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For millennia people have been travelling to stadia to watch and participate in spectacles of pure brutality and sport sponsored by kings, emperors, states, individuals. Today sport and other entertainment events have become a major global business sector with executive facilities, commercial sponsorship, broadcast and full media coverage. But, in many respects, the crowds and their experience has changed little. However, technology is impacting this situation and looks set to accelerate the rate of change.

In a similar manner to the airline business; the few pay around 80% of the costs, whilst the many fulfil the 20% or so. All the attention is lavished on the few and the many are neglected and remain a latent opportunity. The technologies of communication, networking, apps, Big and Meta Data can change all this by creating a ‘market of one’. Satisfying the needs of every individual and every group should be pursued as it leads to a world of new services and ‘pre-selling’.

The technological opportunities are endless with augmented reality able to furnish a view from every angle to mobile devices and wearables supported by real time details, data and statistics. Clouds and ‘networks without infrastructure’ can overcome the limitations of 3, 4, 5G and wifi systems that will never satisfy the need for growing customer connectivity and bandwidth. They can also help solve entry congestion and simultaneously support security and vending operations. Branded mobile devices with pre-loaded apps are also an obvious step towards the creation of ‘The Club’ identity and ‘belonging’ that goes way beyond the latest strip, scarves and hats etc with far more kudos than a gold card!

“On a grand scale this all involves Big Data, but for a ‘market of one’ it is the Meta Data that counts - that is where the opportunity and the $$$ reside”

All of this comes at a price of management and operational change! Embracing the new takes a positive mind and considerable energy in the face of day to day operations, but the workforce and the customer base is also changing fast with the old and old of mind being replaced by the young and young of mind. The tech savvy are on the move and making up an increasing proportion of society - and the trick is to leverage their knowledge and abilities at every level possible.

“Change is inevitable and accelerating - and you have to decide to be a driver or a victim”

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The Stadium Business - Technology of Engagement

  1. the  STADIUM  BUSINESS     a n d   T h e   t e c h n o l o g y   o f   e n g a g e m e n t COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e s Peter Cochrane You are selling emotional bits
  2. a  very  long  history Not much has changed ? View Food Entry Clubs Drink Boxes Seating Control Franchises Supporters Sponsorship Entertainment Or has it ? The Spectacle Construction Globalisation Technology Outcomes Transport Variety ! ! !
  3. THE  BUSINESS  MODEL The few up front pay for the flight The many at the back are ballast ! Know and look after the few Adequacy for the many ! Many treats for the few Minimal for the many ! Support for the few None for the many Just like an airline?
  4. positive  engagement Everyone pays (more) for the flight Everyone is known and looked after Treats for all as per need Support for all Making everyone feel loved ! Making every fan a part of the club ! More from and for less or the same
  5. Do  you  SEE  A  MASS  MARKET  ? Disconnected individuals ?
  6. or  a  market  of  one  ? Networked individuals and connected groups ?
  7. Do  you  SEE  A  world  beyond Seats, kit and apps?
  8. Are  you  leveraging  what  is  available Apps and data ? Exploiting technologies ‘for free’ to look after, anticipate and meet the needs of individual fans, and all their friends and associates, before, during and after the game…whilst propagating the emotional bits - raising expectation and excitement.
  9. Do  you  see  networks  of  Interest  groups Who share everything ! Something to be leveraged !
  10. The  screens  of  life The fight for eyeballs and attention span !
  11. A  view  of  universal  change Multi - Media Rules !
  12. simultaneous  screens  &  Audio Multi - Media &Tasking the new norm ! Working, watching, listening and playing at the same time….
  13. Multi-engagement Coping with complexity! Symptomatic of information overload and not some form of attention deficit disorder A different expectation!
  14. Business  is  changing  fast We sometimes have to accept the counterintuitive ! What we considered to be impossible, or very risky in the past is now being rendered safe and good practice by the enabler of technology - and we have to be prepared to change - to try the things that we once avoided…. In the past it was always the young and the new who watched and followed the old to learn the ropes of a new business - today it really is worth the old tagging along with the young and the new to learn new tricks - and to gain a broader perspective of what might be - and what is now possible!
  15. CusToMer  base  CHANGE The old and old of mind are dying and/or being marginalised ‘The young, and young of mind, expect much more for the same or less’
  16. role  reversal Full of tech wisdom - now teaching the old - and your future customers ! R&D Defence Industry Consumer School ➡ College ➡ University ➡ Computing
  17. role  reversal Full of tech wisdom - now teaching the old - and your future customers ! R&D Defence Industry Consumer Defence ⇐ Industry ⇐ Consumer ⇐ R&D Computing ➡ School ➡ College ➡ University ➡ Computing “Specialised”
  18. The  world  is  no  longer  simple It is connected, complex, and non-linear ! Complexity is a key feature of the universe - all life forms - and now all business Technology and people are engineering complexity - its expanding growth & spread At a fundamental level we don’t understand it - we have no generalised mathematics At a business level we have to embrace and leverage it - or loose money & risk extinction Computer modelling, war gaming, and decision support are essential - along with big data We need a symbiotic relationship with our technology to be successful - AI is a key component
  19. Change  is  not  a  constant It is exponential ! Top 10 jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004 1 in 4 have only been in their job for 1 year Average manager dwell time is < 2.5 years Average worker dwell time is < 5 years Almost all of the key technologies and apps you now take for granted did not exist 10 years ago
  20. Exponential What does it mean ?? More data/information will be generated this year than in the previous 5000 ! …and the year after that …and the year after, after that …and the year after, after, after…
  21. Loyalty  and  lock-in Branded technology: pre-loaded, fast and useful !
  22. BIG  +  META-DATA A modern market of one !Who What When Where Friends Domicile Opinions Influence Networks Movement Behaviours Employment Relationships Demographic Clubs Travel Status Music Family Sports Politics Reading Hobbies Ethnicity Interests Pastimes Education Behaviours Associations
  23. anticipating  need Creating and satisfying desire - never to disappoint Beyond notifications, fixtures, replays, team details, statistics and special offers: PRE -SELLING
  24. Technology A very small sample to be aware of… No spoofs, magic, or ‘wires around the back’ - only real and working stuff - game changers available now or coming very soon!
  25. THe  Cloud(s) Plural not singular because the internet won’t scale! P e r m a n e n t Tr a n s i e n t M o b i l e Open Closed Visible Invisible P e r s o n a l C o m m e r c i a l G o v e r n m e n t Local,Global People,Things Vehicles,Home Office.Campus Town,City Region,Country ZeroInfrastructureNets AnonymityWorking EmbeddedSecurity Auto-ImmuneSystem
  26. the  rise  of  the  Connected   The new modes and expectations are not an accident ! Speed of Change Adaptability and Flexibility New Technology Entries Competition Growing Global Market Threat Ecological Humanitarian Demands BYOD BMOB OPEN APPS Social Mobility BIG Data
  27. Networks  without  infrastructure Beyond 3,4,5,6..G and WiFi Direct device to device, and thing to thing, communication at will - free of cost or control…will power the ‘Cloud of Things’ as well as peoples…
  28. 3,4,5G nets cannot support the demands of future traffic and logistic networks… but vehicle to vehicle systems can…by providing the most efficient and relevant linking of users reporting their status and sharing local/pertinent information vehicle  to  vehicle
  29. people  to  people
  30. IBM  WATSON General knowledge +++ Deep Blue beats world chess champion Gary Kasparov 1997 Watson general knowledge Jeopardy champion 2011 Watson moves into medical diagnosis trials 2012 Watson adopted by medical profession 2013 Watson APIs made public as an App 2014 Watson Call Centre trials 2015 ??? Yet To Come ?? Truth Engine Search Engine Voice Search General Analytics Personal Assistant
  31. Augmented  Reality  Viewing Remote cameras covering every angle Watch that goal, that try, that touch down from every and and seat in the stadium in real or relive the moment(s) & angles delayed time Have all the vital info and data available at a click throughout the game
  32. More empowering than anything we have had before THE  future  of  computing Personal not Corporate
  33. Unacceptable   Ineffective and unuseful IT Dept’s Fixing hardware, Software, Nets, and Security is no longer key! BIG DATA Modelling Decision Suppor t are now primary ! Wasted Resource ! You get far better by outsourcing BMOD BMOB
  34. T h e y c h o o s e a n d purchase their own Apps, Hardware, and fund their own ISP and security… ! Thinking, working & acting differently... new  workforce Working on the fly!
  35. new  workforce Tech savvy, fully equipped… No time for rules, constraints of the past, Security or IT Departments…
  36. They see social networking is a vital a tool... …as is their personal choice and preference for specific equipment, apps, web sites and ways of working... ...they don’t eMail, theyTXT and IM ! ...they don’t conceal or hide they share ! new  workforce No loyalty or allegiances, driven by pure interest !
  37. Doing what you have always done but more efficiently will not work - attitudes, working and operational practices, have to change if you are compete on the world stage ... CHANGE  IS  NOT  OPTIONAL It is essential!
  38. What we know for sure.... In the next phase the winning companies and countries will have taken risks, and dared to be different... ...very different... THE  Future Belongs to those who dare to be different
  39. Thank You COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e s For supporting publication and presentations GOTO: Slide Sets also available via: