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How To Get an Online White Card (Construction Induction)


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This PDF outlines how to get a White Card online with White Card Online Express.

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How To Get an Online White Card (Construction Induction)

  1. 1. How To Get A White Card From White Card Online Express White Card Online Express: Fast, Easy, Cheap! Over 70,000 Constructon White Cards Delivered  Just $38.90  WorkCover Accepted  Valid: NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, ACT, NT  Complete in 3 to 4 hrs (+ assessment)  iPhone and iPad Compatble GET MY WHITE CARD View Demo Why should you do the course? Our course is Accepted In ALL Australian States! More Info Best Value at Only $38.90! Ofcial Accredited CPCCOHS1001A course Fast Course: Average Trainee Takes Only 3 to 4 Hrs To Complete Course Content. Assessment and ID processes also required. Fast Card Processing – Express Delivery / Express Post Upgrade Available! Reputable, Reliable RTO – Avoid Frustratons With Back-Yarder RTO’s! Easily Accessible – Do Your Course 24/7 – Jump In and Out As You Want! Leading Online Training – Watch, Listen, Read – Suits All Learning Styles! All Your Need is a Computer, Internet Connecton, and Printer GET MY WHITE CARD
  2. 2. We use Westpac's Secure Online Merchant and Comodo encrypton. We DO NOT store any of your card details ofers you one of Australia’s best quality courses at the BEST value price of only $38.90! Quality is important for you because the “back-yarders” are out there… their websites might look prety, but you don’t know what kind of online learning experience you’ll have, or what the service will be like if you need it! We are a real company, established for over seven years, with staf and a proper ofce based in Brisbane, Australia (see pics below). We ofer an EASY learning experience with simple-to-follow visual, audio, text and diagram formats that suit all diferent learning styles – so you can enjoy a hassle free experience – maximizing your convenience! Once you’ve fnished our online course and sent in the required informaton we mail out your ofcial White Card within one to three business days. We also ofer an Express Delivery upgrade that guarantees we send the card out within a maximum of two business days, and it goes in an Express Post envelope. All designed to save YOU MONEY, TIME of-the-job, and INCONVENIENCE! Here are some pics of our ofce in Brisbane. Yes, we are a real company, with real Australian support staf working all day to make your training experience with us the best it can possibly be! GET MY WHITE CARD
  3. 3. Summary of Course Informaton Course Title: CPCCOHS1001A Work Safely In The Constructon Industry (White Card) Course Qualifcaton: This course will provide you with the competency CPCCOHS1001A Work Safely in the Constructon Industry (White Card), valid natonally in Australia. You will need to complete the course online and successfully complete the assessments (Knowledge Assessment, Short Answer Assessment and Verbal Assessment) before you can obtain your Statement of Atainment. Course Duraton: Content: 3-4 hours; Assessment: 1-2 hours including verbal assessment Course Cost: $38.90. Express Delivery Upgrade (Optonal): $12 (No GST applies to this course) Course Literacy Requirements: Students will need to have sound English language (both writen and verbal), literacy and numeracy skills in order to complete the course and assessments. Course Computer Requirements: For your online course you will need to have a good internet connecton, speakers or headphones so you can hear sound and a printer to print your Statement of Atainment and Declaraton. The supported browsers include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9+, although IE is not recommended, see below. Your browser MUST BE UP TO DATE with the latest version otherwise you may experience problems. As mentoned previously, We STRONGLY recommend that you DO NOT use the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. We suggest you use the latest versions of either Chrome or Firefox. It’s easy to test your browser version: Click here for more info This course is compatble with desktop computers (screen resoluton of at least 1024x768), iPad, iPhone, iPad Mini, Android Tablets and Android phones. However please note the course is best viewed on devices that have larger screens than smartphones. Your device will need speakers or a headphone/earpiece as our course uses voiceovers to talk you through the content. Course Documentaton Requirements: You will need to have a copy of your Government issued identfcaton (such as a Driver License, or Passport) ‘certfed’ by an ‘authorised’ person (such as a Justce of the Peace, Commissioner of Declaratons). You will need to submit the Declaraton Form plus the ‘certfed’ copy of your ID document(s) to us IN ORDER TO GET YOUR WHITE CARD SENT TO YOU (Please read on below for more detailed informaton about this requirement)
  4. 4. Payment Security Policy: When purchasing from Urban E-Learning by credit card your fnancial details are passed through a Westpac Bank secure server using the latest industry standard 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypton technology. [horizontal line] Below is some more detailed informaton about the White Card course. It is not essental at all to read this. If you wish, you can get started with your course right now! Click the orange buton below: GET MY WHITE CARD Informaton about the Constructon White Card, and our online training. In order to work on a constructon site anywhere in Australia it is mandatory to hold a White Card, or the previous equivalent relevant in each State. For example, previously, Queensland had the Blue Card, Victoria had the Red Card, and NSW had the Green Card. These are stll valid, if you hold one of these, but you can no longer do courses to get a Blue, Red, or Green Card. They have all been replaced by the White Card. The ofcial name of the course is CPCCOHS1001A Work Safely In The Constructon Industry and essentally this course provides training in the basic principles of engaging in “safe Work Practces” for the constructon industry. Safe Work Practces: The ofcial Unit of Competency describes “safe Work Practces” as follows: “Safe work practces include:  access to site amenites, such as drinking water and toilets  general requirements for safe use of plant and equipment  general requirements for use of personal protectve equipment and clothing  housekeeping to ensure a clean, tdy and safer work area  no drugs and alcohol at work  preventng bullying and harassment  smoking in designated areas  storage and removal of debris” The government training website htps:// broadly outlines the purpose of the course as follows: “This unit of competency specifes the outcomes required to undertake Occupatonal Health and Safety (OHS) inducton training within the constructon industry. It requires the ability to demonstrate personal awareness of OHS legislatve requirements, and the basic principles of risk management and preventon of injury and illness in the constructon industry.” “This unit of competency supports the atainment of the basic OHS knowledge required prior to undertaking designated
  5. 5. work tasks within any of the sectors within the constructon industry. The unit relates directly to the general inducton training program specifed by the Natonal Code of Practce for Inducton for Constructon Work (ASCC 2007).” Source: htp:// GET MY WHITE CARD Who Needs a White Card? The short answer to this queston is “anyone who goes onto a constructon site”. NSW Workcover provide the following list:  site managers, supervisors, surveyors, labourers and tradespeople  people who access operatonal constructon zones (unaccompanied or not directly supervised by an inducted person)  workers whose employment causes them to routnely enter operatonal constructon zones. Source: htps:// registratons/licences/white-cards-cic Who Provides the White Card Course? The White Card course is provided by a large range of Registered Training Organisatons (RTO’s) around the country. These RTO’s are governed by several Authorites and sets of Legislaton and Laws. First is “ASQA” – the Australian Skills Quality Authority. ASQA governs the standards of training provided by RTO’s across Australia. ASQA perform regular audits on RTO’s to ensure they are delivering training to the required standard, which includes adhering to the Australian Qualifcatons Framework (AQF). Secondly, RTO’s are licensed to deliver physical White Cards through State based Workplace Health and Safety Authorites. For instance, in NSW this would be NSW WorkCover, and in Queensland it is WorkCover Queensland. Diferent States have diferent approaches to White Card courses. For instance, in NSW, WorkCover only ofer face to face courses, however in Queensland and WA, their respectve WHS authorites ofer online courses. In the case of the White Card Online Express course, it is delivered by Urban E-Learning Pty Ltd, RTO number 31973. Urban E-Learning has been in business since 2006, and has been an RTO since 2009. We are based in Spring Hill in Brisbane, and you can see pictures of our ofce higher up on this page. GET MY WHITE CARD
  6. 6. What Are The Diferences Between Face-To-Face and Online White Card Training? Since the introducton of online White Card course delivery, it’s estmated that somewhere in the vicinity of 90% of all White Cards are delivered through a course delivered online. This is because of the signifcantly beter convenience of this format. Face to face delivery in a classroom is stll ofered by many providers in all States, and this format typically takes up the beter part of a day away from work, plus travel, parking etc. The face to face modality can stll suit some learners beter, especially those who may require one-to-one assistance from a physical on-site trainer. The course covers topics categorised into four basic sectons:  Secton 1 covers how to identfy workplace health and safety (WH&S) requirements;  Secton 2 provides training on how to identfy constructon hazards and control measures;  Secton 3 trains you how to identfy WH&S communicatons and reportng processes;  Secton 4 deals with incident response procedures You can read more about the details of what’s covered in the course by clicking here. You can also watch a short demo of our course in the video below: [EMBED VIDEO DEMO HERE] GET MY WHITE CARD What Is Involved In Doing the Online Course? The Online White Card course can be studied from home any tme 24/7. Afer you’ve registered and taken care of payment, you can start listening to the course content. It’s important to pay close atenton to the actual course content, because there are assessments that you will have to complete. The assessment includes selectng answers to
  7. 7. questons presented through the online course, also typing in writen answers in your own words to questons, and thirdly, you will be required to complete a short verbal assessment with one of our Certfcate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE) qualifed and industry specifc experienced trainer/assessors. To do this you can call our ofce number during Queensland business hours. If our assessors are busy, we will call you back as quickly as we can, so be sure to leave a message. Once you’ve completed the assessments, your responses will all be recorded through our “learning management system” we call our “eHub”. Once your assessments have all been approved, you will need to sort out some paperwork requirements. You’ll need to fll in, and sign of our Declaraton Form. You’ll also need to get a Certfed Copy of a suitable piece of Identfcaton Documentaton, so that we can verify your ID. There is a full Checklist of all these requirements here. One you have these documents sorted, you can either upload them through our eHub, or you can post them to us. We check the ID documents, and make sure everything matches up. Once that’s done, we process your Statement of Atainment, which will be available to you through the eHub, and then we process your White Card. This typically takes a couple of days. However, you will probably want to upgrade to our Express Delivery opton (which you can choose when you check-out through our shopping cart). This means we fast-track the processing of your White Card internally, AND we use an Express Post envelope to send your White Card out. This is the fastest opton. What Happens If I Need Support? White Card Online Express prides itself on providing high quality, friendly support, through our customer service centre, based here in Brisbane, with real, Australian support personnel. Our support team is available between 8am to 5pm AEST (QLD tme zone) You can contact our support through our online helpdesk, or via Live Chat, or by calling our number: 1300 362 226 What Are The Computer Requirements? You will need a PC or Mac computer, with either speakers or earphones/earpiece. Your internet connecton will need to preferably be ADSL2 standard, and we recommend that you complete the course through Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If you do not already have this on your computer, this can be downloaded from htp:// US/frefox/new/ and htps:// We STRONGLY recommend you do NOT do the course using the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. We have a comprehensive Troubleshootng page for your technical requirements here. You will also need a printer so you can print out your documentaton to fll out, get signed and submit to us. If you wish to submit these documents through our eHub, it is handy to have a scanner, although you could also take a picture of it with a SmartPhone, or tablet like an iPad. GET MY WHITE CARD