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At the Persuasive Services Seminar

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Jorge Zapico

  1. 1. Jorge L. Zapico KTH / CSC / Media / Industrial Ecology Centre for Sustainable Communications PhD Student PERSUASIVE SERVICES 25th February 2009
  2. 2. ICT and sustainability A short background of my research
  3. 3. Multimedia applications for a sustainable urban lifestyle. Awareness, awareness, awareness. A recurring theme
  4. 4. Captology: Computers are persuasive technologies. That makes sense!
  5. 5. Climate persuasive services: ICT applications that change personal attitudes regarding climate change and/or that change behaviour towards reducing greenhouse gases emissions. In opposition to more strict definition of Foggs, where persuasion is based on intentions, not on outcomes, we include in our definition technology that promotes low-carbon behavior using persuasive principles, even if climate change mitigation was not designed as a goal of the application.
  6. 6. Key technologies
  7. 7. 1. Mobile phones
  8. 8. 2. Pervasive sensors
  9. 9. 3. Social media
  10. 10. Opportunity 1 If you need to change something, first you need to measure it Tracking carbon footprint 1.1 T racking carbon footprint
  11. 11. Anti-climate persuasive services
  12. 12. Principle of Self-Monitoring Principle of Reduction Principle of Social Comparison Principle of Social Facilitation
  13. 13. Opportunity 2 You do me too Breaking the tragedy of the commons using social media 1.1 T racking carbon footprint
  14. 14. 1.1 T racking carbon footprint
  15. 15. Principle of Social Facilitation Principle of Reciprocity Principle of Social Comparison Principle of Normative Influence Principle of Social Learning Principle of Competition, Cooperation and Recognition
  16. 16. Opportunity 3 It’s easy to be green Facilitating and praising green behavior 1.1 T racking carbon footprint
  17. 17. Principle of Reduction Principle of Praise
  18. 18. Enhance the principle of tailoring Effortless accuracy Credibility for more responsibility Use a mass principle of cause and effect Make the green normal, not the normal green Make it fun It’s a mobile world
  19. 19. And there are already many existing applications that can be considered “climate persuasive services” from our definition. Using persuasive principles in a more conscious way could improve the effectiveness of these tools. There are possibilities for using ICT for persuasion towards low-carbon lifestyles. And we are working on it!
  20. 20. Thanks! Jorge L. Zapico