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Free online exams software for coaching


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Pesofts is a premium Online exam software for conducting computer based examination, majorly useful for coaching institutes to take their examination online. Also, very useful for students as it gives ample of sample test to practice. Large number of different mock test to choose from, truly a booster for all you aspirants there.

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Free online exams software for coaching

  1. 1. Pesofts- Free Online Exam Software for coaching and students
  2. 2. Why is there a need to switch from offline to Online?  Better and advanced approach.  Has taken all over the conventional way of pen and paper examination all over the coaching industry.  Conducting examination for blind and disabled students, and bring them on the same platform as on any other student and with equal opportunity to perform.  Evaluates and instantly gives back the result.  Safe and secure way of conducting exam.  A free 2 month trial of online exams software. Free online exams software
  3. 3. How can we help you? Pesofts provides you a user friendly platform for conducting online exam with in- built mobile application service, driven by the ideology that technology will change the way of educating students. Online exam software is the first step put forward for this vision. Free online exams software
  4. 4. Features of our product 1. TestMent 2. EduMent 3. Payment Gateway 4. Mobile Application Free online exams software
  5. 5. 2.EduMent Online exams Software in which test can be created easily in less time with automated test selling technology features. 1.TestMent Management software for education institute which helps them to maintain student records, admission fee details, inventory of study material and other essential data required by respective institute record. Free online exams software
  6. 6. 4.Android Mobile App TestMent- online exams software is integrated with Payment Gateway which enables institute to take admission fee online and to sell test online. This feature in integrated both in the web-platform and mobile application. 3.Payment Gateway TestMent Mobile App have same interface like web portal with payment gateway integration. It has features like online exams, Classes & Branch Information and online payment facility. Free online exams software
  7. 7. A look at our work Note:- You can also ask for a trial of our product i.e. free online exams software. Free online exams software
  8. 8. A word from our clients  “Working with Pess plus has been very good experience. They have taken all my worry of online exams conduct. They have taken my other classroom responsibility also.” – Neetu Singh, Founder of KD Campus  “Pesofts is revolutionizing the platform of online exams software and mobile app. Their focus marketing oriented software makes them first choice.” - Kanchan Thakur, IES master  “These guys have extremely focused on the education sector. Hoping to see innovation in online exams through them. Best Online exams software. Best of luck to them.” – Desh Raj, Chanakya Academy Free online exams software
  9. 9. Contact us +91-98-40-289135 9892b6121 Free online exams software
  10. 10. Free online exams software