farmers • Education of vets and farmers with common messages • Engage all herds not just infected-protect the uninfected Avoiding the “Focus on the urgent” Clinical Cases Test positive cows
  17. 17. Risk Assessments and strategic controls • Encouraged a strategic approach and developed and endorsed 6 Johne’s control strategies • Ensured risk assessment and management central to control • Farm specific solutions based on aspirations, resources, prevalence and risks 04/07/2016 Myhealthyherd copyright
  18. 18. Farmer and Vet Friendly approaches • Open access to Johne’s Action Group by participating processors • Effective communication between stakeholders • Avoiding onerous rules, legalities, testing burdens • Facilitate vet- farmer engagement
  19. 19. First 5 years JD engagement program • 300+ meetings to 2500+ farmers via major milk processors • Over 2200 farmers completed risk assessments using Myhealthyherd • 350+ vets educated in principles of control • Annual/ Biennial Johne’s conferences to engage industry
  20. 20. National Johne’s Management Plan 2015 • Strengthen the engagement process • Development of Action Johne’s website • Recruitment of delivery team tasked to help coordinate messages and activities • Develop technical manual
  21. 21. National Johne’s Management Plan- Phase 1 • Developed in 2015 with specific targets • 77% of GB milk supply signed up to the program • Collation of results of engagement by October 2016
  22. 22. Collaborative engagement
  23. 23. National Johne’s Management Plan objectives Phase 1 (2010-2015) Targets: • Farmers to determine their risk and status • Put in place in consultation with their vet one of the six strategies developed by the Action Group on Johne’s in consultation with their vet Low Prevalence Lower risk High prevalence Higher Risk Biosecurity Protect and Monitor Improved Farm Management IMF and single Test Risk Based Control and Quarterly milk test Breed to Terminal Sire Firebreak Vaccination Improved Farm Management and Test and Cull Myhealthyherd copyright04/07/2016
  24. 24. NJMP-Phase 2 (2016+) • British Cattle Vet Association developed webinar and online assessment to create a group of approved trained vets • Use this group to motivate, engage and ensure robustness of plans
  25. 25. NJMP Phase2 Objectives and Plans • Consultation with industry with plan for veterinary sign off of robust veterinary led control plan by BCVA trained vet • Credible vet/ farmer interaction creating a robust protection and control plan
  26. 26. NJMP Phase 2-Draft proposals • Develop an agreed timescale for veterinary sign off of plans • Vets and farmers provided choices as to what tools and approaches they use • Robust management plans applied, farmer pays for plan, processor encourages compliance, NJMP provides structure 2017 • January 2017 • Vet review risks, control strategy, sign off 2018 • Annual Review • Review of risks/ robustness/ progress 2019 • Annual Review • Review of risks/ robustness/ progress
  27. 27. National Johne’s Management Plan (NJMP) Engagement Timeline NJMP Phase 2 – 2016- January 2017+ Robustness + Compliance Trained vets+ sign off of plan NJMP Phase 1- 2015-October 2016 Risks and Status 6 Control Strategies Johne’s Engagement 2010-2014 Education Risk and Status
  28. 28. Where we want to end up? • Farmer and industry commercially driven solutions • Drivers for continued engagement • Robust control driving down prevalence in infected herds • Effective protection for low prevalence herds • Provide platform of decreasing prevalence if a more structured program is required in the future
  29. 29. References • Orpin P.G, Sibley R.J,Komorowski E (2012) . A voluntary Johne's engagement programme in UK dairy herds 3rd ParaTB Forum • Orpin P.G, Sibley R.J.(2014)A Review on Progress with Johne's Engagement Program in UK Dairy Herds. 4th ParaTB forum • Sibley .R.J, Orpin P.G (2016) The National Johnes Management Plan: a national programme for the management of paratuberculosis in the UK dairy herd.5th ParaTB Forum
  30. 30. Questions Questions