Why no one loves a telco


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There was a time when the Telcos were at the pinnacle of research, development and modern thinking. They not only invested vast sums in the development and roll out networks, the also did much of the fundamental research. Their contributions to human factors, electronics, optics network and information theory were ground breaking. The invention and development of the transistor and optical amplifier are but two of thousands of such contributions. But that is now all in the past! The maturing of the technology saw them migrate to a new phase where they wired up the planet, provisioned the internet and became primarily concerned with commercial activities.

Today they stand between us the customers, bandwidth and connectivity! They have become unpopular (unloved) international organisations divorced from the needs and desires of humanity whilst holding the keys of the kingdom. So what should they be doing to become favoured again whilst at the same time improving their services, operations, and profits?

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Why no one loves a telco

  1. 1. Why on e o es N lov elc o! aT Peter Cochrane cochrane.org.uk COCHRANE ca-global.org a s s o c i a t e sFriday, 14 September 12
  2. 2. Except another... ...telco that is!Friday, 14 September 12
  3. 3. come ?Friday, 14 September 12
  4. 4. Public PerceptionsFriday, 14 September 12
  5. 5. Old World Not ModernFriday, 14 September 12
  6. 6. Unresponsive and not customer facingFriday, 14 September 12
  7. 7. ifficu lt to redib ly d Inc al w ith... de OMG, WTF, FFS, ARGHH *!?%^@~:`Friday, 14 September 12
  8. 8. Not forward lookingFriday, 14 September 12
  9. 9. on up pick ds to t ren l s ow & n d i es h a ol og is gg tec hn S lu w neFriday, 14 September 12
  10. 10. g on ves tin up een as in pick ds Not s to t ren s lat est & l ow he n d i es in t h a ol og is gg s tec hn lu gie S lo w t ech no ne ss es ine us as b & ideFriday, 14 September 12
  11. 11. Promise breakers and users of small print Up To 80Mbit/sFriday, 14 September 12
  12. 12. Gross Insensitivity & Inflexibility Democratic Decision ...planned to install 108 street cabinets but have been forced to ditch plans as Kensington and Chelsea refused 96 of .... planning applications for the cabinets. Dumb retort “The council said the cabinets weren’t in keeping with the historic streetscape. Now they can have the historic broadband to match,” www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/newsFriday, 14 September 12
  13. 13. More concerned with internal operations, costs and profit, instead of service provision & meeting customer needsFriday, 14 September 12
  14. 14. Holding the keys to the kingdom and slowing progress in a digital world...Friday, 14 September 12
  15. 15. And theFriday, 14 September 12
  16. 16. Well, where there is smoke you will find fire...Friday, 14 September 12
  17. 17. The reality is Telcos wired the planet and made the internet possible...Friday, 14 September 12
  18. 18. And in the past they... - Made major discoveries and contributions to electronics - Developed networking science and operations - Created information theory - Invented the transistor - Started the digital revolution - Developed the MASER, LASER and optical fibre - Produced a hugely diverse library of Patent and IPFriday, 14 September 12
  19. 19. But they have become hugely powerful, influential and commercial organisations largely devoid of the technical depth they brought to the table in the past...Friday, 14 September 12
  20. 20. The reality is Telcos wired the planet and made the internet they cannot stop But possible... short of a major local loop upgrade...Friday, 14 September 12
  21. 21. Or indeed allow bottlenecks and under capacity routes to allow internet traffic jams to occur..Friday, 14 September 12
  22. 22. None of this needs any miracles or indeed any new knowledge or technology...merely the application of what we have...and it not only costs in today it generates vast wealth tomorrow...Friday, 14 September 12
  23. 23. Some key realities... (in no particular order) 1) FTTH first cost in against copper in 1986 2) A rising bandwidth demand isn’t going away anytime soon 3) Copper cannot deliver today let alone tomorrow! 4) Fibre reach can reduce building stcok by 90% 1) IP over Ethernet can cut CAPEX + OPEX by 90% 5) GPON, BPON + made sense when fibre cost 50c/m but not anymore 6) MPLS is a big mistake - expensive, adds unreliability and latency 7) Minimising protocol stacks reduces latency, improves reliability & QoS 8) Minimise electronic elements reduces energy bills & improves realities 9) Sharing buildings/hubs/cables/ducts/towers earns needed income 10) Sharing long haul and local routes, cell sites, people save money 11) Competing on services is the real business, not infrastructure! 12) More mobile = more fibre and more opportunities to increase the RoIFriday, 14 September 12
  24. 24. Telco To Do List (abridged version) 1) Fibre local loop - fast - copper has no place in The 21C! 2) Open wifi + 3G at every home & office 3) Open 4G at selected homes & offices 4) Reduce number of network hubs 1) GOTO 100% VOIP & close PSTN 5) GOTO IP over Ethernet 6) Eradicate all MPLS 7) Minimise protocol stacks 8) Migrate from TDM to WDM 9) Share network buildings/hubs 10) Share routes, cell sites, people 11) Put more energy into creating new services 12) Revise business an operational models in line with the new technologies - let go of the old practicesFriday, 14 September 12
  25. 25. Investing in the future mi gh t ju s ts av e yo ur ...Friday, 14 September 12
  26. 26. Friday, 14 September 12
  27. 27. The £ $ € is in the ‘Meta Data’ Start exploiting what you know instead of just sitting on it!Friday, 14 September 12
  28. 28. What does it know about you?Friday, 14 September 12
  29. 29. Where you are ? Where you have been ? What does it Where you are likely to be going ? Who you have met ? know Who you are going to meet ? about you? Who you call ? Who calls you ? Who you TXT - IM - Link ? All your contacts All your urls All you passwords What you are doing now ? What have you done in the past ? What games you play ? What apps you use ? What music you listen to...? What you watch...? What you read...? ++++++++++Friday, 14 September 12
  30. 30. It is hard to find another industry faced with so many positive opportunities...Friday, 14 September 12
  31. 31. So stop asking what your customers can do for you, and start asking what you can do for your customers! •Friday, 14 September 12
  32. 32. ca-global.org cochrane.org.uk Thank You COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e sFriday, 14 September 12