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Sweet Emotion: What makes content go viral and how marketers can design content to influence sharing.


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Find out what cake, blending I-Pads, subway sandwich baby, and Willy Wonka have in common. Discover what makes content go viral and how marketers can design content to influence sharing.

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Sweet Emotion: What makes content go viral and how marketers can design content to influence sharing.

  1. 1. Sweet Emotion
  2. 2. PART TWOTHE PSYCHOLOGY OF SHARING In PART ONE we learned what motivates people to share content online 1. . To bring valuable and entertaining content to others 2. . To grow and nourish our relationships 3. To define ourselves to others 4. Self-fulfillment 5. To get the word out about causes or brands
  3. 3. AS MARKETERS WE LEARNED Sharing on social media networks fills an innate human need to be SOCIAL It is CRITICAL for any serious business to share content with users that satisfies there NEED to be SOCIAL and encourages them to SHARE. Create your content with the intention of satisfying your customer‟s SOCIAL NEEDS. Design your content specifically to be SHARED and turn customers into advocates of YOUR BRAND.
  4. 4. WHAT WE ARE GOING That‟s TO LEARN Hot! What are the  How marketers can characteristics of influence sharing viral content? when creating What role does content? emotion play in  How can marketers determining create content that whether or not is more likely to get something gets shared? shared?
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING ISUSELESS IF…  In some cases Content marketing content can even and social media harm your brand if marketing are a users see your waste of time if no content in a one shares your negative light content Your brand’s success is based on influencing the digital word of mouth in a positive way
  6. 6. LET’S WORK TOWARDS THEBERMUDA TRIANGULATION What MOTIVATES people to SHARE?✓ Content that gets shared What are the What role does characteristics EMOTION play? of VIRAL content?
  7. 7. THE PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACH TO VIRALITY Here‟s a question to challenge you. Do people tend to share positive or negative content? I am Wicked SMAHT!Positive Content = Contentthat has more “positive”words compared to“negative” words.
  8. 8. AND THE ANSWER IS… Contrary to public wisdom, POSITIVE content is much more likely to be highly shared than negative content. In Part One of The Psychology of Sharing we learned that one of the reasons people are motivated to share things is to define themselves to others. If people are transmitting content digitally that is a reflection of some part of their IDENTITY, it is likely that the content they share is going to be POSITIVE. Just hanging out
  9. 9. SEEMS SIMPLE RIGHT…WRONG The likelihood that a piece of content becomes viral is much more complex than whether it is positive or negative alone.IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SWEEEET EMOTION!! Online content that evokes a STRONG EMOTIONAL RESPONSE is more likely to go VIRAL, regardlessof whether those emotions are of positive (awe) or negative (anger, anxiety) nature. Yummy: food is associated with high levels of emotional activation
  10. 10. TRIGGER HIGH LEVELS OF EMOTIONAL ACTIVATION When marketing content triggers strong emotional responses both positive and negative, it is significantly more likely to get shared TREAD LIGHTLY – remember why people are motivated to share. Don’t be another Celeb Boutique Celeb Boutique disaster tweeted this after the Aurora Massacre and may never recover
  11. 11. NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL CONTENT IS OK IF IT MAKES SENSE BMW created a series of suspenseful short films that elicit anxiety in viewers. The film series has accumulated over 1 million YouTube views. They also have a lot of money, which helps
  12. 12. NOT QUITE BUT…STILL ON THE PODIUM SURPRISING INTERESTING USEFUL Consistent with the notion that people are motivated to provide valuable and entertaining content to others, SURPRISING and INTERESTING content is also highly VIRAL. Also, consistent with the idea that people are motivated to share content to contribute and define themselves, practically USEFUL content is VIRAL too.
  13. 13. MEAT AND POTATOESHOW TO INFLUENCE SHARING 1. Evoke a strong positive emotional response (be careful with negative) 2. Appeal to consumers motivation to connect with each other 3. Build your reputation as a trusted source 4. Keep it simple 5. Be human, appeal to consumers sense of humor
  14. 14. EVOKE A STRONG POSITIVE Don’t be anotherEMOTIONAL RESPONSE bobble-head in the world! Think this when creating content: Would I share this with the Dalai Lama? If not, don‟t worry just try to be PASSIONATE with what you share. People appreciate PASSION because it‟s REAL and UNIQUE.
  15. 15. DON’T JUST PROMOTE – EVOKE EMOTION AND ENDORSE A LIFESTYLEA picture of a Celtics Jacket Valuable content that triggers a strong emotional response OR Cake is tasty, it is also associated with strong positive emotions. From Celtics Pinterest Page WINNER!!
  16. 16. APPEAL TO CONSUMERS MOTIVATION TOCONNECT WITH EACH OTHER Another motivation people have for sharing is to GROW and nourish relationships. Make it easy for them. Provide short post titles for Tweets, proper context, make sharing buttons visible (above and below your posts), encourage them to share.
  17. 17. BUILD YOUR REPUTATION AS A TRUSTEDSOURCE  Everything you create doesn‟t have to WOW your audience, but it must show your CHARACTER.  People are motivated to share things that define themselves – empower your customer with do-it- yourself articles, tips and tricks to do things easier, and ideas to impress theirLook at these sharing numbers, pretty friends. sweet!
  18. 18. KEEP IT SIMPLE – LESS IS MORE  There‟s way too much information out there, make your content concise if you can  Blog posts in list format are gaining VIRAL status every day. I have trouble with this one, really.
  19. 19. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A COMEDIANJUST DON’T BE A ROBOT Humor is real Humor builds trust Humor is memorable, you want people to remember you, right? Is that a Chicken, Bacon, and Baby?
  20. 20. HOW TO TRIGGER AN EMOTIONALRESPONSE AND GET SHAREDGet VisualKinda Like this presentation 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than plain text. (source: 3m Corporation) According to Facebook, posts that include an image are 120% more likely to be shared. Include at least one emotionally engaging photo in EVERY POST, if not more.
  21. 21. HAVE FUN WITH YOUR CONTENTMARKETING This I-Pad blended up like a margarita! Be creative and have fun, I know it‟s hard. Make sure to follow through with your content and interact with customer comments. Blendtec got silly with their blender and created a YouTube video series called “Will it Blend?” – whattya know it went VIRAL.
  22. 22. TRY MEMES – THEY’RE ALREADY VIRAL They are SHAREABLE Their funny I don‟t always include images They humanize your brand in posts…but when I do it They evoke strong emotion works. They cut through the clutter
  23. 23. WHAT I HOPE WE LEARNED Viral content is likely POSITIVE and it almost always evokes a strong EMOTIONAL RESPONSE. To influence Sharing and create VIRAL content your content MUST: Evoke a strong emotional response Appeal to users motivation to connect Build trust with each other Be funny Be simple
  24. 24. HOW TO TRIGGER AN EMOTIONAL RESPONSE Get Visual When in Rome…SHARE this presentation Thanks for listening…stay classy
  25. 25. SOURCES „What Makes Content Go Viral?‟, Journal of Marketing Research „The Psychology of Sharing‟, The New York Times Consumer Insight Group Stock Exchange Photographs All other images are linked to original sources
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