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Flagman Vodka Launch in Slovakia


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Flagman Vodka Launch in Slovakia

  1. 1. FLAGMAN VODKA Launch of the Newest Russian Vodka in Slovakia. 05-05-09, Bratislava
  2. 2. Flagman Brand Story
  3. 3. By 1475 vodka was so popular in Russia that the Tsar felt it necessary to impose a tax on it. ‘Flagship’ originates from the Dutch word ‘flagman’ and was adopted into Russian by Tsar Peter I whilst studying navigation in Holland. He was the founder of the Russian Navy and its first admiral, known as ‘Mister Flagship of the Russian Fleet’. Peter was a strong, intelligent and energetic man. An accomplished soldier and shipbuilder as well as
  4. 4. Flagman Brand Facts
  5. 5. The Flagman Vodka was created in 1998 at Taylorbrands (UK) studio for company RWSC (RU).,
  6. 6. But Taylorbrands was asked to prepare just a nice package.
  7. 7. Flagman Vodka became the first and only vodka brand to receive the title of “Official Purveyor to the Moscow
  8. 8. Flagship is a superb example of the revival of old Russian distilling traditions. Flagship's bottle and label designs, which are based on in-depth analyses of Russian consumer preferences, were created by the David Tailor English Design Studio. The unique bottles are manufactured in Finland from high quality transparent glass, and feature a relief sculpture of the crest of an old Russian order. We identified that the brand should emphasize quality and reliability as well as having deep Russian roots. The Russian word "Флагман" means flag-captain or flagship and has strong links to the traditions of the
  9. 9. Roy Ellis “Flagship is a great product with genuine
  10. 10. 1879 1970 1691 2004 1997 1??? 1926 16th Ctr 1823 1997 1998 1901 1??? 1??? ?16th Ctr? Flagman Vodka was also chosen by Revolution Bars.
  11. 11. ????? ????? Wikipedia as well as Google don’t know Flagman Vodka! Ask your friends. The results will be consistent. If you see a good vodka advertising you can be sure it’s not a Russian vodka.
  12. 12. It looks as an opportunity. We can define the Flagman Vodka
  13. 13. Stolichnaya claims it is the mother of all vodkas despite it was established in 1901. In communication it connects
  14. 14. Smirnoff Brand Story is in opposition to Stolichnaya. Smirnov uses the original recipes concocted by Piotr Arsenyevich Smirnov, who opened a distillery in Moscow in the 1860s and later became the official vodka supplier to the tsars. After the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, when all private property was confiscated and the distillery turned into a state-
  15. 15. Stolichnaya. Clearly Original. Choose Clearly Smirnoff. Authenticity! Stolichnaya as Soviet communist, Smirnoff as Russian dissident.
  16. 16. We position Flagman Vodka between these two vodka legends.
  17. 17. Definition of Flagman Brand
  18. 18. Flagman Vodka is the newest Russian Vodka, created in 1998. Flagman Vodka is a great example of renaissance of traditional distillation of Russian vodkas. Flagman Vodka is connected to Tsar Peter I who is also known as "Mister Flagship of the Russian Fleet". Peter was the strong, intelligent and energetic man.
  19. 19. Flagman Vodka. Just Showing the Best. The renaissance of the best from Russia.