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  1. 1. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  “Who are the bicyclists?”     Emelie Torstensson, Malmö Högskola, ab6361    Peter Gerhat, Lund university, 890604­T515  Junpeng Shi, Lund university, 920420 ­P116    Karolina Huss, Öresundskommitteen, project provider.    Charlotte Eklöf, responsible teacher.    Linda Weinmer, facilitator.    Project report version 1.0    2014­12­11                                          Page 1 of 58 
  2. 2. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  1 TABLE OF SUCCESS  1 Table of success   2 Introduction   3 Defining the problem   4 Solution   5 Usefulness of the solution, efficiency and usability   6 Project management and Workflow   7 Development ideas and suggestions for execution   8 Learning experiences  Appendix A   Appendix B  Appendix C  Appendix D  Appendix E          Page 2 of 58 
  3. 3. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  2 INTRODUCTION  Sustainability is truly “in the news” in today's industrialized countries such as Sweden.                          Trying to lower the carbon emission caused by cars is a challenge for cities looking for a                                  better city environment, such as Malmö, and alternatives for car usage. Malmö is already                            one of the best bicycling cities in Sweden but the bicycling infrastructure could be                            improved to ease the bike usage and get even more people to bike.   “The bicycling has to be easy to get more people to bike” says Sara Forslund, street                                department Malmö municipality.   The project “Who are the bicyclist?” is a part of large Swedish ­ Danish co­operation                              between municipalities, regions, universities and cluster organizations called “Smart City                    Hub”. The aim of “Smart City Hub” is to by the help of IT solutions create a sustainable city                                      with a high quality of life. Öresundskommiteen and Karolina Huss are as a part of this                                co­operation looking for new innovations within the field of bicycling in Malmö that could                            increase the number of bikers. The framework of this part of the co ­ operation, that is                                  called “Who are the bicyclist?”, doesn’t contain any specific outcome restrictions. The                        team to tackle the challenge have been encouraged to think futuristic. This have been                            understood through instructions from Karolina such as ­ “What could be possible in the                            future?”, “What if every citizens will wear Google glasses” and “The solution doesn’t have                            to be realized now but in the future it might be possible”.   The project team consists of three students from around the world:  ● Peter Gerhat from Slovakia, studying information systems.   ● Emelie Torstensson from Sweden, studying media production management.  ● Jingpung Shi from China, studying civil engineering.  City planners in Malmö and Lund are looking for a better way to plan the city infrastructure                                  based on the resident needs to make bicycling easier in the cities and increase the                              number of bicyclists and we are looking into providing them a solution, that will support                              their intention.         Page 3 of 58 
  4. 4. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  3  Defining the problem  Through investigations of our key stakeholders, which are the municipality and bicyclists,                        the team found out that there are different kinds of needs that are categorized in Table 1.                                  We can divide them into internally focused and external, which are dealing with one or                              two­way information exchange.   ID Stakeholder Need Need Type 1  Bicyclists  Personalized benefits  Internal  Personalized services, merchandise, app functions... 2  Bicyclists  Familiarity with the solution  Internal  Use tracking methods people already have or would like to use or are easy to get familiar with. 3  Municipalities  Knowing real­time usage  Internal  The time to retrieve and analyze any bicyclist  movement or feedback should be minimal.  4  Municipalities  Knowing bicyclist opinions  Internal  Bicyclist attitudes, opinions and feelings towards biking are important for the municipality. 5  Municipalities  Knowing bicyclist movement  Internal  Knowing the location, speed and routes bikers take is important for the municipality. 6  Municipalities  Extraction of new knowledge  Internal  Knowledge should be stored in a way, so that anyone with access to it can analyze any part of it using common methods to create new knowledge. 7  Municipalities  Cost efficiency  External  Cost per survey should be kept low and not higher than the current level in various printed surveys. 8 Municipalities High reach External Surveys should be able to reach anyone, both bicyclists and people who do not use bicycles. Page 4 of 58 
  5. 5. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  9  Bicyclists and Municipalities  Communication  External  Various kinds of information should be exchanged, for example biking news, bicyclist feedback... 10  Bicyclists  Safety  External  Way to report injuries, road damage, bike theft should be provided. Table 1: Stakeholder Needs  Based on the above analysis our main goal is to provide the municipalities with a concept                                of how to collect information in a more effective way and also gain information about the                                bicyclists and their attitudes. The survey “Citizens’ view on the future of transport in Malmö                              inner city” from 2014 shows that 47,6% of the citizens prefer a city centre with more street                                  space for walking, cycling and public transport. From a large quantities of possible                          approaches and solutions, the team has been searching for a solution that could address                            as many needs as possible within the municipality of Malmö.  All of the different departments of the municipality of Malmö could be interested in this sort                                of solution. It can also be applied to other municipalities and therefore be interesting                            throughout the country as well as the world. A similar solution has been found in Paris and                                  is called Vélib', the providers of this application could gain knowledge of the application                            that project is providing. Other stakeholders such as public transportation companies could                        be interested in the data collected through the application and in a broader collaboration to                              ensure sustainability in the city.   4     Solution  Our team is presenting a solution consisting of a mobile app for bicyclists and an                              integrated backend information system for municipalities to support data collection from                      the app and making overall sense of biking data. It has been communicated and                            presented through a Prezi presentation and verbalized at the final pitch December 11th                          2014.  We were looking for other solutions ranging from use of a combination of hardware and                              software to software­only solutions. Solutions without technology were immediately ruled                    out, since they do not meet the real­time information collection need. We have made a                              summary of our research in Table 2.    Alternative  Description  Evaluation  Biking App  Create a biking app to reward users for  biking and staying fit  Fulfills most needs  Page 5 of 58 
  6. 6. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  Integrate With  Other App  Integrate with a popular app, such as  Skånetraffiken, Foursquare, etc.  Unlikely ­ Would be direct  competition to their services  Smart Bike  Use smart bikes, that have tracking  functionality built in  Might be used in future ­  Still very expensive, limited  availability  Wearables  Use wearables, create custom  application for them  Might be used in future ­  Still expensive, limited  availability, limited user  interaction, limited data  collection  Hardware Chip  Put a chip into a bike accessory that  bikers are familiar with  Charging problem, limited  user interaction, limited data  collection  Smart Bike  Stands  Put tracking technology into bike stands  Charging problem, limited  user interaction, limited data  collection  Paper Surveys  Organize large­scale biking surveys  Expensive, limited data  collection, temporary  Seasonal  Employees  Hire temporary employees to count  bikes  Expensive, limited data  collection, temporary  Sensors Built  in Road  Put sensors into road or on road surface  Expensive, limited data  cellection, limited user  interaction  Surveillance  Cameras  Cameras with bike recognition  Expensive, limited data  collection, limited user  interaction  Public Biking  System  Extend the public biking users so more  people use it, equip bikes with better  sensors  Expensive, limited data  collection, people not used  to it  Table 2: Researched Apps  The Skåne Companion app for Skåne citizens, will be integrated with existing third party                            solutions they are familiar with to capture data about their movement in exchange for                            rewards and improving their health. That way we can always use the latest in tracking                              technology, as every year significantly improved tracking methods become available with                      the evolution of smartphones and wearables. Developing such tracking technology by                      ourselves would be expensive, since today’s leading GPS tracking apps required several                        millions dollars in funding, which Karolina said the municipalities do not have.                        Page 6 of 58 
  7. 7. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  Furthermore, there is no guarantee, that in a few years everyone will be wearing                            something like Google Glass or AppleWatch.  There is a trend, that big cities tend to have very sophisticated public sharing systems.                              Table 3 presents a brief summary of our most important findings. There is lack of solutions                                to track private bikes, according to our findings Paris is the pioneering city.    City Name  Description  Evaluation  Paris  Vélib' app + CitéGreen  eco­friendliness program ­  collecting data from public  and private bikes  The solution in Paris is the  first solution we found of  the kind, that allows  collecting private bike data,  although very small in  ridership (4900 members in  2014)  New York  NYC Bike Share + Citi Bike  ­ sharing city data from  public bikes with the public  Mainly public bike sharing  Copenhagen  DataHub ­ unofficial source  for data from public bike  sharing system  Mainly public bike sharing  Shanghai  The world’s largest biking  system, now undergoing  modernization  Mainly public bike sharing  London  Open data ­ sharing city  data from public bikes with  the public  Mainly public bike sharing  Oslo  Building new biking tracks  Mainly public bike sharing  Taipei  Large public biking system  Mainly public bike sharing  Table 3: Researched Cities  The app was mainly inspired by Vélib' app in Paris, which is used for public biking and can                                    be integrated with fitness tracking tools. Vélib' connects to the reward program CitéGreen,                          shown in Figure 1, which rewards citizens for eco­friendly behavior. The app connects to                            Moves or other (less known) fitness tracking tools to collect data about movement.                          Detailed information about the whole concept are provided in Appendix B.  Page 7 of 58 
  8. 8. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |    Figure 1: The CitéGreen Platform  In a similar way we would provide users with a similar option to use a widely used tracking                                    tool, such as Moves. Alternatively, they could use a built in feature of the app or other                                  supported tracking tools, but the preferred one would help them gain more points at once.                              Our aim is to use the best­of­its­kind tracking tools with our regional services, as shown in                                Figure 2.    Figure 2: Proposed Integration With Moves  We consider Vélib' screen design, shown in Figure 3, to be very user friendly and                              minimalistic and therefore a good reference on how our app should look like. It has a large                                  Page 8 of 58 
  9. 9. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  menu with buttons combining images and text, which are both memorable and intuitive.                          Finally, we would like to use the concept of allowing third party tracking devices.    Figure 3: Screenshot of Vélib' Paris  As we have found out, the scoring system is important, but points are used mainly for                                unlocking discounts and special offers at souvenir stores or restaurants. Also, the                        collected data are used to create simple health and eco­friendliness statistics, which are                          then displayed to the user. The scoring system is described in Table 4.    Type of Movement  Distance  Reward  Biking  1 km  3 points  Walking  225 steps  1 point  Table 4: The Scoring System of CitéGreen  We decided to omit the features related to public biking and create our modified scoring                              system and rewards. Since Malmö and Lund are not well known for tourism or restaurant                              culture the way Paris is, our solution would focus rather on rewards as bike accessories                              and branded merchandise, as shown in Figure 4.  Page 9 of 58 
  10. 10. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |    Figure 4: The Various Types of Users and Their Merchandise  In order to understand the typical users and their preferences, we have compiled Table 5,  in which the descriptions of our target demographic groups are described.    Group  Description  Merchandise  Hipsters  Young, stylish people who want their  bikes to look cool  Bikestache (moustache  for bikes), LED lights  Businessmen  Older, use bike to travel to job on  expensive bike, high disposable income  Secure bike lock, electric  bike engine  Parents  Older, use bike to go shopping or  transport kids  Bike cart, kid seat for bike  Fitness freaks  Any age, use bike in their free time to get  exercise  Bike helmet, bike bottle  Table 5: Our Target Demographic Groups  Otherwise have found no reason why this solution should not work in Malmö and Lund                              municipality as it is. The backend solution will of course be based on local municipality                              needs and we will provide some additional features, such as emergency and road damage                            reporting.  We have come up with a neutral logo in Figure 5, that will grab attention of both bikers and                                      non­bikers. The logo resembles a watch, which the users typically wear then they go out,                              as we wanted to go beyond a pure ecological concept of for the app. It has a typical Skåne                                      Page 10 of 58 
  11. 11. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  logo to mark its belingingness to Skåne. The concept of “companion” in name and regional                              branding is common across apps and Vélib' also uses a similar concept.    Figure 5: Skåne Companion Logo  One learning from Vélib' is to integrate with existing fitness apps and tracking devices, as                              many people are already using as they would be resistant to change. We are expecting                              that the devices will evolve dramatically in the next few years as many smart watches are                                being released and we have also found smart bikes released at the time of writing this                                report.  Figure 6 gives an introduction screen displayed while opening the mobile solution for                          bicyclists. It displays the app logo along with the application name and logos of the                              municipalities involved. When seeing the official logos users will understand that it is an                            official product approved by their city and will feel more trust towards using it.    Figure 6: Splash Screen  Page 11 of 58 
  12. 12. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  The application has a main screen displayed in Figure 7, which shows a map with basic                                search and navigation functionality. In the beginning it would display a standard Google                          Map, which would later be replaced by a more customized version of the map.    Figure 7: Main Application Screen  Next in order on the bottom bar is the Collect Points screen in Figure 8. Here a number of                                      tasks is presented to the user, from which he can chose either bicycling activities or                              quizzes. For both he can earn points. The Vélib' app does not have this functionality in the                                  mobile version, since it is primarily a public biking app. We want the user to be always                                  presented with the option to fill in questionnaires.    Figure 8: Collect Points Screen  Page 12 of 58 
  13. 13. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  When the user collects enough points he can go to the Marketplace, shown in Figure 9,                                via the Marketplace screen. Marketplace would be different than in Vélib', offering mainly                          bike accessories in exchange for collected points. This way the user can improve his bike,                              while raising the awareness of the app by buying branded goods. In most cases would                              receive discounts rather than free goods. Since second hand stores are very popular in                            Skåne, we decided to allow option to buy second hand bikes as well, with no discount.    Figure 9: Marketplace Screen  We have included a user­friendly menu with big items and text in order to make the Menu                                  Screen in Figure 10 more intuitive and memorable. We have chosen big size to make the                                user want to try all features. The bottom service icons would be occupied later by list of                                  features the users want to add in the next release obtained by analyzing feedback.  Page 13 of 58 
  14. 14. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |    Figure 10: Menu Screen  The app will be not only for bike tracking. It will also allow to detect speed, transportation                                  method and other data through advanced software algorithms that are owned by third                          parties. On top of the algorithms we will provide an integrated solution to benefit citizens in                                Skåne region through regional services, as described in Table 6.  Design Recommendation Description Needs Detailed Navigation in Malmö and Lund  Value-added navigation services based on Google Maps displaying various information. ● Parking spaces, bike shops, etc. available in earlier version ● Chance of rain, etc. available if enough users request the feature 1  State-Of-The-Art Location Tracking  The app will provide location tracking options. ● Tracking technology is evolving too fast ● User decide what tracking method they want to use, we add support for it ● Basic location tracking provided within the app  2, 8  Tasks and Gamified Surveys  Points received for completing biking tasks, surveys, games. ● Everyday biking, walking and running ● Serious surveys, surveys for fun ● Games, such ask bike from east to west, visit a certain store, World Heart Day 8  Page 14 of 58 
  15. 15. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  Store With 2nd-Hand Option  Points in exchange for discounts or gifts, new and used items available. ● The “Pimp My Bike” section will be a personalized marketplace ● The “2nd Hand Store” will offer bikes and accessories from other users 1  Personalized Services  The bicyclists will determine what they want from the app using feedback from the surveys: ● For determining what the app next feature will be ● For determining content of the marketplace ● For obtaining feedback for municipality 1  Connection to Authorities  Instant reporting to authorities. ● Injuries and bike theft ● Suggestions to fix the road 9  Table 6: The Mobile App Design Recommendations  The second main function will be creating questionnaires, competitions and feedback                      forms by anyone in the Malmö or Lund. It will be very easy, quick and cheap to create                                    engaging surveys. A bicyclist will be notified when the app is updated with new surveys.   We will offer reward program for giving us feedback as Vélib' does. A range of feedback                                options will be available from answering questions to more engaging tasks requiring use of                            bike. Prizes will be tailored for various target groups (stylish person, work commuter,                          parent, fitness enthusiast), fun and will raise awareness about the app in the community.    Figure 11: The Solution for Municipalities  The solution for municipalities depicted in Figure 11 will consist of an application for the                              municipality to create surveys and analyze collected data and collect data from the mobile                            Page 15 of 58 
  16. 16. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  app. We have analyzed its requirements in Table 7 and came up with a set of                                recommendations to modify existing information systems used by municipalities. The                    changes will bring the much needed integration and structure to data about bicyclists and                            they will work well with the new types of data that are needed for better planning.  Design Recommendation Description Needs Systematic Data Collection and Storage  Data linked to user who created them accessible to anyone in the municipality with granted access. ● Users would create a profile and all content created by them would be linked to their account and stored in a database for later use. ● Similar to how Facebook, Google or any other website can store large amounts of data about each individual user.  3, 6  All-In-One Communication Channel  Instant way to create high reach surveys at low cost. ● Users would after some time find simple questionnaires boring, so other alternative ways for asking questions would be added to the typical multiple choice or write your answer type. ● Images and custom designs could be used make the surveys more engaging, as in Vélib'. Otherwise the survey automation concept would be similar to SurveyMonkey.  3, 4, 7, 8, 9  Data Collection and Storage  Fully automated collection of data from GPS sensors. ● The sensors are now part of every smartphone and can be found even in other personal devices. ● Collecting and storing the bicyclist’s location, speed and routes in a database should therefore be supported by the backend server at the municipality.  3, 5, 7, 8, 9  Default Data Visualization  Pre-existing way to see the data catered to non-IT people, who just want to view them. ● The data will be used mainly by people, whose primary expertise is in Microsoft Office. Therefore, the interface for data visualization should not vary too much from well-known tools. 4, 5  Page 16 of 58 
  17. 17. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  ● Additionally data filtering options and a map interface should be added to view the data on a map.  Easy-To-Customize  Individual departments will be provided with documentation on how to create plugins (software tools to extend the original functionality of an existing application) to adapt the solution for their needs. ● Some IT knowledge will be required. ● The plugins will be created in one or more commonly used programming languages known by today’s web developers.  6  Table 7: Design Recommendations for the Municipalities Backend        Page 17 of 58 
  18. 18. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  5  Usefulness of the solution, efficiency and  usability  The solution will solve the needs of both the Lund and Malmö municipality. They provided                              us with feedback that they are lacking ways to collect data about the bikers and are overly                                  relying on outdated survey methods. They need hard data, which are any kind of data                              obtained from sensors, such as GPS, about the paths the bikers have taken. In addition                              they need to define questionnaires to get behavioral data about user attitudes, opinions                          and feelings. Ideally they want to know both and be able to link the information to a certain                                    user. Our app provides them with a solution that is flexible for them to use and will provide                                    a single interface no matter which department of the municipality is using it.  Other indirect use cases of the solution are those by non­bikers, who can use it to track all                                    kinds of non­biking related activities, such as driving, running, walking, swimming and                        gym. They can be occasional users of Skåne Companion filling non­biking related surveys,                          shopping in the store and in the future releases other interesting features can be added for                                this demographics, as the municipalities indicated interest in them as well.  We have also considered the overall picture, including what is happening in other cities                            and what technologies are being released. We concluded that we are not able to keep up                                with the latest tracking technology and instead we need to rely mainly on other providers                              of data trackers. The reason was that it requires very high budget and time. Instead, the                                money can be used to reward opinion leaders, who can provide the most feedback                            through the app. Therefore, surveys and route tracking are our main focus, as the                            successful implementation of such features will allow to let go of paper­based surveys and                            will benefit the municipalities for years to come. We will then add more features depending                              on demand both from users and municipalities. Table 8 shows the current situation and                            the likely opportunities and threats in future.    Strengths  ● A new, innovative service  ● Expertise in Skåne regional  services  ● Integration with leading location  tracking tools  ● Support from municipality  ● Solves the problems of municipality  ● Brings personalized services to  bicyclists  ● Brings health benefits to bicyclists  through making them bike  ● Location tracking does not require  Opportunities  ● Become a widely used service in  multiple cities  ● A market wider than just bikers, that  would include non­bicyclists  ● Open the data to public to get  higher engagement from users and  developers  ● Partnership with Skånetrafiken or  other established apps and services  ● Partnerships with restaurants, bike  stores and other companies to  provide goods in marketplace  Page 18 of 58 
  19. 19. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  interaction  Weaknesses  ● Requires installing an app to work  ● Increases battery consumption  ● Filling surveys requires user  interaction  Threats  ● A new competitor in Skåne market  ● Unsupported products  ● Loss of interest by customers or  suppliers  ● Lack of budget, since it is expected  to be largely self­financed  Table 8: SWOT Analysis  When analyzing the current competitors we focused on finding companies that are or                          might be in the future considered as threats. At the moment of writing this report we were                                  not able to find any relevant competitive threat besides gaining user acceptance in this                            new market, since the idea is new. To predict possible outcomes Table 9 serves as                              reference.  Rivalry Among Existing Firms  ● There are not any firms, that would directly compete with Skåne Companion at  this moment  ● Skånetrafiken might see Skåne Companion, as it would take away some of their  customers and make them use bikes instead of their services  Threat of New Entrants  ● Entry by any Skåne citizen or a company into the market  ● Entry by large international companies into the market (Google, Apple)  ● Entry by Skånetrafiken unto the market by launching their app targeting bicyclists  in order to make them use their buses more  ● Entry by JCDecaux into the market by extending their app for LundAhoy to  bicyclists  Bargaining Power of Customers  ● Sensitivity of the bicyclists to the price of goods  ● Loss of interest in the service by the bicyclists  ● Resistance of the employees at municipality and sticking to their old ways of  doing things  ● Willingness of the municipality to pay for our services  Threat of Substitute Products  ● Any fitness training app, maps and online store combination  ● Specialized hardware equipment ­ smart bikes, smart watches, smart bicycle  accessories  ● Solutions for bicyclists for fitness tracking that are not supported by our app and  therefore incompatible  ● Solutions for municipalities to track bicyclists  ● Solutions for bicyclists for fitness tracking that are close­walled  Page 19 of 58 
  20. 20. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  Bargaining Power of Suppliers  ● Unwillingness of bicyclists to provide their data due to lack of privacy  ● Unwillingness of bicyclists to use the app and fill in forms  ● Unwillingness of suppliers of goods for the marketplace to offer their services at  prices attractive to the customers  Table 9: Porter’s Five Forces Analysis        Page 20 of 58 
  21. 21. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  6  Project Management and Workflow    The group has communicated through various digital medias such as Facebook, SMS and                          email. A Facebook group has acted message board for research where links have been                            posted for everyone to see and read about. The mail has served as a communication tool                                for booking appointments in the calendar function "Google Calendar". The booked                      appointments have been announced via email as an invitation to both team members and                            facilitator Linda Weinmer. Meetings have taken place on a regular basis about two times a                              week.  Contact with Karolina Huss, project provider, have been made via email with Emelie                          Torstensson who has the role as project manager. Karolina have been updated via mail or                              phone calls as soon as the group had a progression or wanted to book an appointment.                                Communication with Demola teachers has also occurred via Emelie Torstensson. A blog,                        hosted by Demola, has served as a communication channel for any external stakeholder.                          The team have been communicated among themselves on a regular basis several times a                            week.   Initially the ability to communicate in the team was poor as the progress was slow at                                meetings and the interest and motivation insufficient for some of the team members. This                            could have been avoided if Demola stepped in and made sure that all that participants                              understood what effort this project required. Part of our team believes that the motivation                            would increase if all members received credits for the course. The team was stabilising                            little by little and motivation became progressively higher though.   The communication with Linda Weinmer have been good and Linda has been a great                            support to the team as they sometime felt confused about the municipality needs and the                              instructions around the project. Emelie have communicated with Patrik Berander through a                        project diary, email and meetings. This communication has facilitated his understanding to                        the group's problems and progression.  The instructions to the project could have been defined more clearly, documentation                        provided and communication more open to ease the understanding of the needs. The                          group spent too much time on trying to understand the needs to be solved instead of doing                                  research. The motivation, at the beginning of the project, should have been higher to                            faster be able to get ahead in the progression and avoid having to focus so much time                                  trying to get the team to meet at all.  The group have completed all three pitches and sent in the Project Plan and the Project                                report. They have also extensively being involved in the compulsory parts and seminaries                          held by the Demola teachers. All members have not been to all of these mandatory                              sessions though. Each team member was expected to spend 15 hours a week on the                              Page 21 of 58 
  22. 22. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  project, but this was not the case. Members of the group had responsibilities outside of the                                project and we usually needed more hours as we were too few to divide tasks more                                systematically. The most demanding tasks were understanding the needs, writing reports                      and communicating with stakeholders.  Emelie Thorstensson's main responsibility was to maintain contact with all stakeholders                      outside the group. She has also booked all meetings and planned the project. She has                              also done a lot of translating since she was the only Swede in the project and a lot of the                                        material was in Swedish. She has been blogging, doing market researches, provided                        surveys, researched the need of the municipality, researched competitors and contributed                      with different ideas of a possible solution. She has reminded all team members of                            important deadlines, guidelines and meeting appointments etc. Emelie has been putting at                        least 15 hours a week on the project and worked a little every day to communicate,                                answering questions and doing researches. She found the project extremely frustrating as                        the project in the initial stages was difficult to understand in terms of needs and possible                                solution as well as a poor team motivation. She spent too much time on scheduling                              instead of doing researches and understanding the needs. She was too focused on                          teambuilding and her project planning responsibility instead of going her own way.   Junpeng Shi has devoted as much time as he could. When he was free, he did research                                  online about what other cities do in terms of biking. For example, he looked into Paris,                                Barcelona, Hangzhou, Wuhan, etc and gained some inspirations from the methods those                        cities adopt in bicycle planning. Also, he wrote blogs for our project. He has spend at least                                  15 hours a week on this project, meeting time included.   Peter Gerhat did mainly contact with the various hardware providers in the beginning. As                            we concluded that we need a different kind of solution he was involved in overall planning                                from capturing the needs of municipalities through meetings, researching the solution to                        helping others solve their problems. Since the solution is the main outcome of our project                              he helped others define their parts and understand the broader aspects of it, such as how                                we are going to promote it, get the first users and logo design. Those were the parts that                                    required most of coordination since the requirements were changing and we were facing                          many unknowns. Contact with the various technology providers helped us to confirm our                          stance and now we are able to conclude the project. If there are any uncertainties about                                the project, Peter has the necessary contacts and is able to step in and give support.        Page 22 of 58 
  23. 23. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  7  Development ideas and suggestions for  execution  Due to time limit, what we have done for the challenge is just on the concept stage and                                    that is what the project provider and the customer need. In order to develop the solution,                                what we want to do is of course make it into reality. To achieve that, we could partner with                                      external companies and convince them integrate with our solution, as we think we might                            achieve a win­win partnership. Such partnerships could drive users into our app and                          provide data exchange. As a result we can refine our app and make it more suitable for                                  users and improve the experience of it. Besides partnerships, we will market it to the target                                groups to user base.   As for working and communication methods, we use a lot such as NABC, Personnas,                            Product Positioning, Porter Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Gantt Charts, groups on Facebook,                      collaboration tools, blogging about updates, negotiation with stakeholders etc.    Activity  Tool  Contribution  Communication  Demola Blog  Was our main communication tool with the public,  although we even launched our website. The blog  was very easy to maintain and there was no effort  needed to put into it besides writing short posts.  Pitching  NABC  We used the NABC approach whenever we were  pitching to audience, it has proven to be the best  way to deliver a message to audience in short time  and reduced our time to create presentations, since  we already could start with the pre­defined form.  Project Planning  Gantt Chart  For a small project like ours a Gantt Chart might not  have been really necessary, since our goal was  unclear, always shifting and amount of time for each  task hardly predictable. However, the chart helped  us to define the project broadly into phases and we  held to them throughout the exeution.  Product Planning  SWOT  Analysis,  Personas,  Porter  Analysis,  Product  Positioning  Under this category we mean all the tools that  helped us define a product and differentiate it from  the competitors. Analysis had to be done, since the  area of sports tracking, although not right now, is  becoming an area of heated competition. We had to  analyze our product against other products, cities or  brands to see what their strategic focus.  Page 23 of 58 
  24. 24. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  Collaboration  Facebook,  Google Drive,  Google  Calendar,  Gmail  Everyone in the team very familiar with collaboration  tools and all of us benefited from them in some way.  The majority of our documents was created online  with the help of these tools. The contributions made  using them are easily treacable and have the  benefit of being seen by all team members  instantaneously. They also allowed us to back up  older versions of our files in case we want to return  back to them. Another aspect of these tools is  integration and how they can work together.  Table 10: Tools Used Throughout the Project  Their use in various situations according to Table 10 helped our project by allowing us to                                work in a structured way. We meet at least two times a week to discuss our project from                                    beginning to end. Though, other two team members left the project, we three still persisted                              in it. So every one of the group devoted a lot to the project especially for coming up new                                      ideas. However, there is still some aspects that can be improved. For example, when we                              meet with each other, we can make the meeting more efficient to avoid to waste time.   We have divided the implementation into 3 steps depicted in Figure 12. At first we release                                a minimum viable product, which will soon become more personalized based on obtained                          feedback. By personalization we mean offering targeted content in the marketplace and                        adding new application features, that are high on the user wish list. Finally as we have a                                  solid collection of data about bicyclists we open the data to the public and developers to                                use it in their own applications, that will drive growth in a similar way as it does in other                                      cities, such as New York, Paris and Copenhagen.  1. Core Features (online surveys and GPS data)  2. Personalized Services  3. More Use of Data  Figure 12: Implementation Steps        Page 24 of 58 
  25. 25. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  8     Learning experiences    Emelie Thorstensson  The project has been instructive in many different ways. Apart from all the knowledge of IT                                and biking I have received during the project I have also learned a lot about group                                dynamics and different projects methods. This group has not functioned optimally because                        everyone prioritised the time required for the project progression differently which have                        caused a lot of frustration. In order to draw lessons from it, I could have, in an earlier                                    stage, kept a tighter tone to emphasize the importance of good attendance. The greatest                            lesson I have received throughout the course have been the various methods and tools of                              project planning such as the use of a so­called "Backlog" and Agile project methodology.                            The pitching tool “NABC” is a great guideline in order to make a good pitch, which i am                                    sure i am going to use in the future as well. In an early stage of the course we also had a                                            brainstorming seminar where the method “product design sprints”, were presented.                    Unfortunately the group had low attendance and where confused of the directive of the                            project provider, otherwise this would have been a great way of coming up with ideas of                                the solution.  My focus and my hope when I attended this course was to develop my creativity and and                                  marketing skills applied on a real life project. Since the team had too few members                              compared to the amount of work other more fundamental building blocks needed my focus                            instead such as planning, researching, communicating, blogging, looking for needs etc.                      Therefore I have not been able to do any creative work at all and regret attending this                                  course, wasting my time and credits. I do not think I have learned enough due to the effort                                    I have been putting in. If I would have done this again I would have been more certain to                                      earlier understand the needs of the municipality instead of focusing of getting the group                            together. But since that was my responsibility I focused on the planning in the beginning                              hoping that a clearer need would appear throughout the project.   Junpeng Shi  Since I joined the team and the project, I have realized that I can learn a lot from it. In fact,                                          that came into reality. Though other two members left the team maybe because of limited                              time, we three still insisted on it and never gave up. As for the team members, we have                                    different skills in our team and the point is that team members do what they are good at.                                    For example, Emelie is good at management and design. So she is the project manager                              and communicates with project providers and customers a lot. Also, she has the ability to                              control the process of the project and she managed it well in this project. Peter does well                                  in technology because he studies information technology, therefore, when there are                      technical issues, he does some research into them and comes up with a solution, that                              addresses the problem.   Page 25 of 58 
  26. 26. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  As for pitch skills, we learned NABC model which is a good way to present the results to                                    the audience. NABC stands for need, approach, benefits, competitors, respectively, which                      can be used a lot not only in the project but also in daily life and study and helps me make                                          a better presentation. As for the communication tools, I never used Google Drive before.                            But in this project, we use it a lot, the more I use it, the more efficient I find it to                                          communicate and  work together.   Peter Gerhat  It was mainly a test of teamwork skills and being able to take multiple roles during the                                  project. Many things were not what they seemed and we needed to get clarity first. We                                could not simply design an app and consider our work done. In fact we had to go through                                    many iterations and often we had to scrap the whole solution, because we realized that                              nobody would want it in the given circumstances. Some people in our team were frustrated                              and left and with them also their knowledge left. So I learnt about the importance of                                communication tools within groups with high member fluctuation and that motivation levels                        among people vary greatly. Also, I learned too few or too many people in the group make                                  it dysfunctional and its members demotivated. In our case we were mostly understaffed                          and we were already discussing something else, while nobody had time to update the                            project report. Either we could add more people to the group or write less administrative                              reports and instead focus on generating the concept.   As for other learning I was both surprised and a bit disappointed with how much paper                                filling does a project take, but I can imagine that most projects are very heavy on various                                  form filling. In our case we had to learn how to communicate and get the knowledge that                                  we need. That was both a learning experience and something that held us back.  Then the pitching was something I never done before in front of an audience that would                                consist of other teams and I have found the feedback very eye opening. It was those                                moments when we discovered how much we need to change. Although most of the                            feedback was caused by people misunderstanding our product as we were presenting a                          solution to a problem rather than a single product, some answers discovered weaknesses                          that non of us in the team ever thought about.         Page 26 of 58 
  27. 27. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  Appendix A    Many people have bikes, almost half of the people in Lund use their bikes to commute or                                  do other activities. Despite that, the municipality knows very little about them and cannot                            include them in the city planning. If there would be more knowledge about the bicyclists,                              they would have a stronger voice and infrastructure projects, that improve biking, would be                            done on a much more regular basis. Biking has been a part of life for people in Lund for                                      decades, but the way people bike has not changed. We are here to changed it and make                                  even more people bike.  There are as many needs as there are people working on transportation projects in the                              Malmö and Lund municipalities. We have talked to representatives from each and we                          found their problems can be divided into three categories: 1. bicyclist internal needs, 2.                            communication needs and 3. municipality internal needs.  Our approach is to create a mobile app for bikers and a backend information system for                                the municipality to handle the collected data. Our approach is very simple, we have                            designed a mobile app with minimal set of features, that will appeal to bikers and people                                interested in biking. It will provide questionnaires and interactive competitions for real                        prizes. People will be challenged to not only fill forms, but also perform tasks that include                                some kind of activity. The rewards will be fun, useful and will increase awareness among                              the citizens that the app exists. Second contribution of the app will be detailed location                              tracking. We have decided to do that through third party solutions, which offer the latest                              technology and some people are already using them. The city will need to upgrade its                              software platform to allow creating all those surveys, track user participation and analyze                          feedback. Surveys on what users will be at the core of the app to the level where users                                    can pick what features they would like from the next release of the app, such as newsfeed,                                  weather information, injury reporting, integration with Skånetrafiken and other apps, road                      issues reporting and so on.  Our aim is to create a system that would enable two way communication and would be                                flexible enough to not limit itself only to hard data about routes user take or simple                                questionnaires. Instead, we will offer much more than data collection and the surveys will                            be very interactive and customizable by anyone in the municipality. The system will lower                            the costs for making a survey and make them available to people instantaneously. People                            will be able to satisfy their own needs and choose their favorite tracking method they might                                already use, or use smart watch, wearables, the entirely new smart bike (which is not even                                sold yet) or the basic location tracking feature in our app. The more feedback people                              provide, the better rewards they get. We think that while the technologies for collecting                            data will be completely changed in 5 years, the mobile app itself will still be relevant with                                  minimum needs for upgrades, as even the next generation smart bike needs an app as an                                Page 27 of 58 
  28. 28. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  interface to access its collected data. Bicyclists will use one account throughout the app                            that will be connected to locational and behavioral data, that are important to the                            municipality. The municipality will not only know what path did they take, but also why and                                their attitudes. We will quickly add and market useful features, that the bicyclists request                            themselves through surveys so we will quickly get an overview of what works on them and                                what not. Our prizes will make it worthwhile for bicyclists to participate, we have already                              thought about some, such as “bikestache” ­ a funny moustache attachable to a bike. As                              second hand bike stores are very popular in Skåne, we would add such store in addition to                                  store selling new products.  Current software and hardware technologies for location tracking all provide some way of                          accessing data collected by them we think this will be the norm, since users want to use                                  their own analyzers to analyze the collected data. Using data collected by other apps                            would be very advantageous even for us and it would simplify our app, as we can focus on                                    surveys rather than technologically complex GPS tracking. There is no regional app in                          Skåne targeting bikers yet, as no one was yet motivated to create it. Outside Skåne similar                                apps already exist, but they are all tied to their specific city.  The project has a unique value proposition and is hardly replicable by anyone, since we                              are offering a very specific proposition. On the other hand, our proposition is broad enough                              to encompass all the municipality needs. We think that today’s apps have to be interactive                              and engaging, otherwise they will just occupy space in the memory. We have come up                              with gamification methods used by successful apps the world to create a novel experience                            and tried to integrate them with our own app. We have found out that the approach to                                  promotion should be memorable, which can be done through offering personalized                      products and services tied to user personalities, so in the next years you might be seeing                                bikes with moustaches, alarms and other cool things.      Page 28 of 58 
  29. 29. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  APPENDIX B  VÉLIB’ PARIS    The Vélib' platform is the closest competitor on the market now and is a good example                                how a complete application platform for collecting data about bicyclists should look like.                          Their be broken down into 3 pieces, as described before, and also the backend solution,                              which we cannot see. Here are some screenshots of the Vélib' website, mobile app and                              Moves app. The website can be further broken down into homepage, challenges, quizzes                          and deals.    Figure B­1: The Vélib' Website Profile Page  Page 29 of 58 
  30. 30. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |    Figure B­2: The Vélib' Website Challenges Page    Figure B­3: The Vélib' Website Quiz Page  Page 30 of 58 
  31. 31. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |    Figure B­4: The Vélib' Website Deals Page    Figure B­5: The Vélib' Mobile App Homescreen  Page 31 of 58 
  32. 32. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |    Figure B­6: The Vélib' Mobile App Menuscreen    Figure B­7: The Vélib' Mobile App Marketplace  Page 32 of 58 
  33. 33. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |    Figure B­8: The Vélib' Merchandise    Figure B­9: The Moves App        Page 33 of 58 
  34. 34. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  APPENDIX C  INTERVIEW RESULTS  Christian Resebo (Malmö) Utvecklingschef, gatukontoret Jag uppskattar ert initiativ att hjälpa oss få fler att cykla. Men era frågor är stora och inte helt enkla att svara på. Datainsamling: resvaneundersökningar, trafikräkningar och en trafikantundersökning (enkät) är huvudsakliga källor till data. OBS! Datainsamling är inte samma sak som systematiserad analys. Data som saknas: realtidsinformation om människors rörelsemönster, incidentrapportering och inte bara skaderapportering av trafikolyckor Cykelrelaterat problem: Det beror på om du menar trafiksäkerhet eller framkomlighet eller kultur/beteende. Högersvängande tunga fordon är ett problem för cyklister som ska rakt fram. Vad gäller framkomlighet har vi fortfarande många missing links. Kulturellt så har vi fortfarande alltför många korta bilresor, vilket i sig också är en stor potential. Vissa tycker också att vi har för låg hjälmanvändning och ett för riskfyllt beteende hos cyklister. Analys: Det är många som gör analyser av olika data. Det beror på vad den ska användas till. Just nu hinner jag inte, men vi skulle kunna pratas vi per telefon inom kort så kanske jag kan guida dig vidare om jag bättre förstår vad ni är ute efter. Efter samtal med Christian: ● Just nu pågår digitalisering av enkätundersökningarna, svårt men inte omöjligt. ● Inget vidare samarbete sker med Skånetrafiken. De är intresserade av biljettintäkter. Dock samma målgrupp som cyklar och som använder kollektivtrafik. ● Realtidsdata om folks cykelrutt saknas. Anders Söderberg (Lund) Beskriv dina arbetsuppgifter och ansvarsområden kort. Page 34 of 58 
  35. 35. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  Leda trafikmiljöenhetens arbete. Öka andelen hållbara transporter i Lunds kommun genom beteendepåverkan. Minska antalet och allvarlighetsgraden av trafikolyckor i Lunds kommun genom beteendepåverkan. Vilka tillvägagångssätt har Lund för att samla in data om befolkningen, cyklister som icke cyklister? Vi mäter hur många som cyklar på olika platser i Lund varje år. 2013 och 2014 har vi genomfört nöjdhetsunderökningar hos cyklister. 2001, 2004, 2008 och 2012 har vi också frågat 4000 lundabor i en stor enkät vad de tycker om bland annat cykling. Nu under hösten genomför vi också en undersökning av Pendla med cykel 2.0-kampanjen för att uppmuntra till längre cykling (från kommunerna runt Lund). Vilken data anser du saknas och vilken data skulle underlätta ditt arbete? Vem som äger en viss cykel. Vilket cykelrelaterat problem är störst i Lund just nu? Felparkerade cyklar och övergivna cyklar (man får bara stå 24 timmar i ett cykelställ). Antalet cykelolyckor. Bristande trafikkunskap hos studenter. Synbarhet i mörker. Vem och hur analyseras datan Lund samlar in? Trivector analyserar mätningar, större studier och nu senast Pendla med cykel 2.0. Datan analyserars mest efter flöden och olyckornas antal/alvarlighet samt plats. Kön och ålder tas in i ananlysen. Erika Knobblock (Malmö) Hej! Bra att ni redan pratat med Sara och Christoffer! Vi genomför flera undersökningar som rör olika trafikslag. Den största är resvaneundersökningen (RVU) som ni säkerligen har hört mycket om redan. Sedan arbetar vi med Mobility Management, bland annat i kampanjen ”Inga löjliga bilresor”. Info om dessa hittar ni på nätet. Vi håller för närvarande på att genomföra en trafikantundersökning i Malmö. Där analyserar vi svaren utifrån vilket trafikslag respondenterna huvudsakligen använder. Resultatet innebär att vi kommer kunna jämföra olika trafikantgruppers behov. Resultatet av denna undersökning kommer vi att presentera den 1 december kl 13.00. Hör av er om ni är intresserade att ta del av resultaten, så skriver jag upp er på anmälningslistan! Vi analyserar även olycksstatistik utifrån trafikantslag för att kunna minska antalet olyckor. Denna data kommer bland annat från sjukvården och polisen. När det gäller analyser av olika datakällor så är vi ett antal personer som arbetar med insamling och analys av data. Arbetet är alldeles för stort för att kunna genomföras av en enda person. När det gäller vilket problem som är störst just nu så är Christoffer Hedberg bäst lämpad att svara. Page 35 of 58 
  36. 36. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  Det finns mycket info på bland annat 014.html Cykelprogram i Malmö stad %B6+stad+2012-2019+2012-10-30.pdf Charlotta Lenninger (Lund) Trafikmiljökommunikatör. Jobbar med kommunikation kring cykling bland annat cykelkartan. Vilka tillvägagångssätt har Lund stad för att samla in data om befolkningen, cyklister som icke cyklister? Cykelräkningar, fokusgrupper, enkätundersökningar (utöver dialog när vi är ute i något event, det betyder en del för vad vi uppfattar också) Vilken data anser du saknas och vilken data skulle underlätta ditt arbete? Saknar nog inte så mycket data, tror att vi har rätt bra koll på både cykelresor och vad cyklisterna tycker. Vill däremot ha bättre kanaler förr att nå ut med budskap till cyklister som grupp. Vilket cykelrelaterat problem är störst i Lund just nu? Parkering vid målpunkter, konflikter med fotgängare och funktionsnedsatta Vem och hur analyseras datan Lund stad samlar in? Konsulter och vi själva, beror på omfattning och om det ingår i ett större uppdrag Anna Karlsson (Lund) Trafikmiljöingenjör/enhetschef. Jobbar med utredning, mätning, planering, hantering, skyltning och reglering av cykling. Vilka tillvägagångssätt har Lund stad för att samla in data om befolkningen, cyklister som icke cyklister? Page 36 of 58 
  37. 37. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  Vi hämtar statistik från SCB, från resvaneundersökningar som gjorts för Skåne, från lokala enkätundersökningar utmed cykelleder. Vi räknar cyklister i cykelvägnätet i kommunen. Vi gör olycksanalyser för trafiksystemet. Vilken data anser du saknas och vilken data skulle underlätta ditt arbete? Mer djuplodande statistik/fakta om vad folk tycker om cykling, vad som skulle få dem att cykla mer, vad som skulle få bilister att cykla mer. Vilket cykelrelaterat problem är störst i Lund just nu? Cykling på gångbanor, och den otrygghet som andra trafikantslag upplever med anledning av cykeltrafikens framfart, Vem och hur analyseras datan Lund stad samlar in? Vi anlitar konsulter för cykeltrafikräkningar och de gör också analyser. Konsulter anlitas också för resvaneundersökningar. Vi själva gör olycksanalysera. Beroende på vad som ska utredas samlar vi in den fakta som behövs och analyserar denna. Christoffer Hedeberg (Malmö) Vilka tillvägagångssätt har X stad för att samla in data om befolkningen, cyklister som icke cyklister? Trafikplanerare med inriktning mot cykel. Genomför åtgärder för att förbättra för cykeltrafiken och få fler att cykla. Projektledare för byggnation av nya cykelbanor. Vilken data anser du saknas och vilken data skulle underlätta ditt arbete? Data är ett väldigt brett begrepp. Befolkningsdata fås från SCB; olycksdata fås från STRADA; trafikflöden mätes på plats; resvanor, nöjdhet och åsikter från medborgarna fås genom resvaneundersökningar (vart 5e år) samt årliga kampanjer. Som sagt så jobbar jag inte direkt med rådata, men allt underlag (sammanställning) som kan underlätta planerandet av åtgärder är självklart välkomna verktyg. Vilket cykelrelaterat problem är störst i Lund just nu? Kapacitet i korsningar (och till viss del på sträckor) kombinerat med olika krav på hastighet hos cyklister. Vem och hur analyseras datan Lund stad samlar in? Vet ej Page 37 of 58 
  38. 38. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  Johan Irvenå (Malmö) Berätta gärna kortfattat om din tjänst Jag arbetar som trafikanalytiker. Det jag främst gör är att ta fram prognoser och gör en bedömning av hur mycket trafik vi kommer ha i staden vid utbyggnader. Jag gör även kapacitetsstudier. Vilka tillvägagångssätt har Malmö stad för att samla in data om befolkningen, cyklister som icke cyklister? En stor insamling som görs är vår rvu, resvaneundersökning, som har gjorts vart 5 år sedan 2003. På gatukontoret gör vi även andra enkäter och dialog med folk på plats, hej projekten, inga löjliga bilresor etc.. Mobility management gör t.ex. även uppföljningar där de ringer runt för att diskutera med folk hur de reser. Officiell statistik hämtas från Skånedatabasen och scb om t.ex. antal boende och arbetsplatser. Vilken data anser du saknas och vilken data skulle underlätta ditt arbete? Det vi saknar mycket data om är hur folk cyklar i staden vilken rutt väljer de från A till B och varför valde de den rutten om det fanns en som var kortare. I övrigt är det antal cyklister, restider etc. Vi har en del av detta och det som skulle underlätta är om det fanns bra sätt att samla in stora mängder data. Det är lätt att den data man samlar in är bias. Vilket cykelrelaterat problem är störst i Malmö just nu? De två problem jag anser är de största nu för cyklister är att cyklisterna borde ha lika gena stråk som bilar. Sedan med ett ökat antal cyklister och då vi har dubbelriktade cykelbanor är det stor risk att det blir platsbrist i korsningar men även att det är många fler konfliktpunkter i korsningar som leder till ökat antal olyckor. Vem och hur analyseras datan Malmö stad samlar in? Det beror helt på vilken sorts data vi samlar ni. MM-gruppen tar hand om mycket data om Malmöbornas resor jag gör analyser av räkningar, rutter, restidet etc. Sedan är det många andra också som tar del av data och använder den i sitt arbete.       Page 38 of 58 
  39. 39. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  APPENDIX D  INVESTIGATION ON APPS    City Walk:  User: 1,000 ­ 5,000  Last update: May 26, 2014  Description:  This handy application presents you several self­guided walking tours to see the best of the  Malmo, Sweden, and it comes with detailed tour route maps and powerful navigation features to  guide you from one sight to the next. No need to hop on a tour bus or join a tour group; now you  can explore all of the best attractions on your own, at your own pace, and at a cost that is only a  fraction of what you would normally pay for a guided tour.  Walking tours included in this application are:  * Museums and Art Galleries (7 sights)  * Cultural Walk (8 sights)  * Places of Worship (7 sights)  * Malmo Nightlife (8 sights)  * Shopping in Malmo (7 sights)  * City Architecture (9 sights)  * Landmarks Tour (10 sights)  All the data used in this app is built into the software, so you can follow the walking tours or use  the city map without internet access or cellular data plan. No need to pay the costly roaming  charges when traveling to foreign cities. The app is optimized for Android phone and tablet.  The powerful navigation assistance includes:  * Touring routes clearly displayed on map.  * Precise turn­by­turn walking directions from one sight to the next.  * `FindMe` displays your exact location and Auto Tracking displays your movement on the map  (this feature is not supported on device without built­in GPS function).  * Built­in compass to show you the direction.  * A detailed city map which can be used independently for your other traveling needs.  Transit Malmö:  Page 39 of 58 
  40. 40. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  Users: 50 – 100  Lated updated: September 10, 2014  Description  Offline timetables for Malmo's public transport.  GTFS, Skånetrafiken, rail, bus, ferry, Helsingborg, Hässleholm, Kristianstad, Landskrona, Lund,  Simrishamn, Trelleborg, Ystad, Ängelholm.  Malmo Offline mappa Map:  Users: 50 – 100  Updated: September 5, 2013  Description  The offline mappa map helps you make the most of Malmo in Sweden with a POI database and  search built in.  This is the mappa map for Malmö, Sweden's third largest municipality, a port city located in the  province of Skåne (Scania) on the southern tip of the country.  The Malmö urban area, Malmö tätort consists of the urban part of the municipality together with  the small town of Arlöv in the municipality of Burlöv. Which include smaller urban areas and rural  areas, such as the suburbs of Oxie and Åkarp.  The offline mappa map for Malmo covers Malmö Airport (Sturup), the train stations Malmö  Centralstation, Triangeln, Hyllie, Persborg, Svågertorp, Oxie, and Burlöv, and the ferry port.  Top 5 reasons to get your offline mappa map for Malmo, Sweden:  1. SIMPLE ­ No geeky features. It’s a map!  2. ENTIRE LOCATION AVAILABLE OFFLINE ­ download the entire city and POI database to  your phone and travel without an Internet connection. You won’t get any nasty roaming charges.  Your map will work anywhere.  3. VECTOR DATA ­ means that you get maximum detail, maximum zoom and maximum  coverage with a tiny map file that takes moments to download and uses hardly any space on  your phone.  4. POINT OF INTEREST DATABASE BUILT­IN ­ Search a dozen categories including,  restaurants, bars and hotels, also handy places such as hospitals, taxi ranks and public  transport stops. We’ve also included a fuzzy partial search for POI and street names to make it  fast and easy.  Page 40 of 58 
  41. 41. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  5. EXCELLENT COVERAGE ­ Maps are the very latest OpenStreetMap with superb coverage  and detail. And you will get free updates to the app and map forever as long as we add new  versions.  Install your offline mappa map for Malmo now!  Malmö Amenities Map (free):  Users:500 ­ 1,000  Updated: April 26, 2014  Description  Use the free offline map of Malmö and quickly locate essential amenities like public toilets, bank  machines, benches, playgrounds and many others with ease (not all amenities available in the  free version of the App).  Locate amenities without swiping or searching:  With standard mapping Apps, amenities are not usually shown, not searchable, or visible only  when you zoom in. So, you end up swiping left and right or up and down randomly, attempting to  find the nearest public toilets for example. With this App all amenities are clearly marked and  visible at all zoom levels.  Find available amenities before you go:  Not in Malmö yet? The App automatically switches to simulation mode. 'Fly' to any place on the  map like Superman and discover the available amenities before you go there!  Use the map and keep your privacy:  This App does not require any internet connection so you don't need 3G or Wi­Fi to use the  offline map. And more importantly your location is not tracked and stored on some company's  computer.  Famous biking apps on Google play:  Hangzhou Public Bikes:  Updated:  May 6, 2013  Users: 1,000 ­ 5,000  Description  备注:原版本的签名证书丢失,以后将使用这个版本更新  1,本应用只限杭州地区使用  2,应用显示当前位置周边1公里范围内的杭州公共自行车租赁点位置及其实时的可租可还数信息.  Page 41 of 58 
  42. 42. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  3.用户可以拖动定位中心的图标,查找任意拖动点位置周边1公里范围内的杭州公共自行车的租还车 情况  4.租还车数据是实时来源于杭州公共自行车网站  5.可以查询全市所有的24小时租还车点的信息  6.有些数据收集不全,位置有问题,欢迎反馈给我  7.新增杭州实时公交查询  Bikefriend:  Updated: September 24, 2014  Users: 1,000 ­ 5,000  Description  Bikefriend is an assistant for the users of the YouBike service in Taipei, Changhua, Taichung,  and for the users of the C­Bike service in Kaohsiung.  This app is a free open source software, respect the user's privacy and contains no ads.  Bikerker ­YouBike/UBike finder:  Users: 100,000 ­ 500,000  Updated: December 11, 2013  Description  Bikerker lets you find nearest YouBike stops. You can make sure there are enough bikes to rent,  or enough space to park.  Features:  *Offline maps  *List/map mode  *Free! No ads!  *Colored marker indicates the status of bike stops.  *UBike news (follow official UBike announcement)  *Widget (easily check your interested bike stop)  *Check transaction records  *Move to SD  *Favorite bike stop  *Directions and Street views  Page 42 of 58 
  43. 43. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  **NOTICE  This update might cause "Favorite stops" and widget malfunction.  If this happens to you, please "Clear application data". We apologize for the inconvenience and  thank you for the patience!  (We are changing the data storing format to avoid future Youbike website changes)  Keywords:  YouBike, UBike, Taipei City public bike, bike, bicycle, rent  Notice:  Bikerker has no affiliation with YouBike, and is not responsible for the data correctness. Data  source: YouBike official website (  UBike website provides history of recent transaction records. We only provide an interface for  you to check these records in the app. We do not collect these personal information.  It is "YouBike" instead of "UBike". ­­ by YouBike official  Moves:  November 12, 2014  500,000 ­ 1,000,000  Description  Moves automatically tracks your everyday life and exercise. Just carry your phone in your pocket  or bag.    FEATURES  • Automatic Tracking: Records daily walking, cycling and running.  • Places: Recognizes places in your daily life.  • Storyline: Visualizes your day in an easy­to­read timeline.  • Routes on map: See the paths you took.  • Pedometer: Counts your steps, so you can set simple goals.  • Connected Apps catalog: Use your Moves data with other apps.    BENEFIT  Seeing your everyday exercise can help you think about your life in a new way. Start with small  changes that can lead to a fitter lifestyle and healthier habits.    BATTERY USE  Page 43 of 58 
  44. 44. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  With Moves, our goal was to create an app that will keep your phone running fine if you charge it  nightly. In tests with Moves and other typical phone use, we’ve reached that goal, but your  results may vary, as there are many variables that affect battery consumption. We’re  continuously working on minimizing battery consumption even further.    SAMSUNG NOTE II INCOMPATIBILITY  Unfortunately, Samsung Note II cannot run its accelerometer sensor in the background. We  have tried different solutions, but we have not found a satisfactory way to support the device. We  would really like to support Note II and try to find a way in the future.  Nike+ Running:  November 6, 2014  10,000,000 ­ 50,000,000  Description  The Nike+ Running App tracks your runs and helps you reach your goals ­­ whether it’s running  your first race, or setting a new personal record. From first­time runners to marathon veterans,  you'll get the measurement and motivation you need to run farther and faster than ever before.  Welcome to the world’s greatest running community.    TRACK YOUR PROGRESS  Stay on track, no matter where you are. On the trail, treadmill, or streets, your phone’s GPS and  accelerometer accurately track your distance, pace and time. You can also track your metrics at  every mile with in­run audio feedback.    STAY MOTIVATED  Share your runs and let your friends keep you going with cheers along the way. Show off your  Nike+ level color and amp things up with a PowerSong at the press of a button.    COMPARE AND COMPETE  Nothing's as motivating as a little friendly competition. Compete with your friends for the top  leaderboard spot, or go toe­to­toe against them in a Nike+ Challenge. Just set a distance. Invite  your friends. And race to the finish.  GUIDANCE AND TRAINING  Whether you’re looking to take on your first 5K or smash your marathon PR, Nike+ Coach gives  you a training program, coaching expertise and daily workouts to get you race ready.  ­ Need help? Get support at  Nike+ Running Handsets ­ Verified  Page 44 of 58 
  45. 45. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  * Motorola Droid2 Global  * HTC ThunderBolt, Incredible2, My Touch 4G Slide, One Max  * Samsung Galaxy Nexus, S, SII, S III, Note, Note II, Note III, S4, S5, Mega  * Motorola Droid RAZR, Moto X  * Google Nexus 5  Noom Walk: Pedometer:    Users: 1,000,000 ­ 5,000,000  Updated: September 8, 2014  Description  Noom Walk is a pedometer that counts your steps all the time without killing your battery:  ✔ Automatically counts steps, 24/7  ✔ Uses less than 2% of your battery (During a full 24 hours of use, Noom Walk uses the same  amount of battery as 20 minutes of screen display or just 3 minutes of GPS.)  ✔ Motivates you and your friends with comments & high fives  ✔ 100% free, no external hardware required  Noom Walk is the best pedometer available for the Android platform. It counts your steps and  lets you know when you've reached daily step count records. You'll be notified when new friends  join, and you can always visit their profiles to encourage them with high fives and comments.  We'd love to hear from you!  For more info:  To report bugs or request features:  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  Q: How can Noom Walk count all the time without killing battery?  A: Noom Walk doesn't use GPS like most pedometers (which need to be turned on and off all  the time in order to conserve battery life). The app relies on low­battery­drain sensors and smart  algorithms to pick up your movements in the background, all day, every day. This allows it to use  less power than competitors, like Accupedo.  Q: Is Noom Walk compatible with Noom Weight Loss Coach?  A: It's 100% compatible and works seamlessly ­­ your phone counts the steps once, but they are  shared between the two apps. For best results, make sure you have the latest version of Noom  Weight Loss Coach.  Q: Do I need to wear a device?  Page 45 of 58 
  46. 46. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  A: Nope! Noom Walk works with the smartphone you already own and requires no additional  equipment at all (unlike Nike+ or FitBit). It even works with tablets!  Q: How can I interact with my friends on Noom Walk?  A: Once you've connected to Google+ or Facebook, Noom Walk will automatically show all of  your friends who are also using Noom Walk. You can click on their names to visit their profiles,  and you can high five different step counts: daily, weekly, all­time, and record days.  Q: I don't have/want to connect Google+ or Facebook. Is there another way to add friends?  A: Of course! You can create an account using just your email address, and connect with friends  using their email addresses.  Q: What if I don't want to use Noom Walk's social pedometer features?  A: Noom Walk works as a great standalone pedometer application, too. If you want to be 100%  invisible, just switch Noom Walk into private mode and it won't upload any information at all.  Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding:  October 30, 2014  1,000,000 ­ 5,000,000  Description  FREE OFFER: Samsung Galaxy S5 owners receive 6 months of MVP advanced features.  Turn your phone into the ultimate cycling computer.  Easily track route, speed, distance, calories, time with audio alerts and much more!  ★★★★★ ­ “Awesome ­ Easy to use and everything you'll need. Auto­stops when you're held up  by a light. Sharing controls and a great flyover of the route when you're done. Also useful to find  local routes from other riders.” ­ Atlstjohn  Basic and advanced ride tracking capabilities for novices thru competitive cyclists.  Track running, walking, cycling, and over 600 types of other activities with:  ⊕ Pace (Avg, Max, Current)  ⊕ GPS Route Mapping  ⊕ Distance  ⊕ Calorie counting  ⊕ Elevation profile  ⊕ Route navigation  ⊕ Nutrition, food, diet, and weight tracking  ⊕ Real­time Stats (avg, min, max) during workout  ⊕ Split graphs and times  Page 46 of 58 
  47. 47. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  ⊕ Voice prompts that give you updates on your progress as you go!  ⊕ Sync with heart rate, speed, cadence and power sensors from CycleOps, Wahoo, Polar,  Garmin and others (Bluetooth Smart™ and ANT+™)  ⊕ Compete on local Courses: receive automatic achievements and overall rank on Leaderboards  for popular local runs and rides.  ⊕ Tracks in the background so you can listen to music, take calls, and use any other feature of  your phone, while still tracking  Bragging (optional!):  ⊕ Post your workouts to Facebook and Twitter, or keep every thing completely private  All of your info syncs securely with your free account on  Training and tracking features to suit recreational cyclists, bike touring, commuters, all the way  through competitive racers. Great for training for group rides, century rides, and everything in  between.  ­­  Great for tracking any of the following activities: running, cycling, cardio, jogging, walking, weight  lifting, dog walking, cross country skiing, unicycling, downhill skiing, snowboarding, gym  workouts, weight lifting, basketball, soccer, hockey, yard work, yoga, p90x, crossfit, insanity,  interval training, hill runs, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, road cycling, dance, inline  skating, barbell curls, cross training, spinning, roller skating, endurance training, kayaking,  horseback riding, rowing machine, elliptical, resistance, commuting, skateboarding, rollerblading,  stairs, abs, sprints, golf, lap swimming, open water swimming, triathalon, track & field, group  runs, treadmill, stairmaster, weight machines , trail runs, cross country running, and any outdoor  activity  ­­  Be sure to visit us at for the full experience.  GET MVP FOR PREMIUM FEATURES  Gain access to exclusive features with MVP from just USD 2.50 monthly.  ⊕ Customized audio coaching tells you real­time workout details as you move  ⊕ Share your real­time location with family and friends using Live Tracking  ⊕ Analyze heart rate data for every workout (requires compatible HR monitor)  ⊕ Enjoy an ad­free experience  ⊕ Reach your fitness goals with personal training plans on our website  ⊕ Route Genius (web feature) gives you route recommendations for any distance, starting from  your current location  Page 47 of 58 
  48. 48. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  Find the full terms and conditions, and our privacy policy, a  My Tracks:  October 16, 2014  10,000,000 ­ 50,000,000  My Tracks records your path, speed, distance, and elevation while you walk, run, bike, or do  anything else outdoors. While recording, you can view your data live, annotate your path, and  hear periodic voice announcements of your progress.  With My Tracks, you can sync and share your tracks via Google Drive. For sharing, you can  share tracks with friends, see the tracks your friends have shared with you, or make tracks public  and share their URLs via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In addition to Google Drive, you can  also export your tracks to Google My Maps, Google Spreadsheets, or external storage.  My Tracks also supports Android Wear. For watches with GPS, My Tracks can perform GPS  recording of tracks without a phone and sync tracks to the phone. For watches without GPS, you  can see your current distance and time, and control the recording of your tracks from your wrist.  Strava Running and Cycling GPS:  1,000,000 ­ 5,000,000  November 3, 2014  Description  “The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Fitness” ­Fast Company  Track your runs and rides with GPS, join Challenges and see how your running and riding  compares with friends.  TRACK YOUR RUNS AND RIDES WITH GPS  • Follow routes you’ve created or found and view your activity map as you record  • Get key stats like distance, pace, speed, elevation gained and calories burned  • Collect heart rate data from Zephyr HxM Bluetooth sensors  CLIMB THE LEADERBOARDS  • Set personal records and see how you stack up against friends, locals and pros  • Join monthly Challenges designed to push you further  FOLLOW FRIENDS  • Find your friends and motivate them with kudos and and comments  • Share your activities on Facebook and Twitter  • Share Instagram photos from your activities on your Strava profile  FIND PLACES TO RUN AND RIDE  • Explore the most popular segments anywhere you go  Page 48 of 58 
  49. 49. DEMOLA PROJECT REPORT DEMOLA |  GO PREMIUM  • Filtered leaderboards by age and weight to see where you stack up  • Set weekly mileage or time­based goals and keep track of your daily progress  • Train more effectively with detailed heart rate analysis and see your Suffer Score  • Get your performance results immediately after completing a segment  • See which of your friends are currently out riding or running  • Stay on top of your game throughout the year with training videos  • Visualize your training with Power Zone and Pace Distribution analysis  • Access to exclusive Premium gear, Shop discounts, and extra rewards all year  • These Premium features are available through in­app purchasing  Strava includes support for Android wear. Use voice control to start and stop your activities, and  get stats about your runs and rides without taking out your phone.  Visit to access even more features.  ­­­­­­  NOTE ON GPS SUPPORT:  Strava depends on GPS for recording activities. In some devices, the GPS does not work  properly and Strava will not record effectively. If your Strava recordings show poor location  estimation behavior, please try to update the operating system to the most recent version. We  recommend running Android version 2.3.3 or above. Furthermore, there are some devices which  have consistently poor performance with no known remedies. On these devices we restrict  installation of Strava, for example Nexus One and HTC Hero. See our support site for more  information:­Does­Strava­3­x­run­on­my­Android­device­  Runtastic Road Bike:  1,000,000 ­ 5,000,000  July 28, 2014  Description  Take your cycling to a new level with Runtastic! Road Bike is the ultimate, road biking  performance app, which transforms your smartphone into the best bike computer on the market  – with over 50 cycle features, compatible velo hardware, and a complimentary fitness site.  This top­rated app (4.5+) has been specifically designed with road biking in mind, incorporating  every feature a leisure rider or professional racer desires. This app is 100% cycle focused to  give riders the ultimate GPS tracking and data measurement tool for any cycling activity – from a  bicycle tour in the park with the kids, to interval training for your first road race, to an intense  Page 49 of 58