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PerkinElmer’s new 2012-2013 analytical consumables catalog is filled with over 4,000 top quality, tested and validated analytical sciences consumables and supplies. It includes consumables from atomic spectroscopy, chromatography and materials characterization and provides you with everything you need to look deeper into your sample and go farther with your analysis.

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PerkinElmer Analytical Consumables Catalog

  1. 1. THE RIGHT SOLUTIONS TO LOOK DEEPER GO FARTHER2012-2013 Analytical Consumables and SuppliesAtomic Spectroscopy | Chromatography | Materials Characterization
  2. 2. Atomic Absorption ICP-MS Autosampler Supplies 19 Chillers 69 Burner System 14-15 Cones 45 Graphite 20-23 Detectors 44 ATOMIC Lamps 8-13 Injectors and Adapters 42 Nebulizers 16-18 Load Coils 43 Pump Tubing 48 Nebulizers 36-38 SPECTROSCOPY Pump Tubing 48 Sample Introduction Kits 46-47 PerkinElmer is the world leader in atomic spectroscopy solutions for atomic Spray Chambers 39-41 ICP-OES absorption (AA), inductively coupled Torches 43 plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP- Chillers 69 OES) and inductively coupled plasma mass Vacuum Pump Supplies 44 Compressors 35 spectrometry (ICP-MS). With instruments Injectors and Adapters 33 that are the industry standard worldwide, PerkinElmer accessories, consumables, Load Coils and Purge 34 methods and application support meet Components Atomic Spectroscopy the most demanding requirements and Nebulizers 24-27 are the preferred choice in thousands of Application Packs 53 Pump Tubing 48 laboratories globally. Autosampler Supplies 50-52 Sample Introduction Kits 31 We invest heavily in testing and validating Chillers 69 our complete portfolio of solutions Spray Chambers 28-29 Filters and Regulators 71-72 to ensure that you receive accurate, Torch Modules repeatable results, on-time, every time Flow Injection Supplies and Torches 30, 32 throughout the lifetime of your instrument. (FIAS/FIMS) 54 - 55 From Lumina hollow cathode lamps that Internal Standard Kits 49 allow automatic setup and provide long Line Conditionrs and lamp lifetime to our pure standards that UPS Systems 70 have been analyzed and certified to yield reliable, accurate results, you’ll be able to Pump Tubing 48 relax knowing you have the best. We also Sample Preparation offer a complete portfolio of specialized Blocks 74-75 consumables that deliver reliable SMS 100 Mercury performance, control operating costs and Analyzer Supplies 73 maximize the uptime of your instrument. Standards 56 - 68 When you order our precision-designed, genuine Atomic Spectroscopy PerkinElmer consumables and supplies, you’ll get the results you need - accurately and on 5
  3. 3. Gas ChromatographyCHROMATOGRAPHY Air Compressors Capillary Columns Crimping Tools 156 138-141 135PerkinElmer has been a leading provider of Ferrules and Injector Septa 124Chromatography solutions for over 50 years. Liquid ChromatographyOur team of dedicated Chromatography Filament 119Specialists has an expertise that boasts years Accessories - LC/MS 74-79 Filters and Traps 125-129of knowledge in understanding a laboratory’s Accessories and Flow Meters 131product requirements. This knowledge Autosamplers - LC 80-82allows us to give you a focused consumables Gas Leak Detector 130 Bottle Kits 87, 112portfolio to fit your applications. From Generators 152-155colored inlet liners that help you easily Chromatographyidentify the correct liner for your application Data Systems 83 Liners 132-133to gas purification systems that remove up Columns 96-108 Organic Standards 142-143to 99.99% of contaminants, our precision- Detector Lamps 116 Regulators 157designed, genuine tested and approvedconsumables will provide you with solid, Fingertight Fittings, SmartSource 122-123reliable support, giving you all you need to Nuts and Ferrules 111 Swafer 120-121succeed. But our solutions don’t stop there. Flow Cells and Pump Syringes 134At PerkinElmer, we’re committed to providing Accessory kits 115 Thermal Desorberyou with the best selection of solutions for Generators 117 Supplies 149-151all your Chromatography needs, regardlessof make, model or manufacturer. We have Injection Valves and TurboMatrix Headspaceinvested heavily in growing our portfolio, Rotor Seals 114 Supplies 144at your request, to bring you the best Micro-Vials 87 Vials, Caps andperforming and productivity enhancing Septa (GC) 136-137 Pump Accessory Kits 115consumables and accessories for all your gas Sample Loops and Tubing 110 Vials, Caps and Septachromatograph systems. Our consumables (Headspace) 145-148can be depended upon to meet the most Sample Prep Solid Phasedemanding performance and throughput Extraction (SPE) 88-91needs for today’s analytical, process Solvent Filtrationmonitoring and quality control facilities. and Mixers 113 Syringe Filters and Disposable Syringes 87 Vacuum Degassing Kits 112 Vials, Caps and Septa 77
  4. 4. UV/Visable and FluorescenceMATERIAL Cell Holders and Changers Cells 188-189 184-187CHARACTERIZATION Fiber Optics and General Purpose Optical Bench 195From the measurement of DNA purity to Fluorescence 198-203characterization of the most advanced Integrating Spheres 193engineered materials, we provide the Lamps 182widest range of solutions available fromone company. FT-IR, FT-NIR, Raman, UV, Polarimetry 196-197UV/Vis, Fluorescence, DSC, TGA, STA, Polarizers, Depolarizers,DMA — we have solutions for every lab Infrared and Raman Sipper 194and every budget. Spectroscopy Reference Materials 182-183Our expertise in these technology means Accessories Overview 160-161 Specular Reflectanceyou can rely on us. Do you need a simple Application Packs 179 Accessories 192accessory that provides results with apush of a button, or a high-end lamp ATR Accessories 162-165 Thermostattingwith unparalleled sensitivity? What about Desiccant and Laser Kits 176 Accessories 190-191flexible sample sizes and reduced sample Diffuse Reflectancesetup time? Higher lab productivity? Accessories 166-167No problem. Imaging Accessories 177Whatever challenge you face in materialcharacterization, we can help you solve it. Oil Express Consumables 175 Thermal and ElementalAfter all, we created the first commercial Portability Packs 175 AnalysisIR and FT-IR systems over 60 years ago. DSC Supplies 204-206 Presses 174Since then, we have continually pioneeredthe technologies, consumables and Raman Probes DTA Supplies 207supplies to help you learn more about and Accessories 180-181 TGA / STA Supplies 208-209the performance and structure of the Reference Materials 176 DMA Accessoriesmaterials you analyze at the Sampling and Starter Kits 178 and Supplies 210-211molecular level. Sources 176 Elemental AnalysisDefine your challenge, and we will help Consumables 212-213you meet it. Specular Reflectance Accessories 168 Transmission Accessories 159
  5. 5. CLICK  HERE   Order  your  FREE  2012-­2013  Analytical   Consumables  and  Supplies  Catalog   THE RIGHT SOLUTIONS TO LOOK DEEPER GO FARTHER2012-2013 Analytical Consumables and SuppliesAtomic Spectroscopy | Chromatography | Materials Characterization