B2B Marketing: Brave New World, Same Old You?


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Keynote presentation from B2B Marketing Magazine annual conference on 11th November 2010 in London.

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  • BNW talked of a world governed by technology and process where the human is outlawed
    The need for human, personal touch has not disappeared – it’s how we become noticed
    Need to align that with the insights a more analytical approach will provide and the efficiency that automation can facilitate
  • Becoming an agile 21st century marketing company
    Marketing agility is a measure of accurately and quickly a company adapts its go-to-market activities to meet the ever changing needs and desires of current and prospective clients.
    Marketing and sales organizations today are under constant pressures to operated with fewer resources at ever increasing levels of performance, while successfully adapting to change.
    Competitive landscape
    Client Expectations
    Product life cycles and cost structures
    Marketing agility allows companies to more effectively adapt to these changes, as well as to quantify and measure outcomes so the benefits are known and realized.
  • Main Point: Business agility is key for marketing professionals in order to be able to effectively execute and meet rising customer expectations.
    87% of marketers believe that branding needs to be more flexible today because business is more dynamic and fast moving
    Speaker Notes:
    The broad business network that marketing organizations must execute across is “dynamic” for a reason. The elements of the network are constantly changing. For business this means navigating rising customer expectations, shifting partnerships, and managing new suppliers and competitors. The dynamic and increasingly personalized nature of customer relationships is a key issue that marketers must address. Customers are increasingly demanding experiences that are individually tailored to their preferences, and are interacting with organizations through a variety of touch points. The demands for personalization and tailored offerings are increasing as business now serve progressively smaller, and smaller market segments. Compounding all of this is the fact that in many industries customers now have much lower switching costs, meaning that if you cannot quickly satisfy their demands they will take their business elsewhere.
    Effective marketing must now be much more agile than before. Marketers need to understand customer preferences, and quickly tailor offers and communications to meet their needs. They must also be able to quickly and reliably gauge the performance of marketing processes to understand when a change is needed.
  • Marketing as Customer Service
  • B2B Marketing: Brave New World, Same Old You?

    1. 1. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM B2B Marketing’s 2nd Annual Conference – 11th November 2010 Pete Jakob IBM Brave New World – Same Old You?
    2. 2. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World “Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better.” Sydney J Harris
    3. 3. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World The Buyer is now firmly in Control Larger DMU Longer Decision Cycle Increased use of Peers Greater Choice
    4. 4. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World The Marketing Process is Evolving Rapidly
    5. 5. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World The Marketing Process is Evolving Rapidly
    6. 6. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World Marketing leaders are challenged to meet business expectations with limited resources. CMO Challenges 71%are concerned about limited or absent financial and measurement skills development in marketing teams 77% are concerned that their CRM data does not allow for accurate customer analysis and profiles 46% believe CRM systems are ineffective in analyzing customer segments Sources: 2010 IBM CEO Study, Marketing Week Dec ’09, 2009 CMO Survey CEO Initiatives 85% of CEOs want to gain more visibility into their businesses 88% will focus on getting closer to their customers in the next 5 years 82% want to better understand customer needs
    7. 7. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New WorldThe expectation put upon B2B marketing organisations are increasing Deeper understanding of customer needs and desires Greater ability to deliver personalized and relevant interactions Improve visibility of marketing effectiveness Create rich and compelling brand experiences Consolidate fragmented marketing processes Increase agility to respond to market changes
    8. 8. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World So how are we doing? CMO Pressures Buyer Process Marketing technologies Marketing Expectations
    9. 9. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World Marketing reaction – MORE!
    10. 10. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World Marketing is a System 1. Create Responses 2. Nurture & Score 3. Progress Leads OpportunitiesValidated Marketing Create Marketing Assist REVENUE $ Sales Pipeline Campaign Planning / Asset Development Marketing Planning Marketing
    11. 11. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World Some Observations from the Marketing Transformation at IBM Work in Progress
    12. 12. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World 1. Open Your Mind www.davidco.com www.successintelligence.com www.sethgodin.com www.velocitypartners.co.uk
    13. 13. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World Campaigns were planned, executed, nurtured, adjusted and measured within a suite of integrated tools We could re-use elements of campaign execution Program Leaders could select audiences for their activities simply and directly All marketing responses were captured in one place, quickly Responses were passed automatically to the right people (LDRs etc) The Lead Devt Reps had rich profiles for their calls (response history, Open Opportunities, etc) The current status of responses being nurtured was visible All the relevant campaign measures were visible via simple, visual dashboards You had the opportunity to influence the design …Delivering Value from Marketing became Easier 2. Develop a Vision Wouldn’t it be great if..
    14. 14. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World 3. Link to a Broader Context Engage in remarkable conversations... With the right customer communities… In an inspiring way… Through the most relevant method… Which builds relationships… And creates value for both parties “Respectful Marketing” “ “ Content Marketing Marketing Database Sales Alignment Response Management & Nurturing Campaign Design & Roles Reporting and Analytics Tools
    15. 15. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World 3. Communicate Progress - Constantly Response Definition Guide
    16. 16. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World 4. Invest in Skills Develop skills that will be needed in the future Create space to learn Individual plans Encourage personal ownership Specific Investment Areas End to End Campaign Planning Data & Targetting Analysis Influence and Leadership “Have you invested as much this year in your career as in your car?” Molly Sargent
    17. 17. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World 5. Encourage Experimentation In the spirit of science, there really is no such thing as a "failed experiment." Any test that yields valid data is a valid test. Adam Savage
    18. 18. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World 6. Expect Setbacks and Celebrate Successes Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without any loss of enthusiasm Winston Churchill Source: Gartner Group
    19. 19. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World The Brave New World must also be HUMAN CuriosityPassion The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers. Sydney J Harris ++ People
    20. 20. pete_jakob@uk.ibm.comIBM Brave New World Concluding thoughts… Avoid being seduced by the shiny Digital must deepen not cheapen the engagement Transformation is for life