Perkin elmer-8l-manual-sput


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Perkin elmer-8l-manual-sput

  1. 1. Perkin-Elmer 2400-8l Manual Sputtering Deposition Systems Page 1 of 5 20 Years Proven True "Work Horse" Sputter Home | Products | Services | Spare Parts | Wanted | Contact Us | Site Map AccuSputter AW 4450 | Perkin-Elmer 4480 | Perkin-ELmer 4450 | Perkin-ELmer 4410 | Perkin-ELmer 4400 | Perkin-ELmer 2400- 8SA | Perkin-Elmer 2400-8L Sputtering Equipment Perkin-Elmer PE 2400-8L Sputtering Systems AccuSputter AW 4450 - Brand New We have been focusing on providing solutions and Perkin-Elmer 4480 enhancements to Perkin-Elmer Sputtering Systems including Perkin-Elmer PE 4400, PE 4410, PE 4450, PE 4480, PE Perkin-ELmer 4450 2400 Series. These OEM Sputter Coating systems have been used in production and R&D since 1980"s and 1990s. They have been proven to be a true "work horse". Perkin-ELmer 4410 Please contact us by e-mail ( sales@perkin-elmer- Perkin-ELmer 4400 ) to check whether the fully refurbished and upgraded Perkin-ELmer PE 2400 8L Sputter Deposition is Perkin-ELmer 2400-8SA available. Perkin-Elmer 2400-8L Perkin-Elmer Sputtering Deposition Download Information PDFWORD Series 2400 Highest Quality Sputtering- Superior Performance- Wide Selection of options- In a laboratory or low-volume production environment, where the high throughput levels of the 4400 Series are not required, the 2400 Series is the ideal alternative for high quality sputtering in a wide variety of applications. Model 2400-8SA The Perkin-Elmer Model 2400-8SA features a large 211/2" rotating, water cooled annular table with a capacity of sixty-four 2", thirty 3", or thirteen 4" wafers. Used in conjunction with a cathode shaping aperture, the rotating table permits high uniformity. A 4" wafer vertical range of the table facilitates coating bulk substrates. As an added feature, up to three 8" round cathodes may be specified allowing sequential deposition from several targets or alternately, static deposition or heating from 12/14/2012