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Gary blonder


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Gary Blonder’s clients have given “rave reviews” when it comes to the description of the events, their arrangements, on board services, and other marina activities on the ferry.

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Gary blonder

  1. 1. Gary Blonder International Yacht Consultant and Expert Call today for more information! Toll Free: 877-752-5001
  2. 2. About Gary Blonder: Gary Blonder is one of the world's foremost yacht experts and consultants. He has owned, operated and chartered a succession of world class mega yachts. He has also been involved in the design, construction, and development of many of yachting's milestone projects. Gary Blonder is the reason for creating the Yacht Charter Group, a yacht charter for hire company catering to the needs of the rich and famous! He also offers reasonable yacht and boat charters to locals in various parts of the USA, Europe and the Caribbean Islands.
  3. 3. Because of his love and fascination with yachts he started the Yacht Charter Group and now rents and leases yachts and boats on a worldwide basis. Gary Blonder has put together a yachting fleet that includes power, sail, and motor yachts. His specialized client services will custom design your yacht specifically to your lifestyle while visiting major yachting ports worldwide and in South Florida, including Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.
  4. 4. An experienced apprentice Gary Blonder is not a stranger to the exotic world of yachts. He knows exactly what people expect from a yacht and has been involved in conceptualizing and designing yachts from age 22. He has channelized his passion in an efficient way which reflects in the detailed designing of the yachts. However, it i8s only his humbleness that he still considers himself a novice in the field and has an unquenched thirst for knowledge. It is this constant yearning to improve customer services which runs on to his team and motivates them to serve their customers better than the best. Gary Blonder tenacity reflects in the smile of his guests. Be it a marriage or a simple birthday party, his yacht fleet bring alive every occasion. So, go ahead and benefit from his vision! Book a yacht as I have and you will be pleasantly surprised!
  5. 5. Gary Bonder is a very humble person and takes personal care of his guests. That’s Gary life for over 42 years. Delighted One of the most fascinating aspects of the Gary Blonder yacht charter staff is the extreme care and attention they lavish on the client. The staff is trained to look after all your requirements and ensure that you have a comfortable stay. All the elements of the yacht are designed around the central theme of comfort and provide you with a memorable experience. Lavish rooms, exotic cuisines and comfortable décor create a perfect holiday mood.
  6. 6. Blonder’s clients have given “rave reviews” when it comes to the description of the events, their arrangements, on board services, and other marina activities on the ferry. A Waldorf Astoria Resort Def Jam Recordings Senior VP of Promotions Janine And many more…….. Contact Gary Blonder and his professional team of experts at Yacht Charter Group and allow them to help you achieve the yachting vacation or event of your dreams. “I wanted to thank you and your staff for a “GREAT JOB” catering to our VIP Guest aboard your Luxury Yacht. It is always a great feeling to hear from our Members and Guests when they have such a memorable experience enjoying our marina activities. You made this happen. Your staff showed high yacht standards and were very professional. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you and your team in the future. " Thank you again I would like to say it was a pleasure meeting you in Miami on board your very elegant yacht, the Star Ship”. I was very impressed with your yacht and extremely delighted with the party. As we discussed that night, we have many similarities and interests in common, starting with our infinity from great watches like the “stainless steel Daytona,” our drive to be successful and most of all, how to have a great party. I was very impressed with your story of growing a business from one boat to a fleet of 82 luxury ships. As I stated to you that night, my lifelong dream is to sell luxury ships. Whether by mere coincidence or an act of fate, I am grateful for being introduced to you and feel I am at least one step closer As the head of a sales department with over 40 direct reports, your story became my central theme for my conference call this week. I titled the discussion “Sailing to Success.” It went over extremely well. I know we will gross paths again in the near future, but in the event we do not, I have enclosed my contact information and some music from my label for your listening pleasure. Again, it was a pleasure and terrific opportunity meeting you and I look forward to speaking with you again. Thank you soooooo much for a totally AMAZING evening on the Atlantis!! The Boat was so lovely, you staff was amazing and it was really a perfect evening!! Your patience and meticulous attention to detail. Thank s again!!!!!!!