Clear Sighted Transparency - Transparent Optical Networks


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Today's networks mirror their electric telegraph and telephone forebears with working practices, building/facility locations dictated by a copper past. Many of the latest optical networks still utilise old planning and design rules, but Transparent Optical Networks offer new opportunities to break the legacy with direct links between countries, islands, cities, towns and villages. They also offer future proof solutions devoid of 'bandwidth blocking' electronics, and very often, do not require optical amplification. The attendant energy demands and reliability risks associated with electronic transmission and switching are also displaced by 'optical only signals' of a hybrid (analogue-digital) form. The operational opportunities and economic gains of TONs combined with non-linear optics cannot be overstressed as they eclipse anything and everything that has gone before.

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Clear Sighted Transparency - Transparent Optical Networks

  1. 1. Clear Sighted Transparency Peter Cochrane COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e sThursday, 5 July 12
  2. 2. Some things are inherently complex... ...and some things are made complex by us!Thursday, 5 July 12
  3. 3. Networks of all kinds naturally exhibit complexity ...of interaction, behaviours and outcomes!Thursday, 5 July 12
  4. 4. Networks of all kinds naturally exhibit complexity ...of interaction, behaviours and outcomes! Interconnection of yeast proteinsThursday, 5 July 12
  5. 5. Complexity rapidly leads to non-linearity... ...with emergent behaviours...and we have no real idea what is going to happen!Thursday, 5 July 12
  6. 6. Thursday, 5 July 12
  7. 7. We have no generalised math framework for dealing with non-linearity...and it may be fundamentally beyond our capacity!Thursday, 5 July 12
  8. 8. Our systems and networks will increasingly surprise us if we continue on the current trajectory !Thursday, 5 July 12
  9. 9. Although we fully understand layered complexity does notsolve the problem, we mostly continue to build more layers inthe hope that it might...Thursday, 5 July 12
  10. 10. Axiom: We are building a global nightmare of over-complex systems at a computing, networking, fixed, mobile, machine and human level !Thursday, 5 July 12
  11. 11. Economic and trading markets are prime examples of uncontrolled and misunderstood complexity!Thursday, 5 July 12
  12. 12. This is not ‘rocket science’, but it is complexity compounded by greed.......Thursday, 5 July 12
  13. 13. Digital Failures •Always abrupt •Mostly avoidable •Often caused by people •Unanticipated mechanisms •Increasingly life threatening •Dominantly very expensive •Reputationally damaging/fatalThursday, 5 July 12
  14. 14. te ca di is ra th rk e f o st h o tw u c e m u n n e m e ca W as th e m sw f ro aThursday, 5 July 12
  15. 15. Strange attractors that bring down networks today... .. ...and tomorrow...Thursday, 5 July 12
  16. 16. Strange attractors that bring down networks today... .. ...and tomorrow...Thursday, 5 July 12
  17. 17. Strange attractors that bring down networks today... .. and tomorrow...Thursday, 5 July 12
  18. 18. Dumb industry solutions like MPLS, FTTC, +++ are a result of unthinking short termismThursday, 5 July 12
  19. 19. Confusion is rife, complexity growing, and a wireless future can’t do it all... .. everyone of these needs a transparent optical fibre connectionThursday, 5 July 12
  20. 20. If we started from a clean sheet: - 180km between repeaters not 40km - 30k people instead of 160k - 60 switches not 7000 - Gbit/s not Mbit/sThursday, 5 July 12
  21. 21. Fibre rich networks instead of fibre sparse - no TPON, GPON, BPON, XPON... - PONS made sense when fibre was 30p/m - But now it is 1p/m they are irrelevant and far too complex - They are also bandwidth limiting - A ‘dog’ to manage - And reduce reliabilityThursday, 5 July 12
  22. 22. By the same token say goodbye to blown fibre...Thursday, 5 July 12
  23. 23. WDMA instead of TDMA... ...amplification instead of regeneration...Thursday, 5 July 12
  24. 24. IP over WDM...Ethernet...Thursday, 5 July 12
  25. 25. Remove coding to reduce latency, lower cost, improve reliability and improve performance... - Compressing signals to save bandwidth is old thinking - Bandwidth is cheap and near infinite - Coding is expensiveThursday, 5 July 12
  26. 26. We have to leave this legacy behind...Thursday, 5 July 12
  27. 27. We need to push complexity to the periphery and keep the network ‘essentially simple’...Thursday, 5 July 12
  28. 28. If we do not, this world will not be realised in the way we would like!Thursday, 5 July 12
  29. 29. We can only . .. ...w hat the futu re h olds . ..Thursday, 5 July 12
  30. 30. But we do know it will be mobile and it will eat bandwidth, lots of bandwidth... A transition of < 70 yearsThursday, 5 July 12
  31. 31. The expectation is anything and everything, anytime, anywhere, any format...instantaneously! IP over WDM...Ethernet...Thursday, 5 July 12
  32. 32. And this has to be global... be reliable and resilient, it will also be relatively dumb !Thursday, 5 July 12
  33. 33. Thank You, 5 July 12