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“Let’s get loud, turn the music up!”


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My "30 Goals Challenge for Educators" presentation

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“Let’s get loud, turn the music up!”

  1. 1. “Let’s get loud, turn the music up!” “Sing, move and dance in the English Classroom!” The 30 Goals for Educators Maria Bossa July 2015
  2. 2. ● Reasons for using songs in the classroom... … help create a friendly and cooperative atmosphere … offer insights into the culture, stories and myths of different societies … offer a rich background, a social and historical context to language learning Dale T. Griffee
  3. 3. ● Adjectives (opposites) ● TPR activities ● Fill in the blanks
  4. 4. The Rhino Song ● Picture description ● Location in a map - Africa ● Parts of the body - animals ● General comprehension questions ● Free drawing of a rhino The Elephant song ● Watch the video and exploit it - name of animals (what animals Ss see) ● What activities those animals do ● Verb “can” - affirmative & negative ● Create a new version of the song
  5. 5. 1st Activity - Simple Present ● As Ss are “digital natives” they have to explain their parents what Social Networks are ● Ss are members of FB and have to explain to their parents what FB is ● Ss explain what they do in FB ● General questions about the song 2nd Activity - Simple Past ● It’s the year 2050 and Ss have to explain their grandchildren what Social Networks were ● Explain what Facebook was ● Listen to the song and fill the blanks with the missing words ● Tell what Ss did in Facebook ● General questions about the song
  6. 6. ● Look up some words in the dictionary - terrorism / discrimination… ● Find out information about the CIA / FBI / KKK / Al Qaeda ● Poster creation: glue pictures related to the topics from the song and explain each picture in no more than 5 lines
  7. 7. Only you - The Platters ● Tch hands in the lyrics in letter layout leaving the “Dear” section in blank ● Ss listen to the song and think who they would send that letter to ● Work with letter writing format ● Ss write a letter Groovy kind of love - Phil Collins ● Tch hands in the lyrics in text layout without punctuation marks ● Ask questions like “Does it have any sense?”, “How would you improve it?” ● Match some words with their meanings
  8. 8. ● Growing up ● Retiring ● The Bucket List ● “My way” (Frank Sinatra) vs.”Non, je ne regrette rien” (Edith Piaf)
  9. 9. Hello, Goodbye - The Beatles Hello, Goodbye – The Beatles @mariabossa