To Attribution and Beyond - Lewis Lenssen - DC Storm


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To Attribution and Beyond - Lewis Lenssen - DC Storm

  1. 1. To Attribution and BeyondLewis Lenssen – Commercial Director of DC Storm
  2. 2. Introduction and ContextLewis Lenssen• 5 years leading and building a search agency.• 1 year consulting on social media and online PR for fashion brands (focusing on measurement and valuation).• 1 year Commercial Director for DC Storm.DC Storm – Optimising Digital Marketing• Delivering attribution for over 5 years.• Over 1,000 tracked websites with configured attribution.• Many fashion clients including Matches Fashion.
  3. 3. Agenda• What is attribution?• One attribution model does not fit all.• Attribution model design.• Attributed sales - Just one valuable data view.• What’s the Toy Story? What can you find?• Summary and Beyond.
  4. 4. What is Attribution?
  5. 5. Sale Attribution Research Suppliers Choice Confirmation Purchase IMP IMP IMP Sale‘Designer ‘PRPS Jeans ‘PRPS skinny ‘Matches’ Jeans’ jeans’ • Actions are rarely driven by a single website visit. • Actions are frequently driven by multiple marketing channels. • The journey to action often takes days or weeks.
  6. 6. One attribution model does not fit all• Flexible allocation of sales across all or a subset of the visits.• Configurable rules for defining attribution period:- • Fixed length of time. • Period defined by visit gaps.• Configurable rules for weighting:- • Control of channel weighting. • Control of brand weighting. • Control of chain position weighting.• Allocation of multiple sale related values (e.g. margin).
  7. 7. Designing an attribution model• There is no single right answer.• Must be well understood.• Must be fair to all channels and teams.• Attribution workshop. • Introduce the challenge and discuss the issues. • Manually attribute ten paths to conversion. • Aggregate and review the results. • Build an attribution model that best fits the target results. • Test and challenge the automated model.
  8. 8. Attributed Sales - Just one valuable data viewQuestions answered by good sale attribution analysis:-• Marketing budget allocation.• Calculating channel and keyword ROI.• Calculating the real value of brand.
  9. 9. Attributed sales - Just one valuable data viewUnanswered questions:-• How long is the path to conversion?• How many sales did a channel or keyword contribute to?• Where in the path to conversion does a channel contribute (first, middle or last)?• When does a channel or keyword contribute in the path to conversion?• What are the channel and keyword combinations that work?• Where are performance partners contributing?• How could I improve my performance partners commercials terms?• How does display and remarketing impact the path to conversion?
  10. 10. What’s the Toy Story? What might you find?PPC• It’s not all about your brand.• All clicks are far from equal.Affiliate Programs• Who are your key affiliates and why are they doing so well?• What are cashback and voucher affiliates up to?SEO• My SEO agency are hitting all of their ranking targets – We must be doing well!
  11. 11. To Attribution and BeyondSummary• Huge value in developing the right attribution model for your business.• Combination of technology and expertise required to get the model right.• Sale attribution is just one valuable view of the data. You need the full picture.Beyond• Engagement modelling and scoring will enable optimisation of all website visits, not just sale related visits.
  12. 12. Q &ALewis