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Stand Out as a Developer


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A talk I gave at The Perl Workshop 2014 , The talk is aimed to help technical candidates in selling themselves at an Interview. Giving insight into how to develop a professional profile, including how to close a hiring manager into a face to face interview.

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Stand Out as a Developer

  1. 1. Recruitment in Perl Stand out as a Developer Rick Deller Eligo Recruitment
  2. 2. Who am I? • Senior Headhunter • Perl specialist • 5 years in Perl Market • Executive Search Consultant to a number Perl Houses • Experienced in placing Perl candidates of all levels
  3. 3. What do I do? • Advise and consult on Perl recruitment across UK, Europe and U.S • Client Services • Permanent Contract, Temporary and Fixed Term Contracts • Search for and select the best candidates in the market • Qualify and interview all candidates • Book and manage the interview process • Candidate Services • CV appraisal • Interview coaching • Industry insight including salary information • Match you to the right companies and jobs
  4. 4. What I will cover today • How to stand out in a competitive market • Differences in Interview process • How to conduct yourself in a Telephone interview • How to conduct yourself in a Face to Face interview • Dealing with receiving an offer • Counter offers
  5. 5. Standing Out Perl Market is Competitive – You are More than Paper • The quality of your CV (needs to be clear and showcase your skillset) • Details of projects worked on/lead • Your Professional Profile • Do you have a Github account / Do you contribute to CPAN? • LinkedIn Profile (Recommendations and peer references) • Active on Social Media • Perl Community events and activities
  6. 6. Interview Process Review • Technical Test (Cards games, coding, psychometric) • Code Review (CPAN, Github Etc) • Telephone Interview (Technical or Housekeeping) • Face to Face Interview (Meet the Team) • Offer
  7. 7. Telephone Interview • Location / Location / Location • Be Prepared and Ready • Voicemail • Clear & Focussed • Enthusiasm • Research – Company, Role, Interviewer? • Questions • Ensure you get a face to face
  8. 8. Face to Face Interviews • Early Bird Catches the Worm • What to wear • Be Prepared • Know your CV! • Eye Contact • Shhhhhhhhhhh Don’t be afraid of Silence • Examples & detail • Show your Interest • What are you looking for in terms of money? • More Questions
  9. 9. How to deal with getting an Offer We would like to make you an offer! •How long do I have? (What’s the timeline?) •What else is going on? (Other roles?) •Confidence (Don’t be bullied) •Negotiation (Know what you want & why you are worth it. Is it Realistic?) •Any other questions (Do you have all the information?) •Accept or Decline •Remember your Professional Profile
  10. 10. Counter Offer You are going to get countered Offered • Why were you looking in the first place? • Why have you had to resign to get what you want? • What does the future hold for you with your existing employer? • Why did you accept the new job? • The world isn't going to end if you accept (But Be Careful) • Remember your Professional Profile
  11. 11. Recruitment Process from a Manager’s View • Need for Speed • Review and Decide • Phone Screen first • Do you like what you have heard? (Get them in) • Lay cards on the table early • Remember your ‘Employer Brand’
  12. 12. Any Questions?