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Engaging with the Fashion Bloggers - Aurelia Noel Urban Outfitters


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Engaging with the Fashion Bloggers - Aurelia Noel Urban Outfitters

  1. 1. Engaging with the Fashion BloggersAurelia Noel – Head of Marketing Urban Outfitters
  2. 2. Identify Them
  3. 3. Audience and Market• Get your approval criteria based on: – What audience? – Language? – What market? (niche fashion vs high street) – What are your objectives?• Remember bloggers aren’t like any other performance led channel, they want to retain authenticity.• Brand stickiness is key
  4. 4. Impact
  5. 5. Amplificate
  6. 6. The virtuous circle• Give bloggers the chance to see your products• Give them content they can reuse• Treat them as pro• Provoke interaction• Respect their authenticity and freedom of speech
  7. 7. Engage• Reciprocal relationship• Reply promptly to request / questions• Keep them up to date on your stories• Use social media• Fuel on their passion for fashion• Ask them to participate
  8. 8. Beyond CPA
  9. 9. Summary• Identify and Listen• Define clear objectives• Agree on KPIs• Don’t wait for them to sign up• Participate• Go beyond CPA• Give them loads of TLC (to get you have to give)
  10. 10. • THANK YOU