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Teacher Training Institute Page 3


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Teacher Training Institute Page 3

  1. 1. Third Phase: TEACHER TRAINING Moving forward: Training, Mentoring, Transformation and Support AMURT-Haiti Teacher Training Institute Building upon the success of earlier educational initiatives, in October 2009, a select group of individuals from Haiti and abroad including educators, community organizers, local leaders and committed activists, came together to strategize on how to best move forward in our next phase of the AMURT-Haiti Education Project. As a team, we agreed that the most critical requirement for a prosperous Haiti is providing quality education for its children. We firmly believe that Haiti can achieve prosperity if this fundamental need is met. We recognized that teacher training is the most pressing need facing Haiti’s schools. With a commitment to improving the quality of Haiti’s teachers and fostering the empowerment of Haiti’s children, we formed the AMURT-Haiti Teacher Training Institute. We defined the mission of the Institute as follows: Our mission derives from the belief that an education that honors and develops the body, mind and spirit of every child is a basic human right. We seek to promote a progressive education that cultivates universal love, a commitment to service and intellectual freedom. To fulfill this mission, we develop curriculum, provide teacher training and establish model schools throughout Haiti. A guiding principle of the AMURT-Haiti Teacher Training Institute is to “train the trainer.” We focus our efforts on empowering Haitian educators to take the lead in preparing and implementing all trainings and curricula. All teacher trainings are given in Haitian Creole and adapted to the needs of Haitian culture and society. Although the NeoHumanist educational philosophy provides a firm foundation, our curriculum is also aligned to the Ministry of Education guidelines, ensuring that students are prepared to pass the national exams, enter university and are fully prepared to succeed and excel. . Collaboration and team teaching
  2. 2. Since its formation in October 2009, the Institute has enlisted and trained a 5 member team of Haitian educators as full time staff. This team has already implemented a series of trainings that have been given to over 150 Haitian teachers from 15 different schools. Some of their accomplishments to date, as well as plans for the future are outlined in the pages that follow. Community organizer Obencian Louis and teacher/doctorate candidate Jean Guerson Sanon are two members of our teacher training team