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Case studies transport solutions


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Case studies transport solutions

  1. 1. Case StudiesCase StudiesCongestion Charge LondonParis Cycle Scheme
  2. 2. Transport Solutions: Paris and LondonTransport Solutions: Paris and LondonWhy?• Reduce congestion in the city centre• Reduces GHG emissions• Reduces air pollution and related illnesses e.g.asthma• Earns money for the city
  3. 3. Congestion Charge: LondonCongestion Charge: LondonWhat?• Set up in 2003• Drives enter a certain area of the city (usuallythe centre) and have to pay a daily charge• In London it is between £8 and £10
  4. 4. Congestion Charge: LondonCongestion Charge: LondonFacts• Before the charge 334,000 vehicles entered the centralzone everyday• In 2006, 74,000 fewer vehicles entered the city – a dropof 21%• GHG emissions have decreased by 20%• Pollutants that affect Londoners health have dropped by12%
  5. 5. Velo Liberte: Paris Cycle SchemeVelo Liberte: Paris Cycle SchemeWhat?• 16,000 velibs or bikes on the city streets• Free for the first 30mins• Used for 120,000 trips each day
  6. 6. Velo Liberte: Paris Cycle SchemeVelo Liberte: Paris Cycle SchemeFacts• Cycle traffic in Paris has increased by 70%• Increase in the number of cycling related injuries anddeaths (70 per year)• Biggest cycle scheme in the world• 1,500 repairs everyday due to damage or overuse• Lots of bikes are stolen as well
  7. 7. Practice QuestionPractice QuestionExplain how transport is being managed in urban areas.You should refer to a number of different sustainableschemes in your answer (6 marks)