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Here is a visual sampling of some of my work from the past 20 years.

Much of my work is ideation, research, innovation, then execution….

…and much of it is management…working closely with talented teams. Hard to demonstrate visually.

Look through these slides for inspiration or critique.

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  1. 1. My work. Peter Ashworth Leadership. Innovation. Strategy. Creative. Brand-Building. Messaging. Marketing. Customer Acquisition. Marketing Automation. Sales. Data. Business Intelligence. Predictive Analytics. Business Performance. Team Building. New Market Development. Southern California, USA /
  2. 2. Here is a visual sampling of some of my work from the past 20 years. Much of my work is ideation, research, innovation, then execution…. …and much of it is management…working closely with talented teams. Hard to demonstrate visually. Look through these slides for inspiration or critique. There are several sections…then case studies at the back. Stop if you get bored. Contact me if you want to talk.
  3. 3. A few of my clients over the
  4. 4. Innovation, Leadership + Business Performance Section 1
  5. 5. Innovation. Then execution, to create competitive advantage. I have worked in many industries. Here are some of my ideas & innovations in no particular order.
  6. 6. Project: Santa Ana Police / Homeland Security Project Goals: • Create a sophisticated Predictive Analytics policing tool within a secure, user friendly, web-based interface incorporating a multi channel local, national & global integrated database, that Police & Homeland Security can use on the streets and within vehicles to improve real time community Policing information. Description: • Built a state of the art, predictive policing & intelligence system. Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  7. 7. Project: Panasonic Avionics In Flight Entertainment Systems Project Goals: • Design & build the world’s most advanced inflight entertainment system. Must have best user interface, language translation (60+ languages) and navigation able to be used by every passenger from novice to advanced media user, on 80% of the worlds airlines. Must interact with all onboard entertainment, food & beverage and communications systems, while being able to interact with hardware & software systems, conduct eCommerce & operate in conjunction with high level secure communication systems at any point in the world, both on the ground and at 30,000 feet. Description: • Built the most stringent In flight System with controls, operations and security requirements within extremely complicated IT infrastructures for Panasonic as we delivered in next generation In-Flight Application & Entertainment Systems for the Airbus A-380, Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, and today’s advanced aircraft. Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  8. 8. Project: Northrop Grumman HQ, Falls Church VA 100% Off Grid Energy SystemsProject Goals: • The feasibility & design of a complete off-grid, low GhG sustainable energy system that will allow the defense contractor to operate off the electrical grid in times of crisis / need. . Description: • Feasibility studies, design & implementation of an intelligent sustainable energy system. Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  9. 9. Been working on this.
  10. 10. Project: World Center for Innovation, Michoud NASA facility & surrounding area, New Orleans LA Project Goals: Based on the old NASA Michoud Facility and surrounding area just outside New Orleans, LA, the feasibility, concepting, funding and development of a world class complete community center for innovation in sustainability, science, & clean tech, providing jobs, intellectual capital & new opportunities. Eventually leading to a phased, complete, world class community, bringing the most innovative companies to Louisiana, providing jobs, intellectual capital & new opportunities. Description: • Concepting, feasibility studies, and design of Phase I – Michoud NASA facility. Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  11. 11. Vision: JOBS & NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR LOUISIANA. The development of a world class complete community center for innovation in sustainability, science, & cleantech, providing jobs, intellectual capital & new opportunities. Concepted by Peter Ashworth. Built in phases over 10 years.
  12. 12. Project: The Ideation & Concepting of an Effective Emergency – Disaster Response SystemProject Goals: • The feasibility & design of a complete Disaster emergency response system that will help all parties with information and assistance during an emergency. Description: • The design & feasibility testing of a comprehensive Southern California disaster communications system. Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  13. 13. Ideas & Innovation for the Next Generation Starbucks Conducted a detailed program to research & present ideas & innovations to help Starbucks determine the future of their retail operations.
  14. 14. Project: 9th Mile – Like-Minded People Project Goals: • A consumer-based Internet group travel community for like- minded 30-65 year olds, providing a unique combination of organized premium travel, activities, camaraderie and leisure enjoyment - with the easy ability to meet new friends, network and stay in touch. Description: • The design, feasibility & creation of a beta program with initial funding of a new social networking organization. “Creating a network of millions of new friendships, create exciting new options for the travel industry, and will have a positive social and financial impact on millions of individuals, businesses and communities around the world. Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  15. 15. Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  16. 16. 1Creating higher in-store revenue In store big data-driven revenue creation project for Ann Taylor
  17. 17. Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth Working on it.
  18. 18. Intelligent. Business. Performance. STRATEGY | OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE | BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE | SALES & MARKETING SYSTEMS Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  19. 19. STRATEGY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MARKETING New Thinking Strategic Development Innovation & Creative Ideation Market Domination Brand Strategy Research, Market Study, Discovery & Verification Key Performance Indicators & Benchmarking Marketing, Sales & Lead Generation Planning Customer Connection Strategies Business Intelligence Competitive Benchmarking Organizational Realignment & Restructuring Profit Potential Assessment Human Performance & Recruiting Program Planning Landlord-Tenant Green Building Programs Go-to-Market Strategies Brand & Marketing Messaging & Customer Value Propositions Sales 2.0 Technologies & CRM Sales Processes & Methodologies Lead Generation & Inbound Marketing Sales Strategy Accelerating Customer Acquisition Marketing Materials & Demos (+ Broker) Internet Marketing Corporate & Broker Website Development Social Media & Thought Leadership Creative & Design Advertising & Channel Marketing Tactical Implementation Sales & Marketing Automation Business Intelligence Dashboards Database & Cloud-based Knowledge Technology Implementation Processes, Systems & Methodologies Change Management & Best Practice Performance Benchmarking Driving Organizational Change Human Performance Program Design Executive Team Building & Vision Zero-Based Broker Budgeting Sustainability Program Implementation Database Management BUSINESS CONSULTING. We help our clients create better strategies to create growth, and reinvent business performance in today’s ever-challenging world. We look to discover and create better ways to help our clients achieve their business goals through growth initiatives that can transform business, using detailed discovery and industry analysis, out-of-the-box thinking, industry best practices & brand-building, and leveraging new marketing technologies and global best-practices. [5.] what we do.
  20. 20. HUMAN. NATURE. Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  21. 21. CONSULTING SERVICES FINANCE Corporate Sustainability Programs Corporate Carbon Management Renewable Energy Systems – Feasibility Research & Verification Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Planning Financial Modeling & Feasibility Environmental Assessment Facility Energy Efficiency Audit Carbon Footprinting Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Emerging Technologies Go-to-Market Strategies New Energy System Design & Engineering Product Sustainability Brand & Marketing Utility Scale Clean Energy Project Development Project Development CSR Reporting & Communications CSR Program Design & Implementation Renewable Energy Systems - Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Integration Marketing & CSR Stakeholder Communications Energy Systems Monitoring Energy Systems Maintenance Facility Energy Efficiency Retrofit Corporate Sustainability Workshops & Leadership Training Carbon Management Capital & Funding Financial Modeling Govt. Grants & Incentives Grant Writing Carbon Trading Carbon Farming PPA’s & Tax Incentives
  23. 23. Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  24. 24. The Global Center for Sustainability Nevada, USA Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  25. 25. New Energy System: Domestic Heat Pump with Deep Dole Ground Source Evaporator. Generating over 1,900 Mega Watts [Enough electricity to Power the City of Las Vegas with 100% Green Energy] SOLAR | WIND | EMISSIONS FREE COAL FIRED POWER STATION | GROUND SOURCE | GEOTHERMAL clean. s u s t a i n a b i l i t y | n e w e n e r g y Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  26. 26. Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  27. 27. World’s Largest Winery Solar Installation Constellation Wines Innovated, Concepted & Designed by Peter Ashworth
  28. 28. strategy Section 2
  29. 29. Strategy is the basis for success. Without a smart strategy first, money & time is typically wasted, & opportunities lost.
  30. 30. Every project starts with the determination of business goals, then the development of best strategy. Here is a visual sampling of some of my work.
  31. 31. ZERO-BASED BUDGET CREATE FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE. Zero-based budgeting is a powerful way to change the way your organization thinks about accounting and financial performance in small to medium sized organizations. The approach to budget planning, capital expenditure justification, acquisition analysis, and P&L reviews and related decision-making, reverses the working process of traditional budgeting and transforms field managers into competent business people, accountable for performance- driven success. More effective allocation of resources, based on needs and benefits, rather than history. Motivate managers to create cost effective ways to improve operations. Increase staff motivation by providing greater initiative and responsibility in decision-making. Detect inflated budgets and creates improved bottom line. Identify and eliminate wasteful and obsolete operations Cost centers to identify their purpose and relationship to overall goals Increases communication and coordination across the organization Identifies opportunities for outsourcing Helps in identifying areas of wasteful spending + + + + + + + + +
  32. 32. Comprehensive marketing options. The Internet has changed how we now create customers.
  34. 34. My comprehensive brand building methodology, then go-to- market.
  35. 35. Some work we did for a Cadbury brand. More details next page.
  36. 36. Deep scenario & feasibility discovery for an energy project with very expensive implementation costs & far reaching impact over 30 years.
  37. 37. Demographic profiling for client campaigns prior to creative development.
  38. 38. Target audience discovery & propensities prior to creative or technology development.
  39. 39. Lead generation models for the Insurance & Financial Services Industries
  40. 40. Concepting new sales models for IBM partners.
  41. 41. A new in-store cross selling program using big data and sophisticated retail algorithms.
  42. 42. Commercial Real Estate Marketing Model
  43. 43. Real Estate lead generation strategy.
  44. 44. creative, design + brand Section 3
  45. 45. Personally relevant brands. Connecting consumers to brands through todays new web. There is a sizeable opportunity for brands to reconnect with buyers by understanding their personal values and enabling them to improve their daily lives.
  46. 46. 30 years at the forefront of great design, brand-building + effective messaging. I have so much, here is a small sampling of my work.
  47. 47. A brand is the proprietary, visual, emotional, experiential, rational & cultural perception that someone associates with an organization, product, service, person or issue. The consumer owns the brand – not the company. Their perception of what values & promises it delivers dictates the brand’s value.
  48. 48. Brand book extracts
  49. 49. Brand. It’s everything about an organization. I have conducted over 300 brand projects for many different industries.
  50. 50. Naming, brand strategy, messaging & creative for many companies over 20 years.
  51. 51. The creation of many icons & logos. Through a combination of science + creativity, aligned with business goals.
  52. 52. From this….. ……to this
  53. 53. A complete, organized approach to creative + marketing
  54. 54. Interior office design for improved business performance.
  55. 55. High end luxury aspirational marketing.
  56. 56. High design, luxury marketing.
  57. 57. Bosch cooking systems print (brochure) campaign.
  58. 58. Creative for an RFID campaign.
  59. 59. B2C real estate campaign.
  60. 60. B2C real estate campaign.
  61. 61. B2C real estate campaign.
  62. 62. Real estate campaign creative.
  63. 63. Real estate campaign creative.
  64. 64. Real estate lead generation campaign creative.
  65. 65. Real estate lead generation magazine campaign
  66. 66. Real estate lead generation magazine campaign
  67. 67. Real Estate signage concept.
  68. 68. Comprehensive marketing systems.
  69. 69. IBM Partner campaign creative.
  70. 70. IBM Partner campaign creative.
  71. 71. IBM Partner campaign creative.
  72. 72. IBM Partner campaign creative.
  73. 73. Sales person marketing collateral.
  74. 74. Cadbury campaign creative.
  75. 75. web Section 4
  76. 76. eCommerce + Social Shopping Collaborative Online Social Shopping. Today’s eCommerce is here. Social shopping is the exchange of product ideas, coupons, tips, deals, recommendations and rating with trusted friends throughout the shopping process. Social networks are maturing towards being an optimal channel for enabling trusted online engagement and conversations. Today companies must be eCommerce on the new web. I help our clients determine best strategies, then architect, build, manage & support our stores. We pride ourselves on a relentless drive towards performance, and take a contemporary approach towards simplifying the complexity of the multiple moving parts through an effective process
  77. 77. The new web. Fully Responsive Website Design. Build. Support. Social, desktop, tablet, mobile. Cross platform. Cross screen. Across town. Designed + built 500+ websites. Here are a few.
  78. 78. Project: Webhomes Project Goals: • • A responsive website to work effectively on all screens. .Designed with high brand awareness and lead generation capabilities. Designed to be a portfolio piece for the company, and to demonstrate unique & advanced capabilities. • Description: Built a high experience website with exceptional lead generation & inbound marketing capabilities.
  79. 79. Project: Voit Commercial Real Estate Project Goals: • • A responsive Commercial Real Estate B2B website to work effectively on all screens. .Designed with high brand awareness and lead generation capabilities. Designed to be a portfolio piece for the company, and to demonstrate unique & advanced capabilities. • Description: Built a high experience website with exceptional lead generation & inbound marketing capabilities.
  80. 80. Project: CPS Insurance Project Goals: • • Create a high brand website to create strong credibility through an excellent user experience, within a secure, user friendly, web-based interface incorporating a multi channel local, national & global integrated database, that affiliates can use to find relevant financial & insurance-based information. Description: Built a state of the art, branded web presence for a national insurance provider.
  81. 81. Project: Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Project Goals: • • The companies first Global website & marketing campaign. Design (1) a brand, (2) a campaign, and (3) a best-in-class interactive website that will achieve all of the goals of this prestigious Cadbury brand. Description: Built an industry best responsive website that was able to capture data, translate languages (global) and run in conjunction with multiple ongoing interactive, traditional media, and in-store campaigns.
  82. 82. Project: Sour Patch Candy – Cadbury USA Project Goals: • • Create a target audience (8-18) relevant interactive and engaging web presence that will support the business goals of this well known Cadbury brand. The site must have relevant content and function according to today’s web user expectations on mobile devices, & must include entertainment that supports the brand metrics. Description: Built a very cool website that immediately attracted a large number of target audience visitors (& won several awards). In addition we filmed 3 webisodes (short web movies) using a star studded Hollywood cast.
  83. 83. Project: Peloton Global – Insurance Services Project Goals: • • I managed the brand strategy and creative for this new organization made up of some heavy hitters of the insurance and financial services industries. I also designed the website, all marketing collateral and interactive campaign creative. Description: Built an industry best website that continues to achieve all of its business goals.
  84. 84. Project: Black & Decker Project Goals: • Create a dynamic site according to today’s web user needs, with content (video, how to’s, FAQs, and other home improvement project assistance to focus on new tools and products in its distributors stores to create brand loyalty and sales revenues. Description: Built a functrioning web model
  85. 85. Project: St Jude Medical Project Goals: • • Create a private Physician portal that heart surgeons from around the world (123 countries) can use to effectively communicate with their peers. This portal was able to run video, whitepapers, library, peer reviewed articles, case studies, and many St Jude FAQs, product demos and other SJM branded products & services, creating a strong brand preference for SJM products over its competitors. Description: Built a state of the art, portal for physicians that continues to achieve its business goals.
  86. 86. Project: Kerstin Florian Project Goals: • • One of my first marketing clients, this 30 year old Spa treatments manufacturer needed a brand rework and eCommerce web presence. I concepted a sophisticated website with ecommerce engine and database that allowed the company to market & sell 100s of products on the Internet. Description: Built a high credibility website that achieved the business goals.
  87. 87. Project: Heart of Leadership Project Goals: • • A San Diego-based not-for-profit organization that supports teenage girls and their families, and educates them to improve lives. I created a new brand, determined, designed & developed best web presence, based on their organizations needs Description: Built a cool brand, messaging & marketing materials, and website that achieved their business goals.
  88. 88. Project: Systrim PX – Weight Loss Project Goals: • Built a complete naming, brand, messaging, marketing and eCommerce web presence for this multi-level organization based in Texas. Also built 100s of mini-websites for their members to sell products Description: Built a sophisticated eCommerce site & complete marketing capabilities for this organization.
  89. 89. Project: Scott Wells – Plastic Surgeon Project Goals: • • A Park Avenue New York plastic surgeon was looking for an agency who could differentiate him from over 100 other highly qualified plastic surgeons in New York. We determined that he should be able to “demonstrate” his work through a best-in-class website, which would also function as the center of his lead generation activities. Description: Built an industry best brand, marketing materials & website, that achieved his business goals.
  90. 90. Project: First Team Real Estate Project Goals: • • Create a sophisticated, comprehensive, data-driven website that would be the core platform for all marketing efforts for this residential real estate organization, ranked as the #10 largest RE firm in the USA. Also rework the brand, determine resonating messaging & optimal target audiences, develop multiple campaigns, both web-based & traditional, across 25 different regions, with over 100,000 property listings, and 4,000 agents. Description: Built an award-winning real estate brand, comprehensive marketing and sophisticated website that achieved the companies business goals.
  91. 91. Project: Helicopter Support Services - Sikorsky Project Goals: • Determine best solution for the world’s largest helicopter support company. Conducted a complete brand rebuild, extensive photo shoot, designed & developed sophisticated eCommerce website with complete multi- language parts catalogue for over 50,000 parts. Description: Built a state of the art, system that achieved the business goals of Sikorsky & HSI.
  92. 92. Project: Helicopter Support Services - Sikorsky Project Goals: • • 27 brands, and the world’s largest manufacturers of mowers, tractors, truck-mounted cleaners, industrial equipment, Alamo transacts $100,000 in parts per hour. They did not have a website, so needed a web-based information & procurement portal that could provide an up- to-the-minute inventory, eCommerce & shipping capability to over 15,000 dealers & municipalities. Description: Built a state of the art web solution that controlled inventory to over 300,000 parts and sales, while providing information to stakeholders world-wide.
  93. 93. Project: ELM Resources - Bank Project Goals: • • A $76billion student loan bank, Elm was looking to improve its brand awareness, and its reach into high schools, colleges and student families across the USA & globally. I designed a comprehensive database site with strong content, calculators, widgets, video and many other elements. Description: Full brand development & website launch with ongoing content and technical support.
  94. 94. Project: DD Child Consulting Project Goals: • • Determine best brand & web solution for this Child Psychologist to create brand awareness & build clientele. Primarily looking for a professional web presence with strong search engine keyword aligned content and social media as client does not plan to commit to a big marketing budget, & culturally psychologists (& many physicians) do not like to use strong marketing. Description: Researched, designed & built a professional website that has excellent content and strong Google ranking.
  95. 95. Project: Unigene – Peptide Science Project Goals: • This publically traded biopharmaceutical company, engaged in the research and development of peptides for medical drug use. They needed a complete rebrand, effective messaging, marketing & trade show materials, and a best- in-class website that provided information on current medical advances, and information to shareholders. Description: Created a industry-best rebrand, materials and website that achieved their business goals.
  96. 96. Project: Pateadores Soccer Academy Project Goals: • • The number #11 Soccer Academy in the US, Pateadores needed a web and brand awareness capability to assist with recruiting top players, and to create a web-based tool for information and social media. Description: Built the best Soccer website in the USA and achievement of the Academy’s business goals.
  97. 97. Project: REI Wise – Real Estate Investment Project Goals: • A real estate analysis & investment tool this site is the platform and interface for a sophisticated national analytical database of properties and investors. Description: Built a brand, marketing materials and website that is best-in-class and achieves its business goals.
  98. 98. Project: Alteer – Medical Software Project Goals: • A complete rebranding & marketing strategy for this established medical software firm. We determined best messaging and target audience subsets, then created a progressive marketing campaign and best-in-class website with calculators, apps, and targeted content for inbound lead generation. Description: A complete brand makeover and website to achieve the software creators business goals.
  99. 99. Project: Deano & the Dynamos Project Goals: • • A web based communications system for this retro rockin’ kids Pastor & Christian Artist. He needed a platform to build brand awareness, and entertainment online. Description: Built a high entertainment website that runs video, takes donations, books gigs & concerts & sells digital music and CD’s.
  100. 100. Project: Conectrix - Telecommunications Project Goals: • Create brand credibility in a competitive market with a brand, marketing materials & high credibility website with user tools/apps. . Description: Built a complete brand, messaging, and website for this telecommunications company to achieve their business goals.
  101. 101. Project Goals: • • The world’s largest American Art Museum. Create a strong online presence (website) to promote and sell tickets nationally & internationally for the revered biennial art exhibition. Description: Built a highly creative website that effectively promoted the Biennial, its opening gala, its featured artists, interactive exhibits, and ticket sales. Additionally, built a new ticketing system and database integration to improve ticketing efficiencies & lower ticket sales costs. Project: Whitney Museum of American Art, NY
  102. 102. Project: Cortex Pharmaceuticals Project Goals: • A cutting edge neuroscience company needed effective messaging, standout brand, materials and website to tell its story, keep investors informed and build awareness in the medical and investor spaces. Description: Built a brand identity, marketing materials and website to achieve this company’s business goals.
  103. 103. 100s of email campaigns.
  104. 104. data + business intelligence Section 5
  105. 105. REVIEW, COMPARE AND EVALUATE BUSINESS SCENARIOS, CONDITIONS, DRIVERS, RATES AND ASSUMPTIONS. Dashboards incorporate the capture of key business data from a business and applying statistical modeling, adaptive learning, data mining, historical performance and benchmark analysis give business leaders immediate insight into root causes and trends over time. A dashboard gives key insight across the company and drives collaboration between top leaders and key decision makers, recommending specific actions and strategies where applicable. The real time data helps guide your decisions, helping you rapidly improve performance. Business Analytics Predictive Analytics Business Intelligence Performance Dashboard Data Interrogation & Modeling Human Performance Engines INTELLIGENT. DASHBOARD. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. KEY INFORMATION IN REAL TIME, WHEN AND WHERE IT’S NEEDED. + + + + + +
  106. 106. THE CRITICAL BUSINESS METRICS YOU WANT ANY TIME. RECOMMENDING SPECIFIC ACTIONS AND STRATEGIES. Wireless information technology presenting real time data on your laptop, tablet or phone allows you to determine and monitor key performance factors and variables for your business as they happen, allowing you to make correctional changes – and monitor performance from anywhere. Operational Financial Costs & Materials Staffing Logistics Cash Flow Marketing & Lead Generation Sales Performance Manufacturing Profitability DASHBOARD ON-THE-GO KEY BUSINESS INFORMATION FOR LEADERS. ANYWHERE. LAPTOP, TABLET, SMART PHONE. + + + + + + + + + +
  107. 107. eCommerce Site Conversion Path
  108. 108. KNOW your customers REAL needs. [Who are your most profitable customers?]
  109. 109. advertising + traditional marketing Section 6
  110. 110. Samsung campaign 1
  111. 111. Samsung campaign 2
  112. 112. Cardiogenesis Campaign I.
  113. 113. Cardiogenesis Campaign II & III.
  114. 114. TV advertising
  115. 115. Newspaper advertising.
  116. 116. Trade show booths.
  117. 117. customer acquisition Section 7
  119. 119. PURE WHITE LEAD GENERATION ENGINE Create New Clients Build New Revenue Increased Profitability Professional Messaging & Communications Increased Brand Awareness Improved Industry Credibility Ease of Communications Marketing Automation Platform Improved Lifetime Customer Value Improved Ability to Expand
  121. 121. case studies Section 8
  122. 122. Creating rapid data flow & visibility to support new lines of business. Speeding traffic flow, & database integration, reducing carbon emissions, saving the planet one intersection at a time. Lowering the cost of healthcare by transforming medical practice management through complete marketing solutions. Developing new brands, active channel marketing, and an integrated eCommerce solution for the USA’s largest perfume distributor Apartment for rent. Available now. Mobile marketing “real time” apartments available database campaigns. Fashion Flows. Inventory & control at point-of-sale. Thin is in. Launching the world’s thinnest phone. We developed a new generation of in-flight entertainment systems on a new generation of super-jet- liners. Brand-building at the world’s leading helicopter logistics support organization. A better user experience and a better brand for a $36billion market leader in student loans. Supporting financial services through systems integration & information flow. Pamper yourself through luxury spa products brand & eCommerce online. Multi-health marketing through multi- channel brands. The world’s largest American Art Museum needed a marketing & technology hand. 30 hours. 16 venues globally. 3.5 billion people in 180 countries. The largest humanitarian event ever. Luxury Real Estate. Strategy, bran d, web 2.0 & advertising for the USA’s 10th largest real estate company. case studies LIVE BEAUTIFULLY™
  123. 123. Project: The New Northrop Grumman Corporate Office, Falls Church Virginia. The First Large Scale Commercial Building 100% Off-the-Grid in the USA. Oversaw the Project as Chief Energy Consultant for Northrop Grumman’s 335,000 sq ft HQ. SOLAR PV | WIND TURBINE | FUEL CELL | MICROTURBINE | BIO DIESEL | BIO GAS | POWER MANAGEMENT | CONSTRUCTION clean.
  124. 124. Brilliant Blue implemented the unified and integrated commerce product while updating the Alamo Group company brand. Brilliant Blue’s research identified Alamo Group’s market perception as Quality, Stability, Strength, and Durability and therefore needed to both reinforce these qualities and provide a robust and scaleable online commerce presence rich with capabilities. In addition, Alamo Group’s custom requirements required Brilliant Blue to be flexible enough to implement new features that would further provide customers a faster and more complete experience working with Alamo Group companies. Since the initial rollout in 2006, Alamo Group’s online usages statistics show that a steady increased trend in online usage has resulted in some Alamo Group businesses reporting at least 90% of their total sales through the B2B / B2C commerce solutions. In addition, elimination of previous software and systems licenses allows Alamo Group to reduce their total cost of ownership by 71% over 2 years. With new features added daily to systems, Brilliant Blue can continue to provide Alamo Group member companies, distributors, and customers a rich and complete user experience. Brilliant Blue was engaged to update their brand, reinforce their strong market perception, and ultimately rollout completely integrated B2B and B2C websites. Brilliant Blue implemented their online commerce product BlueCommerce and integrated it into Alamo Group’s ERP J.D. Edwards Enterprise One. The solution is hosted at Brilliant Blue’s One Wilshire facility, and provides real time access to Alamo Group’s product catalog and order entry system. In addition, customer service modules, warranty modules, and an integrated Engineering information portal, is seamlessly integrated. Alamo Group (NYSE: ALG) needed to unify their brand across many international member companies, while implementing a completely integrated B2B and B2C web presence. This presence needed to be fully integrated into Oracle (JDE) Enterprise One so that customers and distributors may order and ship, while obtaining the latest information about Engineered products in real time. In addition, marketing reports were needed so that Alamo Group member companies may make needed business decisions about customers, distributors, and products. Alamo Group also needed a robust and scalable hosting solution to meet the needs of a 24/7, international online presence. Infrastructure…middleware…commerce...applications…systems…implementation How do you develop a unified web brand for a family of two dozen companies that design, build, and sell products for agricultural, industrial, commercial and government markets? CHALLENGE: SOLUTION: BENEFIT:
  125. 125. How did we help a leading IBM licensee create a new, aligned brand & customer connection capabilities that increased market share in the toughest economy in 47 years? ASG Is one of the top 5, IBM hardware resellers in the USA. The company was experiencing the toughest market decline in its history, and needed help with its brand and customer acquisition strategies to create growth in a very competitive market place. Over the years new competitors had moved into the region (Western States), and the brand had become tired and less effective, resulting in its sales force experiencing challenges in new customer acquisition. ASG not only needed better credibility and messaging of it’s unique selling proposition, but needed to re-look at its entire selling strategies, to create Web /mobile 2.0 processes, methodologies, channels, and capabilities that its customers were more opt to prefer. Brilliant Blue was engaged to help determine better strategies, then to implement comprehensive Web & traditional marketing solutions. After detailed competitive research, a new customer connection model was formulated & established that would give the company an advantage in the market place. Brilliant Blue then rolled out a complete new identity and marketing materials, including a 2.0 website incorporating multiple features, widgets, apps, calculators. case studies, white papers, wikis, blogs, forums, surveys, and many other customer-friendly tools to assist with their purchase decision relevant to the clients needs. Brilliant Blue helped to re-align the new brand according to the needs of its customers, resulting in strong financial performance against its competitors - in an extremely tough market. Additionally after polling its client base, ASG has received very favorable comments about its much better, more simple, and richer experience aligned with customer needs when working with them, anticipating continued growth in new clients and market share. CHALLENGE: SOLUTION: BENEFIT:
  126. 126. CHALLENGE: Launching a new, innovative, brand in a traditional business market. The insurance and financial services industry is a traditionally conservative industry, dominated by large entities, where vertical specialization is the norm. Our client is in the financial products and services segment. Typically insurance and financial services companies refer to the marketing & business development function as “IMO’s” (Independent Marketing Organizations). These are often internal departments primarily focused on lead generation activities, and are somewhat limited on resources, innovation, or marketing capabilities . Best practices in both marketing, and products and services distribution take many years to build, and come at considerable cost. A clear opportunity existed in the marketplace for an organization that could leverage the resource synergy’s of industry best practices. Brilliant Blue was engaged to create an entity that could accomplish these goals. Complete brand-building, including naming, identity, and all marketing and customer connection strategies including web, data, interactive and traditional marketing & advertising materials, – creating Peloton Global Distribution Services is a best-in-class marketing organization offering its members in insurance and financial services distribution - strategic insight, knowledge, and direct access to extensive market capabilities and resources to create higher performance. Peloton was able to acquire multiple new members, who were able to leverage the combined individual strengths of: - Strategic Insight, Think Tank & Opportunities Planning. - Extensive Market Research, Intelligence and Knowledge. - Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships Towards Business-Building. - The Capabilities to Create Innovation in Management, Marketing and Operational Practices. - Comprehensive Marketing and Lead Generation Capabilities to Increase Revenues in Existing Markets. SOLUTION: BENEFIT:
  127. 127. SOLUTION: Brilliant Blue chose to redefine the user experience by utilizing IBM’s Websphere Portal platform. By making use of WebSphere Portal dynamic UI framework, Web Content Manager, in addition to building custom AJAX-enabled UI components they enriched the user experience, and simplified the online delivery of student loans. Ajax is a JavaScript and XML based framework that adds powerful interactive capabilities. BENEFIT: ELM Resources new user interface has enabled them to enhance the service it provides to schools and student lenders. The new, more intuitive, user friendly design strengthens ELM Resources’ already well defined brand and has paved the way for ELM’s long term plans for an ongoing service improvement program CHALLENGE:With a mission to provide schools complete freedom-of-choice and equal access to all education financing providers, ELM Resources was established in 1994 as the only open, non-proprietary, lender-neutral student loan delivery system in the industry. Through its members -- lenders, guarantors, and loan servicers -- ELM administers a common, open, and universal student loan delivery system that seamlessly links the diverse computing platforms involved in processing and disbursing a student loan. ELM offers students and schools the convenience of using a single data channel for both alternative and government guaranteed loans, regardless of which loan provider is serving the customer. Due to the abundance of different applications, database formats and platforms, the existing user interface is complicated and difficult to administer. The challenge was to make improvements that change the experience lenders and schools have when they use the ELM Resources site and add value to ELM Resources' brand. How did we combine strong creative, web 2.0, social networking, and customer connection tools & applications to create an excellent user experience- creating new customers for a $36billion student loan bank? Before:
  128. 128. ST JUDE St. Jude Medical creates powerful new brand & Web 2.0 online information portal for the medical community. St. Jude Medical (NYSE: STJ), a $7.6B USA corporation, is dedicated to making life better for cardiac, neurological and chronic pain patients, through excellence and innovation in medical device technology and services. With 2006 sales of $3.3 billion, the corporation has 12,000 employees, and operations, research, & manufacturing facilities in more than 100 countries. St. Jude Medical turned to Brilliant Blue to help research, determine, and develop best-strategy, messaging, brand, and technology applications, - and to build a better relationship with its target audience, by leveraging best-in-class information, training, education and services to help the company capture market share and grow revenue. St. Jude now has improved brand, tools and processes to better communicate with its physician base, and continues to gain market share and identify opportunities for even greater performance and innovation.
  129. 129. This is a large project involving integration of QAD on HP-Unix environment and JDE One World on an AS/400 environment. With a total of 17 entities using different systems, messages in the form of AP, GL, FA transactions (Accounts Payables, General Ledger, and Fixed Assets) are passed via a XML / Java based brokering engine (DigiBroker) between these systems. Transactions produced (via Java and JMS) from a particular system are sent in "data supersets" and are sent through a brokering engine, then transformed using XSLT and Java just prior to being consumed by the designated adapter. TomCat was also used for reporting utilities built within system. Recognizing that Metaldyne can leverage the adapters to connect to any system via any method, Metaldyne is ready for additional web services within its enterprise. The newly integrated systems can now handle over 1,700 header transactions per second, with over 2,500 detailed lines within the transactions, which subsequently now balance to the penny. The project significantly increased data flow, integrated multiple disparate systems, and reduced overhead costs, ensuring consistent reporting and enabling faster, fact-based decision-making. Metaldyne is a $1.8 billion designer and supplier of metal-based components, parts, assemblies and chassis’ for the motor vehicle industry, with manufacturing operations in 20 countries. Over the past few years, the company has pursued an aggressive growth through acquisition strategy. As a result, there were 17 different entities using different enterprise systems with various non-standard applications. In the context of a significant corporate rollout of an ERP, we were tasked with integrating the systems and components so business unit functions and data would roll up to a central financial group for consolidated reporting and financial management. In addition to improving consistency, the initiative is designed to significantly reduce duplicative efforts, reduce administrative costs and facilitate better decision-making. CLIENT BUSINESS CHALLENGE: APPROACH | METHODOLOGY | SOLUTION: RESULTS | BENEFITS ACHIEVED: How did we integrate multiple disparate systems and components globally, enabling thousands of high security transactions per second - so business unit functions and data would roll up to a central financial group for consolidated transactions and financial management.
  130. 130. Cadbury works with Brilliant Blue to create complete online brand, marketing strategy & implementation of global interactive & Web 2.0 - direct to consumers. Cadbury Schweppes Public Limited Company (NYSE: CBY), is the world’s largest global provider of confectionary, beverages, and related products, spanning 123 countries. It’s Green & Black’s brand is the company’s first premium chocolate - organically grown retail product, and is available in over 20,000 retail locations across the USA. Cadbury appointed Brilliant Blue as its brand development and interactive agency, to provide comprehensive services to the brand as it entered the US market. Brilliant Blue conducted detailed research and market survey services to create the optimal selling strategy, then worked on creative elements including messaging, creative, advertising, interactive, database, and technical deliverables to build a better relationship with its target audience, with the goal of incr5easing market share and growing revenue.
  131. 131. CHALLENGE: SOLUTION: BENEFIT: How did we create business strategy-aligned brand and marketing materials in a very challenging market for the most capitalized new bank in California’s history resulting in accelerated sales? California Republic Bank is the largest bank ever formed in California history based on initial capitalization. It is focused primarily on high net worth clients , most of whom are entrepreneurs with successful businesses in Southern California. California Republic Bank offers the highest echelon of banking to a very elite target audience with very high expectations in all banking needs. In a very challenging (2009) market place where banks are regularly failing and customers are skeptical, CRB offers banking without boundaries. With complete availability to service and direct access to responsive decision makers at all times, CRB needed sales & marketing materials and messaging that would clearly communicate the banks service offerings and capabilities in a conservative but compelling manner - resulting in strong new customer acquisition. Brilliant Blue was engaged to help the 2 year old bank create traditional and online marketing /advertising that would resonate strongly with the very specific needs of the banks elite clientele. Detailed research was conducted across demographic, psychographic and geographic (USA & Global) audiences and products to find and review best-in-class messaging. Customer “needs” were determined, then customer connection strategies and materials were mocked up for review by the bank’s board. After the boards decision on direction was made, Brilliant Blue created the new materials for the business development team. During this design and implementation phase, Brilliant Blue also supported bank with creative and marketing support for interim advertising and biz-dev projects. The bank has seen significant improvement in its ability to bring in new clients, now has compelling brand and marketing capabilities, and has shown considerable growth in an otherwise very challenging business environment, resulting in record growth for the past 2 quarters.
  132. 132. Brilliant Blue was engaged to create a hip and engaging brand and website that reflected the level of quality offered by JNR. Brilliant Blue conducted extensive internal, external and competitive research to determine proper positioning and brand strategies. Based on this research, Brilliant Blue defined and created a corporate brand and website that would differentiate them in their highly competitive industry and allow them to expand into other vertical markets. Additionally, the website, built with intuitive navigation, engaging imagery, and effective messaging, was created with state of the art technology and database functionality, allowing for additional sales opportunities through targeted customer questionnaires JNR is now properly positioned for growth with the ability to expand into additional vertical markets. JNR is now able to differentiate themselves in an industry of competent competitors, but ones with little or no existing brand awareness. Brilliant Blue remains a long-term strategic brand advisor for JNR and will be launching a large scale Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click program to ensure JNR’s continued growth. JNR Incorporated is a staple in the corporate incentive industry. JNR’s customers include some of the biggest brands in the world. They have worked tirelessly over the past 27 years to establish themselves as a leader in their industry. JNR prides itself in delivering the highest level of quality, customer service and creativity to their clients employees and customers worldwide. The need to modernize the brand without losing industry credibility and clout, yet be perceived as best of breed in a highly competitive industry was the biggest challenge. Also, although JNR has gained a reasonable amount of brand awareness, it has been highly specific to a limited number of vertical markets, primarily the automotive industry. It was necessary for Brilliant Blue to create a brand that would appeal to a broader number of vertical markets. In addition, JNR’s existing website needed a complete refresh to reflect the exciting and engaging new brand being created by Brilliant Blue. The website, while reflecting their new branding, also needed to be utilized as a tool to generate new sales leads. CHALLENGE: SOLUTION: BENEFIT: How does a 27 year old company update and modernize the brand without losing the integrity and clout it has gained throughout the years? BEFORE: AFTER:
  133. 133. How do you update a respected 30-year old brand to better position itself to its target market…without losing the company’s core customers? CHALLENGE: First Team Real Estate, California’s #1 Independent Real Estate Company and market leader in its headquarters of Orange County, California, had developed a respected reputation as a trusted partner in Real Estate over 30 years of operation. While the existing brand had served the company well, it was universally felt among senior marketing management that the brand needed an update and was limiting both increases in local market share in Orange County as well as geographic expansion plans. SOLUTION: Brilliant Blue was engaged to conduct in-depth market research on First Team’s target market, segmented by both geography and income. Research showed that First Team’s existing brand and market positioning was well-directed at entry-level and mid-level home buyers and sellers, it did well target the more affluent, brand- conscious segments of their market. A breakdown of the target market by known psychographic clusters revealed that, across all segments, consumers engaged in similar aspirational behaviors, and that these segments could all be targeted with the use of aspirational messaging and imagery. In addition, consumer research showed that First Team messaging could more precisely address the needs and issues of the market. Finally, a competitive survey revealed that, although the industry was filled with national players with larger marketing resources than First Team, few achieved anywhere near Best-of-Breed marketing standards as compared to other brands (Target, IKEA, Apple) marketing to the same demographic. BENEFIT: Brilliant Blue developed a revised, data-driven First Team brand and marketing campaign that effectively targeted all segments of its target market. Aggressive use of aspirational imagery and messaging made for a brand and campaign that differentiated First Team from its immediate local competitors, as well as national competitors. The brand – projected to launch Summer 2007 – was accompanied by a Brand Book, directing First Team personnel in the application and use of the revised brand elements.
  134. 134. Marketing a $35million home across 24 time zones and 17 languages. Weir Properties is one of California’s most successful agent teams, aligned with Prudential Southern California Realty, a Berkshire Hathaway company. Weir Properties, gained a listing for a $34.9million property listed in the hardest real estate decline in 37 years. Typically 87% of properties sold, sell to a client in close geographic area, but due to the high asking price in a down market, Weir Properties needed expert assistance in marketing this property in non-traditional ways. Brilliant Blue was engaged by Prudential and Weir Group to determine the optimum ways to find a buyer willing to pay asking price. Brilliant Blue looked at the potential for suitable buyers, and determined that the marketing needed to be global for a legacy property of this type. Research was done as to the geographic areas worldwide that would likely offer the most rapid buyer offers. Brilliant Blue determined that the Internet would reach a much larger target audience, so built a 2.0 website that incorporated many social networking interfaces, comprehensive search engine marketing, language translation, Google Earth, and detailed information Brilliant Blue aligned their new company direction with their financial structure and implementation of necessary supporting systems. With the elimination of previous software and systems licenses, and implementation of new systems Birkenstock has put more than $1million straight to the profit line each year. The total cost of ownership has been reduced by more than 90% while providing Birkenstock customers (i.e. Dillards, Nordstroms, Birkenstock Outlets, etc) a much better, more simple, and richer experience in working with Birkenstock USA. CHALLENGE: SOLUTION: BENEFIT:
  135. 135. Project: 38 Venues throughout the United States. Live Nation Entertainment (NYSE:LYV) is the largest live entertainment company in the world: connecting 200 million fans to 100,000 events in over 40 countries. Clean is Live Nation’s New Energy Consultant, commencing with the Filmore in San Francisco. ENERGY CONSULTANT | SOLAR PV | FUEL CELL | MICROTURBINE | BIO GAS | POWER MANAGEMENT | CONSTRUCTION clean.
  136. 136. Project: The largest renewable energy project in the world. 760 MW. Epic-Desmon AZ Solar, Inc. is developing the world’s largest solar photovoltaic (PV) utility farm near Kingman, Arizona on 2470 acres. Acted as Epic-Desmon’s Finance & New Energy Consultant. ENERGY CONSULTANT | SOLAR PV | WIND TURBINE | FINANCE clean.
  137. 137. Project: The Global Center for Sustainability. Clean is a 50% Partner in the World’s Largest Solar Farm & Resort near Las Vegas, Nevada on 65 Square miles. I was the conceptor & development partner with my company, Clean Co. DEVELOPMENT | ENERGY CONSULTANT | SOLAR PV | WIND TURBINE | FINANCE clean.
  138. 138. Project: The Global Center for Sustainability. Clean is a 50% Partner with Sail Capital Partners to Create a 1,000,000 Sq.Ft Cleantech / Sustainability Center in the old NASA Martin Marietta Facility in New Orleans I was the conceptor & development partner., with Clean Co. DESIGN | DEVELOPMENT | ENERGY CONSULTANT | SOLAR PV | WIND TURBINE | FINANCE clean. NEW ORLEANS CLEANTECH & SUSTAINABILITY CENTER
  139. 139. If you got this far…. …you have too much time on your hands! Let me know how I can help you. - Peter