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Premaster sociology 10 11-2016 final

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Master sociology   versie1 def
Master sociology versie1 def
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Premaster sociology 10 11-2016 final

  1. 1. Premaster Sociology Lecturer: Ioana van Deurzen Premaster student: Maurice Vonk Premaster student: Inge Limburg
  2. 2. Welcome!
  3. 3. What is Sociology? How does the Pre Master program look like? Students experiences And what afterwards…? Who can apply Why study Sociology in Tilburg? More information What will we discuss today?
  4. 4. What is Sociology?
  5. 5. Sociology studies social influences on individual behavior. Sociology looks at current societal problems and trends from a scientific perspective. Definition Source:
  6. 6. Study of the social influences on behavior How people’s behavior is shaped by their (social) environment and their social characteristics
  7. 7. Three main sociological themes  Social inequality ~ poverty, equal chances in education, …  Social cohesion ~ criminality, voluntary work, …  Rationalization ~ globalization, secularization, … Study of social problems
  8. 8. • Which refugee groups integrate better in the host society and why? • Are higher or lower educated people more likely to refuse vaccination? • Which teenagers will easily radicalize? • Does the neighborhood where you live can “get under the skin” and make you sick? • What are the effects of internet use for off-line social contacts? What do sociologists study?
  9. 9. How does the Premaster program look like?
  10. 10. 10 • Half-year Premaster's program (30 ECTS) • Two intake moments • Improve your knowledge and academic skill level within the field of Sociology. Courses • 17 ECTS: courses specifically related to sociology • 9 ECTS: courses in statistics and research methodology • 4 ECTS: academic skills / writing research paper courses Premaster program
  11. 11. Program - courses (30 ECTS) Intake August 2016 Intake January 2017 Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Research methods (4.5 ECTS) Research methods (4.5 ECTS) Research methods (4.5 ECTS) Research methods (4.5 ECTS) Introduction to Sociology (5 ECTS) Contemporary sociological theories (6 ECTS) Introduction to Sociology (5 ECTS) Classical and modern sociology (6 ECTS) Social consequences of the internet (6 ECTS) National and regional identities (6 ECTS) Academic skills (1 ECTS) Research Paper (3 ECTS) Academic skills (1 ECTS) Research Paper (3 ECTS)
  12. 12. Program - courses (30 ECTS) Intake January 2017 Unit 3 Unit 4 Research methods (4.5 ECTS) Research methods (4.5 ECTS) Introduction to Sociology (5 ECTS) Classical and modern sociology (6 ECTS) National and regional identities (6 ECTS) Academic skills (1 ECTS) Research Paper (3 ECTS)
  13. 13. You will: ☺ Develop strong academic skills ☺ Step by step learn how to do research in practice ☺ Work in small groups and receive personalized feedback ☺ Write your own paper! ☺ Get access to the Master’s program in Sociology and finish your Master’s degree in 1,5 year! What does this mean for you?
  14. 14. Maurice Vonk Inge Limburg Students’ experiences 14
  15. 15. • Social work background (HBO) • Why did I choose this pre-master? • What scared me? • Math  • What do I like about the pre-master? • You start looking different at society • It’s a challenge (switch HBO-WO) • Personal contact with lecturers and tutors • You have a voice  the faculty listens • Fellow students Students experiences (Maurice)
  16. 16. 16 How does a typical week looks like? Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8:45-9:30 Introduction to Sociology HC 9:45-10:30 Social Consequences of the Internet HC/LAB 10:45-11:30 Introduction to Sociology LAB Academic Skills HC 11:45-12:30 12:45-13:30 Introduction to Sociology HC 13:45-14:30 14:45-15:30 Social Consequences of the Internet HC/LAB 15:45-16:30 Jumping fitness at the Sports Center 16:45-17:30 - 21:00 Drinks with Versot
  17. 17. 17 Students experiences (Inge) • Previous study: Sports, Health and Management (HBO) • Why did I choose this pre-master? Why should you choose this pre-master? • More knowledge about social problems and theories • Learn how to write a research paper • Small group of students  personal contact • You learn everything for the master Sociology in just 6 months! My tips for you: • Prepare for the lectures/labs • Practice English reading and speaking • When you see any flaws in the pre-master program, say it to your lecturers/tutors!
  18. 18. And what afterwards…?
  19. 19. • Master Sociology (1 year ) Society, Policy, and Politics in Comparative Perspectives • Extended Master Sociology, including Traineeship (1,5 years ) • Research Master Social and Behavioral Sciences (2 years) Minor Social Sciences • Double Degree program • Trento University (Italy: 2 years) • Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain: 1,5 years) • Post-Master: Teaching social sciences at high school (1 year) Linked Master Programs
  20. 20. 20 Where are our graduates working? 12% 14% 21% 9% 9%2% 12% 2% 19% Wetenschapper Onderzoeker (toegepast) Beleidsadviseur / Beleidsmedewerker Organisatie- / Personeelsadviseur Docent Journalist Manager of Directeur
  21. 21. Where are our graduates working?
  22. 22. Where are our graduates working?
  23. 23. Who can apply? 23
  24. 24. HBO vocational degree:  Check if your diploma gives access to the Premaster.  Write a letter of application for admission to the examination board (before February 1). • Certified copy of your HBO Bachelor's diploma • Certified copy of your transcript of Records/list of grades • Photocopy of your valid passport or your identification card  For further information see: Who can apply?
  25. 25. Why study Sociology in Tilburg?
  26. 26. • In 1,5 year your Master’s diploma in Sociology! • Understanding Society: add to society! • Quality first! • Personal: you are not just a number! Focus on small groups • Beautiful campus: green and close to the city • Large amount of spacious, affordable student housing • Brabant is no. 2 biggest economic region in the Netherlands Why study Sociology at Tilburg University?
  27. 27. Facebook Sociology Tilburg University
  28. 28. More information
  29. 29. 29 More information Masterbeurs! In the Academia Building 19:00 – 21:15, 1th floor Meet students and Education Coordinators! Master Sociology and Double Degree session  Master Sociology: Round 2 and 3, room Wz 104  Double Degree: Round 4, room Wz 104 Student for a Day!  Register on the website for a real life college experience Contact: • Dr. Ruud Luijkx, program director: • Student Tom Welman:

Editor's Notes

  • Sociologie is de studie die actuele maatschappelijke problemen en trends vanuit een wetenschappelijk perspectief bekijkt. Dit betekent dat je op basis van onderzoek nagaat wat er feitelijk speelt en wat daarvan de oorzaken en gevolgen zijn. Daarbij kun je denken aan thema’s als immigratie en integratie, criminaliteit, inkomensongelijkheid, vergrijzing en de opkomst van het internet.
  • Rationalisering: Samenlevingen veranderen voortdurend. Maar waarom? En wat zijn de gevolgen?
  • Voorbeeld: neighbourhood and health
    Claim: people living in a good neighbourhood have better health

    P (WAT-vraag):
    Is dat zo?
  • Welke beroepen kun je uitoefenen met Sociologie, wat kun je worden?
    Aan de zaal vragen wat ze verwachten te gaan doen als Sociologie. Heeft de zaal daar al ideeën over?