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Flyer MCB


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Flyer MCB

  1. 1. Welcome to the new stem cell research laboratory and therapy center for regenerative medicine in The Bahamas Med Cell Bahamas Ltd., Nassau, The Bahamas, Med Cell Bahamas enables you to take the necessary steps to provide for your current and future health and wellbeing. Stem cells taken from your fat tissue can be frozen for future use by means of the latest methods and stored for you in our stem cell bank for up to 20 years. Our clinical procedures focus on the use of autologous (own) stem cells as well as cell-free secretomes de- rived from (adult) mesenchymal stem cells. Our laboratory is GMP-conform as per current Europe- an & US legal standards and at the highest quality lev- els. We manufacture under aseptic and “clean room” conditions and we test and document every stage of the production. In our laboratory intensive research takes place in the ongoing development of secure and efficient processes for the treatment and cryopreservation of adult stem cells from adipose tissue. Med Cell Bahamas is not involved in the research or storage of embryonic stem cells. Med Cell Bahamas Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the isolation of stem cells from adipose tissue and their storage (cryopreservation), with 10 years of experi- ence in therapies with stem cells and secretomes for translational and regenerative medicine. Med Cell Bahamas has received provisional ap- proval for stem cell research and therapies from the Bahamian National Stem Cell Ethics Committee. The Technology Our ExoRAP® and ExoPAN® patented technology uses a protocol of pre-treatment of the cultured stem cells in special media and various conditions. With this pro- tocol a 30 fold increase in RNA content per cell can be achieved. Med Cell Bahamas offers autologous stem cell and cell-free therapeutic applications on a Named-Patient basis in cooperation with specialist clinics in the Ba- hamas. We welcome the collaboration with universities, in- vestors and research organisations and are also en- gaged in biotech technology courses for local and regional students. The ultimate in personalized medicine The first stem cell laboratory & cell banking facility in The Bahamas
  2. 2. The Treatments Stem Cell Therapy: Stem cells are 'neutral' cells and characterised by the ability to differentiate into many lineage-specific cell types, to multiply and to form new tissue by dividing and maturing. This ability to develop into highly disparate, specialised types of cells, thus assisting the organism in the regen- eration process, makes stem cells unique and highly important to medical therapies. Stem cells are currently used and will increasingly be used therapeutically by specialist clinics in orthopedy, rheumatology, in the treatment of diseases affecting the joints, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue, in neurology, ophthalmology, cardiology and in the field of anti-ageing / anti-morbidity medicine. Secretome Therapy: Stem Cells secrete various factors which rescue dam- aged tissue and stimulate regeneration in a variety of disease models. The procedures focus on the use of autologous cell-free injectable lysates and conditioned media, derived from mesenchymal stem cells, as an even safer form of cell therapy. Worldwide studies demonstrate that such cell free in- jections show the same efficacy as stem cell therapy. This approach has been widely used and stimulates repair and regeneration in a wide range of both soft and hard tissue organs. The effects are also longer-lasting due to the substantial motivation of all cells in the body to reactivate and boost the natural stem cell reservoir. No claims as to expected benefits or outcomes are made by Med Cell Bahamas Ltd. Cell Banking Currently there is little provision for adult clients to bank their own stem cells in case of disease or injury. Med Cell Bahamas offers this service to an international client base, with storage services for their own stem cell populations suitable for transplantation and for im- mediate or later use by our consulting physicians. It is a sensible provision for future health and wellbeing to store the stem cells as a personal insurance policy. Fat tissue has emerged as an ideal source as it con- tains a very high amount of stem cells.  From a small sample of fat, the versatile mesenchy- mal stem cells are isolated, expanded in number and cryogenically stored in our stem cell bank  These autologous cells can be used for a wide range of therapies which are safe and efficacious as there are no immunological issues  By banking these cells you will preserve a record of your biological age  Our bespoke stem cell banking service provides each client with a clinically relevant and viable pop- ulation of stem cells for immediate or later use The Procedure Each of our patients receives individual and personal attention from a dedicated consultant to optimise all cell therapy options. Our consultants will discuss with the patient realistic expectations for the treatment and define likely out- comes. We explain how our technology works and the relevance it may have to a specific medical condition. Once a patient has elected to start the treatment our administrator will liaise to arrange a convenient start date and visit schedule to our clinic in the Bahamas and the patient will be enrolled in one of our observati- onal studies. Ongoing R&D projects  Insulin producing cells from ad-MSC (Diabetes type 1 and 2)  Dopamine producing cells from ad-MSC (Parkinson disease)  Dendritic cells (anti cancer and immunomodulation)  Olfactory ensheathing cells (isolation, propagation, therapy of spinal cord injury)  In vitro cartilage model (regeneration, anti apopto- sis, anti inflammatory, drug testing) EXO-Cart-Trial  Stem cells from oral mucous membrane  Stem cell media  Cardio-GOD-Trial  Dermo-RAP-Trial  RNA/EXO shuffle