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Personal Statement Format with the Top Educational Sites at Your Service


Published on Where do you find help in writing and formatting your personal statement essay? Worry not! This guide provides you with a list of the best websites for student applications.

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Personal Statement Format with the Top Educational Sites at Your Service

  1. 1. TOP Educational Websites to Help You to Create Perfect Personal Statement Format What are the best websites for help in writing an impressive personal statement with the right format? Check out the list below for your quick reference now. Best Websites for Personal Statement Formats 1. Purdue OWL If you’re looking for a trusted guide for help when writing the personal statement, list this resource. The resource is one of the most trusted in the world and used by professionals, instructors and students. It highlights the ways on how to make an impressive personal statement with some samples in which you’ll see it is written with proper format and structure. On the site, you will also get an idea what your personal essay should be all about – about you. It is your sole opportunity to capture the attention of the admissions committee and your introduction to describe yourself to them. In your paper, the website also suggests writing with freedom so that you can come up with a unique and honest personal essay. In some cases, you might also have to respond to the specific questions as set by the institution you’re applying. The site also gives you a guide on the rules in writing the paper, and it includes striving for depth, meaning you should be able to focus on only one or two themes to highlight in your personal statement. It also tells the readers about you as a specific applicant that no other student applicants will be able to say. Check out the site for a complete understanding on how to write your personal essay and stand out from the rest. 2. TACOMA Another useful student resource, TACOMA is what you need in completing your task in time and with precision. It teaches you the steps in writing your paper. For the first part, it states that you should highlight the impressive qualities or skills you have, as
  2. 2. well as reasons you become interested in the study. You should also highlight important events in your life that have shaped the person you are now as well as describe ways that have helped you get to where you are at this point in time. The authority site also emphasizes how poor spelling and grammar can ruin your entire application. It also wants you to understand that too long essays might not be a sign of discipline, aside from poor and erroneous content. Additionally, the site clearly suggests not using or including references from your high school achievements and not writing about controversial subjects or topics just to sound different or unique. 3. Indiana University If you’re writing not only personal essays but also application letters, this resource might be a good place to look for help and guides. Here, you will find personal statement writing process, tips and samples you need to come up with a tailored application. It emphasizes on doing the preparation before sitting down to write the essay so that you can avoid any frustration during the process. You should also be able to write your first draft so that you can proceed with the free writing process. You don’t need to edit your writing at this stage but just keep writing. To be in the right direction, you may also want to address the issue being asked, if there is, before drafting the essay. Most importantly, make the paper distinctive by including a specific example, such as an anecdote or an event unique to you, meaning it won’t be written by another applicant. For more information, visit the official site for a complete reference in writing the application essay. 4. University of Washington This is another useful resource for student applicants, especially those looking to apply in the university. For the most part, the school emphasizes that your essay must be comprehensive, outlining only the significant events in your life – personally and academically. It also states that applicants must address important topics, including your academic career with description of your performance, along with educational choices and path. But aside from such a history, the school also wants applicants to include personal elements, such as describing ways in which culture has influenced him or her as an individual. The website also highlights a specific format to follow, including length of between 750 and 1000 words. Go to the official site for the complete description of what they need your personal essay to contain and how to format it. 5. UNC School of Medicine
  3. 3. Interested students who want to pursue a career in medicine, you might want to check out this resource containing the needed details for writing your personal statement and other application papers, such as a CV. On the site, you will find examples in formatting your CV when applying. For example, it requires the paper to have 12-point Font in Times New Roman and use narrow margins. A guide on personal statement is coming soon from the time of last visit. Generally, the personal essay must contain relevant and unique information and a story about you. It must capture the attention of your readers to make them want to contact you for an interview. 6. Wheaton College Are you interested in applying for law school? Look no further for a guide in writing law personal statement. Check out this resource for a few examples on how to write this type of application essay so that you can stand out and show that you deserve a slot for an interview in the school you are applying. There are relevant examples on content and structure of the personal essay, so you should be able to find one that will suit your situation best. However, you don’t need to copy the templates presented; instead, you should only use those as guides when coming up with a unique essay. After all, your admissions essay is your story, not someone else. Make sure to highlight the reasons you are pursuing a law career and you are applying in the school. Just like the other resources, see to it that you follow the specific formatting required, along with the word limit when writing your essay. 7. ADEA Duke Are you applying for a dental school? If so, you may want to check out the website that highlights specific requirements for writing a personal essay for the dental schools. It states that you have to give the committee a personal account of the person you are, your interest and reasons you’re interested to pursue dentistry. It also highlights writing only up to 4500 characters, or more or less 1 page, including punctuation and spaces. You are free to write whatever you want, but it recommends addressing the reasons you’re applying for a dental school and ways that studying dentistry will contribute for your professional and personal life goals. They are also finding motivated, socially conscious and academically ready people to take part in the program. They want your essay to focus on your passion and interest in the field in general. Go to the website for a thorough guide as well as some samples to structure and format your statement. 8. Personal Statement Format The website is another useful resource for guidance in writing the personal essay, especially in terms of formatting and writing the content of your paper. If you need a thorough reference on how to go about in the writing process, then you can check out this website that offers you a comprehensive reference, regardless of your industry. On the site, you can also find professional help in formatting your paper. Why wait? Head
  4. 4. over to the link and find out how the pros can help you start and finish your application essays today! There you have a list of the top websites where to find help when writing and formatting your personal essays for graduate or non-graduate studies. Visit their websites today!