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Natural User Interfases (NUIs) - Android TO Conference 2012


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Slides from my talk on Natural User Interface design for mobile apps. Presented at Android TO in October 2012.

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Natural User Interfases (NUIs) - Android TO Conference 2012

  1. 1. AndroidTO October 25, 2012 Peter O’Blenis FREAKIN’ awesome apps
  2. 2. 1960 – Text Based UI
  3. 3. 1985 – Graphical UI (GUI)
  4. 4. 2010 – Natural User Interface (NUI)
  5. 5. The user experience is now the primary differentiator
  6. 6. “Microsoft’s mobile OS takes the cake with the most intuitive and easiest-to-use user interface.” “Mobile Throwdown: iOS vs. Android vs. Windows Phone” James Pikover, IGN
  7. 7.  UX is a differentiator Apps that connect on a visceral level win Fun, playful, cool >= Useful
  8. 8.  Mobile extension of your brand Intimate connection to your customer The good The bad The ugly
  9. 9.  Discoverable and intuitive Canvas vs Screens Gestures vs buttons Immediate response Relevant transitions and effects Motion and physics “Feels good” to use it
  10. 10.  Bounce at the end of a list or canvas Tilt of a tile when pressed No more Save button Text hanging off the screen
  11. 11.  Graphics Layout Motion Physics Lighting Sound Haptics
  12. 12. Design, Implementation: Everything is Different.
  13. 13. Designer Developer › GAP› User Stories Translate Design  Code› Wireframes › Trial & Error› Video Mock-Ups › Difficult to communicate› Prototypes gestures, physics & motions Lost in Translation
  14. 14. Design This Get This GAP Lost in Translation
  15. 15.  Native UI widgets don’t cut it HTML5 too slow Platforms use the above What’s left? ………hand coding
  16. 16.  OS versions x Devices = ∞ Moving target What combination to support?
  17. 17.  What about iOS, Windows? The same app?
  18. 18. GUI – Outdated Process and Tools Waterfall product 3000 page UI specifications development process Outdated Peck and Poke UI tools
  19. 19. NUI process and tools Agile Development Iterative Motion Based SpecsCross Platform Rendering and Business Logic
  20. 20.  Everything in the UX has a purpose 100% discoverable. Intuitive The details are everything Not constrained by factory controls Different designer skill set
  21. 21. Is NUI for All Apps? Not yet • Expensive • Uncommon skill set • Overkill for some apps • Not appropriate for all content • Truly unique functionality can get away without it…for now
  22. 22. Beautiful. Tactile. Intuitive. Visceral. Unique. Playful.