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Coastal flooding


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Coastal flooding

  1. 1. Cliff Recession - The wearing away of the cliff by erosion
  2. 2. Coastal Recession is affected by:Fetch – the bigger it is, the bigger the waves will be and the more the cliff will erodeGeology – cliff recession is faster in soft rocks such as sand or clay, slower in hard rocks like chalk and limestoneCoastal defences – if they protect the cliff, erosion will be less severe and the cliff will retreat more slowly.
  3. 3. Prediction and Prevention of Coastal FloodingDon’t get this confused with Coastal Protection
  4. 4. UK – Eastern England and the Thames• In London, Thames Barrier is already in place to hold back very high tides• Environment Agency project called Thames Estuary 2012 will install a series of new flood walls along the river.• There are also plans to leave areas of open space, on which flood water can spread .• The Environment Agency monitors sea conditions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.• If people are concerned they can also call the 24 hour Flood Line for advice
  5. 5. Indonesia• In the Indonesian Province of Acech, 106 cases of tetanus and 20 deaths were reported after coastal flooding associated with a tsunami on Boxing Day in 2004.• The resulted in sea water entering and mixing with the sewage in the drains while drowning coastal settlements. There were no tsunami warnings in place and none have been installed since then.
  6. 6. Bangladesh• In Bangladesh the Coastal Embankment Project has led to the building of many flood walls• 500 flood shelters have been built although it is estimated that 10,000 are needed.• The local people are now being better educated about what to do in a flood and flood warning systems are being put in place.• There are now laws in place ensuring that the roof of any new buildings has to be accessible via an outside stairway so that people can escape the rising waters.