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The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part Eleven


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The OWBC by PetTech Part Eleven

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The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part Eleven

  1. 2. “ I see. I understand. Surely there is someone who can find him? Who? Sim Spade? Well, yes I’ve heard of him. Somehow, I didn’t think locating a missing gnome is something he would be interested in and I’m not so flush with cash that I can import someone from out of town. Isn’t there anyone else? Do it myself? Officer are you advocating vigilantism? Hello?! Hello? Jerk!” “ Well, as you heard, Bob is still missing and it doesn’t appear that he will be coming back.”
  2. 3. *sigh* “I’ll miss the little guy and his points!” Welcome back to the gnome-less OWBC by PetTech. I’m still growing up generation three. This update will get us as far as the last heir poll. The challenge ends when the kids become adults which means I also have one more college chapter plus one more to wrap things up.
  3. 4. Let me start with growing up (thanks to Two Jeffs and his Sim Blender) the rest of generation two’s children to teen-hood. First up is Lori and Jim’s oldest daughter, Carrie. Carrie wants to be a Celebrity Chef and is a Libra (4/8/4/7/6).
  4. 5. This is Angela, Carrie’s little sister. She is a Sagittarius (4/4/9/7/1) and wants to be a professional party guest.
  5. 6. And this beauty is Spud (Paul) and Sarah’s only offspring. I knew she was going to be a looker. Wren is a Scorpio (9/6/9/10/1) who also wants to be a celebrity chef. Three lovely young ladies to tempt the lads of Pleasant View. As spares I may leave them this way so that I have a variety of teens for others to date.
  6. 7. Gah! Back at the Trueheart house, Cort has developed a somewhat unusual face thanks to his father Anthony King. Worse yet, he rolled Romance with a LTW to be a rock god. He is turned on by blondes who wear cologne and is turned off by fit people. Which is odd as his preferred hobby is fitness.
  7. 8. A slight adjustment of the hair and he is a bit easier on the eyes. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a sim I thought this cornrow style looked good on till now.
  8. 9. The side view is still a little unfortunate. What he lacks in pretty he makes up for in mean.
  9. 10. See. I’m afraid he’s not going to have much luck catching the ladies by giving them noogies. He does this to his sisters. He does it to Inga Pie who came down to the Tiki Hut. He does it to anyone he can.
  10. 11. Inga wasn’t impressed. Yet, for some reason she calls him everyday.
  11. 12. All the kids came down to the hut with Psion on a Saturday to enjoy the club amenities and to hopefully get fortune minded Olona some aspiration points. This girl’s want panel reads: Go to college (locked), play catch, play chess, earn some money. Every single day! She did get some points and learned how to bowl as well.
  12. 13. Poor Prudence acquired a stalker as soon as this guy walk into the building. No matter where she went or what she did, he followed her.
  13. 14. This was what he did as he stood there. He followed that up with giving the business a star. He followed her to the bathroom. He followed her to the bubble blower. Finally, I had to look. So I switched to Prue and looked at her queue only. He wanted to complain about a dirty plate! Jerk! Still there seems to be some attraction there on his part. This also helped me figure out why the Gypsy was throwing my teens adults. I have the Teen adult attraction fix from Two Jeffs in my folder.
  14. 15. Nemo popped in for a card game and some grilled cheese. I keep thinking I should pop round to his house and take that thing off him. What do you think?
  15. 16. Purple Bunny also made a brief appearance to play catch with Olona and sit in the hot tub.
  16. 17. I need to fix that. He looks like he is going to star in the Mikado or something. Tin’s makeover business is also doing well…
  17. 18. The professor really has a mean streak. I changed her hair to a bun that looks really nice on her and Sandy Brunty came over and poked her in the chest. I had to have Tin ask Sandy to leave before a fight broke out. Back at the house…
  18. 19. “ Gasp!” Oh no!”
  19. 20. “ I can’t look!” Something has them very worried… I love the faces sims make watching sports. It reminds me of me when I watch football (American). Whoo! Go Steelers! Actually, I’m a Dolphins fan and I live near Seattle and the choke pros- the Seahawks. Still, no matter who’s playing, I love a good game!
  20. 21. Ahh, something wicked this way comes… A new sim self joining the ranks. If you don’t know this face (and you should), this is Fuzzy Spork. Author of the Flaming O’Leery OWBC and Oh My O’Leery, a bachelor challenge chock full of sim selves and a spooky mystery. Go read them if you haven’t.
  21. 22. Fuzzy was joined by Jo (joandsarah77) who is an Aussie and writes the Mobacy and Fair Dinkum Flamingos. Both of which are also very funny. Jo, I love your shirt!
  22. 23. The new ladies in town joined the family for some slap dancing and grilled cheese. Great! Now that dance will be running around town like the plague. Honestly, I would prefer a plague. Far more entertaining!
  23. 24. More noogies from Cort. Way to go Romeo.
  24. 25. Olona wasn’t happy but her ten nice points seem to keep her temper under control. I bet she’s glad she will be moving out to college soon.
  25. 26. The really odd thing about Cort is that he is the only sim I’ve ever had that does the ‘bust a move’ action all on his own. The relationship points he lost with the noogie he got back by doing this. Weird.
  26. 27. His grandmother doesn’t seem to approve.
  27. 28. In fact, Odell is quite intent on disturbing the house as much as possible. I had to brave another night of all three ghosts being out. It wasn’t as bad as the first but Tin still had a lot of mopping to do before the night was out.
  28. 29. Anthony, after having re-topped the business career track next wanted to become a top spy. He is up to double agent at this point (I think). He’s still not very exciting. He likes to slap dance and smustle and play the piano and wants his kids to be over achievers. Yawn. A good father, yes. Fun to play? No.
  29. 30. He cheating on the first move! That’s just plain mean. There’s no advantage to cheating before the game even starts.
  30. 31. Don’t worry though. Olona isn’t as gullible as one might think she should be. She’s also downright beautiful when she’s angry.
  31. 32. Olona had two more days left before she grew up so I sent her on ahead to college. Once I get the two day notice for Prue I will send both her and Cort at the same time along with Liz and Inga Pie.
  32. 33. Time for a double birthday. I was hoping to get them both to go at the same time but it didn’t quite work. Psion invited around all her friends and family she could.
  33. 34. Definitely a new set of clothes needed here.
  34. 35. And here too. The happy couple both were perma plat when they aged so they should be kicking around for quite a while barring some tragic event.
  35. 36. She looks a little sad now, I think.
  36. 37. Anthony aged very well. Hopefully he will be able to keep up with the younger spies.
  37. 38. The party ended with a mass slap dance and some PDA between Titus and college placeholder Lyndsay Platz. When she graduates she will have to come visit Titus- They may be a good pairing. Who wouldn't fall for a girl that can kick cow butt?
  38. 39. The party danced so long that Prue almost passed out and her icon picture was a gold green color.
  39. 40. She didn’t manage to get a bath before school the next day and came home in a cloud of stink.
  40. 41. That evening she yelled at me and promptly went out and kicked over the trash can. Finally, some aspiration issues. Still her neat side kicked in because she picked up the trash and carried it inside to the compactor. Hopefully, it wasn’t her brother’s first date that set her off.
  41. 42. His choices were limited to Mandy, his cousin or Inga. I swear it was a platonic date with some pillow fighting and little dancing and some jokes. The was only one kiss when he ended the date. She was home by ten p.m. . I promise.
  42. 43. I’m not sure if it was Inga’s family nature coming through or if she is just incredibly practical but the gift of a grill seemed a little odd for a teen to be giving.
  43. 44. Different angle, different night, same angry young lady. And still incredibly tidy. The next night I found her out by the tombstones kicking flamingos. Six in all. I kept a close eye on her as I didn’t want her to kick and smash a tombstone.
  44. 45. Again with the trash can after school the next day.
  45. 46. Then the flowerbeds in the front yard. Both of them. I’ve never seen this behavior before. Maybe it’s new with mansions and gardens? Prue is a very angry young lady who just needs someone not in the family to love her.
  46. 47. Psion was offered a mid level job in the entertainment track before she aged to senior and I had her take it just to get her out of the house everyday. She needs lots of charisma for the job so Anthony’s putting green has been getting a workout.
  47. 48. She misses more shots than she makes but at least she has something to do.
  48. 49. Even if I did keep her out there a little too long. Maybe mac and cheese is good for the complexion…
  49. 50. On the last night in the house for Cort and Prue, Odell seemed to make it her mission to try and kill Cort. Up until this point he had never taken an aspiration hit for being scared by a ghost.
  50. 51. Cort was in the bathroom mopping up water from a busted sink and got tagged again for another 1500 points…
  51. 52. then again in the living room. Cort was exhausted by then and managed to get some sleep without being disturbed.
  52. 53. She then moved on to Anthony who’s energy bar was already very low from being at work and then playing catch with Prue for a while.
  53. 54. He wandered over to the corner of the room and passed out on his feet. Poor guy. Sorry for the short update. Before you go we have two things to take care off.
  54. 55. For your viewing pleasure- Elizabeth Pie. Liz is a pleasure sim with a want to be a professional party guest.
  55. 56. And Inga Pie- Family sim with the desire to graduate three children from college. As teens I thought Inga had finer features but now it looks like Liz has them. Maybe it’s the lighting. Both will be getting new outfits as the clothing fairy was a bit unkind to them.
  56. 57. That leaves just one more thing, the heir poll. I know it seems silly to have one at the very end but I still have paintings to paint and a xylophone trick to perform and a grilled cheese sim to create. So, choose your favorite from the following slides. By the way, Blue is not nearly as good a bowler as the look on his face implies.
  57. 58. Olona Trueheart- eldest Pisces (10/4/10/1/10) ASP/LTW: Fortune/ Chief of Staff (Medicine) Hobby: Science Turn ons/Off: Jobless & formal wear/ Zombies Personality: Loves to play and make money.
  58. 59. Here she is as a young adult. Still lovely. She will be studying Biology.
  59. 60. Prudence Trueheart- second born, bad apple ASP/LTW: Romance/ Professional party guest Hobby: Sports Turn ons/Offs: Athletes & good cooks/ Beards Personality: Playful- love to toss a ball and play ‘punch you, punch me. Borderline aspiration failure
  60. 61. Prue’s face changed a bit when she aged up. This hair will not be what she will be wearing while in college. She will be studying art.
  61. 62. Cort Trueheart- youngest Aries (10/10/9/3/1) Asp/LTW: Romance/ Rock God (Music) Hobby: Fitness Turn ons/offs: Blondes & Cologne/ Fitness Personality: Noogie King and chess board cheater. Plays a mean piano. Isn’t looking for miss right, just miss right now.
  62. 63. Cort has grown into his face some but is still very mean. He will be studying literature.
  63. 64. “ Ugh. Are you still here? Go away! Go vote for my next heir or something! Go on! Shoo!” If she won’t say it, I will. Thanks for reading!