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Pvc formulation perstorp_eng 2014

  1. 1. Plasticizers for today and for the future Perstorp contributes to a better more sustainable world by delivering innovative chemical solutions PVC Formulation 2014, Düsselsdorf
  2. 2. Table of Contents Introduction of the company Perstorp in PVC industry Plasticizers – Investment – Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP, C10) – Pevalen™ (Polyolester plasticizer) Summary
  3. 3. Perstorp in brief World leader in several sectors of the specialty chemicals market Pioneer in formalin chemistry, plastics and surface materials Perstorp was formed in 1881, over 130 years of winning formulas Since December 2005 controlled by PAI partners, a leading European private equity company Annual turnover of more than 10 billion SEK in 2012 About 1,500 employees in 22 countries Production plants in Europe, Asia and North America Sales offices in all major markets
  4. 4. Perstorp in the PVC industry Fully integrated plasticizer producer based on the west coast of Sweden since 1980’s Perstorp exited the DOP business in 2012 Storage facilities in UK, Belgium, Germany and Portugal to serve entire Europe Focus on European market and sustainable growth Member of ECPI, VinylPlus and founding member of PlasticiserPlus
  5. 5. Perstorp believes in plasticizers Perstorp is making its largest investment in history Based on our own technology and backwardly integrated in raw materials It will be on stream in Q1 2015 Two plasticizers in the product tree, EmolteneTM 100 and PevalenTM This investment will increase the production by 150,000 MT
  6. 6. EmolteneTM 100 PevalenTM Investment for a more sustainable future Established C10 (DPHP) GP plasticizer Excellent versatility and flexibility Expands lifespan of end products High technical performance, with good outdoor properties High performance polyol ester plasticizer Highly efficient in providing softness Easy to process and use Low volatility ensuring no VOC and consistent properties New capacity for Valeraldehyde and its derivatives Strengthen our production platform Fully integrated and secure supply chain Ability to offer competitive and safe products Innovative plasticizer for sensitive applications Flexible, versatile & safe Versatile general PVS plasticizer
  7. 7. Emoltene™ 100 and Pevalen™ focus on different markets Emoltene™ 100 – Durable applications Wire and cables Films & sheets e.g. roofing membranes, swimming pool liners, automotive foils Coated fabrics; e.g. tarpaulins Automotive interiors Pevalen™ – Sensitive applications Coated fabrics; e.g. table cloths, protective clothing Films & sheets; e.g. office materials, furniture foils Flooring Plastisols; e.g. wallpaper, toys Moulded parts; e.g. grips
  8. 8. Key segments where Emoltene™ 100 is preferable Cables & wires Low volatility and high UV resistance with C10 plasticizer Well accepted for PVC cables at all major users Automotive interior Low volatility/migration of C10 plasticizers secures long life span required Plasticized PVC not easy substituted for this industry due to the advantage PVC has vs. other polymers Film and sheets Low volatility of C10 plasticizers secures long life span required Plasticized PVC good UV stability and outdoor resistance
  9. 9. Volatility -25 -20 -15 -10 -5 0 DPHP DINP DOP WeightChange,% Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) has low volatility Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) makes the product durable
  10. 10. Fogging Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) has lower fogging Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) is suitable for car interiors 0 0,5 1 1,5 2 2,5 3 3,5 4 DPHP DINP DOP mg
  11. 11. Migration to plastics ABS PC PS Acrylic TOTM Polymeric Polymeric Polymeric DPHP TOTM TOTM TOTM DOTP DPHP DOTP DPHP DEHP DINP DINP DINCH DINCH DINCH DPHP DINP DINP DOTP DEHP DOTP Polymeric DEHP DINCH DEHP DOA ATBC DOA DOA ATBC DOA ATBC ATBC Benzoate Benzoate Benzoate Benzoate Source: www.filmandsheet.com, www2.teknorapex.com/PVC-Plasticizer-Migration Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) has low migration Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) contributes with high permanency
  12. 12. Water absorption 0,29 0,3 0,31 0,32 0,33 0,34 0,35 0,36 DPHP DINP DOP WeightChange,% Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) has low water absorption Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) suitable for outdoor applications
  13. 13. Pevalen™ A versatile general purpose plasticizer that is equal to or in some cases better than standard phthalate plasticizers. Perstorp is increasing capacity and will meet customer demand. Perstorp will by 2015 be fully integrated in raw materials. At this time, Pevalen™ will be commercially competitive to other high volume plasticizers. The chemistry is well established and proven. Process for food contact approval underway.
  14. 14. Easy storage Pevalen™ has low viscosity even at temperatures below 0°C Pevalen™ does not need to be heated during storage 0 0,5 1 1,5 2 2,5 -20 0 20 40 60 80 ViscosityPas Temperature °C Viscosity Emoltene 100 DOTP DOP DINP Dinch Pevalen™ DINCH
  15. 15. Processing – top of the class Pevalen™ has short dry blend time Pevalen™ gives fast processing h:01 h:01 h:01 h:01 h:01 h:01 DINCH DINP DOP DOTP Pevalen™ Time(mm/ss) Dry blend time
  16. 16. Unique product performance 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 0 5 10 15 20 25 Hardness(ShoreA) Volatility (% lost) Effciency DINCH DINP DOP DOTP Pevalen™ Pevalen™ has a unique combination of low volatility and high plasticizing efficiency
  17. 17. Migration to rubber -022 -020 -018 -016 -014 -012 -010 DINCH DINP DOP DOTP Pevalen™ (%) Migration to rubber, 28 days Pevalen™ has lower or equal migration to rubber
  18. 18. Migration to plastics Pevalen™ has comparable migration to plastics Pevalen™ high compatibility to PVC is also shown here it has a tendency to migrate more to non-plasticized PVC -020 -018 -016 -014 -012 -010 -008 -006 -004 -002 000 PVC PC PS PMMA Migration to plastics, 28 days Pevalen™ DINCH DOTP
  19. 19. Durability Pevalen™ has very good resistance to chemicals Pevalen™ has same performance as other plasticizers on oil -0.5 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 Heptane Hexane Olive Oil Weightloss% Extraction chemicals and oil DINCH DINP DOP Pevalen™ DOTP
  20. 20. Durability Pevalen™ has same or better resistance to water solution as other plasticizers -0.1 -0.1 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 1 %Soap 1% NaOH Weightloss% Extraction water solutions DINCH DINP DOP Pevalen™ DOTP
  21. 21. Summary Plasticizers Emoltene™ 100 – well-established HMW phthalate plasticizer Available in high volumes Highly competitive production platform Valued for low water absorption, low volatility and migration Reflected in improved durability, good outdoor resistance and long life span Pevalen™ – an innovative polyol ester plasticizer High performance polyol ester plasticizer Highly efficient in providing softness Easy to process and use Low volatility and migration ensuring no VOC and consistent properties
  22. 22. Thank You for your attention! Anders Magnusson Application Specialist For more information please contact: Inna Scholz Sales Manager Phone: +48 22 405 1527 Mobile: +48 69 504 8386 e-mail: Inna.Scholz@perstorp.com