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The Android open source mobile operating system offers vast possibilities to serve mobile phone business value chain. Android combines an appealing User Interface combined with the flexibility of open source.

For Enterprise IT Android is seen as security threat while employees bringing their own devices and connecting to company IS/IT infrastructure.

The presentation highlights, how Android can also be utilised today in the Enterprise as a platform towards partners and employees.

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Android for Enterprise - Teleca @ Droidcon Berlin 2011

  1. 1. Android for Enterprise Teleca @ Droidcon Berlin 2011© 2011 Teleca AB Mar 24th 2011 Ed. Peter Decker V 1.0
  2. 2. This is Teleca World-leading services and solutions for the mobile industry All leading technologies – embedded & end-to-end software 2,000 employees in 11 countries Local engineering in Europe, Asia & North America© 2011 Teleca AB Large-scale offshore centers in Russia, China and India Selected by the leaders in the industry Privately held by Symphony Technology Group 2 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  3. 3. Teleca’s Industry Leading Customers© 2011 Teleca AB 3 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  4. 4. Teleca and Android Largest Commercialization Partner in the OHA Involved in Android projects since May 2007 Responsible for multiple contributions to Android Teleca worked on all Android releases and all software layers© 2011 Teleca AB  Android Phone Software + Platform Extensions  Android Complements (PC Software, SDK, Emulator…) Most commercial Android devices contain Teleca code 4 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  5. 5. Android for Enterprise Use?© 2011 Teleca AB
  6. 6. Smartphones and Tablets as Key Accelerators of Enterprise Mobility Devices & Tags Networks Ecosystem© 2011 Teleca AB 6 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  7. 7. Leveraging the Android Operating System for Enterprise Mobility strong Management ecosystem IT Requirements Requirements protect ROI security security data link speed of device innovation change management© 2011 Teleca AB device form wide operator connectivity factors support web service bring your open and friendly own device customisable intuitive Leveraging Android opens up use a whole new world of potential for enterprises to deliver mobile solutions to their employees User Requirements 7 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  8. 8. Android Device Categories Evolving In Vehicle Entertainment Mobile phones Tablets TV / STB© 2009 Teleca AB Mobile Network Service Automotive Consumer Enterprise devices operators providers electronics 8 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  9. 9. Enterpise ICT Service Infrastructure Employee Customer© 2011 Teleca AB Cloud Partner Equipment 9 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  10. 10. How can Android be Utilised? Employee Customer Android for Marketing & Communications Android for© 2011 Teleca AB Enterprise Mobility (Employee and Android as Equiment Mobility) Platform for Partner Integration Cloud Partner Equipment 10 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  11. 11. Customer Integration Examples: Solution Enabler  Branded App or App Suite  Cross Platform Content Management (Tagesschau, POST…)  Paid and free Android Apps© 2011 Teleca AB (AngryBirds, Shazam,…  Service Access Points  Cross Platform Applications Development (Salesforce, Skype, XING, …) Key challenges  Device fragmentation (Android, Blackberry, IOS,S60, …)  Integration via Social Media  Application discovery and positioning on the Android Market  Integration of mobile payment 11 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  12. 12. Partner Integration Examples:  Android Special UI Editions: (Sense, TouchWiz, Optimus, Blur, …)  Android Special Devices Editions:© 2011 Teleca AB (GoogleTV, Autolinq, …) Solution Enabler  Exclusive Marketplaces or Suites  Development Tools for Development (Telecom Top Apps, HTC Likes, …) Partners (SDK, Community, …) Key challenges  Services for Operations Partners (Portals, Authority Seals, …)  Attract and support Developer Community  Android Enablers, such as  Market opportunity and Business Model DRM, NDK, OpenGLES, …  Variant Management for own Platform  Android Open Eco System  Integration with own services  Living Partner Programs for whole product lifecycle 12 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  13. 13. Employee Mobility Examples: Solution Enabler  Seamless integration with corporate IT  Public Apps and Cloud Services infrastructure and existing Solutions  ERP, CRM Clients, Productivity Tools (CRM, ERP, BI, …) (Salesforce, SAP, …)  Dokument Management© 2011 Teleca AB  Communication with the employee  Standard REST APIs (Voice Conferencing, email, Chat, …)  Mobile Device Management (*1) Key challenges  Device Security Enhancements (Data encryption, Firewall,  Legacy IT Infrastructure Device Key)  Data and Link Security  Business / Private virtualisation  Bring your own device challenges  Dedicated Corporate Android Apps and Customized cloud services  Device fragmentation  Device Management  Dedicated Storefront and Store  Mix of contacts, content, clouds  Android voice beyond 3G (RIL, IMS, SIP, VoIP) *1) Complemented by Solutions from Good Technology, Boxtone, mFormation, MobileIron, Sybase 13 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  14. 14. Integration of Equipment and Goods Examples:  Mobile Payment Solution Enablers  Tracking and Tracing of Goods  Multiple Formfactors support  Remote Maintenance  HW and SW for Tag Reader (Camera, NFC, local transaction, …)© 2011 Teleca AB Remote Metering and Control Key challenges  Seamless integration with existing Solutions  Secure local transaction, vicinity card (voice, ERP, CRM, …)  Android Embedded  Software update and maintenance  Technical extensions for embedded  Security issues (secure data access, secure  Business Model and Partner Program software update)  New Android device categories: „Smart M2M Modules“  New Android runtime environment: „SIM Applications“ 14 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  15. 15. Android Readyness for Enterprise Employee Customer Android for Marketing and Communication Employee Mobility Commercial Extensions available© 2011 Teleca AB Android as Platform for Partner Integration Equipment Mobility Extensions tbd Cloud Partner Equipment Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  16. 16. Add Typical Android Project Work ModifyApplications Media Home Browser Messaging Contacts Phone NFC Applications Customer Applications PlayerApplication Libraries System Services New Sensors New Services Location Notification Activity Resource View Media Service 1 Framework Framework Mgr Mgr Mgr Mgr System Framework App Package Window Content Telephony NFC Service n Media Launcher Mgr Mgr Mgr Mgr enhancements Libraries Surface Mgr WebKit SQLite Android Runtime Open Media Frwk SSL Customer Libs JNI GL | ES | VG Exten Device Virtual 3rd Party Core Libraries sions Machine NFC LibC SGL FreeType NFC Lib Hardware Abstraction Layer NFC Driver HAL Haptic Driver HAL HDMI Driver HAL Sensors HALLinux Kernel FM Driver BlueTooth Driver Flash Memory Driver HDMI Driver USB HW Specific drivers Accelerometer Audio Drivers GPS Driver WiFi Driver TV Driver Display Drivers WVGA (4 – 5 in) Compass Driver NFC Driver Sensor Drivers mDDR Driver Ethernet QVGA (2.4 in) WQVGA (4 – 5 in) OLED (256x64 mono) 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011Power Mgmt Android Touch Ctrl Driver Compass IC Driver Haptic Driver uSD Card Conn
  17. 17. Android is Adding Enterprise Features with Each Release© 2009 Teleca AB FroYo Gingerbread Honeycomb Ice Cream 2.2 2.3 3.0 3.x • Enhanced OTA • UI Enhancement • Tablet support Sync • Improved text entry • Improved WIFi and BT • Improved • Basic SIP support Messaging • Better Talk and Standby • Enhanced browser support • Exchange support times • GAL Support • Enhanced browsing • Improved BT support • Exchange device policies • NFC Support • Encryption • Improved SSL support • Passwords 17 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  18. 18. Conclusion: Android Proposition for Enterprise NFC Strong Developer SIP Momentum for IMS new service enabler DLNA for IT© 2009 Teleca AB If wanted, create a Open Source customized Android build System If wanted, Open Eco Enterprise Content Store System (Enterprise can be supported Content Store) Android can be a strategic business enabler in a way closed systems cannot be used 18 Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011
  19. 19. You have questions or need further information?© 2009 Teleca AB Your contact at Teleca: Dr. PETER DECKER Senior Manager, Business Development Teleca Germany GmbH Massenbergstrasse 9a DE-44787 Bochum Germany Android 4 Enterprise / P.Decker / Droidcon 2011