TIPS FOR MEMBERSMembers:Thank you for being a Charter Member of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The following cont...
TIPS FOR MEMBERS    Go to    If you wish to add more items to your cart you ...
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Perot Museum tips for members


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If you are a Charter Member of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, here is important information to help you get the most of your member benefits.

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Perot Museum tips for members

  1. 1. TIPS FOR MEMBERSMembers:Thank you for being a Charter Member of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The following contains importantinformation about how to access your account and maximize your member benefits.If you have not already done so, please create an account on our website at This will allow you toreserve your tickets for the general exhibit halls, The Hoglund Foundation Theater, and parking all from your homecomputer.Even as a member, we highly recommend that you reserve tickets ahead of time so the Museum will limit the amountof general public admission tickets on days with heavy member participation. Your membership includes unlimitedvisits at no additional charge for the duration of your active membership. You will simply be letting the Museum knowto expect your visit on the day that you reserve your tickets.CREATE YOUR MEMBER ACCOUNT Go to Under “First Time Purchaser” click “Create Web Account.” Follow instructions by typing in your Membership ID # (found on your membership card) and your last name. Continue to follow directions and fill in all appropriate information to create your web account. You do not need to enter the names of children in your household 17 years and younger. They will be automatically included in household membership levels.ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNTNow that you have created your web account, you can view and use your vouchers that you received with the purchaseof a Household Membership. Be aware that you do not need to use your general admission tickets for anyone that isincluded under your membership. These are extra vouchers given to you to bring along a grandparent, friend, orneighbor of your choice. Click “My Account” This shows your Account Information, Member Passes (with the quantity and description of each voucher), Member Newsletters (with the option to go green), and Transaction History.USE YOUR VOUCHERS Members must log in to their online account at Click the blue box: “Purchase Tickets.” Select the date on the calendar that you want to visit the Perot Museum. Select the admission package that you wish to use. Please note that you will NOT be able to use your vouchers if you select the “Theater/Exhibit” combination package. Once you have selected your admission package (for example: “Perot Exhibit Halls”) you will need to select the time that you wish to come to the Museum. Then enter the number of people you are bringing. Click the blue box: “Add to Cart” You will see a review of your options: quantity, description, price, discount code, discount, subtotal. Click the “Remove” button next to anything that is incorrect in the total. If you are able to use any of your available vouchers on the items that you selected, a box will with the option to select how many vouchers you would like to choose will be available. Once you have selected the correct amount of vouchers that you would like to use click the blue box: “Apply.” Continued on next page.
  2. 2. TIPS FOR MEMBERS Go to If you wish to add more items to your cart you may select the link, “Continue shopping” at the bottom of the page. Repeat the process. Once you are finished with your transaction click the blue “Check Out” box. There will be the option to print your tickets once you have completed your transaction. If you did not print your tickets, you may pick up your tickets at the box office when you visit the Museum, but printing at home is advised to avoid the box office line.YOUR PEROT MUSEUM INAGURAL CHARTER MEMBER GIFT You may claim your Perot Museum tote bag at the box office when you visit the Museum.DISCOUNTS All members will receive a 10% discount in the Museum Shop and Café.GIFT MEMBERSHIPS Give the gift of discovery this holiday season. The Perot Museum is honoring a 15% discount on all gift memberships purchased by a Perot Museum Charter Member.PARKING As a member of the Perot Museum, you receive a discounted parking rate. Members will pay only $3 to park and visit the Perot Museum. Note: parking is paid per vehicle; not per person. Parking is located under Woodall Rogers Freeway off of Broom Street. There is a crosswalk for you to come across the street to enter the Museum’s main entrance. You do not pay as you enter the parking lot. You will be required to pay as you leave. Make sure and purchase your discounted parking voucher online, or at the box office. If you forget to pre-purchase your parking voucher, you will be required to pay to full fee of $6 as you exit the lot. When you received your membership cards in the mail we provided you with a Perot Museum Charter Member Decal Sticker. Please put this on your back windshield to let everyone know that you are a Perot Museum Charter Member!Most membership cards have already been processed and mailed to your homes. If you have NOT received yourmembership card in the mail please email Lauren Huber at and we will be happyto send you your new Perot Museum membership cards and parking decal.
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