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Liven up your class with fun


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Online Session at Learning 2gether

Published in: Technology, Education

Liven up your class with fun

  1. 1. Liven up your class with fun “A bit of creativity, tons of online resources and a small quantity of old things can make your class a different one".
  2. 2. The Argentinian System of Education National Ministry of Education Provincial Ministry of Education Primary Schools Secondary Schools English Institutes
  3. 3. My Coursebooks
  4. 4. Social Networks Facebook & Edmodo  TwitterGroupsExtra material No use at allSocializing except introducing it
  5. 5. Tools to create AVATARS Voki Build yourself wild Be Funky Dopple Me Unique raster boy Fakebook Fotobabble
  6. 6. Tools for digital storytelling Make Beliefs Comix Professor Garfield
  7. 7. Songs “The dinosaur” “My way” vs. “No, Je ne regrette rien” “Hot & Cold” - Katy Perry “Hello Goodbye” - The Beatles
  8. 8. Videos Trailer “RIO” – mindmapping “Facebook song“– Simple Present and SimplePast “My BBF Rose” (AT&T commercial) – text messages “The Mum’s Song” – Everyday activities
  9. 9. Extra tools – Different uses Photopeach Wallwisher (Padlet) Switchzoo Fodey
  10. 10. Time to celebrate Animal’s Day
  11. 11. Time to celebrate – Cont. Father’s Day
  12. 12. Time to celebrate – Cont. Mother’s Day
  13. 13. My students & their jobs
  14. 14. My students & their jobs – Cont.
  15. 15. F2F Interviews
  16. 16. Tons of thanks & smiles to… All the teachers around the world All the congresses, seminars and webinars I’ve attended Becoming a Webhead – EVO Session Webheads in Action – Community of Practice
  17. 17. Hope you have enjoyed it!!! Contact me at any time, April 2013