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2013 New Music Business Guidebook


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2013 New Music Business Guidebook

  1. 1. the neW Music business guidebook nmS13
  3. 3. NMS13 WelcoMe to the 2013 neW Music seMinar The definition of a miracle is a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine, or… a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development or accomplishment. I have been blessed with miracles like Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock,” De La Soul, Queen Latifah, Naughty by Nature, House of Pain, Digital Underground, Coolio and Everlast, to name a few. The divine whoosh of a natural hit record is the most amazing feeling you can imagine. It was always my hope that Internet technology would increase the number of music business miracles, but this has not been the case. The 12-year decline in recorded-music revenue has created an industry hamstrung by fear and conservatism— hardly the right setting for magic and miracles. By Tom Silverman Executive Director New Music Seminar Founder/CEO Tommy Boy Can you feel the excitement in the air? The business is reinventing itself and the future is bright again. I have a science background. I like new technology, especially when it changes our possibilities. I have always loved data. I love to look at objective data and try to find anomalous outliers that might be the key to an important insight. But what really drives me is magic and miracles: a hit record coming from left field, an unlikely new superstar, an odds-beating record breaker. The magic of the unknown keeps the music business the most exciting industry in the world. Finally, technologies are coming of age. The machine is being lubricated to allow the passage of more miracles. Music technologies are getting easier to use, becoming more ubiquitous and expanding to new territories. iTunes has expanded into 56 new countries and now is in a total of 119 countries, Deezer is in 182 nations, YouTube is localized in 53 countries, and Spotify is in 20. The explosion of smartphones and 4G broadband-width service around the globe is fueling more music access and the growth of music services. Although the United States was flat in 2012, wholesale revenues were up in some interesting territories. Leading the charge was Sweden, home to Spotify, with an 18.7% increase in music business revenues (so much for the concern of cannibalization). Sweden was among the markets most ravaged by piracy and the home of Pirate Bay. Norway, home to subscription service WIMP, was up 6.7%. Australia grew 6.8%, Canada was up 5.8% and Japan, where physical still accounts for 80% of revenue and CDs sell for up to $30, was up 4%. Even more exciting is the growth in developing nations, where piracy was king and music never generated meaningful revenues. Brazil is up 8.9%, Mexico is up 8.2%, India is up 21% and
  4. 4. NMS13 China is up 9%. Watch for the developing world to be a major player in the charge toward the $100 billion music business. The 2012 New Music Seminar paid homage to the music miracles of Mac Miller’s No. 1 album, Hoodie Allen’s top 10 album debut (without a label) and Amanda Palmers $1.2 million crowd-funding success. This year we acknowledge the miracles of Psy, the Korean breakthrough; Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis, who gave us the first independent No. 1 sales single of the year on their own indie label; and Bauer, whose “Harlem Shake” broke via user-generated videos. I look at statistics and embrace technology only to improve the environment for music miracles. But I have to keep reminding myself that it is the music and the artists that are the miracles, not the media that delivers them. I helped with the launch of SoundScan, a revolutionary concept in 1991 that brought objective point-of-sale-sourced, weekly, record sales data to the music business for the first time. It allowed us to see what was really happening and where, not just charts made of hyped sales reports that were collected and tallied each week. This year-to-date SoundScan data has exposed only one big statistical turning point: After growing 4.8% last year, digital single unit sales are down year-to-date 3% over last year. It’s no real surprise that CD units are down 14%. After all, they have been falling since 2000. But to see digital tracks peaking after only nine years of growth is disappointing. Digital albums are up 8% this year to date, but ended last year up 12%. So the obvious extrapolation is that we are seeing the peaking of the digital sales market. iTunes, Amazon and the others seem to have saturated those willing to purchase music digitally in America. The move from music acquisition to access is officially on. Here’s my prediction about where the U.S. market for music sales will go through 2020, if another successful digital sales format does not emerge by 2014. Luckily, the music industry has broken free of the prison of music sales as revenue drivers. In 2012, revenues from non unit-sales exceeded 15% of all retail revenues and more important, 25% of all net revenues. The big winners were sub- US albUm and Single SaleS projected to 2020 DigiTal aND phySiCal COMBiNED uNiT SalES (NiElSEN SOuNDSCaN) 1 600 000 albUmS SingleS 1 400 000 1 200 000 1 000 000 800 000 600 000 400 000 200 000 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
  5. 5. NMS13 scription and advertising revenues, SoundExchange performance revenues and music synch licensing revenues. Look for subscription-based and SoundExchange revenues to double in three years. This will probably be the last unit-based chart you will see from me because net revenue will become the new standard of measure that allows the industry to compare apples to apples. Look for Nielsen, the RIAA and IFPI to begin changing their reporting standard to adjusted net revenue so that results can be directly compared from country to country and revenue source to revenue source in a meaningful way. YouTube, Vevo, music subscription services and digital radio will allow hits to emerge from around the world, from independent and major labels and from the artists directly—and spread globally. Connected devices, including but not limited to mobile phones, televisions and automobiles and the ser- SUPPORTING NEW MUSIC NAVIGATING THE NEW BUSINESS SESAC•NewMusicSeminar ad.indd 1 vices that connect them, will increasingly become integrated with all of the world’s music. The technology trend that we will see next will improve the user experience, reducing clicks, making the enjoyment of music frictionless and effortless. New ways to discover and share music will increase the frequency of miracles and help them spread faster and further. These services and device-integrated technologies will monetize the passive audience that does not buy music with leanback, feels-like-free experiences. Music services will master solutions for the world’s predominant pay-as-you-go mobile service providers and they will activate music in the developing world. Welcome to the New Music Seminar. We believe in music, magic and miracles. Welcome to the place where you can share your dreams, plant your seeds and watch them grow. What’s the most important thing a new songwriter/musician needs to know about the music business? HOW TO GET PAID! SESAC introduces monthly royalty payments for radio airplay and continues to lead the way, paying for live performances, from stadiums to your local club. As a full-service PRO, SESAC collects on ALL public performances – including live, radio and TV. And when your music is performed outside of the U.S., SESAC’s got you covered with reciprocal agreements with 80+ foreign societies around the world. YOUR MUSIC, YOUR RIGHTS, YOUR MONEY FOR YOUR PERFORMING RIGHTS NASHvIllE I lOS ANGElES I NEW YORk I ATlANTA I MIAMI I lONDON I WWW.SESAC.COM 3/30/12 5:24:38 PM
  6. 6. new mUSic Seminar | 2013 n m S day S
  7. 7. new mUSic Seminar | JUNE 9-11,13 contents 5 nmS execUtive director’S letter part 1: nmS dayS 13 NMS13 Schedule 22 Conductors & players part 2: nmS nightS: new york mUSic FeStival 58 The Map 59 The Venues 61 2013 NMS artist On The Verge Top 100 69 The performers nmS etiqUette part 3: the new rUleS oF engagement 74 Radio isn’t Just a Dial and Transmitter anymore 76 give it away... But get in Return 80 Reintroducing SoundExchange 82 Can’t Buy Me love 86 your Website & harnessing The power Of you 88 Four “Normal” Challenges To Building a Strong Online Brand 90 getting The goal Right 94 The Evolution of “Direct to Fan” 96 Thumbs: Expert advice from the NMS Community part 4: reSoUrceS 110 Essential Music Business Websites 130 Essential Music Business News & information Sites and Blogs 139 Essential Music Business Organizations part 5: SUpporting the new mUSic bUSineSS 144 NMS 13 partners 156 NMS 13 Staff 157 Thanks 158 postscript: The legend Of NMS this Is how we do It distributing materials will be allowed only with permission granted in writing by the directors. Please silence all cellphones and devices. your NMS badge must be worn at all times at the seminar, after-show party and sponsored events. Lost badges incur a $100 replacement fee. Lending or selling a badge to anyone not registered for NMS is forbidden. nmS in real time #nms2013 n m S day S 2013 | new mUSic Seminar
  8. 8. 1 part 1: NMS DayS
  9. 9. 12 NEW MUSIC SEMINAR | 2013 N M S DAY S
  10. 10. new mUSic Seminar SchedUle | JUNE 10, 2013 monday 9: 30 10: 30 - 11: 45 13 Opening Remarks Tom Silverman (Executive Director New Music Seminar & Founder/CEO Tommy Boy), Michael J. huppe (president/CEO SoundExchange) grand Ballroom State oF the indUStry keynoteS: leaders in industry Sectors share the state of the industry and a glimpse into the future. condUctor: Tom Silverman keynoteS: Frank Cooper (global CMO Consumer Engagement, pepsiCo), John Sykes (president, Clear Channel), Rio Caraeff (CEO, Vevo) gramercy park beyond crowdFUnding: Campaigns to tap into the lost $2.5 billion condUctor: glenn peoples (Senior Editorial analyst, Billboard) playerS: Martin atkins (Educator/author/Drummer), Jeremy gruber (Director of Business Development, Concord Music group), Benji Rogers (CEO, pledgeMusic), Mike Doughty (Songwriter/performer), Vlad Vukicevic (Co-founder/CTO, Rockethub) gramercy park mUSic xray preSentS: a&R Music Critiques - get your music into the hands of the people that matter; top industry players critique your work on the spot. Music powered by B&O. condUctor: Mike McCready (CEO, Music Xray) Zeke Silvera (island), patch Culbertson (Republic), Carson Donnelly (Columbia), Chloe Weise (RCa), Stephanie Karten (Robbins), Josh Tanenbaum (president/CEO, lOCal ViBES ) 11: 45 SoUndexchange artiSt / label workShop herald Square SoundExchange will explain what it is, why it pays, and how to get your share. 12: 30 nmS intensive: henrik lorensen (Corporate Vp, B&O play) 12: 45 bmi preSentS the SongwriterS movement: Songwriters discuss their Crystal Ballroom mUSic SUbScription: getting to a billion subscribers condUctor: Stephen Bryan (EVp, Digital Strategy and Business Development, Warner Music group) playerS: Jim Cady (president/CEO, Slacker), Jon irwin (president, Rhapsody), andy Chen (CEO, WiMp), Mark piibe (EVp, global Business Development and Digital Strategy, Sony Music Entertainment), Steve Blatter (SVp/gM, Music programming & Digital Music, SiriusXM), Sachin Doshi (head of Development & analysis, Spotify) grand Ballroom grand Ballroom Sutton place process and share magical stories of penning their most popular songs. condUctor: peter asher playerS: angela hunte, itaal Shur, Jared Cotter, Sam hollander, adam Schlesinger, Jerry “Wonder” Duplessis, and more TBa. n m S day S 2013 | new mUSic Seminar
  11. 11. JUNE 10, 2013 Sutton place the new deal: artist/label Business Models in the New Era. condUctor: Monika Tashman (partner, Fox Rothschild llp) playerS: Rosie lopez (president, Tommy Boy), adam Ritholz (Managing partner, Ritholz levy Sanders Chidekel & Fields llp), Elliot Resnik (attorney at law, Shukat arrow hafer Weber & herbsman llp), Danny goldberg (president, goldVE), Ed Vetri (CEO/president, Wind-up) 14 2: 45 nmS intensive: Tom Jackson: “Doing well by doing good.” Crystal Ballroom nmS intensive: Ted Cohen Speaks 3: 00 - 4: 15 the managerS movement: The evolving role of Managers in the new music grand Ballroom business. condUctor: Steve Rennie (Founder, Renman Music & Business) playerS: Blue Williams (president, Family Tree Entertainment), Jake gold (president & CEO, The Management Trust), lee Trink (president, Dare Mighty Entertainment), Robert Fernandez (CEO, Famous artist Music & Management), Dean Raise (artist Manager, C3 Management), Jason Foster (Owner, We are Free) Crystal Ballroom yoUtUbe: Changing the Music game condUctor: Vivien lewit (Director, Content partnerships, Music, youTube), Brian hennigan (Nextlab Operations Manager, youTube) playerS: Brandon Martinez (CEO, iNDMuSiC), Max gredinger (Foundation artists Management) Sutton place the digital radio exploSion: The Fuse is lit - how advertisers are adapting to 5: 00 nmS intensive: Mark Tindle, (SVp Sales & Business Development, Musicmetric) Music Trend Report. 5: 15 the prodUcerS movement: Finding artists, making hits and becoming a bigger power in the new music business. condUctor: Robert Stevenson (EVp of a&R, Republic Records) playerS: gregg Wattenberg (Co-owner/CCO, Wind-up Records), anthony preston ( music), Dan Omelio, amanda ghost, David Kahne (Owner, SeeSquare Music) ...and more TBa. Crystal Ballroom the great debate: Singles vs. albums Sutton place digital mUSic SaleS: how big can this market grow? grand Ballroom grand Ballroom grand Ballroom NEW MUSIC SEMINAR | 2013 online radio. condUctor: andrew hampp (Billboard, Senior Correspondent, Branding) playerS: Kurt hanson (CEO, accuradio), Brian Benedik (head of u.S. ad Sales, Spotify), Rick Song (EVp of Digital Sales, Clear Channel), alex White (CEO, Next Big Sound), John Rosso (president, Market Development, Triton), Steven Kritzman (SVp advertising Sales, pandora) condUctor: Bill Werde (Editorial Director, Billboard) playerS: Jay Frank (CEO, DigSin), Robert Christgau (Dean of american Rock Critics), Niles hollowell-Dhar (Cataracs), anand Wilder (yeasayer) condUctor: Mike Jbara (president & CEO, WEa Corp.) playerS: Vickie Nauman (president, 7digital), Norman Chesky (president, hDTracks), Matt adell (CEO, Beatport), Brad Soroca (COO/CMO, eMusic) N M S DAY S
  12. 12. NMS13 nmS 13 conFerence aUdio gracioUSly provided by gibSon 15 /gibson n m S day S @gibsonguitar 2013 | new mUSic Seminar
  13. 13. new mUSic Seminar SchedUle | JUNE 11, 2013 16 tUeSday 10: 30 bUilding the $100 billion mUSic bUSineSS: Monetizing Music in the New Era condUctor: Ralph Simon (CEO/Founder, Mobilum global, Founder of the Mobile Entertainment Forum Mobile - americas) playerS: axel Dauchez (CEO, Deezer), Jeff Toig (SVp, Muve Music), Ron Wilcox (Executive Counsel, WMg), Michael abbattista (global head of Telecom/iSp partnerships, Spotify) Mike Catalano (Managing Director, pMTamericas), Michael Reinert (partner, Fox Rothschild) Crystal Ballroom direct to Fan: Best practices to maximize fan revenues condUctor: Bryan Calhoun (Digital Strategy, Blueprint) playerS: David Dufresne (CEO, Bandzoogle), J Sider (Founder/CEO, Bandpage), liz leahy (CEO, Section 101), Stanislas hintzy (Director Strategy & Business Development, Moozar), parker Todd Brooks (Vp, Creative Services & artist Relations, Topspin) gramercy park mUSic xray preSentS: a&R Music Critiques - get your music into the hands of the people that matter; top industry players critique your work on the spot condUctor: Mike McCready (CEO, Music Xray) andrew Fetcher (atlantic), Rob inadomi (RCa), Taylor Testa (Virgin), Jeff lanier (label Recruit), Sean glass (WiN), Dylan Chenfeld (Razor & Tie) 11: 45 Sx digital radio workShop 12: 45 the a&r movement: The young guns of a&R chart the future of music.This Move- grand Ballroom herald Square grand Ballroom This workshop will cover “licensing 101,” what digital radio is paying and why. We will address the most common problems digital radio providers encounter and provide suggestions for correcting these difficulties. This workshop will be 25% presentation and 75% interactive. Bring your questions and notebooks. ment will also review the Top 3 artists from the NMS “artist on the Verge project,” where the winner, as voted upon by the delegates attending NMS, will win $150,000+ in marketing, promotion, musical equipment and services. condUctor: Ron Fair (COO, Virgin Records) playerS: andrew Fechter (atlantic), patch Culbertson (universal Republic), Zeke Silvera (island), Carson Donnelly (Columbia), Rob inadomi (RCa), Taylor Testa (Virgin), Sean glass (WIN), Dylan Chenfield (Razor & Tie) Crystal Ballroom the independent label movement: growing in market share. growing in power. Sutton place SoUndexchange preSentS: Radio on the Edge - Meet the next generation condUctor: Charles Caldas (CEO, Merlin Network) playerS: laurence Bell (Founder, Domino), patrick Moxey (president & CEO, ultra), Michael goldstone (Founder, Mom + pop), Josh Deutsch (Chairman & CEO, Downtown), Kenny gates (Founder, piaS), David airaudi (Founder & CEO, 3qtr), Scott Robinson (Co-founder, Dualtone) of digital radio services. new mUSic Seminar | 2013 n m S day S
  14. 14. JUNE 11, 2013 condUctor: Corey Denis (Vp Digital Strategy and Marketing, Toolshed) playerS: Elias Roman (Co-founder/CEO, Songza), Stephen Valenta (Reporting/Finance/ ad Ops, 8Tracks), Mike Dougherty (CEO, Jelli Radio), Kevin King (, paul Campbell (CEO, amazing Radio) 17 2: 30 Crystal Ballroom Music Quality: how a generation got its ears back. interview with David Chesky (Co-Founder/CEO, hDtracks) and Craig Kallman (Chairman & CEO, atlantic Records), conducted by Steve guttenburg CNET's audiophiliac 2: 45 NMS Intensive: Martin atkins - Welcome to the Music Business: you’re Fucked. 3: 00 booking agentS; breaking new artiStS, teSting new waterS: as labels have become more conservative about signing artists, booking agents are taking a chance on unsigned artists and helping them establish a fan base. Some agents have even become labels or managers. As the line blurs, how will agents be redefined? condUctor: allen Kovac (CEO, 10th Street Ent./Eleven Seven Music), Sean agnew (Founder, R5 productions) playerS: Tom Windish (Founder & president, The Windish agency), Marty Diamond (paradigm Talent agency), Matt galle (Founder, photo Finish Records), David galea (agent, The agency group), heath Miller (president of Excess dB Entertainment &Vp, Webster hall), lee anderson (agent, aM Only), ardie Farhadieh (Marketing and Media Manager, Billions) Crystal Ballroom mUSic pUbliShing: The role of the publisher in the new era. Sutton place rethinking yoUr international Strategy grand Ballroom grand Ballroom 4:30 condUctor: allen Kovac (10th Street Ent./Eleven Seven Music), Sean agnew (Founder, R5 productions) playerS: Tom Windish (Founder & president, The Windish agency), Marty Diamond (head East Coast Music, paradigm Talent agency), Matt galle (Founder, photo Finish Records), David galea (agent, The agency group), heath Miller (president of Excess dB Entertainment &Vp, Webster hall), lee anderson (agent, aM Only), ardie Farhadieh (Marketing and Media Manager, Billions) condUctor: Daniel glass (CEO, glassnote Records) playerS: Bruno Crolot (Director, MiDEM), Mark Richardson (Editor-in-Chief, pitchfork), Katerina Markov (head of global innovation, atom Factory), Steve Rennie (Founder, Renman Music & Business), ian James (Managing Director, Mushroom publishing group) grand Ballroom bmi live: Write, perform, Report, get paid: Journalist Susan Butler interviews songwriter Vanessa Bley of Beast patrol. 5:00 nmS intensive: adam Shore (Owner, The Daily Swarm): Music and Brands Crystal Ballroom N M S DAY S 2013 | NEW MUSIC SEMINAR
  15. 15. JUNE 11, 2013 5: 15 reaSonS to be cheerFUl, part iii: Music label leaders plot the course for a better music industry. condUctor: Ralph Simon (CEO/Founder, Mobilum global, Founder of the Mobile Entertainment Forum Mobile - americas) playerS: Craig Kallman (Chairman/CEO, atlantic), Tom Corson (president/COO, RCa), Monte lipman (Founder, Chairman & CEO, Republic), avery lipman (president & Co-founder, Republic), allen Kovac (CEO, Tenth Street Entertainment/Eleven Seven Music/Five Seven Music), Darius Van arman (CEO, Secretly Canadian/Jag Jaguwar) Crystal Ballroom mUSic in tv, Film and advertiSing. grand Ballroom 18 condUctor: Josh Rabinowitz (SVp/Director of Music, grey) playerS: Steve greenberg (Founder/CEO, S-Curve), lori Feldman (SVp Brand partnerships & Music licensing, WMg), Keith D’arcy (Creative licensing & Catalog acquisition, Songs Music publishing), Sanne hagelsten (Founder, Zync) Sutton place SoUndexchange expert SeSSion: artist/label Strategies for Music on Digital Radio. condUctor: Dick huey (CEO, Toolshed) playerS: Jack isquith (SVp Strategic Development & Content programming, Slacker), Matt Ostrower (Director artist partnerships & programming, pandora), adam Farrell (gM, loma Vista Recordings), Jason lekberg (Vp Digital and Marketing, Eleven Seven Music), Damon Williams (Vp programming, Music Choice), Owen grover (SVp of Content partnerships, Clear Channel), Jeff Regan (Director Music programming, SiriusXM), Sean glover (Director, SoundExchange) 5: 15 artiSt on the verge award 7: 00 cloSing remarkS grand Ballroom grand Ballroom Tom Silverman (Executive Director New Music Seminar & Founder/CEO Tommy Boy) For expanded details on the nmS program Schedule, please go to NEW MUSIC SEMINAR | 2013 N M S DAY S
  16. 16. 19 N M S DAY S 2013 | NEW MUSIC SEMINAR
  17. 17. SENSORY SPACES - a sound experience by B&O PLAY and MEW. Meet B&O PLAY at The New Yorker Hotel 2nd floor mezzanine. 20 Bang & Olufsen is an international icon of sound performance and design excellence. With B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen, generations of craftsmanship and expertise meet the needs of digital world and a life on the move. Experience Bang & Olufsen virtues wherever you go with B&O PLAY. H3 new mUSic Seminar | 2013 H6 n m S day S BEOPLAY.COM
  18. 18. NMS13 NMS: ThE lEgEND CONTiNuES 21 n m S day S 2013 | new mUSic Seminar
  19. 19. conductors 22 & Players Michael abbattista global head of Telecom/iSp partnerships, Spotify Michael abbattista is a proven digital media executive with 15+ years of senior management experience in the entertainment and technology industries. he currently serves as Spotify’s global head of Telecom/iSp partnerships, after working as Vp of New Channel Development for EMi Music. abbattista has also been Vp of Content & label Relations with liquid Digital Media/anderson Merchandisers (formerly liquid audio), where he oversaw contract negotiation and business model creation for Walmart digital music initiatives. he has also worked at Velvel Music group and EMi Music. he earned his B.a. in Economics from Northwestern university. MattheW adell CEO, Beatport as CEO of Beatport, Matthew adell is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, operation effectiveness and growth of the brand and its core business. he joined the company as COO in 2009, and assumed the CEO role in 2010. Since, traffic has more than quadrupled, sales have doubled and the Denver-based company has opened offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In 2013, adell also led the successful merger of Beatport with SFX Entertainment. he previously served as Vp of Music Services for Napster and, held senior positions at amazon and Motorola’s, and was Vp of Wax Trax! Records, where he signed The KlF and KMFDM. adell’s career began as a teen working in a suburban Chicago record store. Since Adell joined Beatport in 2009,’s traffic has more than quadrupled, sales have doubled and the denver-based company has opened offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In 2013, he also led the successful merger of beatport with SFx entertainment. david airaudi Founder/CEO, 3qtr Before founding pioneering new music company 3qtr—which partners with artists to build businesses in music and beyond—alongside discovering and co-managing hip-hop collective Odd Future (OFWgKTa), David airaudi spent seven years running strategy and business development with Jimmy iovine at iga (interscope, geffen, a&M) Records. his focus there evolved from traditional record deals, artist joint ventures and 360s to investing and launching music-related consumer products and tech companies. airaudi joined iga from universal Music group, where we oversaw Finance and Business Development for North america. he earned his MBa from Vanderbilt university. lee anderson agent, aM Only lee anderson has nearly a decade of experience working in the live music industry as both a Buyer and agent. after spending almost six years promoting shows in the Northeast, he joined Brooklyn-based aM Only four years ago as an agent. anderson’s current clients include Skrillex, Wolfgang gartner and SBTRKT. NEW MUSIC SEMINAR | 2013 N M S DAY S
  20. 20. NMS13 Peter asher producer/Songwriter Renowned industry veteran peter asher found his start in the music biz in 1964, as half of hitmaking duo peter & gordon, which scored nine top 20 records. in 1968, he became head of a&R for The Beatles’ record company, apple Records, where he found, signed and produced James Taylor. Three years later, asher founded peter asher Management, representing Taylor, linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Randy Newman and more. in all, he has produced 12 grammy-winning recordings, and in 1977 and 1989 earned producer of the year grammys. he also served as Vp of Sony Music for eight years and remains active as an independent producer and consultant for Songmasters, Dreamworks, Walt Disney, hans Zimmer and The academy awards. Recent projects include guitar duo Rodrigo y gabriela, Buddy holly tribute “listen to Me” and music production for “pirates of the Caribbean 4,” “Sherlock holmes 2” and “Madagascar 3.” asher is also working on a project with Elton John in which contemporary acts re-record “yellow Brick Road” as part of its 40th anniversary rerelease. he is a member of Mensa, Sag-aFTRa and the aFM, and a trustee of the Recording academy. Martin atkins Educator/author/Drummer Over the course of more than three decades in the music business, Martin atkins spans genres, borders and industries—personifying the very definition of a cultural arts entrepreneur. He was a member of public image ltd. and Killing Joke; founded industrial super-group pigface, The Damage Manual and Murder inc.; has contributed to Nine inch Nails and Ministry; and commandeered invisible Records and Mattress Factory Recording Studios (established in 1988). his acclaimed 2007 book “Tour:Smart” is a distillation of 30 years in the biz, with a candid discussion of mistakes and failures, strategies to sustain and much more. in addition, atkins is a producer, drummer, documentary filmmaker, DJ, syndicated blogger and instructor at Madison Media Institute. laurence bell Founder, Domino Records laurence Bell is Founder, Owner and head of a&R for his made-from-scratch label Domino Records. Founded in 1993, the label’s first release was Sebadoh’s EP “Rocking the Forest,” licensed from Sub pop records for release in the u.K. Many of its early releases were from american artists signed in the u.S. to Drag City (Smog, Will Oldham, Royal Trux), a relationship that continues today. Recent releases from Franz Ferdinand, arctic Monkeys and The Kills have added to its success as one of the longest running and most successful independent record labels in the u.K. in 2011, it launched book-publishing division The Domino press. brian benedik Vp North america ad Sales, Spotify Brian Benedik, currently Vp of North america ad Sales for Spotify, is an ad sales veteran and recognized leader in the u.S. audio industry. he recently served as Chair of the iaB audio Committee and president of Katz360, a division of Clear Channel Communications. Benedik spent a good deal of his career within the Clear Channel Radio family on the radio station & media representation sides. While in his role at Katz360, he built the largest online audio sales network, consisting of numerous premium audio publishers, and helped create its emerging Digital audio ad marketplace. steven blatter SVp/gM, Music programming & Digital Music, SiriusXM Radio Steven Blatter is a 13-year veteran of the media industry who was named one of the Top 15 majormarket radio programmers in america by Radio ink magazine. Currently Senior Vice president and general Manager of Music programming & Digital Music for SiriusXM Radio, he previously served as Vice president of programming for Big City Radio, responsible for formatting and branding the company’s radio properties in New york, los angeles and Chicago. N M S DAY S 2013 | NEW MUSIC SEMINAR 23
  21. 21. NMS13 stePhen bryan EVp, Digital Strategy and Business Development, Warner Music group as Warner Music group’s Executive Vice president for Digital Strategy & Business Development, Stephen Bryan is responsible for overseeing WMg’s worldwide digital strategy, forging new business models and building strategic relationships with emerging and established players. as a seasoned executive, who joined WMg in 1997, he has been at the forefront of each iteration of the industry’s digital evolution. Bryan’s career includes involvement in such landmark deals as YouTube’s first agreement with a music major, and licenses for the first subscription services, including Spotify and Rhapsody. 24 JiM cady president/CEO, Slacker Since joining Slacker as president & CEO in 2006, Jim Cady has been instrumental in driving the company’s internal team while securing numerous core strategic relationships. he previously commandeered established publicly held companies, as well as two startups—including the president post at digital music industry pioneer Rio Digital audio, whose core technology was deemed among the “100 Most important Developments” by the Consumer Electronics assn. There, he grew sales to $150+ million over a three-year period, before the company was sold to SONiCblue. Cady’s accolades include a Silver anvil award from the public Relations Society of america and more than 150 Best product awards globally. charles caldas CEO, Merlin Since 2007, Charles Caldas has been CEO of global rights agency Merlin, which represents many of the world’s most prominent independent music entities. In 2012, the firm was voted No. 5 in Fast Company’s list of most influential music companies. As an experienced media professional, Caldas is passionate about harnessing his skills and knowledge to help other companies thrive amid the ever-changing world of digital media distribution and consumption. he believes the creation of Merlin represents a landmark moment in the industry and offers an efficient solution for its members and the services that use their music. in March 2013, Caldas was presented the iMpala Outstanding Contribution award, which recognizes his work launching and growing Merlin into the virtual fourth major in the digital space. bryan calhoun Digital Strategy, The Blueprint group For more than 20 years, Bryan Calhoun has worked within numerous music industry capacities, including a&R, marketing, digital licensing, radio promotions, business development and concert promotions. he has held roles at Relativity Records, RED Distribution, Warlock Records, Serchlite Music, as COO of Kanye West’s gOOD Music and most recently, as Vp of New Media and External affairs for SoundExchange. he now provides digital strategy and business development for artist management company The Blueprint group, representing lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, T.i., lil Twist, hit Boy and others. in 2003, Calhoun founded label Management Systems to help indie record labels succeed, where he developed business solutions to achieve that goal, including the Music Business Toolbox (, released in 2008 and being updated for re-release in 2013. professional consulting clients include Kanye West, MSN Entertainment, ludacris, Monster Cable and SoundExchange. Calhoun has a BBa in Finance from the university of georgia. he is a voting member of the Recording academy and on the Board of Directors for the Future of Music Coalition. For more than 20 years, calhoun has worked within numerous music industry capacities, including a&r, marketing, digital licensing, radio promotions, business development and concert promotions. he now provides digital strategy and business development for the blueprint group, representing lil wayne, nicki minaj, t.i., lil twist, hit boy and others. new mUSic Seminar | 2013 n m S day S
  22. 22. NMS13 rio caraeff president/CEO, VEVO Rio Caraeff has served as president & CEO of music video and entertainment platform VEVO since the company’s 2009 launch. previously, he worked in new technologies across entertainment arenas— including film, TV, music and games—for Universal Music Group, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Fabric (a firm he co-founded), Sony 550 Digital Media Ventures, Sony Music Entertainment and Capitol Records group. Caraeff has been featured in Vanity Fair’s “The Next Establishment” (2012, 2010), Billboard’s “power 100” (2013, 2012) and “40 under 40” (2012), hollywood Reporter’s “Digital power 50” (2012), Fortune’s “40 under 40” (2011, 2010, 2009), Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative people in Business” (2011) and Evening Standard London’s “Most Influential” (2011). He was also named a “Top Digital Executive To Watch” in 2010 by both the los angeles Times and Digital Media Wire. andy chen CEO, WiMp Music andy Chen is responsible for leading and overseeing all aspects of WiMp Music’s company strategy, development and operations. previously, he was CEO of preview Networks, a leading venture-backed video content syndication and advertising platform in Europe, with seven offices in 10 markets (acquired in February 2013). Before that, Chen was Vp for MTV Networks Europe and Viacom international, responsible for digital sales, strategy and the creation of digital commercial ventures. he also spent many years with aegis Media, as global Director of Digital Strategy for Carat, and with isobar global Management in london and San Francisco. Chen began his career during the dotcom 1990s in San Francisco with universal Music, interscope Records, McCann-Erickson Worldwide and Tonic360/J. Walter Thompson. he has a triple B.a. degree in architecture, City planning and Scandinavian Cultures from university of California, Berkeley in the u.S., and an MBa from Stockholm university, Sweden. he speaks English, Mandarin Chinese and Swedish. dylan chenfeld a&R, Razor & Tie Dylan Chenfeld is an a&R executive at Razor & Tie, where has been instrumental in creating joint venture artery Recordings, between Razor & Tie and The artery Foundation. The partnership has led to sales of 200,000+ units and the signings of promising bands attila and Chelsea grin. Chenfeld also signed american Christian metalcore band For Today, whose “immortal” entered the Billboard 200’s top 15 and reached No. 3 on the independent music chart in 2012. Chenfeld’s most recent signing, indie rock band Born Cages, will release its debut Ep in Summer 2013. Chenfeld is also owner of RooftopsNyC, which recently launched a successful T-shirt line. david chesky Co-Founder/CEO, hDtracks David Chesky is Co-Founder & CEO of, an online download service that delivers high-quality sound via AIFF, FLAC, WAV and ALAC, in up to 192kHz/24bit high-resolution files—as a successful rejoinder to the ubiquitous low-quality proliferation of Mp3s. hDtracks offers masterquality music from all major labels and hundreds of indies. in line, Chesky is a global leader in the advancement of research for high-resolution recording techniques: He was the first to create 128X oversampled CDs and 96/24 DVD audio and a pioneer of SaCD. Some 25 years ago, he founded Chesky Records with brother Norman Chesky, which has earned countless accolades and remains a quintessential audiophile label. as part of the Chesky label, he has produced and recorded hundreds of jazz and classical artists in hi-res audio, including peggy lee, astor piazzolla, John pizzarelli, Chuck Mangione, The Royal philharmonic and classical pianist Earl Wild. Chesky is also a composerin-residence for the National Symphony Orchestra of Taiwan, while his operas, ballets and orchestral works have been performed worldwide. N M S DAY S 2013 | NEW MUSIC SEMINAR 25
  23. 23. NMS13 norMan chesky president, Chesky Records Norman Chesky is president of Chesky Records, the renowned music label aimed at audiophiles. The majority of its output comprises the jazz, latin jazz, classical and adult contemporary genres, in addition to its role as a high-end audio equipment manufacturer. Norman Chesky and his composer brother David Chesky founded the label. The pair also launched audiophile website hD Tracks, which allows customers to purchase high-resolution versions of albums in numerous formats. 26 ted cohen Managing partner, Tag Strategic Ted Cohen stands at the crossroads of the music, entertainment and technology industries, bridging the gap between time-honored practices and emerging digital technologies. he is now Managing partner of digital entertainment consultancy Tag Strategic, launched in 2006 with clients gibson Guitar, Muze, Limewire and Participant Media. With offices in L.A., N.Y., Miami, London and Mumbai, Tag has serviced such corporate giants as Coca-Cola and Verizon Communications, along with startups hello Music, Evntlive, West 10 Entertainment, Telesystems, Clip interactive and urturn. Cohen began his label career at Columbia Records, later joining Warner Bros. Records, working with alice Cooper, Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, The Who, Van halen, prince, Talking heads, Robert palmer, Sex pistols, pretenders, Ramones and Roxy Music. he has also held senior management positions at Westwood One Radio Networks, Sandy gallin, Jim Morey & associates, philips Media and Webnoize. Cohen also formed two new media consulting operations: DMN Consulting and Consulting adults. With EMi Recorded Music, he served as SVp of global Digital, and was instrumental in crafting licensing agreements upon which the iTunes Music Store and Rhapsody subscription services were built. Cohen has served on the l.a. chapter of the grammy Board of governors and its national Trustee Board. he is on the Board of Directors for the Neil Bogart Memorial Fund and, and served as Chairman of the Mobile Entertainment Forum americas. Most recently, he was selected to receive NaRM’s 2013 presidential award for Sustained industry achievement. richard conlon SVp Corporate Strategy, Communications & New, Media, BMi as Senior Vice president of Corporate Strategy, Communications & New Media for BMi, Richard Conlon heads up corporate strategy, marketing, advertising and media relations. in addition, he is charged with its New Media Development group, which manages the development of revenue streams for BMi’s songwriters and music publishers in the digital world across all new media applications. Conlon’s team spearheads analysis, planning and strategic development for BMi’s enterprise-wide future directions in the media and entertainment worlds. frank cooPer, iii Global Chief Marketing Office/Consumer Engagement, PepsiCo, Inc. acknowledged by Fast Company magazine as one of the “Top 100 Most Creative people in Business” and Billboard magazine’s music’s “power 100,” Frank Cooper, iii, is recognized as a leading progressive brand marketer. his career includes senior executive roles at Motown, Def Jam and Tommy Boy; as well as entrepreneurial and executive positions in the digital space. he is currently CMO at pepsiCo, overseeing global Consumer Engagement for its beverage sector, where he has developed breakthrough branded entertainment platforms (including “The X Factor”), co-led pepsi’s 10-year NFl deal and launched innovation consumer co-creation platforms (Mountain Dew’s “DEWmocracy”). Cooper is a graduate of the harvard law School and served as Chairman of the american advertising Federation from 2009-2011. new mUSic Seminar | 2013 n m S day S E w
  24. 24. 27 ENTER YOUR BAND NOW Get your band in front of 3000+ industry insiders and 600+ media reps from Canada & all over the world. plus… ConneCt with international talent buyers, musiC publishers & supervisors, bookinG aGents, promoters and a&r reps. MAY 6-10, 2014 n m S day S 2013 | new mUSic Seminar
  25. 25. NMS13 toM corson president/COO, RCa Records as president & COO for RCa Records, Tom Corson is responsible for overseeing promotion, marketing, publicity, digital, sales, international, video and operations for the iconic label. previously, Corson held the role of Executive Vp/gM for RCa Music group, where he oversaw operations for RCa, J and arista Records. he held that position since J’s inception in 2000. For RCa, Corson has played a pivotal role in the success of Kings of leon, Rod Stewart, Ke$ha, Foo Fighters, Kelly Clarkson, alicia Keys, pitbull and Jennifer hudson. he has also held executive titles with iRS, Capitol and Columbia Records, helping commandeer the careers of R.E.M, Radiohead, System of a Down, Train and Ricky Martin. Over the course of his career, Corson has worked alongside such industry royalty as Clive Davis, Barry Weiss, herb alpert & Jerry Moss, gil Friesen and Miles Copeland. 28 as president & coo for rca records, corson has played a pivotal role in the success of kings of leon, rod Stewart, ke$ha, Foo Fighters, kelly clarkson, alicia keys, pitbull and jennifer hudson. with irS, capitol and columbia records, he helped commandeer the careers of r.e.m, radiohead, System of a down, train and ricky martin. bruno crolot Director Midem & Music Markets, Reed Midem Bruno Crolot is Music Markets Director for Reed Midem, in charge of the leading annual international music market held in Cannes, France. Midem brings together leading professionals and decisionmakers from the new music ecosystem, from the traditional music industry to new technologies, brands and artists, with more than 75 countries represented. in addition, Crolot oversees Reed Midem’s contribution to the Rethink Music initiative, a partnership with Berklee College of Music. as an 18-year veteran in the music and digital media sectors, he joined Reed Midem in 2010, following positions as Vp of Digital Sales & Business Development at Sony Music Entertainment France, and various management posts in business development, marketing and strategy with Orange/France Telecom, Noos and universal Music France. Crolot holds a diploma in Business Management from the university of paris iX Dauphine. Patch culbertson a&R Manager, Republic Records patch Culbertson joined the a&R team at Republic Records in 2009 as a Coordinator under president avery lipman. in the position, he has delivered projects from godsmack, Mat Kearney, guster, Colbie Caillat, Dev, Owl City, Dispatch and The lonely island. he has alkso assisted in the development & delivery of multiple TV and film soundtracks, including “Ted,” “Jersey Shore,” “Take Me Home Tonight,” “Safe haven,” “Snow White & The huntsman” and “MTV unplugged presents Florence & The Machine.” his contributions to Republic’s active roster—Florida georgia line, The Naked & Famous, The last Bison and TJR—have sold 800,000+ albums and 6,000,000+ singles in the u.S. axel dauchez CEO, Deezer after training at the polytechnic and proctor & gamble, alex Dauchez worked in the media and burgeoning internet industries. in 1995, he became Director of Consumer Marketing for CoktelSierra-Blizzard, a leader in computer edutainment games and software; and in 1996, launched the company’s first paying online service. He was appointed President of French web agency BDDP & Tequila interactive in 1998, and in 2002 became CEO of Moonscoop group, an audio-visual animation production leader. There he oversaw u.S. implementation and created several trans-media storytelling platforms (Kabilion in the u.S., Taffy Kids in asia and allofamille with allocine in Europe). Dauchez joined Deezer as CEO in 2010. NEW MUSIC SEMINAR | 2013 N M S DAY S
  26. 26. NMS13 corey denis Vp Digital Music Strategies & Marketing, Toolshed Corey Denis has been pioneering digital music marketing for 15 years, utilizing everything from early ListServs & phpbb forums to social networks and MMORPGs. Her first job in the music industry was with What are Records?, where she built and leveraged online street teams and podcasts to increase sales and connect with fan bases for Frank Black, Figurine, Stephen lynch, Maceo parker, The Samples, innocence Mission, glenn Tilbrook, Tim Finn, Tony Furtado and March Records. By 2003, Denis was Director of Online Marketing and A&R at the label, facilitating one of the first five direct deals between apple iTunes and an indie label. in 2005, she worked with iODa, helping create and market promonet, a promotional distribution platform allowing its member base of thousands of blogs, podcasts and online media outlets to access pre-cleared Mp3s and marketing assets. In addition, she produced the non-profit Musician & Promoter Workshop Series in San Francisco, assisting local musicians with digital transitions. in 2009, Denis founded Not Shocking, a San Francisco digital music strategy firm, serving such clients as SoundExchange, Michael Tilson Thomas, Ning, Rdio, Medium and Vertebrae productions. By 2012, she aligned with Dick huey and Toolshed to create and manage Toolshed’s Social Media Strategy department, overseeing digital music strategy & marketing for such indie artists as MNDR, Kate Bush, Cat power, Mother Mother, ani DiFranco, Melissa Ferrick, John Wesley harding, Martin Sexton, Redd Kross, Big Scary and Wax Tailor. Josh deutsch Chairman/CEO, Downtown Records Downtown Records Chairman & CEO Josh Deutsch is founder of the company’s collective Downtown Records, Downtown Music publishing, Downtown Music Services (DMS), Songtrust and online music discovery site he previously served as SVp/a&R for Virgin Records, EVp at Elektra Entertainment and Vp/a&R at Capital Records. Over the course of his career, Deutsch is responsible for sales of more than 25 million albums, discovering and overseeing the careers of gnarls Barkley, Cold War Kids, Jason Mraz, Justice, Santigold, Jet, lenny Kravitz, Third Eye Blind and Miike Snow. in a&R and marketing roles, he has worked with a wide range of popular and critically acclaimed artists, including Metallica, Mos Def, a perfect Circle and David gray. Deutsch graduated from Brown university and attended New york university’s Stern School of Business. he is also an adjunct professor at The Clive Davis institute of Recorded Music Marty diaMond head of East Coast Music, paradigm Talent agency Marty Diamond is the East Coast head of the paradigm Talent agency’s Music Division. he was previously president of little Big Man Booking, a boutique music agency acquired by paradigm in 2006. Diamond founded little Big Man in 1994 after stints at arista Records, Bill graham Management and Manhattan music venue The Ritz. he oversaw little Big Man’s growth from a two-person operation to the leading small agency in North america, with a roster including Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Sigur Ros, David gray, Blur, Emeli Sandé, interpol, Franz Ferdinand, Metric and Sara Bareilles. under Diamond’s leadership, little Big Man won the pollstar award for Small/Boutique Booking agency 10 out of 11 consecutive years, from 1996-2000 and 2002-2006. Diamond also won pollstar’s highest individual honor, 1997’s agent of the year. Since its founding in 1992, paradigm has established itself as a leading entertainment talent agency, guiding its client roster through motion picture, TV, music, comedy and personal appearances, theater, books, new media, commercial and physical production. carson donnelly a&R, Columbia Records Carson Donnelly has been working in the a&R department with Columbia Records since 2009. a transplant from portland, Oregon, Carson Donnelly graduated from the gallatin school at Nyu in 2009 with a degree in songwriting. Shortly thereafter she joined the a&R ranks at Columbia Records, working with a myriad of artists over the years including MgMT, Foster the people, passion pit, Krewella, Chairlift and The Neighbourhood. N M S DAY S 2013 | NEW MUSIC SEMINAR 29
  27. 27. NMS13 Mike dougherty CEO, Jelli With 20+ years of experience in startup growth, operations, strategy & business development and fundraising/M&a, Mike Dougherty has a proven track record of growing emerging technology opportunities, setting vision and strategy, building teams and developing new business models. he is the co-creator and CEO of San Mateo start-up Jelli, an interactive radio broadcasting service launched in 2009. using the concept of crowdsourcing, Jelli is a modernized version of “all-request” radio, billed as a “multiplayer video game on a radio station.” 30 Mike doughty Musician, Snack Bar Mike Doughty led the band Soul Coughing in the 1990s, and is now a solo artist. in all, his accomplishments include singer, songwriter, guitar player, poet, author, playwright, blogger, photographer—and Most Improved Camper, West Point Youth Camp, 1982. He has released five solo albums, a number of Eps, live albums, numerous EDM tracks and remixes, a poetry book and his memoir “The Drug years,” about his rough and tumble years in Soul Coughing. in fall 2012, Doughty released an album of covers, paying homage to songs by John Denver, Cheap Trick and Stephen Sondheim. david dufresne CEO, Bandzoogle David Dufresne is CEO of Bandzoogle, a powerful platform for musicians to build their websites, engage fans and sell their music and merch directly. Bandzoogle works with thousands of bands and musicians to help them create a strong base for their online strategies. Dufresne is a reformed venture capitalist, having spent eight years placing bets on software, web and video game start-ups. he is an obsessive music fan and apparently a wonderful DJ. he’s also a daddy and he plays soccer and hockey, both very defensively. ron fair CCO, Virgin Records Veteran a&R executive, record producer, arranger, recording engineer and songwriter Ron Fair’s career has spanned 30+ years at major record labels, where he has produced and arranged numerous hits, while turning unknown artists into superstars. among them: Christina aguilera, Vanessa Carlton, Keyshia Cole, pussycat Dolls, Black Eyed peas and Fergie. Currently CCO for Virgin Records, Fair’s previous roles include geffen Records Chairman, a&M Records president as well as senior a&R positions at RCa, Chrysalis, EMi and island london. Over his career, the grammy winner has produced such No. 1 singles as “lady Marmalade” (aguilera, pink, Mýa, lil’ Kim), “Be Without you” (Mary J. Blige), “One” (Blige & u2), “Big yellow Taxi” (Counting Crows), “a Thousand Miles” (Vanessa Carlton) and “Where is the love?” (Black Eyed peas). ardie farhadieh Marketing and Media Manager, The Billions Corp. ardie Farhadieh is The Billions Corporation’s Marketing and Media Manager, overseeing marketing, media and sponsorships for a roster of 200+ artists. he came to Billions from Rethink Music in Boston, a solutions-focused music conference hosted by Berklee College of Music and Midem, where he spent eight months as project manager, overseeing programming, booking, marketing and production of all aspects of the conference. previously, Farhadieh was an agency associate at The Windish agency. he is a music business graduate, summa cum laude, from Berklee College of Music, and serves as a junior board member for Rock For Kids in Chicago. NEW MUSIC SEMINAR | 2013 N M S DAY S
  28. 28. NMS13 adaM farrell general Manager, loma Vista Recordings adam Farrell is general Manager and Creative Director of loma Vista Recording—an imprint of Republic Records—whose artist roster includes Cillie Barnes, Cut Copy, Damian Markey, ghost, little Dragon, Rhye, Soundgarden and the “Django unchained” soundtrack. Farrell has also been Vice president of Marketing and Creative Operations at New york’s Matador Records; and previously worked as Vp of Creative & Marketing for Beggars group (4aD, Matador Records, Rough Trade, Xl Recordings), at indie Badman Recording Co., and with San Francisco ad agency arc. andreW fechter urban a&R Coordinator, atlantic Records Andrew Fechter began his music career at age 16 with his first deal as an in-house producer and songwriter for newly formed indie label liTO Music group, based in his hometown of philadelphia. Primarily working in hip-hop and R&B, he continued with LITO during his first two years at Temple university, before transferring to Full Sail university in Orlando, to further his recording skills and business expertise. upon graduation—following an internship in the Executive department at atlantic Records—Fechter was hired in January 2012 to work within the label’s urban a&R department. Since, he has aligned with artists lupe Fiasco, Jaheim, TgT and Sevyn & Kendall. robert fernandez CEO, Famous artist Music & Management Record executive Robert Fernandez offers broad experience in the development, marketing, promotion and management of artists. as CEO of Famous artist Music & Management, he is responsible for the successful development of international multi-platinum artist pitbull. he has also held lofty executive positions as a label and marketing consultant. Jay frank Owner/CEO, DigSin Jay Frank is Owner and CEO of DigSin, a singles-focused music company that allows subscribing fans to obtain music for free. DigSin signs new artists to deals that leverage new platforms, social networks and analytics to expose music to a wider audience, building popularity outside of traditional methods. Frank is also the author of two books. “Futurehit.DNa” is a No. 1 Songwriting book on amazon and part of the curriculum at a number of colleges and universities. it explores how digital technology has changed the way people discover music and examines what an artist needs to make their songs more hit-worthy in the digital age. his second book, “hack your hit” is a how-to guide for musicians filled with free and cheap marketing tips. Frank was previously SVP of Music Strategy for MTV Network’s CMT, bringing music video ratings to an all-time high, thanks to an aggressive multiplatform promotional strategy. as Vp of Music programming and label Relations for yahoo! Music, he was responsible for music programming, and instrumental in bringing audience growth to 25 million/ month. he was also Senior Music Director at The Box Music Network, worked in marketing and a&R for ignition Records, managed a live music venue, programmed broadcast radio stations and created two local music video shows. david galea agent, The agency group as an agent with The agency group, David galea represents the traveling interests of some 35 major and independent acts, including paramore, Relient K, Dredg and Brooke Waggoner. it is his job to make the most of his artists’ time onstage, show after show. previously, galea was a client of the agency, as a trumpet player in ska band Edna’s Goldfish. Before being managed, he commandeered the group’s booking. N M S DAY S 2013 | NEW MUSIC SEMINAR 31
  29. 29. NMS13 Matt galle Founder, photo Finish Records Matt Galle founded Photo Finish Records in 2006, which, for five years was under the Atlantic Records’ umbrella, where it scored platinum success with 3Oh!3. in 2012, the label aligned with island Def Jam. he also serves as an agent with paradigm Talent agency, where clients include My Chemical Romance, Fun. and Mike posner. in addition, galle co-founded the acclaimed Bamboozle Festival; and played a pivotal role in discovering superstar multi-platinum artists Bruno Mars and Ke$ha. he is also partnered to provide exclusive senior-level a&R services for island Records under industry legend Barry Weiss. 32 kenny gates Founder/CEO, [piaS] in 1983, at age 20, Kenny gates co-founded [piaS] (play it again Sam) with Michel lambot . Thirty years later, [piaS] has become a leader in the European independent record industry, with 150+ employees and offices in every major European market, the USA and Australia. The company focuses on three main divisions: Recordings, artist and label Services and Co-Op. its own labels play it again Sam and Different have helped develop careers for such trendsetting artists as Front 242, agnes Obel, 2ManyDJ’s/Soulwax, Mogwai, Sigur Ros, laurent garnier, Vitalic and Editors. in 2008, gates— who serves as president—and lambot received the insignia of Chevalier dans l’ordre des arts et des lettres in France for their success in the European independent record industry. daniel glass CEO, glassnote Records Daniel glass is Founder & president of full-service indie music company glassnote Entertainment group. Since launching in 2007, glassnote has served as home to grammy-winning acts Mumford & Sons and phoenix, as well as The Temper Trap, Two Door Cinema Club, giVERS, Childish gambino, Oberhofer, Daughter, little green Cars, Robert Delong, half Moon Run, ChVRChES, Justin Nozuka and Foy Vance. in 2011, Rolling Stone Magazine deemed glassnote “Best indie label.” glass’ musical career began as a DJ at the famed Regine’s Discotheque in New york City. he then held positions at SaM Records, Chrysalis and SBK Records, before being named president/CEO of EMi Records group N.a., a founding president of universal and president of artemis Records, before starting glassnote. in May 2013, glass was the recipient of SESaC’s “Visionary award.” sean glass “Bossman,” WiN Music Sean glass, a.k.a. Sg, is charged with running the revived WiN Records. Originally founded in the 1970s as a disco label, it now focuses on artist development and promotion of undiscovered dance artists. Its first stateside release is U.K. No. 1 Duke Dumont’s “Need U (100%).” Glass also works in A&R and marketing for glassnote Records (founded by his dad Daniel glass), where he signed artists Robert Delong and Flight Facilities. By night, he is a DJ, hosting events at such clubs as Soho house and le Baron and warehouse parties in Bushwick, Brooklyn. glass has also DJ’d festivals Coachella and the governor’s Ball, and worked with lCD Soundsystem, Diplo and lady gaga. saM hollander Songwriter/producer Sam hollander has written and/or produced 19 u.S. top 40 hits and numerous global smashes. in 2008, Rolling Stone honored him with its “hot list producer of the year” award. hollander recently served as music producer for the second season of NBC musical series “Smash.” among his hit artists: Train, One Direction, gym Class heroes, good Charlotte, Carole King, Katy perry, Neon Trees, Cobra Starship, 3Oh!3, O.a.R., uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray, Matisyahu, Blues Traveler, Tom Jones, Chiddy Bang and Kelly Rowland. hollander has upcoming releases from Daughtry, Karmin, Matt Nathanson, Michael Franti, Emblem 3, Mowglis, Clinton Sparks f/Macklemore and 2 Chainz. NEW MUSIC SEMINAR | 2013 N M S DAY S
  30. 30. NMS13 Jake gold president/CEO, The Management Trust Jake gold is one of Canada’s most successful artist managers and has been an active force in the music industry there for 30 years. in 1986, gold launched artist management company The Management Trust ltd. and transformed The Tragically hip into national stardom. For three years, gold has been recognized by the Canadian Music industry awards as “Manager of the year.” in 2009, he was elected to the board of CiMa and recently elevated to Vice Chairman. he is a board member for the Music Managers Forum and is 2013’s MMF honour Roll award recipient. gold also manages the careers of adam Cohen, Crash Karma and Scarlett Jane as well as music producers me&john, Moe Berg, Russell Broom, Terry Brown and laurence Currie. Martin goldschMidt Chairman, Cooking Vinyl group Cooking Vinyl has developed a reputation as one of Europe’s prime artist-focused independent labels, offering services-only deals that claim no stake in artist copyrights. The broader Cooking Vinyl group comprises Cooking Vinyl Records, distributor & marketing services provider Essential Music & Marketing, and publishing company Cooking Vinyl Music. The label was set up by former manager and booking agent Martin goldschmidt and distribution manager pete lawrence, who initially ran the business as a part-time venture out of a spare room in goldschmidt’s council house in Stockwell, South london. in 1986, Cooking Vinyl recorded an impromptu live performance at a folk festival by singer Michelle Shocked, around a campfire on a portable cassette machine with fading batteries. The subsequent release “The Campfire Tapes” sold 250,000 copies worldwide. Cooking Vinyl’s current roster includes The prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Billy Bragg, The Cult, alison Moyet, Madness, amanda palmer, The Cranberries, Counting Crows and The View. Michael goldstone Founder , Mom + pop Records Michael goldstone launched Mom+pop in New york City with partners peter Mensch and Cliff Burnstein. The independent label is distributed through RED, and home to such artists as Sleigh Bells, andrew Bird, Metric, polica and Neon indian. From 2001 to 2006, goldstone was president of Sire Records. During his tenure, the label signed Tegan and Sara, against Me, hiM, Jacks Mannequin and the Veronicas. steve greenberg Founder/CEO, S-Curve Music Steve greenberg is Founder and CEO of S-Curve Records, whose artists have included andy grammer, Joss Stone, We The Kings, Diane Birch, Duran Duran and Tom Jones. The grammy-winning record producer was formerly president of Columbia Records. Over his many years in the industry, the celebrated executive has been integrally involved in numerous tech startups, including interlude, hyperactivate and Selectable Media. scott greenstein president & CCO, SiriusXM Radio Scott Greenstein is President and Chief Content Officer for SiriusXM Radio, overseeing programming, marketing and corporate marketing activities. With extensive entertainment industry experience, he also served as a SiriusXM consultant, forging strategic agreements with the NFl and penske. previously, greenstein was Chairman of motion picture production, marketing and distribution company USA Films, managing film activities and supervising its home entertainment division. Under his purview, USA Films released Steven Soderbergh’s “Traffic” as its first in-house supervised production, which won four academy awards and two golden globes. greenstein also served as Copresident of October Films, Miramax Films’ SVp of Motion pictures, Music, New Media & publishing, and in senior management at Viacom international. N M S DAY S 2013 | NEW MUSIC SEMINAR 33
  31. 31. NMS13 JereMy gruber Director Business Development, Concord Music group as Director of Business Development for Concord Music group, Jeremy gruber seeks new opportunities for Concord’s roster of artists to reach fans around the world. he also helps guide the company’s digital strategies and leads direct-to-fan marketing initiatives, working with such artists s paul McCartney, paul Simon, Chick Corea, george Benson and gregg allman. previously, gruber worked in new media at 10th Street Entertainment and Eleven Seven Music, as well as web development for a non-profit, and for Sabre Entertainment helping develop the Mick Fleetwood Private Cellar wine label. 34 steve guttenberg Freelance audio/Music Writer, “The audiophiliac,” CNET CNET Blog Network writer Steve guttenberg authors “The audiophiliac” for the well-respected audio/electronics website. in addition, he serves as a freelance audio and music writer for inner Fidelity, home Theater magazine and Stereophile. he has also worked as a high-end audio salesman, and as a producer for Chesky Records. andreW haMPP Senior Correspondent, Billboard andrew hampp is Billboard magazine’s senior branding correspondent. previously, he was a media reporter and los angeles Bureau chief for advertising age. haampp has also contributed to Crain’s New york Business, The Columbus Dispatch and The hollywood Reporter. kurt hanson CEO accuRadio , publisher, RaiN Kurt hanson is publisher of daily web-based newsletter “RaiN: Radio and internet Newsletter” and a leading expert in the field of new delivery mechanisms for Internet radio, satellite radio, HD radio and podcasting. he is also CEO of independent, multichannel internet radio property accuRadio, which reaches nearly 1 million unique listeners each month with 300+ channels of rock, pop, jazz, classical, country, Broadway, Celtic and more. Hanson was Founder & CEO of market research firm Strategic Media Research (SMR), which he built into a $10 million business; and previously worked at WOKy Milwaukee and Chicago outlets WlS, WDai and Wlup. hanson is publisher of daily web-based newsletter rain and ceo of independent, multichannel internet radio property accuradio, which reaches nearly 1 million unique listeners each month with 300+ channels of rock, pop, jazz, classical, country, broadway, celtic and more. brian hennigan Nextlab Operations Manager, youTube Brian hennigan focuses on accelerating growth and innovation for youTube as part of its Nextlab, a global team focused on discovering, implementing and evangelizing youTube best practices to drive success across the platform. he previously spent 18 months in Japan, building google’s Creative Services organization for the Asia Pacific region. That team’s responsibilities included providing thought leadership on the future of digital marketing and creating programmatic opportunities for advertisers to better engage with users. his google global hopscotch also included three years in london overseeing advertiser solutions and programs across EMEa, while helping extend youTube’s footprint in new markets. new mUSic Seminar | 2013 n m S day S
  32. 32. 35 n m S day S 2013 | new mUSic Seminar
  33. 33. NMS13 stanislas hintzy Director Strategy & Business Development, Moozar Stanislas hintzy has 20 years of international experience as an internet and mobile executive with labels, music trade press and strategy consulting. in 2001, he joined OD2—peter gabriel’s digital distribution platform—as Continental Europe Director—and took part in raising the company to European leadership. upon its acquisition by Nokia in 2006, hintzy moved to that company’s headquarters in Finland as global Digital Music Retail Director, deploying Nokia Music in 35 countries in less than two years. In 2011, he created “Hinterlocal,” a firm supporting Internet companies and start-ups through their internationalization and localization process. he joined Moozar in 2012. hintzy has an MBa from u.S. Case Western Reserve university, served as Vp European TechTour France & Benelux 2012, and is a professor of Digital Distribution for French universities. 36 laurent hubert COO, BMg Laurent Hubert is BMG Rights Management’s Chief Operating Officer of North America, with 20+ years of international corporate expertise, including 11 years in senior management roles in the music publishing industry. Since the re-launch of BMg in 2009, hubert has played a central role in re-establishing the company in the u.S. via numerous signings, catalog acquisitions and company purchases. dick huey Founder, Toolshed Toolshed, founded in New york by Dick huey in 2001, is a digital consultancy that advises major consumer brands, media, tech and entertainment companies on digital strategy, social media marketing and rights acquisition and usage. Its San Francisco office provides social media grassroots marketing, direct-to-fan campaign design and digital publicity. Toolshed clients include Beggars Group, Merge Records, Spotify and Red Bull. The firm has orchestrated 350+ digital PR and social media growth campaigns for such artists as The Civil Wars, MNDR, ani DiFranco, Sufjan Stevens, The arcade Fire and aimee Mann. previously, from 1997 to 2001, huey launched and led the New Media department at Beggars group (Xl Recordings, 4aD, Matador Records, Rough Trade), licensing its digital catalog and establishing digital direction. he is a founding new media committee member of a2iM, a past board member representing Matador Records at SoundExchange, and an advisory board member at CaSh Music, Tunecore and RoyaltyShare. Michael huPPe president/CEO, SoundExchange as president and CEO of SoundExchange, Michael huppe is responsible for the organization’s strategic direction, which collects performance royalties from digital radio and distributes them to recording artists and record labels for creative content use. in the role since 2011, he is charged with SoundExchange’s mission to “support, protect and propel the recorded music industry forward”— which helped deem it among Forbes Magazine’s “Top Names you Need to Know for 2011.” huppe previously served as SVp and deputy counsel for the Recording industry association of america. he earned a Bachelor’s degree from the university of Virginia, a law degree from harvard law School, and is an adjunct professor at the georgetown university law Center. rob inadoMi a&R Director, RCa/Sony Music Rob inadomi serves RCa/Sony Music in New york as Director of a&R. in addition, he oversees the studio recording process for the label’s robust roster of artists. While a student at prep school harvard-Westlake School in los angeles, he played in several bands, with an eye on working in the music industry. inadomi is a graduate of the inaugural class of the Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music at Nyu, where he honed his skills in production and music business practice. NEW MUSIC SEMINAR | 2013 N M S DAY S
  34. 34. NMS13 Jon irWin CEO/president, Rhapsody international Jon Irwin joined Rhapsody America in 2009, as the venture’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Of Staff, before overseeing its spinoff into a standalone company and later, its acquisition of Napster. Today, he is CEO & president of Rhapsody international. Over his career, irwin has focused on building robust subscription businesses, including a variety of senior positions with telecommunications market companies, including Boingo Wireless, Earthlink, infoNet Services Corporation and WorldCom. he earned an MBa from the anderson School of Management at the university of California los angeles, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Systems Engineering from the university of California San Diego. Jack isquith SVp, Strategic Development and Content programming, Slacker Jack isquith, Slacker’s Senior Vice president of Strategic Development and Content programming, is a veteran of both the digital and traditional music industries. he has previously served in leadership positions at aOl, Warner Bros Records and CDNOW. toM Jackson Owner, Tom Jackson’s Onstage Success live music producer and author Tom Jackson helps artists develop their live performances into “unique memorable moments,” with the belief that a live music producer does onstage what a record producer does in the studio. as author of book “Tom Jackson’s live Music Method” and DVD series “all Roads lead to the Stage,” he has worked with thousands of artists in numerous genres—rock, pop, country, folk, jazz, blues, gospel, world and more. Jackson’s clients include Taylor Swift, Jars of Clay, Jordin Sparks, The Band perry, James Bryan, Casting Crowns, Francesca Battistelli and gloriana. Mike Jbara president & CEO, WEa Mike Jbara is President/Chief Executive Officer for Warner Elektra Atlantic Corp. (WEA), responsible for the company’s strategic direction and day-to-day operations, including retail sales, direct-toconsumer sales and operations, merchandise sales, retail marketing, production and distribution. he previously served as WEa’s EVp & COO, and before that, Vp of production & Media Operations, where he oversaw u.S. production and global digital operations. Over this time, WEa has evolved from WMg’s traditional manufacturing and distribution division to manage the digital mastering, storage and delivery of digital music files to such retailers as Amazon, iTunes and Spotify, while providing digital content to mobile operators and other service providers. in 2001, Jbara served as Vp of Operations & Studio Services, instrumental in the creation of WEa’s online music and in-house studio operations. he joined the company in 1996 as Vp of production Operations, leading production operations on behalf of WMg’s label family. previously, he was a Senior Manager for New york-based media & entertainment practice andersen Consulting, where he launched client projects across consumer and industrial product industries. Justin kalifoWitz president, DMp group Justin Kalifowitz launched Downtown Music publishing in 2007, which is home to the song catalogs of such diverse artists as John lennon & yoko Ono, Motley Crue, hans Zimmer, Ellie goulding and Neon Trees. Downtown now manages 40,000+ titles spanning 70 years of popular music. Before his role as president of Downtown, Kalifowitz spent six years as head of a&R at Spirit Music group, where he was named one of Billboard magazine’s “30 under 30” Top Executives. he previously held a&R and Marketing positions with Virgin Records and RCa Music group. as an advocate for songwriters and music publishers, Kalifowitz frequently contributes to industry publications, has spoken at such conferences as MiDEM, SXSW and the World Copyright Forum, and serves on the Board of association of independent Music publishers. N M S DAY S 2013 | NEW MUSIC SEMINAR 37
  35. 35. NMS13 craig kallMan Chairman/CEO, atlantic Records Craig Kallman joined atlantic Records in 1991, when the company acquired his independent Big Beat Records. advancing through the executive ranks, he was named Chairman/CEO of atlantic Records group in 2005. There, Kallman not only heads the legendary atlantic label as it enters its seventh decade, but oversees a diverse collection of entrepreneurial imprints under the atlantic group umbrella, including Bad Boy, Downtown, Fueled By Ramen and Roadrunner. under his leadership, atlantic’s market share has risen steadily: The company climbed from the No. 6-ranked industry label in 2004 to No. 2 in 2007. By spring 2008 atlantic was the No. 1 label. 38 kevin king Strategic advisor, Kevin King advises and consults numerous artists and companies in the social music space, most notably, a recently launched social and mobile internet radio platform from the same team as he also advises such Canadian artists as The Tragically hip, Matthew good and arkelles in the social/mobile spaces. King was integral in creating the Sessions and helped execute 20+ sessions with acts plain White T’s, gomez, good Old War, One Eskimo and The Temper Trap. For Mobbase, Kevin brought on 600+ artists that utilize the platform to build and distribute mobile apps. previously, he was CEO for, a technology, social music and fan engagement platform that rewards fans for promoting, listening, generating content and spending cash on bands they love. he has been in the music business for more than a decade, working with a number of major labels. allen kovac CEO , 10th Street Entertainment/Eleven Seven Music group What others say isn’t possible, Tenth Street Entertainment/Eleven Seven Music/Five Seven Music founder/CEO allen Kovac turns into reality. From resurrecting and expanding the careers of luther Vandross, the Bee gees, Duran Duran, Motley Crue and Blondie, Kovac remains on the cutting edge by learning and bending the rules—while pushing the envelope to create new, forward-thinking marketing concepts. Kovac remains current by working with up-and-coming acts like The Dirty heads, Nico Vega and Shiny Toy guns; and constantly evolving seasoned acts like papa Roach and Escape The Fate. his mantra: “Create the message, control the content,” using the artist’s assets to open the doors. steven kritzMan SVp Sales, pandora Steven Kritzman is Senior Vp of advertising Sales for pandora, responsible for setting and executing the u.S. sales strategy for its digital, network radio and spot radio businesses, as well as managing pandora’s growing national advertising sales team. he began his career with pandora in 2009 as Director of Sales for the New york and mid-atlantic regions. among previous sales positions, he served as Director of Sales for Clear Channel Radio, overseeing all aspects of the sales operation and $200+ million in revenue; as well as CC’s WKTu-FM and WlTW-FM New york, and Eastman Radio. Jason lekberg Vp Digital Strategy and Marketing, Eleven Seven Music as Vp of Digital Strategy and Marketing for the Eleven Seven Music group, Jason lekberg is responsible for digital strategy for the company’s 22 artists, along with marketing and product management for five of them. Label artists include Motley Crue, Blondie, Papa Roach, HELLYEAH and Escape the Fate. previously, he was a product manager at Epic Records and oversaw marketing and digital strategy for such artists as Ozzy Osbourne, incubus, Mudvayne and lamb of god. lekberg began his music career managing a marketing team of 100+ at a first-to-market start-up that helped define the convergence of celebrity and social media. There, he oversaw the marketing and launch of more than 120 technologies, such as ReverbNation, Eventful and Ning. NEW MUSIC SEMINAR | 2013 N M S DAY S
  36. 36. NMS13 vivien leWit Director, Content partnerships/Music, youTube Vivien lewit is Director of Music Content partnerships at youTube, spearheading artist and label relations, original music content programming and global live music initiatives. She is also an accomplished entertainment attorney who has represented musicians, indie labels, producers, production companies and songwriters across a range of genres and stages of career development. She has structured and negotiated multi-million dollar sponsorship, endorsement, branding and live performance agreements with Fortune 500 companies and global media outlets. lewit, who holds both a BBA in finance and a law degree from Brooklyn Law School, launched her career as an associate at entertainment law firm Rudolph & Beer. She subsequently served as partner at Davis, Shapiro, Lewit & hayes, specializing in music, digital rights and branded entertainment. additionally she serves as a board member with the non-profit Playwrights Horizon Theater, is a theater instructor at NYU’s Tisch School of the arts, and a passionate supporter of children’s charities. in 2013, Variety’s “gotham 50” recognized her as one of New york’s “Content power players.” avery liPMan president/Co-Founder, Republic Records avery lipman, president & Co-Founder of Republic Records, stands apart as a visionary industry executive, who teamed with brother Monte lipman in 1995 to launch Republic Records. in 2000, universal Music group acquired the imprint as a fully owned subsidiary. The label evolved into a powerhouse, with a roster including Black Sabbath, amy Winehouse, Florence + the Machine and The Weeknd. Republic renewed its universal partnership in 2012, and lipman was named president/ Co-Founder of Republic. his foray in the music business was as an assistant for Clive Davis at arista Records. in 1991, he joined Sony Records, rising through the ranks of its Business administration department. he and his brother were both 2007 honorees for the TJ Martell Family Day. Monte liPMan Founder, Chairman & CEO, Republic Records Monte lipman is Founder, Chairman & CEO of Republic Records. The powerhouse label, launched as an independent venture with his brother avery in 1995, has become a leading division within universal Music Group. Republic’s recent successes includes partnerships with American Recordings, Brushfire, Casablanca, Cash Money, lava, loma Vista, School Boy, XO Records and Big Machine Records, leading to the creation of Republic Nashville. lipman’s career began at arista Records in 1986, followed by executive positions at SBK, EMi and atlantic. lipman and his brother launched Republic Records as an independent imprint, which became universal Republic in 2006—and reverted back to its current identity Republic Records in 2012. under lipman’s leadership, Republic has captured the industry’s No. 1 market share, based on Nielsen SoundScan’s sales chart. The label has been recognized by Billboard’s annual power 100 list since its inception. rosie loPez president, Tommy Boy Rosie lopez is president of Tommy Boy, following her previous role as the company’s head Of international Marketing. Born in Cuba, she ran the u.S. arm of u.K. label Big life Records from 1990-1994 and served as Managing Director of the u.S. operation of u.K.-based DMC, which produces renowned DJ competitions and publishes top dance music magazines MixMag, update and DJ Mag. From 2000-2003, she ran MaW Records, the seminal house label from louie Vega and Kenny Dope Masters at Work. in the late 90s, lopez launched Street Couture, which created fashion solutions for artists, music labels and brands such as Rachel Zoe, Sprite, Revlon, hBO, Reebok, BMg, atlantic, Sony, Bad Boy, Tommy Boy and many others. lopez began her career in the late 80s as a DJ, spinning around the world. n m S day S 2013 | new mUSic Seminar 39
  37. 37. NMS13 tiM MandelbauM partner, Fox Rothschild llp Tim Mandelbaum provides strategic career and business guidance to a variety of talent and corporate clients in film, television, new media, literature and sports, serving in all legal-related facets of their careers and businesses. as an experienced intellectual property and entertainment attorney, he negotiates contracts and handles intellectual property matters regarding copyrights, trademarks and other branding tools. he is a frequent lecturer on issues pertaining to changes confronting the entertainment industry. as a member of the Entertainment law initiative of NaRaS and the alliance of artists and Recording Companies (aaRC), Mandelbaum is deeply involved in the ever-changing, fast-paced industry in which his clients thrive. 40 katerina Markov head of global innovation, atom Factory as head of global innovation at atom Factory, Katerina Markov leads digital strategy & high-level technology partnerships for such atom Factory artists as lady gaga and John legend, along with associated brands and investment portfolio companies. She previously served as global lead of Digital innovation at universal Music group; and before that, was Senior Business Development advisor to the company’s Chairman & CEO. Markov has also worked as an advisor to the CEO of Shine america (owner of Reveille Studios), where she developed strategies to build digital brands for TV properties (“The Office,” “The Biggest Loser,” “MasterChef”). She has also held a business strategy & operation role at FOX audience Network (FaN), worked as an investment Banker at lehman Brothers, and as a Strategic advisor in the global gaming & lodging Business. Markov earned a degree from Brown university in applied Mathematics/Economics. larry Mestel Founder & CEO, primary Wave Music publishing lawrence Mestel brings 20 years of entertainment industry experience as Founder and CEO of primary Wave Music publishing, comprising a catalog of iconic and developing artists and songwriters, including Kurt Cobain, Steven Tyler, John lennon, Def leppard, hall & Oates, Chicago, Maurice White, Steve Earle, graham parker, holly Knight, Steven Curtis Chapman and lamont Dozier. in addition, primary Wave offers a talent management division and an intellectual property creation arm. previously, Mestel was COO/gM with Virgin Records, responsible for marketing, sales and business-related aspects, where he worked with Rolling Stones, Janet Jackson, Jermaine Dupri and lenny Kravitz; and EVp/gM at arista, managing sales, international and strategic marketing, A&R and marketing administration, finance and business affairs. he also worked in management for island Entertainment group. heath Miller Vice president, Webster hall & Excess dB Entertainment heath Miller is president & Founder of concert production & promotion company Excess dB Entertainment, as well as Vp of Concerts at New york’s Webster hall. Excess dB was founded while heath was still in high school, and has gone on to produce thousands of concerts, events and festivals. in 2011, Miller became the exclusive talent buyer for The Studio at Webster hall, overseeing the relaunch and expansion of what has become one of NyC’s premier intimate venues. he also produces events and concerts nonexclusively in its other performance spaces, including the recently remodeled and updated Marlin Room. Excess dB is the exclusive outsider promoter for Mexicali live in Teaneck, N.J., and at venues Santos party house, highline Ballroom, Maxwells and The Wall. Patrick Moxey president, ultra Music patrick Moxey is not just a music executive: he’s a man behind a movement. The president and Founder of ultra Records, ultra Music and ultra international Music publishing is a visionary pioneer who has pushed past barriers to bring hip-hop and electronic dance music into mainstream america. as Executive producer of three grammy-winning records, Moxey is now focused on the electronic dance music scene. Most recently, ultra created a strategic alliance with Sony Music, where tracks from its dance music catalogues are included on ultra’s successful compilation series. a new role was established in Sony Music specifically for Moxey, as President of Electronic Music for Sony Music Entertainment Worldwide. NEW MUSIC SEMINAR | 2013 N M S DAY S
  38. 38. NMS13 vicki nauMan president, 7Digital as president-North america for innovative london-based music platform 7digital, Vickie Nauman specializes in music, technology and international business development. Via the company’s api, 7digital delivers 17+ million licensed tracks from all major/indie labels via and for 300 global partners, including T-Mobile uSa, BlackBerry, hp, Samsung, Shazam and numerous start-ups for integrated downloads and streaming. Before joining 7digital, Nauman held executive roles with Sonos, Seattle radio station KEXp-FM, RealNetworks, National public Radio, procter & gamble, and ran consultancy CrossBorderWorks with clients in China and Europe. She earned a 2006 MBa from the london School of Economics, Nyu and hEC-paris. Matt ostroWer Senior Director, artist partnerships, pandora as Senior Director of artist partnerships for pandora, Matt Ostrower is instrumental in creating programs that enhance the listening experience and promote artist development. he currently leads the team that creates custom programs to drive success across multiple elements of artist development, branded content, marketing and strategy. By building and leveraging strategic partnerships, Ostrower’s creative solutions increase engagement and ultimately connect artists, fans and brands. Recent artist programs include “pandora premiers,” which enables listeners to have a first listen to favorite artists’ new releases; “Sessions,” highlighting emerging talent; and “Pandora Discovery Den” at SXSW, which featured 47 performances on two stages. he has also held positions at NpR, pBS, NBC, (New york Times Digital), geffen Records and Creative image associates (Stevie Wonder, Train, harry Connick, Jr.). glenn PeoPles Senior Editorial analyst, Billboard glenn peoples is the Senior Editorial analyst for Billboard magazine, responsible for reporting industry news, trends and artists, while overseeing all content before being submitted. Mark Piibe EVp, global Business Development & Digital Strategy, Sony Music Entertainment as Executive Vp of global Business Development and Digital Strategy for Sony Music in New york, Mark piibe heads global business development and digital strategy. he previously served in a similar capacity with EMi Music, as well as SVp of Business affairs for the label. Before that, piibe performed business development and business affairs functions at EMi, Musicgremlin and the original Napster. he also worked as an attorney in private practice at arnold & porter in New york and at Kugler Kandestin in Montreal. piibe obtained an MBa at iNSEaD in Fontainebleau, France, and civil and common-law degrees at Mcgill university in Montreal. anthony Preston a&R, producer, Songwriter, Creative, music, llC Fueled by his passion for music, anthony preston has become a “triple threat” as songwriter, producer and music executive, with credits that include, David guetta, lil’ Wayne, Jennifer hudson, Nicole Scherzinger, pitbull, Eros Ramazotti and afrojack. When his business sense and talent for combining electric melodies with lyrics caught the attention of mogul, he was tapped to join music and began leading such projects as Scherzinger’s u.K. hit “Boomerang.” preston is now writing and producing for burgeoning act Cody Wise ( music/interscope). N M S DAY S 2013 | NEW MUSIC SEMINAR 41
  39. 39. NMS13 Josh rabinoWitz Senior Vice president/Director of Music, grey Josh Rabinowitz has produced several thousand tracks globally for commercials, film, albums and TV, including high-profile initiatives to integrate music with advertising. Acts include Black Eyed Peas, Run DMC (their last known recording together), ll Cool J, Smokey Robinson, anastacia, Natasha Bedingfield and Rihanna. He has been called a “New Music Mogul” by Fast Company, “Beethoven’s greatest Fan” by NpR and “The Voice” in the music-branding scene. Rabinowitz has moderated at all major music conferences worldwide, including Midem, SXSW and Billboard Film & TV. in 2007, he created the grey Cannes lions Music Seminar, presenting yoko Ono, patti Smith, Tony Bennett and Debbie harry at the palais des Festivals in Cannes. he has been an adjunct at Nyu and the New School, a columnist for Billboard’s “With the Brand” and a bandleader and trombonist in New york. 42 dean raise artist Manager, C3 Management Dean Raise is an artist manager at C3 presents, an independent concert promotion, event production and artist management company in austin. as well as managing 30 artists—including Bassnectar, Toro y Moi, Thievery Corporation, Rebelution, Blues Traveler and Delta Spirit—C3 produces such live events as the lollapalooza Festival, austin City limits, Big Day Out and the Wanderlust Festival. previously, Raise founded Raise up Entertainment in 2006, incorporating media strategies, artist management, marketing, promotion, talent booking and a music label. Jeff regan Director Music programming/alt Nation, SiriusXM Radio Since 2002, Jeff Regan has been program Director for SiriusXM Radio’s alt Nation Channel, and regarded as one of the nation’s most influential and innovative rock programmers. His golden ear has played a critical role in the rise of alt-rock success for Foster the people, grouplove, atlas genius, Blondfire and Capital Cities. In the role, he also is on the air at Alt Nation, weekdays from 6 a.m. to noon. previously, Regan was Marketing Manager for Clear Channel’s WhTZ-FM (Z100) New york. Michael reinert partner, Fox Rothschild, llp as a seasoned entertainment executive, Michael Reinert has worked with numerous platinum-selling artists while serving as legal counsel to legendary recording companies. His clients benefit from his experience in drafting and negotiating contracts, which has earned him professorship roles across the country. Reinert’s numerous memberships and associations within the industry aid his ability to provide clients with strategic guidance and create brand longevity. he recently served for three years as Chairman of the Entertainment law initiative of the grammy Foundation, a division of NaRaS that focuses on legal education programs for aspiring entertainment attorneys. he remains a member of its Board. steve rennie president, REN Management Corp. Steve Rennie has been the personal manager for multi-platinum rock band incubus for the past 17 years. he is Founder of Renman Music & Business, a website that helps aspiring artists and music industry pros navigate today’s music business; and hosts web show “Renman live” Monday, Wednesday and Friday on he has a broad range of experience as a concert promoter, record executive, internet entrepreneur and artist manager. Rennie was a founding member of early internet music startup artist Direct, and has served as SVp/gM of Epic Records, working with Korn, Rage against the Machine and incubus. Before joining Sony, he managed primal Scream, The The, Dramarama, The Wonder Stuff and Ned’s atomic Dustbin. From 1982-1990 new mUSic Seminar | 2013 n m S day S
  40. 40. NMS13 elliot a. resnik attorney at law, Shukat arrow hafer Weber & herbsman llp admitted to the New york Bar in 2001, Elliot a. Resnik’s general entertainment practice focuses on music industry transactions, including artist, writer and producer representation for recording and publishing agreements, licensing, trademark, joint ventures, digital distribution and content, record label and publishing business affairs. he represents numerous grammy-winning and platinum-selling artists, producers and companies in a range of genres. Resnik is also experienced in transactions for film, TV, the video game industry, publishing, new technology and the Internet. He is a frequent lecturer and panelist on music industry issues, and has spoken at CMJ, Copyright Society of the united States, New york Bar association, City Bar association, New Music Seminar and law schools. Before joining the firm in 2009, Resnik was a member of the legal and business affairs team at independent TVT Records, and principal at The Law Offices of Elliot A. Resnik from 2003-2009. He received a BA degree in philosophy from Mcgill university and his Juris Doctorate from New york law School, where he served as president of the Media, Entertainment & Sports law association. Mark richardson Editor-in-Chief, pitchfork Mark Richardson, Editor-in-Chief for pitchfork, has been writing for the Chicago-based online music magazine since 1998. pitchfork, launched in 1995, is devoted to music criticism, commentary, music news and artist interviews, with a primary focus on indie music. Richardson’s column “Resonant Frequency” has appeared on the site since 2001. he is also author of “Zaireeka,” about the Flaming lips album of the same name. Born and raised Mid-Michigan, he now lives in Brooklyn. adaM ritholz, esq. Founding partner, Ritholz levy Sanders Chidekel & Fields, llp adam Ritholz, Esq. is a founding partner with Ritholz levy Sanders Chidekel & Fields llp, established in 1995. a main focus of his practice is start-up and entrepreneurial entertainment and technology companies, for which the firm provides development of business model strategies, financing documents, revenue modeling, corporate set up and documentation, trademark, employment, talent and ip acquisition, digital platform licensing, as well as joint venture and acquisition transactions and distribution agreements. Ritholz has remained at the forefront of new approaches for infrastructure and revenue models of new and developing entertainment companies amid the challenges presented by the eroding viability of conventional entertainment business models. scott robinson Co-Founder/CEO, Dualtone Music group, inc. Scott Robinson is CEO & Co-Founder of Nashville-based indie label Dualtone Music group. its current roster includes multi-platinum The lumineers and up-and-coming Charleston act Shovels & Rope, alongside a mix of eclectic and mainstream artists from singer/songwriters, indie rock and roots music. Over the past 13 years, Dualtone has been part of 17 grammy–nominated projects, with three wins. Robinson previously worked at arista Nashville, and before working on the label side, was a partner with Robinson-Wood Management in Dallas. benJi rogers Founder & CEO, pledgeMusic Benji Rogers is an independent musician from london, who has been making his own records since 1999. He has lived in New York, Los Angeles and Boston and also worked in TV and film as a camera operator and audio engineer. On one stop in his varied career, he even ran a bar in New york. as a musician, Rogers has been on tour with his band and as a solo artist in the u.S. and Europe with few breaks since 2001. Through PledgeMusic, Rogers funded and released his fifth independent record under the name Marwood. Coming from a music business family—with his mother, father and stepfather all having been managers, label owners, publishers and musicians—he was literally born into it. in 2009, Rogers founded pledgeMusic, the global direct-to-fan funding platform for musicians to record and tour, which helps artists engage with fans, fund their music, keep their rights and raise money for charity. he doesn’t get out much these days and has grown a beard. N M S DAY S 2013 | NEW MUSIC SEMINAR 43