Improve your business, empower BI with SAP HANA


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How do enable SAP BI with SAP HANA, experience the value with MagnusTopForce and HP

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  • Key Messages5 certified configurations based on DL580 and DL980.Scale out configuration is expected this calendar year, scaling up to 40TB of raw uncompressed data. Will deliver High Availability with design hooks for DT.Services are included and required in the offering. Currently HP has certified 5 configurations to support compressed data-sizes of 5TB or less using the Proliant DL580 and DL980G7 platforms. These are available with memory sizes up to 1TB in a single box.It is important to note that HP is including services components that includes onsite installation and implementation as well as proactive critical advantage 24x7x365 support bundled into the solution and shipped directly from our factory pre-configured.
  • Key Messages:Today, SAP HANA is positioned as an Analytic Appliance – taking data from OLTP and data warehouse systems such as SCM & SAP Netweaver BW. Data is mirrored/replicated in SAP HANAData is compressed and stored in-memory in a columnar format. This greatly speeds up analytic operations, examples over 350x performance increase.SAP HANA in-memory calculation engine provides extremely fast calculations against the data that is in-memory and provides the results to the BI tool. Speeds up efforts by passing answers, not raw data.
  • The SAP SW license is decoupled from HW. This means the customer can purchase a 1TB license from SAP and 2TB Base Appliance from HP. When the customer is ready to grow to the full 2TB, they only need to purchase additional license from SAP – Hardware is ready.
  • HA at launchBusiness Warehouse on SAP HANA will require Scale out capability with HA. Other vendors certifying designs without HA. The nature of HA and DR necessarily increases the complexity and cost. Better up front than later.We didn’t believe customers like General Mills are interested in deploying a scale out solution that cannot support HA or the new Business Warehouse functionality for HANA.Launching with HA eliminates need for costly, difficult and time consuming field upgrade.Sized for growthCurrent deployment only 512G/blade. Only blade on market that can support 1TB RAM.HP BladeSystem ManagementIndustry leading market positionStrong system deployment and management toolsFuture capability for flexible deploymentConsistency with SAP NetWeaver BW AcceleratorSAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator deployed as blade. Many customers have SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator and understand architecture/supportHP has over 500 SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator deploymentsLeverages HP knowledge on developing/testing/certifyingDRStorage products selected provide data mirroring. New requirement but storage selection supports emerging requirements.
  • Improve your business, empower BI with SAP HANA

    1. 1. Improve your business, empower BI with SAP HANARené Witteveen & Peter-Jan Simons„s-Hertogenbosch, February 28th 2012
    2. 2. (2Agenda Introduction What are the classic BI chalanges? The issues explained How does HANA Solves this? Experience the solution via a Proof of Value What hardware would you need? How to optimize your benefits?
    3. 3. (3Introduction  SAP has introduced a new technology: an in memory database with enormous capabilities  As this technology creates a shift in thinking about information systems and also in the approach of BI topics we have to discover its possibilities to create business value  HP & Magnus have joint their forces to enable you to experience these new possibilities • Since 1939. • Since 1989 • HQ in Palo Alto, Calif. • HQ in Rotterdam • Long track record on running SAP • Early adopter of new SAP BI Solutions technologies • Revenue totaling $127.2 billion • Proven track record on SAP BI • HPs Fortune 500 ranking: No. 11 implementations • Large SAP Basis team with HANA knowledge BUSINESS SMART + USER CENTRIC WORLD LARGEST HARDWARE VENDOR This offers you the best combination hardware and BI expertise
    4. 4. (4Examples of classical (SAP) BI challenges Dashboard data is all available, but it takes many development hours to Reports are based on a populate the dashboard limited set of data to have an acceptable performance Analysis on real time call During month end closing center data is not possible as no real time data is the additional data is not available in the reports available or updated in time #!% #!% #!% #!% &$# &$# &$# &$# SAP BI tooling is quite advanced, but still has some challenges
    5. 5. (5What causes these issues?SAP BO for reporting Reports have to be based only on available reporting objectsSAP BW to combine and structure data on a logical order Reporting Layer Data is optimized for reporting during a data load Corporate Memory Data restructured “un-silod” and filtered to a company logical structure Data Acquisition All data is stored on a 1:1 basis to optimize data loading Data loads due to performance Master Transaction Master Transaction Master Transaction Master Transaction Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data scheduled once a day, once a week SAP ECC SAP CRM SAP … Other sources
    6. 6. (6How does HANA solve these issues?SAP BO for reporting Reports can be based on all available data in corporate memory, without performance limitationsSAP BW Corporate Memory = Reporting Layer Data does not need to be optimized for reporting Data is high performing “un-silod” and filtered to a company logical structure with less ETL Data Acquisition First data storage high performing and has no burden Master Data Transaction Data Master Data Transaction Data Master Data Transaction Data Master Data Transaction Data Data loads scheduled as often as needed SAP ECC SAP CRM SAP … Other sources HANA simplifies the datawarehouse
    7. 7. (7How do you benefit to the max of this new potential? Potential benefits - Google like performance, Information Apple like UX, @ your any time, fingertips any place Dashboarding Dashboarding - Google like performance, Apple like UX BI HANA BI HANA BI HANA - Near real time Google Redesign Redesign Redesign like performance HANA HANA HANA HANA - Google like performance BI Added Value HANA is the foundation for empowered BI
    8. 8. (8Steps to proof the value Step 1 Step 2 Initiate Step 3 Install & Connect Step 4 Create BI solution Step 5 Demo & Test Step 6 Evaluate Plan Decide We are ready to proof the value for your business
    9. 9. (9Step 1: What HANA system would I Need? Step 1  We will help you to find the right SAP HANA solution Initiate  HP HANA SIZER Determine scope Determine planning Initiate/prepare relevant infrastructural items
    10. 10. (11HP AppSystem for SAP HANA appliance software  Accelerating time to application value SAP BusinessObjects Other applications BICS SQL SQL MDX HP ProLiant DL580 G7 SAP HANA In-Memory Computing Engine Calculation and Modeling Studio HP ProLiant DL980 G7 Planning Engine Real–Time Replication Data Services Services HP BladeSystem G7 SAP SAP 3rd party Business Suite NetWeaver BW HP Restricted. For HP and Channel Partner internal use only.
    11. 11. (1216-node 8TB HP AppSystem for SAP HANA Up to 40 TB uncompressed database • 4 – 16 nodes in 4 node increments • SAP License not included • License is decoupled from the hardware • Incremental racks are added in the field Disclaimer: Product graphic does not reflect final design. Product and quantity will change as design develops. HP Restricted. For HP and Channel Partner internal use only.
    12. 12. (13Benefits of HP Scale-Out design philosophy Automated High Availability Fault Tolerance Scalable Performance Future Enablement For Growth And Disaster Tolerance Balanced Computing SAP Netweaver BW Accelerator Experience Commonality HP Restricted. For HP and Channel Partner internal use only.
    13. 13. (14How to optimize your benefits?  HANA solves current issues in your SAP BI environment and creates new BI and possibilities added value  Experience Google like BI performance, Apple like UX, any time, any place with your own BI reports and discover the opportunities for your company  What is the Proof Of Value approach:  A one to two months project will be conducted with the following items: Migrate BW Optimize Design a Create the content to a the BW User dashboard BW 7.3 developmen Optimized on a mobile HANA ts for HANA dashboard device system (#BAYFT)  The delivered environment will be production ready and the value can be proven in a real live situation We are ready to proof the value for your business
    14. 14. Vragen? Neem dan contact op met:Peter-Jan SimonsM 035-6996060E info@magnus.nlMagnus TopForceGooimeer 5-39, 1411 DD NaardenT 035 699 60 60E