A Cloudy Future


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There are as many definitions and descriptions of 'The Cloud' as people writing on the topic! What is it? How about the industrialization of computing – or Henry Ford gets into IT! For sure it is not a whim or a fashion – it is a serious step in the direction of connecting and networking all of humanity and all our artefacts to realize sustainable economies and eco systems.

To do this will mean doing much more than the past far more efficiently with far fewer resources. And that means marshalling computing power, sensor systems, modelling, decision support backed up by artificial intelligences that complement our own. So here we have it:

All our data on line
All our applications on line
Freedom to use any screen on any device anywhere
Access to supercomputing power
Access to intelligent search
Work and life agents that tune to, and understand us
Industrial and medical support at the point of need
New 'Guide @ The Side' education systems
Training on demand

Needless to say; none of this is viable with all the memory on our devices – in our hand, in our pocket and on our laps. And it demands bandwidth to connect. The Cloud starts to become really viable and interesting when we have bi-directional connectivity @ 100Mbit/s and above.

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A Cloudy Future

  1. 1. A Cloudy Future Piles Tulevik Peter Cochrane COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e s cochrane.org.uk ca-global.orgThursday, 5 April 12
  2. 2. What is it and what does it mean...? Mis see on ja mida see tähendab ...?Thursday, 5 April 12
  3. 3. The simple answer = Henry Ford got into computing...! Lihtne vastus = Henry Ford sattus arvuti ...!Thursday, 5 April 12
  4. 4. The industrialisation of the information world...and a vital step toward green solutions... Industrialiseerimise teavet maailmas ... ja oluline samm roheline lahendusi ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  5. 5. BUT, it is not back to the mainframe.... Aga see ei ole tagasi mainframe ....Thursday, 5 April 12
  6. 6. It is a vital move towards autonomy, beyond a few big networks.... See on oluline liikuda autonoomia üle mõned suured võrgud ....Thursday, 5 April 12
  7. 7. Public, corporate, government, personal and machine clouds of all shapes and sizes connected at will... Avalik, ettevõtete, valitsuse, isiklikud masin pilved kõik kuju ja suurusega seotud tahte ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  8. 8. Robot cloud - self aware Robot pilv - ise teadlik jaand cooperating... koostööd ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  9. 9. Robot cloud - of Robot pilv - ise teadlik ja formation flyers... koostööd ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  10. 10. Network Ordering Storage Operating System Provisioning Licensing And organisations can Database Billing stop doing all of this App Server Web Server Renewal Marketing and focus their people Data Center Disaster Recovery Sales Support on innovation and Security Authentication developing their future Sharing Integration Availability Monitoring business... Customization Patch Mgmt Web Services Upgrades API Backup Ja organisatsioonid saavad Multi-Language NOC peatada tehes kõik see ja Multi-Currency Maintenance keskenduda oma rahva Workflow Desk Top Support Analytics Messaging innovatsiooni ja arendada Multi-Device Search oma tulevase äri ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  11. 11. IT and security dept’s can be repurposed... to focus on analysis, modelling, decision support, and generally being useful... IT ja julgeoleku osakonnad saab repurposed ... keskenduda analüüs, modelleerimine, otsuste toetamiseks ning üldjuhul on kasulik ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  12. 12. People can choose the technology that meets their needs... Inimesed saavad valida tehnoloogia, mis vastab nende vajadustele ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  13. 13. Self sufficiency is the the new norm...in a multi-screen world where we need to access everything everywhere... Iseseisev toimetulek on uus norm ... multi-ekraan maailmas, kus me peame juurdepääsu kõike kõikjal ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  14. 14. It does not degrade security it improves it.... See ei halvenda turvalisuse paranemisel on see ....Thursday, 5 April 12
  15. 15. Mult-layer dynamic defence with multiple: - Devices - Applications - Access points - Seadmed Mult-layer - Networks - Rakendused - Pöörduspunkt dünaamili - Locations - võrgustikud - asukohad ne kaitse - Servers - Serverid mitme: - Data types - Andmetüübid - Teenuse osutajad - Data caches - - Mälupesi - Service providers - Operating systems - Storage locations - EncryptionThursday, 5 April 12
  16. 16. This goes way beyond today’s simple firewalls and malware detection... See läheb palju kaugemale tänapäeva lihtne tulemüüri ja pahavara ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  17. 17. It is not a nightmare control scenario, but a new level of freedom we never enjoyed before.... See ei ole õudusunenägu kontrolli stsenaarium, kuid uus tase vabadus me kunagi olnud, enne ....Thursday, 5 April 12
  18. 18. It engenders the move from passive attention to active participation.... Ta tekib Passiivse tähelepanu aktiivse osalemise ....Thursday, 5 April 12
  19. 19. It provides new degrees of freedom for creativity.... See annab uue vabadusastmete loovust ....Thursday, 5 April 12
  20. 20. It offers new ways and mechanisms to address complex problems... See pakub uusi võimalusi ja mehhanisme, et lahendada keerulisi probleeme ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  21. 21. It allows new models for science, discovery, industry and education... See võimaldab uusi mudeleid teadus, avastus-, tööstus-ja hariduskomisjon ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  22. 22. Just how does it do all that... Kuidas see tegema kõik, et ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  23. 23. By empowering Generation Y...who: Andes Generation Y. .. kes: - Come fully equipped - Are digital natives - Expect to use their apps - Demand open access - Are not corporate minded - Instinctively network - Know more than IT Dept’s - Have more experience...Thursday, 5 April 12
  24. 24. By connecting like minded groups of creative people who: Ühendades sarnaste huvidega rühmi loomingulisi inimesi, kes: - Embrace many disciplines - Challenge the old ways - Try out and test the new - Leverage distributed ability - Network their results - Communicate instantly - Share everythingThursday, 5 April 12
  25. 25. With new levels of networking at an individual, company and country level... ...on a scale never seen before Uut taset võrgustikke üksikisik, ettevõte ja riigi tasandil ... ... skaalal kunagi näinudThursday, 5 April 12
  26. 26. 1318 transnational corporations form the core of the global economy... 1318 rahvusvaheliste korporatsioonide keskmes maailmamajanduses ... ...supported by Ms of Small to Medium Enterprises .... ... toetavad miljonid väikesed ja keskmise suurusega ettevõtetele ....Thursday, 5 April 12
  27. 27. ...and billions of potential customers and employees using more mobile devices than fixed... ... ja miljardeid potentsiaalseid kliente ja töötajaid kasutavad rohkem mobiili kui fikseeritud ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  28. 28. ...offering new ways to become more efficient and effective... ... pakub uusi võimalusi, kuidas muutunud tõhusamaks ja tulemuslikumaks ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  29. 29. Thursday, 5 April 12
  30. 30. The Cloud is quite probably the most powerful tool we have configured in our entire history... Cloud on üsna tõenäoliselt kõige mõjusam vahend oleme konfigureeritud kogu meie ajalugu ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  31. 31. The wider horizon... Laiema silmaringi ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  32. 32. Just like time...change is a one way process and there is no going back... Just nagu aeg ... muutus on üks viis protsessi ja pole tagasi minnes ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  33. 33. Sustainability cannot Change has become be realised with old the new constant... the technologies and old new stability... industry models... Muutus on saanud uue pidev ... Uue stabiilsuse ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  34. 34. Managers and organisations are now stressed more than ever before... Juhid ja organisatsioonid on nüüd rõhutada rohkem kui kunagi varem ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  35. 35. We all do more and more work in less and less time, and it all feels... Me kõik teeme rohkem tööd vähem aega ja see kõik tundub ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  36. 36. ...as though the technology is driving us and not the other way around... ... nagu tehnoloogia sõidab meiega ja mitte teistpidi ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  37. 37. But we cannot work any harder... Aga me ei saa töötada mis tahes raskem ... ... ja suuremaid ja paremaid arvuteid ei aita - oleme piiramise funktsioon ... ...and bigger and better computers won’t help - we are the limiting function...Thursday, 5 April 12
  38. 38. “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place” The Red Queen hypothesis, Alice in Wonderland: Lewis Carroll "See võtab kõik töötab, mida saate teha, et hoida samas kohas"Thursday, 5 April 12
  39. 39. As ever there is.. Nagu ikka on .., hea uudis ja halb uudisThursday, 5 April 12
  40. 40. It aint going to stop or slow down...it is going to speed up ! Ta ei kavatse peatada või aeglustada ... see saab kiirendada!Thursday, 5 April 12
  41. 41. There are new technologies and new techniques to help us ! On uusi tehnoloogiaid ja tehnikaid, mis aitavad meid!Thursday, 5 April 12
  42. 42. We have to look for new resources and capability... in more networking, and a deeper partnership with our machines Me peame otsima uusi ressursse ja suutlikkust ... rohkem loomist ja sügavam koostöös meie masinadThursday, 5 April 12
  43. 43. As everything becomes networked...then new intelligences will also emerge... Nagu kõik muutub võrku ... siis uus intellekti ka tekkima ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  44. 44. AI for the professions and the masses via The Cloud... AI kutsealade ja masside kaudu Cloud ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  45. 45. For more on: AI, The Next Industrial Revolution, and The Cloud - GOTO: .... Lisateavet: AI, Next tööstusrevolutsiooniga ja Cloud - GOTO: .... http://www.slideshare.net/PeterCochrane/presentations http://www.youtube.com/user/peterstarman?feature=mhum http://www.tedxbrussels.eu/2011/speakers/peter_cochrane.htmlThursday, 5 April 12
  46. 46. The next phase of technology and winning companies willfor sure.... What we know have taken risks, and dared to be different... Järgmine etapp tehnoloogia ja võitnud firmad on võtnud riske, ja julgenud olla erinev ...Thursday, 5 April 12
  47. 47. ca-global.org cochrane.org.uk Thank You Aitäh COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e s 1995Thursday, 5 April 12