Peters Tips #6 - Getting Business + Keeping It ( Some Basics)


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Peter's Tips a series of presentations to aid Practice Managers and the owners of Professional Service Firms in the conduct of their business - this one looks at aspects of business development from the beginning

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Peters Tips #6 - Getting Business + Keeping It ( Some Basics)

  1. 1. #6 –Getting Business + Keeping It ( Some Basics)<br />1<br />Peter’s Tips on Practice Management<br />There are a number of aspects to this topic, but we will focus , at this stage, on some basics:-<br /><ul><li>What is your major area of expertise?
  2. 2. Are you or any of your colleagues ‘thought- leaders’ in your field?
  3. 3. Who do you know ?</li></ul>What we have need is to recognize that to Get Business + Keep It we have to build our business through a focus on our skills, capabilities and network.<br />Your basic building block at this stage is you; plus your partners and staff if you have them. Indeed, the most important asset is your human capital and the knowledge possessed therein.<br />Peter’s Tips © October 2009 <br />Peter M Salmon and Manning Charles & Associates Ltd<br />
  4. 4. #6 Getting Business + Keeping It (Some Basics)<br />It is better to attack the market on the basis of depth not breadth<br />You should take stock of your human capital<br />Sit down and assess what your human capital consists of, think of it in 4 areas – skills, sectors, types of project, network <br />Look at your and your colleagues assessments, group them by Strengths and Weaknesses<br />Then consider the Opportunities and Threats that flow from the analysis<br />Develop a plan to move your practice forward which takes account of this analysis<br />I promise you the time spent doing such an analysis is not wasted<br />The analysis gives you a starting point from which to progress<br />2<br />Peter’s Tips on Practice Management<br />Coming soon some tools to help you with the analysis – see<br />Peter’s Tips © October 2009 <br />Peter M Salmon and Manning Charles & Associates Ltd<br />
  5. 5. Peter Salmon – Principal - Manning Charles & Associates Ltd<br />Peter is a senior executive and consultant with an extensive business management, professional services leadership and delivery background. He combines this with significant organisational change, business assessment, and resource management experience. This is complemented by having worked in a number of countries and a varied range of business sectors. <br />Peter&apos;s consulting experience includes IT consulting, general consulting, financial investigations and valuations, and litigation support. His other experience includes practice development, practice management including service economics and profitability, quality assurance and resource management. <br />This knowledge and expertise is combined with a strong record of achievement. For many years Peter has worked with CxO level executives, management and staff to provide business focused outcomes to issues.<br />3<br />Peter’s Tips on Practice Management<br />Should you wish to contact Peter on this or any other matter, where he might be able to assist then :-<br /> Phone:- +64 21 533651, or<br /> Email:-<br /> Mail:- PO Box 25197, Panama St, Wellington 6146, NZ<br />Peter’s Tips © October 2009 <br />Peter M Salmon and Manning Charles & Associates Ltd<br />
  6. 6. Important notice to readers<br />This notice applies to all materials and information available in this presentation.<br />All information and materials are provided on an &apos;as is&apos; basis and are not intended in any way to be comprehensive. <br />Any reader making use of this material does so at his/her own risk and readers are advised to take independent professional advice before acting on any information or materials found here. <br />Neither Peter Salmon nor Manning Charles & Associates Limited accepts any responsibility for, nor do they give any representations or warranties, express or implied, that any of the information and materials contained in this document and presentation are complete, accurate or free from errors or omissions.<br />4<br />Peter’s Tips on Practice Management<br />Peter’s Tips © October 2009 <br />Peter M Salmon and Manning Charles & Associates Ltd<br />