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ART - overview for designers

Creative Architectural LED Video - a new visual layer to provide excitement to large spaces

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ART - overview for designers

  1. 1. Art© Creative Video Displays for Architectural and Permanent Installations
  2. 2. *Creative: - whereby something new and valuable is created Light Emissions is the world’s only dedicated manufacturer of Creative* LED video displays
  3. 3. We enable unique and engaging visitor experiences by the almost physical presence of powerful visual environments Museums  Brand Centers  Themed Environments Interactive and Immersive environments
  4. 4. A freely configurable, full speed video display system that can seamlessly fit into any architectural space Art
  5. 5. Art Bridges lighting and video – providing an exciting new ‘visual layer’
  6. 6. Art Very bright, with incredible colours and impressive speed and smoothness
  7. 7. Art Totally cool, with low energy usage, the typical lifetime of a system would be over ten years
  8. 8. Creative? Flames video playing behind dark diffuser A ‘new’ visual layer Bridges and complements ‘normal’ video and lighting Impact Size, power, blistering full speed video images over large and very large areas Experiential Control your visitor environment – for themed, immersive and interactive experiences
  9. 9. Creative? Diffuser – or not… A palette of surface solutions to give interiors lustre and impact Any shape Free your design from the tyranny of the screen rectangle! Follow the architecture - highlight the space ‘inferno lava liquid’ video on diffuser A ‘new’ visual layer
  10. 10. Immersive Play Change your space – by the season – by the hour – by the brand. Just change the video… Wave! Add an optical sensor – and there you are, waving at yourself in the screen… interactivity is fun! open LED
  11. 11. Interactive Kinetic walls Full speed digital video allows integration with practically any sensor Body shadowing… …or any other interactive effects Optical sensors
  12. 12. LED? Utterly cool Unlike ‘lighting’ LEDs, these video LEDs run completely cool. It also helps air conditioning… Energy Frugal Powerfully bright, but sparing on energy ticks all the boxes for the energy conscious installation 37mm resolution Lasts longer… … degrades slower. Once installed, works for many years
  13. 13. Video? ‘Pure’ digital video… …from your player all the way to the last LED… …ensuring… …smooth playback without ripple or ‘tearing’ of the images… jellyfish video and dark acrylic diffuser …irrespective of… …the size or layout of the display!
  14. 14. Architectural? Open LED Line your space with video Create awesome and engaging spaces – like this tree that slowly moves sideways…
  15. 15. Designed to exacting standards, for ultimate reliability, necessary for permanent installations With rich, deep colours, Art© displays pack a powerful visual punch while still running completely cool, lasting years Visual Trust
  16. 16. A new visual dimension bridging video and light Beautiful and rich visual effects can now give any interior space enchantment and mystery Beautiful
  17. 17. Change your space at any time – into anything Create immersive and interactive visitor experiences Exciting
  18. 18. So Many Applications
  19. 19. Bars  Restaurants Retail  Corporate Museums Stadia Casinos  Airports TV Studios Clubs Exhibitions  Malls Building Facades Science Centres
  20. 20. Installations
  21. 21. QVC Television Studios, London The shape of the screen was very complex with many small returns. The display boards needed to fit in perfectly with a pixel-by-pixel accuracy. There are 5 separated areas that must display a whole video image without the image jumping. Pitch 37mm View dark acrylic diffuser Mounting Backmounted in lightboxes Control media Server
  22. 22. Siemens Crystal, London The space is surrounded with glass and has very high ambient daylight light levels. The designers needed very bright flames, but with very dark ‘black levels’. The designers needed the ability for the screen to be mounted on a curve inside a sharp corner. The screen needed to be very energy efficient to comply with strict building ‘zero emissions’ targets. Pitch 37mm View dark acrylic diffuser Mounting ArtStrip Control interactive by user operated consoles
  23. 23. General Electric, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia The display needed to be ultra slim and lightweight. Not only for the walls, but also as they are fitted onto the six sets of wide double doors. The display also needed to run completely cool, so as not to burden the air conditioning system, and run energy efficiently. Latency, or frame drop, is critical so as not to see ripple or delay down the length of the corridor Pitch 37mm View open LED Mounting ArtFrame Grid and polycarbonate panels Control media server
  24. 24. VQ24 – 24 hour diner-restaurant, London The screen design is defined by sharp shaped ‘boxes’. The challenge was to run separate video media in each of the shapes, without light leaking between them. Additionally the designers had taken video of London street life and wanted to run these video images across the whole width of the screen. The screen is behind glass panelling, so reliability was one of the fundamental requirements. Also, the restaurant does not employ technical staff, so the operation of the screen had to be completely automatic. Pitch 40mm View dark acrylic diffuser behind textured glass Mounting free pixel fixings to shape into triangular shapes Control media Server
  25. 25. Interactive Wall, Paris Silicon Sentier is a ‘new technology’ accelerator just opened in the very heart of creative Paris, in the 2nd arrondissement. The tech hub wanted something extraordinary , with a wall that sensed passers by and immediately showed outlines of the viewers. Using Kinect optical sensors, Paris based designers Blow Factory provided the interactive media. Pitch 37mm View frosted glass diffuser Mounting ArtFrame Strip Control kinect Interactive
  26. 26. GE Ecomagination, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi The second General Electric Innovation Centre in the Gulf area was also specified by leading branding experts Imagination. This screen is 6.6m wide and uses 3 Kinect sensors to provide interactivity with the viewer. The screen faces windows but provides ample brightness to give the experience plenty of impact. Pitch 18mm View open LED Mounting ArtFrame Grid and Panel Control kinect Interactive
  27. 27. Display Formats range of display formats to meet any installation challenges
  28. 28. Display Formats ArtBoard©  Resolution, 18mm / 25mm / 37mm  1600 nits standard  Up to 4500 nits some boards  Full size: 290x290mm  Half size: 140x290mm  Mounting pitch 300mm / 150mm  Chamfers for diffuser mounts  Half boards can be mounted at 0⁰, 90⁰ three pixel resolutions, full and half sized boards with brightness options – very bright and brighter!
  29. 29. Display Formats ArtString© Dots  Balls  Pcbs  Dots and Balls exterior rated at extreme temperatures  Resolution 60mm – upwards  Full speed DVI video or DMX/Artnet control  IP67 Pixel by Pixel in any configuration. Exterior and interior. True digital video or DMX/Artnet
  30. 30. Mounting ArtFrame© - a range of mounting systems for simple or complex installations
  31. 31. Mounting ArtFrame Grid Large architectural surfaces Horizontal and vertical rail system Fast and accurate installation on any uneven surface
  32. 32. Mounting ArtFrame Strip For even and curved surfaces Fast and accurate installation with supplied mounting jigs
  33. 33. Mounting ArtFrame Panel For ‘Open LED’ viewing 600x600mm pre- wired panels for rapid and accurate installation
  34. 34. Diffuser Surfaces acrylic polycarbonate stretch Fabric glass translucent marble
  35. 35. Clever and helpful More than ‘just’ a screen Control screen brightness with your lighting controller Automatically dim the screen as the room darkens Graphic Backup in case your video player stops
  36. 36. Thanks for taking the time If your creativity is stirring - or even if you just have a project in mind – please do contact us for a chat, some advice or even a little brainstorm. Web Email Tel +44 (0)20 72842979 London, United Kingdom