HR practices and technology induced change


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The world of work and employment has never changed so fast or been so complex, and it is showing no sign of slowing down. The raw technologies of communication and IT now see the simultaneous arrival of Mobile Working, BYOD, BMOB, Social Nets; Open Nets, Software, Apps and The Cloud plus Big Data. This is no accident - everything is now connected - and one technology enables/breeds another to satisfy seen and unseen demands!

Not only have we all become typists, computer operators, reprographic specialists, designers, photo takers and movie makers, editors and exceptional producers, our skill sets and abilities are about to be amplified further by artificial intelligence and robotics. Needless to say HR Departments are facing the challenge of existing workforces thinking and operating behind the wave, whilst the new entries are generally ahead of the game and prone to breaking all the rules!

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HR practices and technology induced change

  1. 1. HR  Practices   &    TechnologY   induced  change   COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e s Peter Cochrane
  2. 2. The  world  is  no  longer  simple It is connected complex and non-linear ! Complexity is the norm Complexity is accelerating Globalisation is growing CulturalDifferenceSkill Shortages are universal Integration and o r g a n i s a t i o n a l r e o r g a n i s a t i o n are necessi ties Humans always! the most difficult Embrace & prosper Deny & fail
  3. 3. complexity What does it mean ? ‘Not simple or obvious’ Resists analysis Resists modelling Denies simplification Unexpected outcomes Unintended consequences No generalised classifications No generalised mathematical theory No generalised description Mostly counter intuitive Generally confounding Conditionally difficult No, or, weak axioms Non commutative
  4. 4. non-linear What does it mean ? Outcome not related to input by scale and may see a different outcome every time even when starting conditions/inputs are the same ! How come?? - Minuscule/imperceptible differences in start conditions - Minuscule/imperceptible differences in the system state Small input changes can have a massive impact on the output
  5. 5. Natural  &  man  made Complexity, Non-Linearity, Chaos are the natural order !
  6. 6. connected What does it mean ?? The day of the independent variable is over The day of disconnected decisions and effect/s has gone Today unintended consequences rule…and there is no escape
  7. 7. The  world  is  no  longer  slow It is fast and speeding up !
  8. 8. Change  is  not  a  constant It is exponential ! A doubling every year = 1024 (1k) fold in 10 years In 20 years = 1024 x 1024 = 1M In 30 years = 1B My laptop is now 1M fold more powerful than the one I had 20 years ago!
  9. 9. Exponential Why it is a big deal !! Telephone Network Growth ∝ N2 ! Internet Network Growth ∝ 2N ! Cloud Network Growth ∝ N1/2 Increase nodes 10 fold = Energy Increase x 100 more energy x 1000 more energy x 3.6 more energy The telephone network and Internet will not scale to >7Bn people + >50 Bn things on line but clouds will!
  10. 10. everyone  is  connected And soon so will everything! Global traffic flows
  11. 11. education  through  a  straw People focussed into a corner leading to unemployment! Limited to 3 - 7 simultaneous topics/tasks Mathematics fails > order 5 In evolutionary stasis Physics ART LAW Biology TECH Maths Chemistry Humanities Religion MediaIT Professions are now multidisciplinary
  12. 12. Multi-talented  &  flexible Doers and the solvers of problems!
  13. 13. Education  v  ability Paper achievements will be outgunned by a proven abilty!
  14. 14. HUmans  are  simple  minded They cannot cope with or solve the complex! Limited to 3 - 7 simultaneous topics/tasks Mathematics fails > order 5 In evolutionary stasis Machines experience no such limitations !
  15. 15. Why  do  we  employ  People  ? Because they are cheaper than robots !
  16. 16. MATERIALS Organic + inorganic, printed, programmed, autonomous
  17. 17. No  casting,  Pressing,  machining > 300 parts are now printed
  18. 18. FRont  line  production Shipping designs and not parts
  19. 19. AI  -  HUMAN   Conflict or cooperation ? Without Artificial Intelligence many of today’s machines, technology, production and control processes would fail/be impossible… …and in the future this will be even more so…and if humanity is to progress we have no choice !
  20. 20. IBM  WATSON General knowledge In 1997 IBM Deep Blue became the Chess Grand Master - and now my laptop will beat any human with ease! In 2011 IBM Watson became the world champion at General Knowledge
  21. 21. IBM  WATSON Medical Expertise In 2012 IBM Watson moved into medical diagnosis By 2014 Watson became superior to any human Doctor at data analysis and diagnosis
  22. 22. People  reaction I want one!! A very high proportion of the general public appear to be ready to embrace the new technologies of robotics & ar tificial intelligence in their homes and places of work..and in everyday life ! …children and young people are especially accepting, as are the aged and ailing when needy of support that is lacking
  23. 23. AI  job  destruction Sweeping away the old Testers Tasters Analysts Advisors Educators Reporters Strategists Call centres Report writers Personal bankers Personal assistants Answering services Investment bankers Agents Drivers Assistant IT support Technicians Researcher Train driver Forecasters Receptionist Stock Trader Tech support +++++ Warehouse People
  24. 24. AI  job  CREATION  &  ENHANCEMENT Bringing in the better and the new Polymath Fabricator Geneticist Generalist Proteomist Multi-designer Problem solver Longevity advisor Big Data Analyst Cellular programmer Material programme Complexity analysts Medics Scientists Engineers Modellers Designers Detectives Architects Consultants Technologists Entrepreneurs ++++ Security Experts
  25. 25. BIG/META  DATA  -  BIG  RETURNS The power of the hash Highly mathematical and specialised, but a gold mine of opportunities
  26. 26. BIG/Meta  DATA  -  ANALYSIS Only one person filtered out by The Hash Function
  27. 27. more  pilots  on  the  ground Military aviation & civil aviation transformed Big expensive machines and pilots sidelined in policing, TV reporting, surveying +++
  28. 28. food  and  care  transformed Sensor technologies available to all
  29. 29. future  employment/employees New modes and different expectations
  30. 30. the  rise  of  the  Connected   New modes and different expectations Speed of Change Adaptability and Flexibility New Technology Entries Competition Growing Global Market Threat Ecological Humanitarian Demands BYOD BMOB OPEN APPS Social Mobility BIG Data
  31. 31. More empowering than anything we have had before THE  future  is  personal Personal not Corporate Computing My way works and yours is so slow I leverage my network and you don’t have one My laptop is so much more powerful than yours I need access so I by-pass the company network My network speed is far faster than yours
  32. 32. Unacceptable   Ineffective and redundant IT Dept’s Thinking/attitudes out of step with reality, corporate and people needs ! Resistive of any form of change ! Against mobility, BYOD, Apps, SMTP +++ ! Warped and paranoid view of threats and security - obsessed by firewalls and malware protection, Office Upgrades, inventory control, purchases, and network issues, but doing nothing about the insider threat, big data, business modelling, decision support You have to every 5 days change your password every
  33. 33. Can they cope with the sophistication of the new threat scenarios ? Do they have the same ability and resources as Cisco, IBM, Google,Apple et al working together... security Are you protected, is your team up to par ?
  34. 34. - Unsure - Unaware - Uninformed - Underpowered - Blissfully ignorant Pre - occupied by: Office upgrades LAN provision Old services Operations +++ security Or are they in the little league ?
  35. 35. new  workforce Tech savvy, fully equipped, no respect for IT Depts!
  36. 36. The see social networking is a vital a tool... their choice of equipment, apps, web sites and ways of working... ...they don’t eMail, theyTXT and IM ! ...they don’t conceal or hide they share ! new  workforce No loyalty or allegiances, driven by interests !
  37. 37. T h e y s e e I T a s ‘personal’ and not ‘corporate’ - ! Thinking, working & acting differently... …creating new fast,innovative solutions, groups, and operations... new  workforce Working on the fly using what they choose!
  38. 38. Management attitudes, working and operational practices, will have to change if companies are to keep up and compete on the world stage ...
  39. 39. case  study:  XYZ  Corporation   ABC market leader • Open entry - no airlocks • Open plan - no offices • 60% seating provision • Flexible working • Mobile working • Home working • BYOD • BMOB • Virtual PBX • VOIP PBX Client • No wired infrastructure • Power sockets only • Cloud provision • App freedom • ISP freedom • Open access • Open Apps • Transients • Associates • Part timers • Contractors • Multi Continent • +++ New Building designed for 21C working
  40. 40. THE  BIG  HR  CHAllenge Over the next 10 years + • Fewer Full Time and FTE • Shorter FT dwell times • Shorter project times • Changing processes • New technologies • More competition • More contractors • More transients • More machines • Faster change
  41. 41. Thank You COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e s