A Corportate Conspiracy


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Prelude Chapter 1.0

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A Corportate Conspiracy

  1. 2. Hi! PetTech here. Just a brief interruption before I start the story to give you the facts. This will be a 10 generation standard legacy with a university start (hence the prelude chapter). I have chosen some unique handicaps this time that should make for some interesting characters. The handicaps are: Fearless, One Way Street, Hypochondriac, Paranoid, Free Roaming Ghosts and of course Storyteller. And I do plan to make this a story. With my PC working properly and plenty of hard drive space, I should be able to tap those creative writing skills with gusto. Right! On with the tale of The Corporate Conspiracy.
  2. 3. In a well furnished office somewhere in Pleasant View, someone is making plans. Plans that may very well upset the normal balance of life in this quiet little town. Plans that will change things forever. It all begins with a directive from the top of a massive corporation. “Find us a suitable subject. Someone we can manipulate to our own purposes. Someone who is very naive.” G took these kind of directives seriously. His life and circumstances had changed drastically in the last few weeks. A new home. New clothes. And a new title to go along with them. Chief Executive Officer.
  3. 4. He types a letter to the board of directors. Dear Sirs, As requested I have undertaken the arduous task of locating a suitable prospect for the company's most recent project code named “Alpha”. My contacts at Sim State University forwarded me the entrance applications of four individuals who fit our basic criteria (see attachments for details). Of these four only one remains eligible for the project due to the others either being removed from the school entirely or having a delay in their graduation date by having been placed on academic suspension. His instructors assure me that he is mentally gifted and astute despite his documented paranoia.
  4. 5. Even in the light of their assurances, I am reluctant to rest all our plans on this one individual. I am forwarding the following materials for your consideration concerning the subject named Stanley Thomas James. If the board, after reviewing the report wishes to continue our search at another university, my staff and resources are yours to direct. Yours, G
  5. 6. Elsewhere, on the Sim State Campus, young Stanley James takes a huge step into a much huger world. Stanley was smart. Smart enough to be granted enrollment to the college at the tender age of seventeen. He had no family or friends to help him with his finances and the schools tight budget only allowed a 500 simoleon grant. This was a problem. While the school did offer a room in one of the many dorms, Stanley felt that he just could not handle all the dirt and germs that go along with living with strangers. Also there was the issue of security. The simple lock on a hollow core door would not be sufficient to keep him safe. That left him standing here on a tiny lot on the edge of the campus.
  6. 7. After paying a rental deposit and the cab ride, Stanley could only afford to buy one item. An inexpensive bed that had a mattress so hard you could crack eggs on it. “ I suppose I need to find a job.” He checked his class schedule the registrar gave him, “hmm…My first class doesn’t start until this afternoon. Maybe the coffee house has something available.” Stanley pulled out a cloth hanky and cleaned his glasses nervously. Social environments didn’t really suit him, but he wasn't going to sleep very well with no wall or a roof. There was no other option. He was going to have to mingle with other sims!
  7. 8. “ I suppose it could be worse.” Stanley was happy at least that there was supposed to be a counter between him and the customers, except that they kept coming around behind that counter and wanting to shake hands with him. Stanley refused their friendly gestures. He didn’t know them or where their hands had been. Several hours of work netted him enough to buy his own toilet, a sink and construct some walls to attach them to. There was no way he was using the public restroom in the coffeehouse! Once he had taken care of that particular need it was time to head to class.
  8. 9. His first stop after class was the university’s library. Stanley took advantage of the open grill to acquire some much needed nourishment, even if he was forced to cook and eat it outside. Once the hunger in his belly was sated he used the computers to select a major in history. Stanley wasn’t sure what he wanted to do when he graduated. There was some thoughts about becoming a teacher but that required him spending time around small children that could be carrying any number of dangerous viruses. History would work for now until something else came to mind.
  9. 10. That night was spent wet and cold as he still did not have a roof or even enough walls to support one. In the morning he reluctantly made his way to the gym to gain some required physical training for his coursework. Fortunately, the gym manager did not mind when he asked for cleaning supplies to sanitize the weight bench before using it. “Knock yer self out kid.” He said. “It’ll be the first good clean they’ve had in years.” Stanley tried very hard not to consider the implications of that statement. Later, as he struggled to lift the small amount of weight he had chosen to start with, he thought about all the horrible things that could happen to him if he didn’t manage to get walls and a roof very soon. He could be beaten and robbed, not that he had much to steal. Or he could get pneumonia from all the exposure to the outdoors. Either way, things needed to change fast.
  10. 11. After sanitizing the shower and cleaning himself up he took the opportunity to give the cafeteria cook a much needed break. It didn’t pay as well as the barista job but since he was here and needed the cash… “ How can people eat in here? Look how filthy this stove is. It’s a breeding ground for salmonella, listeria and a host of other dangerous organisms. I’m surprised the health department doesn’t close this place down.” When the cook returned from her break she was shocked by the shine on the cook-top. “I’ve been trying to get rid of that scorch mark for months! How did you do that?” “ It’s called elbow grease. Scrub hard enough and anything will come clean, eventually.”
  11. 12. Things were tough on Stanley for a while. Finally he had earned enough between working and getting onto the Dean’s list at the end of the first semester to have a reasonable shelter. There were no windows but those are overrated anyway. He still had dirt and grass beneath his feet but shoes would protect him there. All he was really missing was a shower and some way to prepare his own meals. A fair chunk of his money went to the installation of an alarm system. One could never be too safe.
  12. 13. Some things Stanley couldn’t learn from his cheap bookcase. Once again he was required to mingle with the rest of the world. Strangely, someone actually tipped him while he was playing. The campus lounge was a hive of activity even during the early part of the day. Playing the guitar wasn’t going to buy him a floor but tending bar just might.
  13. 14. Once again he found that most sims had no idea of proper space. “How hard of a concept is this? I stand on this side. You stand on the OTHER side.” Giving up on the bar he tried the small coffee stand as well. Unfortunately the regular employee there was a hugger. He kept coming up and wanting to hug not only Stanley but all the customers as well. He gave up working at that point. It was all just too much. Things in his life were improving, everything was becoming more stable. Until he met her…
  14. 15. Catalina Reamon entered Stanley’s life like a cat tip toeing around puddles, quiet and very delicately. They met at the campus lounge one night after he had worked a shift bartending. She was shy and she was smart and he knew instantly that she was the one girl in the world for him. He had two bolts for her and they became friends instantly. “ You like to read medical journals too? That’s so totally cool.” “ It’s just a hobby I picked up from my father. It’s nothing really.” “ I like it.” “ You do?”
  15. 16. She came over often to study. She hadn’t currently chosen her major but had an idea that she wanted to pursue a degree in mathematics. Just like him, she was drawn to the acquisition of knowledge. Unfortunately, Their study dates weren't always as private as Stanley could have hoped for.
  16. 17. Some people just never learned how to knock. Or wear clothes. Stanley blushed furiously as the girl wiggled in from of him. It was Catalina who made her leave. “ Honestly, it’s like bubbles and juice are a major around here,” she murmured as she closed the door behind the girl. “Yesterday, I saw that Cow mascot walk up and kiss a girl right in front of her boyfriend. There was a huge fight. It was ghastly.” Looking over at him she noticed his paler than normal color. “Stanley are you all right?” In between wheezes he managed, “naked…” Cat smiled at him. “Sometimes naked isn’t bad you know.”
  17. 18. He really didn't have a proper argument for her. As his freshman year grew to a close, Stanley had been put on the Dean’s list after both finals and had earned or saved enough money to expand his little shelter even more. He had a finished bathroom that only needed a few more walls and a door to be complete. Stanley still had to find his meals elsewhere but everything else was going great.
  18. 19. As winter closed in, Catalina and he were never very far apart. They had two dates behind them. Each was at his little home as Stanley disliked traveling to far from comfortable surroundings. Cat did try to encourage him to take her out to a club to go dancing, but Stanley would become panicked at the idea and his asthma would kick in. They still managed to have a good time flirting and chatting about classes and their teachers.
  19. 20. Then one day it happened. It felt right to both of them to fall in love while discussing the proper way to solve a puzzle ball. Stranger things had happened in the universe and whose to say that any one way to fall in love is better than another.
  20. 21. The night they fell in love Cat decided that it was time to give him a gift. She hoped he would like it. The woman at the antique store said it was hand painted. Of course it was one of many on the shelf but that didn’t matter. “The blue will look beautiful in that white room of his.”
  21. 22. Stanley however had no need for decorative things. What he did need was fittings for the kitchen and items to help him study so selling the vase was the logical thing to do.
  22. 23. The next day Cat came over to see if he liked her gift. “Stanley why are my roses still outside? Don’t you like them.” “ Yes, ah…they are very beautiful put they are covered in pollen and dust. They’re not very hypoallergenic and you know that I have allergies.” He added quickly, “I water them everyday.” “ Do I see a stove and counters? You upgraded again. The end of term isn’t until tomorrow how did you afford… You sold my gift?” She felt her heart drop a little. He didn’t like it, she thought to herself.
  23. 24. “ I really needed a kitchen and a chess table and all those other things. I didn’t think you would mind.” He could see the disappointed look on her face.
  24. 25. “ I wanted to give you something nice to brighten up the place.” “ It wasn’t practical. And it would be one more thing for me to dust everyday. I really needed the money more. I’m sorry that you are upset, Kitty Cat. If you want I can take these things back and get the vase back for you.”
  25. 26. “ No. It’s all right. You should have asked for money if you needed it so badly. I could have shared my grant from last term. I hardly need it living in the dorm. But, next time ask me first. Ok?” “ Ok.” He felt some relief from the idea of her being angry at him. “Would you like to come in and have some lunch. Despite not having a kitchen until today, I’m not a half bad cook.” “ I’d love to.” Cat realized the Stanley was the practical type. Romance just wasn’t part of his nature.
  26. 27. But as she quickly found out, he was occasionally prompted by some of his more baser needs. “I love you Kitty Cat” he murmured after his passionate kiss. A sigh escaped her lips, “I love you too Nerd.” Stanley smiled. With any other woman he would have been a nervous wreck but there was just something about Cat that made him comfortable.
  27. 28. Stanley’s future was finally looking bright. He was at the top of his class of sophomores and his tiny little house was safe and secure. He had a beautiful girl who adored him and his tiny little piece of the world was comfortable and snug.
  28. 29. It was about this time that Stanley came across an unusual ad in the college paper. It caught his attention because it was worded so strangely. Wanted, college graduate with interests in science and the paranormal to help establish a new division at SFO corp. We are looking for the brightest and the best. Top mark students only! Substantial signing bonus will be offered. To apply go www.SFOco/hiring.org. “ Huh? A paranormal division in a private company? That’s a little weird.” Stanley dismissed the advert and moved on to other areas of the news as he had no real interests in the paranormal.
  29. 30. The next day Stanley asked Catalina out on their third date and boldly suggested they go out for the day. Interestingly he choose the park right next to a new building downtown. The day was sunny but still chilly and for some reason Catalina refused to wear a coat. “You should be freezing Kitty Cat. Why didn’t you bring your coat?” “ I won’t need one as long as you keep kissing me like that.” A grin spread over his face. “Kept warm by love. It sounds like a tabloid headline.” Cat pulled him closer to her. “Less talking. More kissing!” “ mmrmph!”
  30. 31. Their afternoon out was soon interrupted by the arrival of a green skinned woman at the entrance to the park. She began chanting as soon as she arrived and soon lightning and a vicious rain began pelting the people enjoying the sights of the garden.
  31. 32. The rain hammered down hard and Stanley hurried to call a taxi to take them back to his house where it was safe. He had something special planned for that afternoon but the witch had to go and ruin it.
  32. 33. Stanley brought Catalina back to the relative safety of his tiny house to finish their date. The two of them felt a itch that had to be scratched. Even the lewd staring cow couldn’t break them apart. Later, Cat said that she was starting to feel the chill and Stanley sent her home for a warm shower and some rest. He didn’t get the opportunity to ask Cat the question that was on his mind but for now it didn’t matter. He would ask soon enough.
  33. 34. That same night during a very heavy snowstorm, Catalina returned to leave yet another vase of roses for her sweetheart. She returned a bit later with another gift that Stanley found when he went out to recycle the paper. As she walked off into the night she shivered and rubbed her hand together.
  34. 35. Stanley found the roses and karaoke machine in the morning. His shyness would never have allowed him to use one in public but here in the safety of his own yard he decided to try it out. One song was all it took to convince Stanley and the dogs for miles around that singing was not his specialty. It was a tempting idea to sell the item, but Cat was so upset the last time he did that. He decided to keep the machine. Even though he would never use it.
  35. 36. He did call her up and asked her to come over so he could thank her for the gift, but as soon as she arrived her flesh froze solid and she collapsed to the sidewalk. Stanley blinked in surprise.
  36. 37. His mind reacted like lightning. Getting her thawed out was vital or his beautiful Kitty Cat would die right before his eyes. He pulled out a cordless hair dryer and set to work. Slowly the heated air had the desired effect and Cat returned to consciousness. Stanley quickly rushed her inside the house.
  37. 38. Once inside he removed her wet outer wear and hugged her close to warm her. “What happened Kitty Cat?” “ Umm…I guess I shouldn't have ventured out in the worst snow storm in years to bring you a present.” She pulled him tighter to her, “you’re so warm. Don’t let go.” Stanley face grew stern. “No Kitty Cat. I’m not ever going to let go. Don’t you worry about that. I will always be there to rescue you.” He rubbed her arms and back vigorously to stimulate her circulation and as he did so it occurred to him that this was the perfect time.
  38. 39. He pulled away and dropped to one knee removing the little velvet box he had hidden in a pocket. Cat looked confused for a moment. “Nerd what are you doing?” He smiled, “I’m asking you to be my wife Cat. I adore you and the ground you walk on. I can’t protect you if you aren’t close by. Please say yes.” Cat considered his face and his words for a bit. For her Stanley was the perfect guy. They were so much alike but was she ready to be engaged?
  39. 40. One more look at his face and she knew the answer. Carefully she removed the ring from the box and placed it on her finger. “I will marry you Stanley Thomas James.” “ You will?” “ Yes. I will.” Still down on one knee Stanley made a second proposal. “Move in.” “ What?” “ Move in. There’s plenty of room for two.”
  40. 41. Cat pulled him to his feet and hugged him close. “Alright. Anything has to be better than the dorm. You can’t believe how messy my dorm mates are.” Stanley smiled. “Go take a warm shower. Then we will go pack up your things and get you moved in.”
  41. 42. Soon the two of them had set a routine. Much to Stanley’s delight Cat loved a clean space almost as much as he did. One afternoon while she was studying and he was reading the paper… “ Huh! Here’s that strange ad again.” “ What is it?” “ There is this company called SFO corp. that is looking for someone to head up their paranormal research division. They are offering moving expenses and everything.” “ That sounds like a good deal. Where would you have to move too?” “ It says here Pleasant View.”
  42. 43. Later that evening while at the campus lounge working on his term paper, Stanley got to thinking about the job offer in the paper. He certainly could work in the paranormal field and he still had time to change his major to something more suitable. The offer seemed too good to be true though. The company was offering a sizable lot in a prime location in Pleasant View and moving in expenses paid in full assuming that the project is seen to completion by the applicant. “I suppose it won’t hurt to apply and see what they are talking about. If it works out Cat and I will have a nice place to live right from the start.” He paused for a few minutes before completing the application.
  43. 44. Cat’s moving in meant that they needed a proper bedroom and a new bed. She too went out to find some extra cash after changing her hair and applying a little makeup. Soon enough she had made enough to help with the construction costs and fittings for the new room. She still couldn’t understand why Stanley insisted on a sink, smoke detector and burglar alarm in the bedroom though. When she asked he simply said “You can’t be too careful.”
  44. 45. Stanley’s statement was soon put to the test as a thief named Gordon King stalked up to the front door in the dead of the night. He took only two steps into the house after kicking in the dead bolted door before the alarms began to screech.
  45. 46. Campus security arrived quickly and officer Kauker soon had the thief in custody.
  46. 47. “ I can’t believe you slept through all that noise last night Stanley. Officer Kauker had to beat the thief into submission before he could arrest him. How could you not hear that?” “ Hmm? It’s your move.” “ What?” “ It’s your move.” “ Oh. Are you going to answer my question?”
  47. 48. “ I’ve always been a deep sleeper and my allergy medicines only make it worse. Besides, that’s what the alarms are for. I’m not paying the police all that money just so they can drink coffee and fill out reports.” He watched Cat consider the pieces on the board. “Does it bother you that I’m not that kind of guy?”
  48. 49. “ You mean the strong muscley type that doesn’t hesitate when there is danger about and jumps right into the middle of it? A Han Solo type?” She watched his expression change and arched an eyebrow, “No. I love you just the way you are.” “ You have a lust thing for Solo don’t you? I don’t see why, Bobba Fett is way cooler.” “ Except you never see his face except as a kid and he’s not the hero.” “ He looks just like all the other clones. So you do prefer the hero types?” “ Stop analyzing me Stanley.” She smiled, “anyway, you are my hero. Remember?”
  49. 50. Later, Stanley lay awake thinking about all the things that could have happened if the officer hadn’t been able to apprehend the thief. They both could have been in a lot of danger. Unfortunately doors were sort of a necessity if you weren’t a ghost or a ninja. Of course, if he were a ninja then he would be the anti hero type that Cat so obviously dreamt about, nor would he have to worry about thieves or germs or all the other little things in life that plagued him. Was it wrong that Cat made him feel safer? Like the snuggly teddy bear he had as a child? He looked at her sleeping face and smiled, “Bobba Fett is way cooler”, he whispered. “ No he’s not”, she whispered back. “Go to sleep Nerd.”
  50. 51. Time marched forward for the two of them and finally senior year had arrived for Stanley. Every day he had been waiting to hear back from the company whose advert he had responded to. Today was that day as he found an e mail marked urgent in his mailbox. Mr. James, We were most impressed with your resume and wish to inform you that we would like to have you take an aptitude test as the last step in the application process. The test will cover a wide variety of topics and is meant to test your IQ and adaptability. There is also a mandatory health screening which all employees of SFO corp. undergo on a yearly basis.
  51. 52. If you are willing to participate in the testing and your results meet our exacting standards the position will be yours. Please reply to this message promptly as I will need time to make the needed arrangements for the test. They will be conducted at the science building at Sim State University for your convenience. Yours, Heidi Swenson, Exec. Assistant Stanley thought about the letter for sometime. He expected that there would be some sort of screening process or interview but a medical exam? Finally he opened the reply box and agreed to the tests. It was just too good an opportunity to pass up. “Pleasant View here I come.”
  52. 53. A few weeks later and Cat sat down on the couch after having prepared a late dinner for Stanley. “How did it go? You’ve been gone all day and I was a little worried. Did they say anything?”
  53. 54. “ No they didn’t tell me how I did. The test was grueling! Four hours of questions ranging from mathematics to advanced physics. I think I did pretty well on most of it.” He paused to take a bite of the chili Cat had prepared, “the medical exam was the worst part. Blood work, an MRI and PET scan and a whole series of psychiatric tests.” Those results worried him the most. “ I’m sure you did fine. Why don't you go to bed Nerd, you look exhausted.” After Stanley got up to go into the bedroom to sleep, she cleaned up from dinner and looked around the tiny house. “If we do get to move to Pleasant View I’m doing all the decorating. All this white is driving me nuts.”
  54. 55. She followed Stanley into the bedroom only to find him relaxing on the bed instead of trying to get to sleep. “Didn’t I send you to bed?” “ My mind is too worked up to sleep.” She settled on the bed next to him and he snuggled up next to her. “ I have a cure for that you know.” “ You do? And what would that be?” He asked with a half smile forming on his lips. “ Oh, a little snuggling, a little kissing, maybe some woo hoo. Stuff like that.” Cat pushed him back on the bed.
  55. 56. Stanley’s smile grew bigger. “You know the health benefits of woo hoo have been widely studied. The endorphin release…” Cat interrupted him, “Nerd you talk to much.” She kissed him to silence his reply and murmured “come here my scruffy looking Nerf herder.”
  56. 57. The next day while Stanley was a class she sat down to do something she had been avoiding for the last few weeks. Her last exam was a nightmare and while she still managed an A plus it was getting harder and harder to study. She looked up at the computer screen and squinted. Last semester she had given up entirely on writing her term paper because the headaches from looking at the screen were just too much to bear. This term it was a necessary to complete one and every second in front of the screen was agony.
  57. 58. Stanley had noticed the headaches as well. He watched her struggle to read the assignment from across the room. Carefully he remarked “Your headache is back isn’t it.” “ I’m fine,” she snapped, “I already took some aspirin.” “ You mean the half empty, new bottle I bought a week ago? Acetyl-salicylic acid has some pretty severe side effects Cat. Maybe you should go to the dispensary and see a doctor?” “ I’m perfectly fine! I just can’t get my eyes to focus and I need to finish this.” She rubbed her eyes partly to relive the pain and partly to hide her tears. “ I’ll go with you if you want? You should go see Doctor Larkin.”
  58. 59. It didn’t take too much more to convince her to go but she insisted on doing it herself. A few hours later and the front door burst open and was quickly followed by the slamming of the bathroom door. Stanley calmly chewed his food before getting up to follow her.
  59. 60. “ Cat? Honey? Kitty Cat please let me in?” “ No! Go away! I’m fine” she replied through the door. “ Well, that’s obviously not true. What did the doctor say? Did you tell him about the aspirin?” He tried the knob on the door. It was locked. “Please let me in.” Eventually, she did unlock the door and Stanley entered preparing himself for the worst.
  60. 61. “ Aww, Kitty Cat. Was it eye strain?” He resisted the urge to wipe a tear off her cheek. “ They’re hideous! And I have to wear them or I can’t read.” Her sobs distorted the words. “Doctor Larkin sent me to the optometrist who said that I will probably need to wear them all the time.” “ They’re not that bad. Really. We can find you some different frames. Look, I’ve worn glasses since I was eight, you will get used to them.”
  61. 62. He pulled her into a hug. “You don’t think I look hideous?” she whispered into his shoulder. Stanley smiled, “If I did that wouldn’t say very much about my character would it? I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I have a smart, sensitive, successful girlfriend who just happens to be beautiful. One pair of glasses isn’t going to change that.” “ So you’ll still love me even when I’m old and saggy?” “ Wait! No one said anything about saggy!” He grinned at her. “ Hey!” He always knew how to make her laugh. “I love you Nerd.”
  62. 63. With the new glasses, Cat found it much easier to work and she was soon typing up a storm to try and catch up on her schoolwork. Stanley too returned to his painting when the phone rang. “ Hello?” “ May I speak with Stanley James please? The feminine voice on the other end asked. “ Speaking.” “ Mister James, My name is Heidi Swenson from SFO corporation. How are you this evening?” “ Fine. What can I do for you Miss Swenson?”
  63. 64. “ Actually it’s more like what can I do for you Mister James. I’m happy to inform you that your test results were exceptional and the board of directors has authorized my boss to offer you the position. I look forward to getting to meet you in person. The company has been working very hard to set up our paranormal research division and the board believes you have what is takes to make it succeed.” “ I got the job? That’s fantastic!” “ There of course, is some paper work and contracts that you will need to complete. I mailed them to your address this morning. I must suggest that you review them thoroughly before signing as the hiring bonus is dependant on your actual success in founding the division. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at the number on my business card in the packet.”
  64. 65. “ Yes I will. Goodbye Miss Swenson and thank you.” He hung up the receiver and turned to face Cat who had jumped up from the computer quickly. “I got the job.” “ I knew you could do it. Did she say anything about your pay rate or the house?” “ No. I…I suppose that will all be in the paperwork she is sending me.” He pulled her close and grinned, “we are going to live in the best neighborhood in Pleasant View. It’s probably a gated community with its own security force. Just think! No more worries about thieves or trashcan kickers.” He shuddered. Cat’s face became a little stern. “I don’t think we should count our chickens before they hatch Stanley.” “ I’m not. I’m just excited. I get to work in a nice quiet lab with people who actually wash their hands.”
  65. 66. As Stanley’s final year at Sim State was slowly creeping to an end Catalina and he found more and more excuses to put off class work in favor of more romantic pursuits. They both were keenly aware that soon Stanley would have to leave the campus and since Cat was just finishing up her sophomore year they would be separated for some time.
  66. 67. “ Honey, I had Starla look over those contracts for you. She’s pre-law you know?” Cat was checking her e-mail. “ And what did she say?” “ She thought that the employment clause was pretty standard but the signing bonus was a bit non-specific. The concept of ‘moving expenses’ isn’t defined at all. She says to tell you that they could literally pay you one simoleon and be honoring the agreement.” “ I’m sure it will be fine. SFO corp. is a large multi-national organization. They wouldn’t have gotten that way by lying to their future employees.”
  67. 68. “ Don’t worry about it Cat,” he continued. “If they are under representing the bonus I will take it up with Miss Swenson.” Stanley attacked the stubbornly clogged toilet again. “Remind me why we allow the llama to use our bathroom” he called out through the door. “ Because he’s dating that cheerleader you are friends with.” “ Stupid pseudo quadruped.” Stanley’s time at university was drawing to a close. The last thing he really wanted to be doing was unclogging a toilet.
  68. 69. Finally the day came and Stanley completed his education graduating from Sim State University with a 4.0 in psychology. His change in majors from history to psych didn’t harm his grades one bit and he felt well prepared to meet the challenges his new job would throw his way. Cat waved goodbye to her fiancé with some sadness in her heart. She had two more years of school to complete before they could be together. After the cab left, she stood forlornly in the tiny house wondering what she was going to do with all her free time now that he was gone.
  69. 70. Back in Pleasant View, Miss Swenson responded to the intercom page from her boss. “You wanted to see me sir?” “ Has he arrived yet?” The well dressed man in front of her didn’t even look up from the documents he was perusing. “ Tomorrow morning. I plan to meet with him first thing to explain the complications the department has been having. Was there anything else you wanted me to pass on?” “ Tell him…Tell him the future of this company lies squarely on his success. If SFO corp. is going to move forward, to grow, he will need to work quickly and get that department up and running.”
  70. 71. “ We don’t even have a lab for him to work in yet. He won’t be able to ‘work quickly’ without the proper equipment and staff. Don’t you think that’s putting a lot of pressure on this young man?” “ And you think that I’m not getting pressure from my superiors?” “… No, I… Given his mental issues Mister James is going to need to be handled very delicately. We can’t just blindside him with something like that.” “ This is why I put you in charge of him Heidi. He needs a mothering type to help him succeed.” G picked up the phone receiver and started to punch in a number, “Just get it done.” “ Yes sir.”
  71. 72. Next time in “The Corporate Conspiracy”… “ Good morning Mister James…” Click- 
  72. 73. Ahh…Finally, I got all that corn out of my teeth. There you are. All done reading? Have lots of questions? Want to point out that I’m already breaking the rules? I don’t want to chop up my story with details so I’m going to try to share things after each chapter. Kind of like ‘post production notes’ if you will. First, I would like to apologize for the numerous ‘walls down shots’ at the beginning. Those were done purposefully to show Stanley’s living conditions and to prove that I am abiding by my handicap requirements. Besides the sinks and burglar alarms, I’ve included a smoke detector in each room as well. You won’t be seeing pictures like that again.
  73. 74. Here is Stanley Thomas James’ stats: CAS-Knowledge/ LTW: Education Minister Virgo (10/1/6/1/7) with science as a preferred hobby (it just worked out that way- cool huh?) Turn ons: High cleaning skill and High logic skill Turn off: Stink Stanley is a nerd. I even got my friends at work to help me pick out nerdy names to use for him. He is paranoid and slightly OCD. It turns out that he is also a bit protective.
  74. 75. Catalina Reamon Dormie- Knowledge/ LTW: max out all seven skills Virgo (9/2/6/3/5) with science as a preferred hobby Turn ons: Cologne and Face Paint Turn off: High charisma (this may need tweaking as Stanley will soon have this) Okay, I know that moving a now playable sim into the legacy lot is a violation of the rules but I was really afraid she was going to die. It was a MATY hack that caused the trouble (working as it should). However, she is perfect for the character I have in mind for Stanley’s wife and didn’t want to change things around if she died.
  75. 76. When Catalina moves in with Stanley I will reduce her funds to 5000 simoleons. This seems fair to reduce the family’s bankroll as she will be coming in with the standard handout instead of the random amount. By the way, this is the park where all that trouble started with the “new” neighborhood building that came with Apartment Life has taken over the bathroom and coffee stand. The sims actually walk through the wall to get to those areas.
  76. 77. More blooper shots “ I hate that guy! But I just had to clean the stove in the middle of the fight and now the bubbles are glitched.”
  77. 78. Another blooper This is what happens when the drama professor stays in the hot tub for twelve hours straight on the hottest day of summer. Sadly, the idiot survived. Thanks for reading! Comments are always appreciated but not mandatory. However if you do leave me a comment and I’m not currently reading your stories- I do return the favor.