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TVA p3 00 ISSUES 151012


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There are thousands of different issues that need to be addressed, not just a few big high profile issues. The solution to a better world is addressing thousands of small issues so that the big problems resolve themselves. Better metrics are needed so that everyone can do their bit in making the world a better place.

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TVA p3 00 ISSUES 151012

  2. 2. CONTEXT This slideset is a Work-in-Progress and will be updated from time to time. It is part of a series that aims to describe the extremely complex socio-enviro-economic system that we live in, and how better metrics will make this system work better. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  3. 3. THOUSANDS OF ISSUES For many years I did work managing performance improvement initiatives for companies and also the World Bank and the United Nations. Why were there so many seemingly intractable problems? TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  4. 4. Big problems were a complex mix of many little problems … ALL of which needed to be addressed in order to have success. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  5. 5. Solving big problems means solving many little problems … thousands of them. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  6. 6. Society, and most organizations are not well structured to solve complex problems. The United Nations, for example is structured around many specialized agencies. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  7. 7. Each of the UN's many specialized agencies have a focus on a single sector … FAO for agriculture, WTO for trade, WHO for health, UNHCR for refugees, WFP for food, etc. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  8. 8. But solving development problems almost always has to be done across sectors … and this requires both cooperation and coordination … which are difficult. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  9. 9. Big solutions get complex … and complexity is difficult and costly to manage. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  10. 10. When small issues are not resolved, they grow into bigger issues that are difficult to handle and do not go away. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  11. 11. The problem of refugees and IDPs (Internally Displaced People), for example, is not caused by the refugees and IDPs but by other societal issues … war, famine, political oppression, religious persecution, etc. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  12. 12. Societal issues like war, for example, are caused by some set of grievances that have not been adequately addressed by leaders of society … worse, we don't have adequate measures of the huge cost of war … and no meaningful accountability. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  13. 13. Famine is caused by failure of food supply … which in turn may be caused by many different issues. Many of these issues can be easily solved before famine ensues … but this requires leadership and problem solving that is often lacking. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  14. 14. The same applies to everything else … small issues can be resolved before they become big issues and big problems with consequential major value destruction. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  15. 15. In TrueValueMetrics we consider thousands of different issues … because each of them feeds into others … NO SINGLE SILVER BULLET is going to be the solution to the bigger issues of our day. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  16. 16. Rather the world will become a better place when each and every one does there modest bit in making things better … addressing issues when they are small and always working to make things just a little bit better. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  17. 17. In order for this to become universal and effective there have to be the right sort of metrics. We have metrics for profit performance in the corporation, but nothing as powerful for society and the environment. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  18. 18. True Value Accounting is an emerging system of metrics that puts a value on everything … especially the things that are important for quality of life and the sustainability of the natural environment. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  19. 19. There is much more on ISSUES on the website TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  20. 20. REMINDER This slideset is A WORK-IN-PROGRESS. It will be upgraded periodically. It is part of a series of more than 100 slidesets. Navigation to these is available here: FEEDBACK is welcome. Please email to Peter Burgess … … with a catchy phrase in the subject line so that it gets attention, and please identify the specific slideset(s) involved. TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING
  21. 21. THANK YOU Some links and contact information: Email Peter Burgess … Peter Burgess LinkedIn profile Link to website Link to navigation to other resources: TRUE VALUE ACCOUNTING