How to make your LinkedIn profile \'rock\'


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How to use your LinkedIn profile to generate new business opportunities

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How to make your LinkedIn profile \'rock\'

  1. 1. 7th December 2012
  2. 2. Or…‘How to make LinkedIn abusiness generation lead machine!!’
  3. 3. You’ve been invited to …• Worlds largest networking event• All your customers and key prospects will be there to talk, share ideas, collaborate on projects• You have an opportunity to add real value to the event Would you go? And keep going?
  4. 4. 5 key reasons why I use LinkedIn
  5. 5. LinkedIn Facts
  6. 6. LinkedIn is a powerful way to…
  7. 7. 3 key things to ask yourself…1. How many connections do I have?2. How many recommendations do I have?3. What is your summary statement?‘These 3 front page stat’spretty much determine yourLinkedIn prowess andprospect.’ Gitomer
  8. 8. What do I want to say?1. Who’s your audience?2. What problems/pains doyou solve for youraudience?3. How can you convinceme you deliver greatresults/earned the right?The answers above drive your content strategy
  9. 9. Your overall objective?Be recognised as a ‘Thought Leader’ in your field. Know Like Trust
  10. 10. The biggest problem with on-line networking‘I’ve put some time and effort into it but I’m not getting much out of it!’2 issues;1. You don’t have a goal or strategy2. Not sure who are the people in best position to help me reach that goal
  11. 11. Fundamentals of networkingWhat’s your networking attitude?‘Sharing information ina reactive and proactiveway without expectinganything immediately inreturn.’
  12. 12. Or to quote the late great Zig Ziglar
  13. 13. Building your connections• 1st - Your connections• 2nd - Connections of your connections• 3rd - Connections of the connections of your connections.
  14. 14. ‘The real powerof your networkis in the second degree’
  15. 15. Building a profile that ‘Rocks’
  16. 16. Your Public Profile Fundamentals Optimising your profile Make sure your profile is set to full view Headline should be catchy and be key-word rich Include everything you do, including past companies Give your profile a custom URL (your name) Link to your web site and blog for enhanced SEO 3 quality back-links Include the link to your profile on your email signature
  17. 17. Your Public Profile Load your current and past work history with terms you want to be found for
  18. 18. Your Public Profile Fundamentals Load your current and past work history with terms you want to be found for
  19. 19. Tips for building your network• Check everyday to see who’s looked at your profile via the ‘Who’s viewed your profile? and ‘People you may know’ features.
  20. 20. Tips for building your network• Check everyday to see who’s looked at your profile via the ‘Who’s viewed your profile? and ‘People you may know’ features.
  21. 21. Tips for building your network• Check everyday to see who’s looked at your profile via the ‘Who’s viewed your profile? and ‘People you may know’ features.• Browse through and see who you want to connect to• Check which contacts bridge you and the potential new connection• You can then send them an invitation to connect or make contact ‘I see we have a number of connections in common…’ or you can see who would be best to make an introduction for you.• When someone accepts an invitation to connect go to their profile and see who they know
  22. 22. See who they knowClick on theirconnections Set to only see shared connections
  23. 23. See who they know ctd..Profile set to see allconnections
  24. 24. Invitations to connect• 1st rule of LinkedIn ALWAYS personalise an invitation to connect. Too many invites come through where people haven’t bothered to change the standard message.• If you don’t personalise the message to me it looks like you’re just ‘trawling’ for connections• Would you walk up to someone at a networking event , just give them your card, say call me then walk off?
  25. 25. Invitations to connect: The lazy way The default message: Sending this is impersonal, it makes it look like you are trawling for connections
  26. 26. Invitations to connect: The right way A personalised message: Makes the recipient feel like you value them
  27. 27. Invitations to connect: how to deal with them • Should I accept every invitation and how do I decide? In thinking about accepting ask yourself - does the addition of this connection strengthen and add value to my network? If yes, then accept. If no, then reject them politely. • How do I reject the invites I don’t want to connect with? Its ok to say no and is more polite than simply ignoring them!
  28. 28. Invitations to connect cont…Hi John I usually only accept invitations to connect from people I have already done business with or by introductions and recommendations from others in my network. However I look forward to reading your Tweets and getting to know you better that way.Kindest regards
  29. 29. Cultivating your network Status Updates• Aim to update every day• Comment on other member connections status updates• Stay business focused• Be useful
  30. 30. Status updates: be useful
  31. 31. Recommendations• Accessed via a direct link on your profile and under each of your previous roles or activities• Essential as they establish your credibility; who else says so besides you?• Great evidence of the value you create• Excellent for improving SEO
  32. 32. Recommendations cont…Here’s some done forme Keep them current Aim for a minimum of 10 Don’t be afraid to ask What’s the best way to get a recommendation?
  33. 33. The best way to get recommendations?• Work hard to earn them! Deliver Value. Only ask if you think you have earned one.• People will ask them from you. The best test here is would you give them a reference offline for a job? Or for a tender?• If someone does recommend you, you can reciprocate, but wait until the next day or so.• Don’t be afraid to turn down a request, but do it kindly.
  34. 34. Your LinkedIn Secret Weapons
  35. 35. New Business Development Tools
  36. 36. My Groups Can join up to 50 groups What’s your group strategy? Discussions and promotions Posting strategy
  37. 37. Groups Create andDon’t self contribute topromote it discussionsturns Aim topeople off become key influencer Post provoking questions
  38. 38. Groups: start your own
  39. 39. Groups: Promotions Promotion for forthcoming event
  40. 40. LinkedIn Answers
  41. 41. LinkedIn Answers ctd…• Enables you to ask business-related questions to both your immediate connections and wider network• The idea is that you get relevant and useful responses from your network • Answering questions with quality answers contributes to your reputation on LinkedIn • Strengthens and adds value to existing relationships and encourages new ones
  42. 42. New Business Development Tools
  43. 43. Advanced Search
  44. 44. Advanced SearchOne of the most exciting aspects on LinkedInAllows you search LinkedIn for anyone onmany criteriaWhat’s your definition of a high-quality lead? • Who are the Key Decision Makers and buyers in the companies you sell to? • What’s their job title? • What’s their seniority level? • How big is the company? • Are they in specific industries?
  45. 45. Advanced Search ctd…
  46. 46. Click on see all
  47. 47. Advanced Search ctd…Internalreferralsfromcurrentclient Map the key
  48. 48. Advanced Search ctd…Make a list of top 50 company prospects then check them out in company search section!
  49. 49. Company Search
  50. 50. Company Search The power is in the 2nd degree connections
  51. 51. Company Search A great link/way in
  52. 52. Advanced Search ctd… Looking for Senior HR professionals in the region
  53. 53. Advanced Search ctd…307leads Looks interesting
  54. 54. Advanced Search ctd…
  55. 55. Your Connections The power is in the 2nd degree connections
  56. 56. LinkedIn Applications
  57. 57. LinkedIn ApplicationsBlog Link: Video testimonials Click either link
  58. 58. LinkedIn Applications
  59. 59. LinkedIn ApplicationsWrite down titles of 5 things that you could write about that demonstrates your personallevel of knowledge or expertise and adds value to… Clients or potential clients
  60. 60. LinkedIn ApplicationsBox Files
  61. 61. Box Files example…
  62. 62. Other applications I find useful ctd… SlideShare
  63. 63. LinkedIn Applications Projects Use the ‘Projects’ section to promote events, white papers, free downloads or to showcase products you are currently promoting
  64. 64. Other applications I find useful ctd… Reading List
  65. 65. The 15 imperatives of LinkedIn• Build a complete profile• Update and engage frequently with your connections• Recommend others• Solve other peoples problems• Join and participate in groups
  66. 66. The 15 imperatives of LinkedIn• Start your own group• Search companies and harvest new leads• Respond to everyone who communicates with you• Set up the slide-share and other applications to add value• Change your status regularly
  67. 67. The 15 imperatives of LinkedIn• Put video on your profile• Promote your blog• Add the projects application to showcase your work• Integrate twitter• Leverage LinkedIns search power
  68. 68. Contact me atPerformance Development Group 0113 2288808 @pdgclips @ PDG-Performance-Development-Group