The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part 5


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The OWBC by Pettech part five

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The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part 5

  1. 2. Welcome back to the OWBC by PetTech and the recently remodeled Trueheart house. I swung to a industrial building feel on the outside ‘cause that was what I felt like doing at the time. Which is generally how I build.
  2. 3. Hi Angela! *waves* Where was I? Oh yeah. This update will see the return of Brian, Odell and Oscar back to the house to start on generation two and keep trying to get that alien baby we need. Olive and her beau Geoffrey have their own little place across town and we will catch up with them at their wedding. In fact, if this part were to have a title it would be- “Three Weddings And Maybe A Funeral”.
  3. 4. Let’s start by getting Jerry Turner moved in. I have noticed this sim in a lot of stories lately under different names. He seem to be popular with the ladies. Anyway, Jerry is a knowledge sim with a LTW to be a criminal mastermind. He is a Virgo (9/2/6/3/5) who likes swimwear and high mechanical skill and is turned off by custom hair. His hobby is science which is a good thing since he will be spending a whole lot of time in front of a telescope. Time for a makeover…
  4. 5. I’d say that he turned out quite nicely. Unfortunately for Jerry, this is the generation that is going to try for the no promotion part of the base game challenge. Tess has quit her job as the hours are not conducive to being a vampire. Joe is at the top of his career and no one else in the house has ever worked. If I’m interpreting this right I have to go birth to birth, so Odell’s children will not be able to work either. It’s kind of a mute point anyway because the family funds are close to 200,000 after construction and a money chance card from Joe.
  5. 6. Everyone got new clothes after moving home. I like shy Odell in skirts and this color is gorgeous on her. Doesn’t Joe look like the proud papa? This part of the house didn’t change too much, just some new flooring and windows.
  6. 7. Where the stairs are now is where Tess and Joe’s bedroom used to be. All the bedrooms have been shifted to upstairs. The walls are a little bare right now but with two non-working fortune sims there will be a lot of buy this wants to fulfill.
  7. 8. Where the kids bedroom used to be is the new game room. In the back is the sauna that Joe wanted after his birthday.
  8. 9. Brian did get a change of clothes. The other suit had an argyle vest and dress shoes. This one has tennis shoes and brighter colors.
  9. 10. Little Oscar has a LTW of becoming an athlete and is very outgoing like Brian so I went for the athlete/playboy look. Hopefully with three guys stargazing each night they will be out of here soon and get to go on with their lives.
  10. 11. Since this is supposed to be a wacky challenge the only person to get a formal wear adjustment was Odell which turned out to be very funny. Jerry is wear a conductor’s costume, I think.
  11. 12. Olive arrived in the same dress Odell was wearing and Oscar went for the drunken groom look.
  12. 13. Geoffrey took his fashion cues from BBP but the cheesy grin is all his. Brian was the LOL moment for me as he choose to wear the leopard skin smoking jacket. Joe was the only respectable one. When Tess made it down to the party she was wearing her pink pjs.
  13. 14. Odell is a cake smasher. I don’t really see any pattern to this behavior. Both playful and serious sims seem to do it.
  14. 15. Smustling seems to not be Jerry’s thing. He will get it eventually.
  15. 16. The party was a roof raiser and the boys were sent upstairs to start the hunt for aliens. This will be where they will be spending their nights until I get an alien baby. I was nice and gave Jerry the night off since he just got married and all.
  16. 17. Besides, he was busy making a different kind of baby.
  17. 18. Would anyone like cake? Now I just have to get Mortimer to come over. He doesn’t seem to be answering Tess’s phone calls for some reason *shifty eyes*. I just have to be careful not to let anyone we like get eaten, unless it’s BBP or BW (Beloved Wagon). They would enjoy that kind of thing.
  18. 19. Brian and Oscar went down to open Tess’s Tiki Hut up for a while since being in front of a telescope all night was a huge drain on Brian’s social score. Oscar serenaded the crowd on the karaoke machine for a while. If having these two here in grass skirts doesn’t draw the ladies in I’m not sure what would.
  19. 20. Cassandra Goth came in and I had Oscar chat her up for a while. He’s got two bolts for her and apparently she digs guys with high charisma, which he has. Hmm…A plan is forming.
  20. 21. The cracks in her brave front soon made themselves known. She kind of has crazy eyes too. Despite the fact that at this moment she really is crazy this may be a good match for Oscar as well as a way to lure Mortimer over to the house.
  21. 22. Cassie had broke down even more in the ladies room and made me start to feel a little sorry for her.
  22. 23. I made Oscar get his backside out of the hot tub and ask her on a date. Things were going ok and they actually became friends until I sent them to the photo booth to take a picture without paying attention to her fears panel. She took a major aspiration hit. Opps! Well, we will try this again another day.
  23. 24. As for Brian, I had him call up his fiancé for a little photo booth woo hoo date to get his aspiration back up.
  24. 25. Lorin stopped in for a few hands of poker and lost badly to Lucy, Brian’s fiancé. I suspect she is here avoiding the havoc a toddler can reek on a household. When the boys left the club was two stars from hitting level nine.
  25. 26. What is it about babies that brings out the idiot in people? Having read the MOAR aliens challenge rule a few times now I suspect that I will be failing it. There has to be an alien child every generation. Odell is generation one and carrying number two. I may have jumped the gun on getting her pregnant so soon.
  26. 27. And what is Tess doing with her unlife now that she quit her job? Trying to get a robotics badge. Any badge would be good. Sometime soon. Please?
  27. 28. A couple of days later I had Oscar ring up Cassie and invite her and Mortimer over. And he actually came. Excellent! I can’t tell if he approves of the exuberant greeting his daughter got or not. This wasn’t really a date for Oscar and Cassie, just some get to know you time since the low lifetime score was interfering with some interactions the first time around.
  28. 29. Eventually, Morti went for the bait. And then again. And again. I stopped counting after five tries. He was out there a long time so maybe eight to ten attempts? The cow plant just wouldn’t eat him. I suppose I could have stepped in somehow and make it happen but that would have been cheating.
  29. 30. The cow wouldn’t eat Cassie either. Maybe it’s because they are playables? I don’t use the cow plant very much. Since that wasn’t working and night had fallen I had Oscar send his friend home and go up to start stargazing.
  30. 31. I was feeling a little upset that I miss interpreted the MOAR aliens rule. At this point either Brian or Oscar would have to be abducted before Odell gave birth on this night for me to maybe still have an argument for the points. Can you tell that I’m avoiding pointing out that it was Jerry that the aliens came for? So, MOAR aliens is gone. On the bright side, the alien we need for the base game points is on the way! Oh! This is legal abduction number three for me.
  31. 32. I didn’t catch any “someone was abducted” doo-dads because right after the aliens left Odell went into labor. Joe stood around gasping and Tess walked up, watched her for a second and then walked on by finger gunning her.
  32. 33. And it’s a girl! With daddy’s skin tone and those lovely blue eyes that everyone in the house has. Let’s see B.O.O.L- we are up to L so her name is Lori. When I started the game I pre-selected names for each letter so I wouldn’t be trying to make one up on the fly.
  33. 34. Taken out of context there are so many naughty things I could say about this picture. Let’s just leave it at- Jerry came back and there was a lullaby.
  34. 35. Since the alien abduction is out of the way I sent Brian and Oscar packing. We will need the space for the kids. This is a random townie that Joe greeted and played a game of pool with. She’s looking at the bait… Come on! Take it! Take it!
  35. 36. I missed the bite picture, but the swollen udder should be evidence enough that she was eaten. If not, than this may work too…
  36. 37. Woo Hoo! We have our zombie! This was/is Vyn Scott. I sent her in for a bath to fix her red needs then kicked her out of the house. I don’t really need or want a slow, smelly nanny type person. Tess handles the night time work around here anyway.
  37. 38. Baby number two on the way!
  38. 39. Baby number three on the way! Hey! Just because he’s pregnant doesn’t mean that Jerry still doesn’t have a job to do. Baby number three as chosen by random roll of a die will be my Bad Apple for this generation.
  39. 40. With two very pregnant, exhausted parents and a sleeping vampire it fell to Grandpa Joe to handle the birthday for Lori.
  40. 41. I even popped around for the event. “ Woo! The guy behind me is pregnant!”
  41. 42. Ack! Pink tuxedo! Little Lori Trueheart is a Cancer (9/2/10/8/6) and is pretty cute.
  42. 43. Lori, like all the Trueheart children get a generous dose of smart milk before being taught her skills.
  43. 44. Across town, in a remodeled bungalow, Olive and Geoffrey were getting ready to get on with their lives. Now that she is away from the challenge household I can control her and view her panels normally. It turns out that she is a Gemini (6/7/9/3/3) with a LTW to be a world class ballet dancer. Geoffrey is a Pisces (5/3/7/3/7) with a LTW of maxing all his skills.
  44. 45. These two didn’t become engaged at college so we’d best do that now since the wedding starts in a couple hours and all. Geoffrey always has a cheesy grin on his face- it’s kind of cute.
  45. 46. Aww…I’m glad he happened to fall for her. They make a very good couple.
  46. 47. More cake smashing followed by the obligatory smustling…
  47. 48. This wedding featured three Trueheart women in the same dress. Maybe I should just make it a tradition.
  48. 49. Olive and her twin sister were in almost perfect synch.  The wedding was a roof raiser and the happy couple is now expecting their first child.
  49. 50. Elsewhere in town, another baby’s life is going through some changes. Today, little Titus Pie is getting a mommy. No, a real mommy.
  50. 51. The guests were invited. The wedding arch was set up and decorated. I even put up a green house to keep them from getting cold. The bride was dressed in a designer gown by bruno. And how many of the eight simselves made it outside for the vows?
  51. 52. Exactly three. BW, Lorin and Purple Bunny. BBP has nothing to complain about with the formal wear he wore to the Goth wedding. This is what the computer gave BW and I just couldn’t stop laughing long enough to fix it.
  52. 53. I give you Lea and BlueBerry Pie. Husband and wife. See! I told you they were cute together.
  53. 54. Toast did attempt to get outside in time but that bag of chips was just too much a of a temptation for her.
  54. 55. Back inside for a little cake cutting and these two further destroy my plans for proper wedding pictures by changing out of their formal wear. So? What’s the wager? Is he a cake shover or not?
  55. 56. Three in a row! At least Lea didn’t seem to mind too much. And I see Toast helped herself to some more chips.
  56. 57. Left to right: Ephemeral Toast, Michelle Fobbs, BlueBerryPie360, LittleNemo, MaxiBuckle and tlhs0.
  57. 58. On the end is thepiper5. Not seen here are lorinsv60, Purplebunny and Belovedwagon who got caught up playing video games in the living room I can’t decide if she’s trying to talk to Nemo or trying to figure out how he eats with the helmet on. Either way, the cake vanished quickly.
  58. 59. Overall the wedding was a success and Nemo hung around a bit to cuddle a stinky Titus who would be growing up that very night.
  59. 60. Gah! Despite the very tiny ears and the odd mouth, Titus is still a very cute kid! Let’s see, Aries… BBP you may have a problem. We have 10 neat, 10 outgoing and 10 active points. What’s left? 1 playful point and 2 nice points. OCD, nekkid hot tubbing/finger gunning, always on the move, evil little monster. Thanks! I love him! No really. I do!
  60. 61. Hey, don’t blame me. I play a want driven game now and that means she got what she wanted. And this is where I will leave you. Thanks for reading! All CC was created by someone else