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  1. 1. The AMURT-Haiti Education Project Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow AMURT-Haiti . Sustainable, grass-roots, transformational aid and development AMURT-Haiti is an emergency relief and community development organization that builds the capacity of communities to plan, implement, and sustain their own economic, cultural, and social development. From disaster relief to sustainable development to . human rights, our diverse initiatives focus on a community-based model of integrated planning and human/natural resource management. The key element in AMURT’s community approach is the training of organizational leadership and the establishment of community networks that can ensure sustainability and long-term transformational impacts. AMURT’s unique approach is to work in close collaboration with local community netw Neo-Humanist Education Empowering women and young girls Awakening a lifelong love of learning The future of Haiti depends on the skill and commitment of innovative thinkers who understand how to reflect and generate solutions to a myriad of challenges. True positive change must start from the bottom up, person by person, village by village, where it can expand organically. Education is the means by which this can occur. The educational philosophy of Neo-Humanism teaches that all of life is intimately and inextricably interconnected. All of us are stewards of this Earth with a shared responsibility to create a world wherein all beings can live in harmony and happiness. Environmental Restoration Girl Power! Girls study Karate, learning life transforming lessons for self reliance, self confidence Ecological awareness and and respect. responsibility are fundamental aspects of the Neo-Humanist curriculum, uniquely relevant to The goal of Neo-Humanist Education is the personal, the environmentally devastated country of Haiti. social and spiritual development of the child.  To allow students to awaken and nurture their full potential. .  To provide them with the skills, knowledge and understanding to joyfully and skillfully offer these gifts to humanity.
  2. 2. The Beginning: Creating Model Neo-Humanist Schools The first Neo-Humanist school opened its doors in Haiti in the mid 1980s, outdoors under the open sky with less than 30 children sitting on rickety benches. Currently, we have 3 beautiful model NH schools, 2 in Port-Au- Prince and one in the seaside community of Anse-à-Pitres. These schools continue to flourish, serving upwards of 600 children. The schools follow the educational criteria established by the Ministry of Education. Instruction focuses on introspection and understanding of one’s self, stewardship for the environment, and service to humanity. Our teachers inspire in their students a sense of, wonder, self-love, and creativity. In this way students are empowered with more than curricular content. They come to an understanding of who they are as human beings and what gifts they have they have to offer to the world. Equally transformative is the wide range of after school programs we offer to thousands of children and adults in some of Haiti’s most impoverished areas. Students preparing for graduation ceremonies at one of our Port-au-Prince Schools Second Phase: Inspiring Transformation in the Public Schools In 2006, empowered with a ½ million dollar grant from the Canadian International Development Agency, AMURT-Haiti began expanding its educational activities to the rural Arbonite region where AMURT is headquartered. In these poor remote villages, many children had no access to a school of any kind. Those with access often walked miles to attend schools that lacked chairs, tables or even the most minimal school materials. Focusing our efforts on infrastructure development, AMURT constructed 5 new schools and rehabilitated 5 existing schools, providing educational opportunity to thousands of children. AMURT also provides organizational support, curriculum development, enrichment programs, and working with the 5 new schools to obtain government certification. Partnering with the World Food Program, AMURT arranged for 15 schools to serve as food distribution sites, feeding hot meals to children every day. . Empowerment: Village children celebrate the opening of their new school.