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Presentation on the do's and don'ts of Social Media for Business given at the Southwater Business Show on 18th September 2011 by Pete Waller Digital Marketing Consultant from WSI4BusinessSuccess.

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  • Lead generation, Brand awareness and customer communication are key foundations to digital marketing. Put another way, it covers creation more leads, converting leads to sales and greater customer retention. Prioritisation of these key factors is fundamental and must align to the business goals and values.
  • A number of strategies that are key for each marketing goal. Paid search is great for generating immediate on-line traffic for any business with a web presence.
  • Key questions to ask of yourself as a business. How much time, effort and money do I want to invest, or should I invest, in Social Media.All businesses are different. They may have different products and services and location, different values and goals. All these will have a bearing on how effective Social Media is for that business.
  • Show of hands of people who had a personal website 5 – 10 years ago. Show of hands of people who had a blog 3-5 years ago. Show of hands of people who have a Twitter, Facebook, or Wordpress-like blog today?
  • Without web presence and investing in ways to be found, is like having a great piece of ArtHanging on a tree in a dense forest. You need roads, paths and signs to tell people it is there.
  • A cyclical approach to tailoring content to be more and more relevant for your customers. You create the content and publish it. It gets indexed by the search engines. If relevant, it will be found through search and social. It will be commented on.....and shared. Listen and engage in the conversation and be prepared to tailor your content, product and services for your customers and consumers......give them what they want, not what you think they need!
  • Benefits come in the form of greater search discoverability for your products, services and brand through search engines. You will get greater social discoverability, with more on-line word of mouth referrals. This has a positive impact on your reputation on it is important to engage in the conversation.
  • Who consults reviews before buying on-line? How many of your searches on-line are for products / services that can be found locally?
  • Time, Content, Planning, Tracking, Reviews, Responding, Regular updates, engagement
  • Though these figures were produced at the end of last year, the intent is clear. More and more is being spent on social media advertising and this will increase significantly as companies understand how to use social media more effectively.
  • In many of the Social Media platforms some or all these components will be involved. It is very important to understand some true fundamentals....many of which are basic common sense.
  • Social Media Marketing goals for business should include being:AuthenticStrategicEngagingAnd showing you as an expert in your field.Have an opinion.
  • The first two questions are rhetorical. The answers are specific for each business as they are all different. Different factors come into play, such as budget, time and business values and goals.I would recommend that any new business or anyone thinking of starting a business, gives serious consideration in getting digital marketing expert advice very early in their business venture. This will in the long run save them time, effort and money. It will give them greater brand awareness, a better ROI on their marketing spend and also has the potential to highlight new revenue streams.
  • Social Media do's and don'ts Southwater Business Show

    1. 1. 1<br />Social Media for Business<br />Stall D4<br />18th Sep 2011<br />WSI4BusinessSuccess : Pete Waller<br />
    2. 2. DM Core Foundations<br />
    3. 3. DM Core Foundations<br />
    4. 4. Key Questions : Social Media for Businesses<br />Why would small businesses invest time, effort and money in social media?<br />When is the best time for your business to engage in social media?<br />What are the do’s and don’t when using social media as a business vehicle?<br />
    5. 5. Introduction toThe Digital Presence Revolution<br />What It Is, Why It’s Important, & How To Take Control of It<br />5<br />
    6. 6. 6<br />
    7. 7. 1.0<br />1.0+<br />2.0<br />2.0+<br />Social Networks<br />Micro <br />Blogging<br />Websites<br />Blogs<br />Usage<br />Few skilled web <br />developers<br />(html)<br />Semi-skilled consumers<br />(no html)<br />Anyone with friends<br />Anyone who can type 140 characters<br />Friction<br />Private, real-time<br />conversations<br />Static, one-way<br />Dynamic, two-way<br />Frictionless broadcasting<br />Publishing goes up exponentially as friction goes down!<br />Publishing Revolution<br />
    8. 8. Why Is It Important?<br />Businesses Have:<br />static website & one way to be found<br />They Need: fresh Web Presence & many ways to be found<br />Your sites Local Directories Social Media Content Sites <br />More Quality Content Published in More Places = More Customers<br />
    9. 9. Content created by You…<br />Sites & Pages<br />Directory listings<br />Real-time updates<br />Photos<br />Videos<br />$<br />Offers<br />Products<br />Comments<br />Thanks<br />Replies<br />Thanks<br />Content created by others!!<br />SHARE<br />www<br />WoM<br />Links<br />Reviews<br />Referrals<br />Shares & Likes<br />Comments<br />What is Quality Content?<br />
    10. 10. Quality Content Drives Web Presence<br />
    11. 11. What are the Benefits?<br />
    12. 12. Consumers are online<br />12<br />
    13. 13. Is Social Media a fad?<br />13<br />Socialnomics<br />
    14. 14. repeat<br />social marketing<br />SIGN-UP/CLAIM YOUR PAGES<br />passwords<br />passwords<br />tools<br />repeat<br />POST NEW UPDATES<br />time<br />Create <br />Content<br />fans<br />repeat<br />SEO <br />repeat<br />research<br />repeat<br />time<br />repeat<br />directories<br />MONITOR & RESPOND<br />reviews<br />SEO<br />LOAD YOUR <br />CONTENT<br />repeat<br />analytics<br />repeat<br />KEEP TRACK OF IT ALL<br />tools<br />repeat<br />leads<br />followers<br />reputation management<br />I need to run my business <br />What are the Challenges?<br />
    15. 15. 15<br />So Why might you need a Social Presence?<br />Affordable Marketing<br />There’s no need for a large budget to conduct social media marketing<br />Viral Nature<br />Users can easily share your messages with their friends andcontacts with a click of a button<br />Enhances Brand<br />Through social media you can build and enhance your online reputation (brand reputation management)<br />Builds Credibility<br />User generated endorsements are more credible than traditional advertising<br />Increases Traffic<br />A well-planned social media strategy will drive more traffic (and potential clients) to your website<br />Engages Customers<br />Connect with your customers and respond to their feedback in real-time<br />
    16. 16. Why UK Companies Use Social Media<br />16<br />
    17. 17. 17<br />Why People Follow Companies on Social Networks<br />
    18. 18. UK Ad Spending on Social<br />18<br />
    19. 19. 19<br />Tips before you begin..<br />We always recommend (if you have employees):<br />You have a social media policy in place <br />You identify staff to train up and act as leaders (if appropriate)<br />You Document your training and turn it into your own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)<br />You Register your brand and trade marks if you haven’t already?<br />As part of the implementation..<br />Define your social presence ‘look and feel’<br />Create Company Branded Templates…<br />
    20. 20. 20<br />Social Networks<br />
    21. 21. 21<br />Social Networks<br />
    22. 22. Popular Social Technologies<br /><ul><li>Blogs
    23. 23. Facebook
    24. 24. YouTube
    25. 25. Twitter
    26. 26. LinkedIn</li></ul>22<br /><ul><li>New Kid</li></li></ul><li>3 Reasons to Embrace Social Media<br />23<br />Social media is an important SEO tool where links from social media are an increasingly important element in your site's search position. Since 80% of consumer purchases start with search, this reason alone is a good argument for embracing social media.<br />Your customers expect you to be social. There are over 30 million Facebook member in UK of which half log in every day to the social network for an average of 22 minutes. <br />3. Social media provides important marketing data and consumer feedback. You don't need surveys to find out what your prospects are thinking as your customers are telling you this now in social media. But you have to listen.<br />
    27. 27. Social Media Do’s and Don’ts<br />24<br />Profile Creation<br />Community Building<br />Video and Image Sharing<br />Status Updates & Messaging<br />Blog Posts & Comments<br />Privacy & Confidentiality<br />
    28. 28. Profile Creation<br />25<br />DO’S<br /><ul><li> Use your company name or your company domain name in your profile name
    29. 29. Provide a company biography on your profile and list your industry or service expertise
    30. 30. Have a company logo or professional photo for your profile picture and use a consistent picture across the social portals
    31. 31. Use a branded profile design where possible</li></li></ul><li>Profile Creation<br />26<br />DONT’S<br /><ul><li> Use multiple names across your portals
    32. 32. Use your personal contact details as this looks very unprofessional. Use your company branded contact details
    33. 33. Use the same profile for personal and business use. Keep them separate
    34. 34. Detail your personal hobbies and religious or political beliefs on your company profiles</li></li></ul><li>Community Building<br />27<br />DO’S<br /><ul><li> Build your community with your business contacts (ie: business associates, past & current colleagues, partners & customers).
    35. 35. Follow or add business contacts to your community that choose to connect with you
    36. 36. Ensue you are engaging yourself in other people’s social networks
    37. 37. Email your customer database and encourage them to follow or add you on the social portals</li></li></ul><li>Community Building<br />28<br />DONT’S<br /><ul><li> Mix your personal contacts (friends, family) with your business contacts. Keep a separate profile for personal use
    38. 38. Neglect to manage your followers. Block those that are not business appropriate.
    39. 39. Assume people will find you. Actively search for social network users relevant to your company
    40. 40. Forget to include the social icons and “follow me” links in all your marketing materials</li></li></ul><li>Video & Image Sharing<br />29<br />DONT’S<br />DO’S<br /><ul><li> Do share any appropriate business related videos, and / or images on your company site and blog
    41. 41. Upload any inappropriate pictures to your gallery or photo albums
    42. 42. Try to optimise any videos you upload with relevant keywords (title tags, video descriptions, etc.)
    43. 43. Create any company videos without a standard company branded title and end slide.</li></li></ul><li>Status Updates & Messages<br />30<br />DO’S<br /><ul><li> Write your posts in first person and be as transparent and honest as possible
    44. 44. Ensure your posts are engaging and entice a conversation
    45. 45. Ensure your messages are relevant to your audience and followers
    46. 46. Ask questions and solicit feedback from your audience</li></li></ul><li>Status Updates & Messages<br />31<br />DONT’S<br /><ul><li> Hard sell on the social portals. Use social media to share your experiences
    47. 47. Post any messages that are unprofessional or do not provide value to your audience
    48. 48. Post messages at a frequency that would be considered SPAM
    49. 49. Post anything about customers, colleagues, etc, that you would not want them to see</li></li></ul><li>Blog Posts & Comments<br />32<br />DO’S<br /><ul><li> Be respectful of your audience and ensure any humour-based messages do not come across as critical or annoying
    50. 50. Ensure that all content associated with you is consistent with your work and with you company’s values and professional standards
    51. 51. Provoke meaningful conversation in a professional, non-criticising manner
    52. 52. Have a monitoring process in place for comments on your blogs
    53. 53. Write what you know and post about your areas of expertise
    54. 54. Respond to all comments in an appropriate and professional manner</li></li></ul><li>Blog Posts & Comments<br />33<br />DO’S (continued)<br /><ul><li> Be polite and respectful when posting comments on other people’s blog posts
    55. 55. Create a content plan for your blog and ensure consistent frequency in your blog posts
    56. 56. Share content that’s open-ended and invites response and encourages comments
    57. 57. Use a tracking system for all links (ie:</li></li></ul><li>Blog Posts & Comments<br />34<br />DONT’S<br /><ul><li> Allow content written by others (ie: staff members, copywriters, etc,) to be published to your social portal without your thorough review
    58. 58. Over moderate your comments. Allow for both positive and constructive comments to be posted
    59. 59. Start a conversation without being ready to respond and contribute to comments
    60. 60. Take your company brand for granted. Acknowledge that it’s your privilege to be promoting your company brand across the social networks
    61. 61. Publish critising posts unless done so in a constructive manner</li></li></ul><li>Blog Posts & Comments<br />35<br />DONT’S (continued)<br /><ul><li> Use overly pedantic or “composed” language that sounds unnatural. Talk to your readers like you would talk to real people in a professional situation
    62. 62. Create a blog post without considering search optimisation techniques (ie; use keyword rich content, titles and descriptions)
    63. 63. Lose focus on the topic you are writing about
    64. 64. Deceive your audience. All link descriptions should be relevant to the destination of the link</li></li></ul><li>Privacy and Confidentiality<br />36<br />DO’S<br /><ul><li> Follow your company’s standard privacy and confidential guideline
    65. 65. Respect brand, trademark, copyright, fair use, trade secrets (incl. Process and methodologies), confidentiality, and financial disclosure laws
    66. 66. Be smart about protecting yourself, your privacy, and your company’s proprietary and confidential information. Ultimately what you publish is widely accessible and will be online for a long time
    67. 67. Use your company name or your company domain name in your profile name</li></li></ul><li>Privacy and Confidentiality<br />37<br />DONT’S<br /><ul><li> Publish or report on conversations that are meant to be private or internal to your company without prior permission
    68. 68. Post anything that makes you the slightest bit uncomfortable. Pause, take a moment to review and discuss with a PR advisor if necessary
    69. 69. Publish or share any customer specific information (testimonials, quotes, case studies, etc.) without their prior permission
    70. 70. Write any disparaging remarks about the competition and ensure you know what you are talking about</li></li></ul><li>Business Goals<br />Social Media Marketing (as with all marketing):<br />Be Authentic<br />Be strategic<br />Be engaging<br />Be an expert<br />One of the easiest ways is to have opinions on other people opinions!<br />38<br />
    71. 71. Have the Key Questions been answered<br />Why would small businesses invest time, effort and money in social media?<br />When is the best time for your business to engage in social media?<br />What are the do’s and don’t when using social media as a business vehicle?<br />
    72. 72. Social Media Strategy Guide<br />40<br />Social Media Policy<br />Social Media Do’s and Don’ts<br />Social Media and PR<br />On-line Reputation Management<br />Measuring Social<br />Integrated on-line Strategy<br />Visit WSI4BusinessSuccess on Stall D4<br />
    73. 73. 41<br />Social Media for Business<br />Questions<br />WSI4BusinessSuccess : Pete Waller<br />
    74. 74. 42<br />Social Media for Business<br />Thank you <br />Visit us at D4 for Free WebscanTM<br />Mobile: 07794 461987<br />WSI4BusinessSuccess : Pete Waller<br />